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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-04
  • New version: 1.7.3
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja

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Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SayGames LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SayGames LLC, with the latest current version being 1.7.3 which was officially released on 2020-11-04. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 58,369 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.68031 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Have you only learned about these mysterious martial arts from ancient Japanese legends? Don't you think that's the less interesting way? Don't let your daily routine bore you: download the breakthrough action game Stealth Master! Test your professional assassin skills and take on the risky challenge of completing bloody missions. Dive deep into the unique life of the best ninja ever and kill as many bad guys as you can! Countless deadly weapons, plenty of innovative features, and billions of dollars – that's just half of the totally secret world that is waiting for you right now! ► To become an outstanding ninja… Attend the best university for ninjas, write a thesis on how to kill in 5 seconds, and start searching for employers… No, don't worry, it's just a joke! But who knows, maybe that was true way back in ancient times, like 2010. That's not how things work today, though! ► In the modern world, future ninjas rely on stealth and download the game for killers: • Bloody missions that gradually get harder: more bad guys and more "targets". Yes, it will take more time and more effort on your end! • A wide variety of special features: you can purchase extras like weapons, super abilities, or armor. Buy as much as you can afford – no limits! • Each individual weapon is unique and has its own style. Some weapons are so good that you can kill several bad guys at once with them. • Up to all levels within one contract for assassinating the big boss. • Every contract offers you a totally new and interesting location. • Integrated "keys": some doors you have to open by yourself. Guess how! • Oh! There's one important thing you should know: you can easily be killed. Take care! Another cool plus is that you can change your good looks and become a different hero, and there are 4 characters available. But remember: first, you were born as a ninja! ► Is it that real? Even though it's just virtual reality, it will definitely give you goosebumps! The tense atmosphere is created with the help of upbeat music, realistic "broken vase" sounds. Besides, you'll never know what's waiting for you on the next level… ► A little advice for future ninjas. First of all, the big boss is a target that's not so easy to kill . Be patient and make several attempts! Second, collect as much money as you can (actually, this is just good practical advice). Third, enemies in the game can be easily killed with a one shot. Don't waste your precious time on other parts of their bodies! And last but not least: be a good person and only fight the bad guys! Psssst! Listen to me… Some of your friends are already on their way to becoming a ninja! What are you waiting for? Download the game and start your bloody mission!

Top Reviews

  • Hey so I found a bug

    By ErwinNickname
    So I found a bug while i was playing this game so first when I get to the screen with the elevator and the guns man I got one thing right then I was clicking another to get it with the add and then I kept clicking and clicking until a menu showed up with like admin commands it showed add money and y axis camera angle and x axis camera angle and like so I was confused then I went and press add money and I kept pushing and then I checked on the upper right corner I had 1,000,000 dollars and I pressed continue and then it went to the next stage and I tried to open it again and it just left me with a add good game though please fix this and I messed with the y and x angle so my screen is stuck to the left side of the screen now :/
  • annoying issues

    By ••••••a&a
    I will start this review off with a positive note, this game is very fun, but I have one major complaint. First, the ad rate is horrendous (1 ad after every lvl, takes around 8 secs to skip). Secondly, this game is buggy. My two biggest complaints about this is fix sam’s pistol, some other issues I have with this game is level design, the levels are too short and too easy, at least put in difficulty modes or something like that. Also i would like to see permanent upgrades (meaning you don't have to go get the upgrade each time you’re doing a new contract). I would also like the bosses to be harder, they’re way too easy for bosses. Also I would like to see a story mode. In essence, your game is just too bland and doesn’t have enough variety. this game would be so much better without the annoying ad rates, the bugs, and it would be better off with difficulty modes, a story mode, more skins, a base like in johnny trigger, more guns, permanent perks/upgrades, of course if all those things were bug free. I would like to spend more time playing your game, but it just it gets tired out quickly. The new update is taking steps in the right direction.
  • Just misses the mark

    By Awriterinspired
    This game on the surface is a lot of fun. The gameplay is smooth enough, the upgrades are fun to get, and the general concept is solid. It suffers in two main areas though. First, the ads in this game are beyond reasonable. It gets to a point where there is an ad after every level. When you consider some levels are just you choosing a power-up, it becomes you watching an ad, tapping the screen, and watching another ad. The second is the boss design, or lack thereof. Each boss so far has been the same. The same tactics done in the same layout with maybe some change in guards or cameras. Overall you do the exact same motion to defeat each boss. In general this is a great game that shows the growing issue with ad placement. To the point it felt like the creators created an ad platform and put a game in it, instead of making a game and putting ads in it.
  • Great Start, hope to see more

    By Agram1416
    Five stars on a game I think is a start to something amazing. It is pretty unique and incredibly fun. I would look into throwing a little money into version 2 of this game almost immediately. What it needs: More and randomly generated building lay outs. Not to just recycle everything after every 15 levels. Weapons to feel different. More gadget techs, skeleton key doesn’t do much, but stealth and the jammer are fun. Most importantly, the game should be harder (or at least ramp up difficulty in later levels). There isn’t much of a consequence to breaking stealth and getting caught, cameras almost do nothing and getting caught on them could actually be used to get guards attention. Maybe a camera can generate more guards instead. Guards could also do more damage so avoiding them is more important, especially bosses and the snipers (sniper bullets are too easy to dodge too).
  • It’s alright but...

    By glaedrfire778
    The game starts out fun. The art style is nice to look at, and the animations are smooth. Sneaking into buildings and climbing steadily to the top with your weapons and stealth is an enjoyable concept, but only for the first few missions. After that you’ll realize that the level design is basically the same for each level. The bosses never get any more challenging outside of adding some extra enemies or a camera. The guards never get any smarter or more engaging to deal with. I feel like most of that could be fixed by just adding new mechanics or types of guards and bosses. The title of the game itself is a misnomer. “Stealth” is only given a few tools to utilize it with such as a disguise, but this is easy to avoid by how simple it is to just Rambo through every room with a one-hit kill arsenal and massive health pool. Being an unbeatable assassin god gets boring quick.
  • Cannot play pass level 81

    By hfgctg
    I love this game and I’m so addicted to it. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because I did run into a problem while playing this game. The problem I have with this game is that I made it all the way to level 81 and I could not go any further. I kept winning on level 81 as I was playing through the stages to get to 82 but it still would not let me make it pass level 81. I deleted the app just to start all over so I can start playing this game again. I’m not sure why I was not able to go pass that level because the game is very good but I would say that is the only problem that needs to be fixed. Other than that. Everything else was on point
  • Level 81-5 can't be passed

    By penultimateApogee
    This seems like more or less a run-of-the-mill ad-farm game, but as those go it's unique enough to stand out and fun enough to keep me playing. I'm personally fine with the stage layout pool, easy "bosses," etc., but what I'm not fine with is that on Contract 81, after clearing floor 5 and entering the elevator, the game doesn't move to floor 6, and I'm forced to quit the app only to end up right back at the start of floor 5. I've seen other comments mentioning this same thing, too, which is even more demoralizing. This bug is serious enough to drop my rating by several stars—a game I can't play isn't a fun game. I'd like to believe it will get fixed and I'll be able to continue zipping my merry mindless way through a sea of goons, but knowing the "development cycle" of ad farm games, my hopes aren't very high.
  • If I could, I would give this 000 stars

    By melodytrachordoglover
    Here goes, first of all, I want to teach you a trick, once the game has finished downloading, put your phone or tablet or whatever you are using either on airplane mode, or turn off WiFi!! This way there is no ads! This is a trick I learned a while ago, and has been extremely helpful ever since!! With no WiFi no ads can play and you don’t need to waste any money!! The reason I’m giving this game less than one star is because first of all this game is pretty boring you start the mission, you can’t get caught in security camera or in the guys flashlights things and once you get close enough you kill the guy, and BOOM, Mission accomplished and same thing repeats every level yeah It gets a little harder each time and there are new skins, but it’s still extremely boring you literally just walk around killing people and I see no point!!!
  • Okay I rate four on one reason...

    By sjerruya,sfjhvlkajd
    The stages are the SAME THING I want new stages and I made it to lvl 90-1 and it won’t let me go anymore in to the lvls that annoys me a lot I want more weapons maybe you could have a thing were you can shoot with out being close to the guards so that the sound will draw them near you and maybe better amour types because I play this game a lot but seeing the same stages scroll over and over and over again was making the game look bad in my eyes and maybe the dress up as the person you killed work better because I hate when I get shot because the 3 second of having a fake suit on is to short
  • sick of the ads

    By TrinidadianFury
    okay, this game is super fun, it just needs to have rooms that are a little longer. but if you’re gonna have an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL, and basically after everything you do, you need to have an option to pay to get rid of the ads. they’ve made them harder to skip without bringing up the app store and its ruining the game experience. free is always great unless you’re gonna be obnoxious enough to push ppl towards an ad removal option that doesnt even exist in the game. when an ad removal option is sufficiently provided, my rating will change bc the game itself is genuinely enjoyable, its just hard to really feel that with so many ad intrusions.

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