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  • Last Updated: 2020-10-06
  • New version: 1.11.5
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Johnny Trigger

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Johnny Trigger is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SayGames LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SayGames LLC, with the latest current version being 1.11.5 which was officially released on 2020-10-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 429,678 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7527 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Do you have what it takes to take down the underground world of mafia? Less talk, more bullet. Subscription Terms: VIP MEMBERSHIP Access offers a weekly subscription, you will have a 3-days FREE trial period, after this period you will be charged $5.99/week. After buying this subscription, you will unlock following features: exclusive VIP guns, no ads, 100 gems and 10 hammers every day. This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your account after confirmation. The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well. End of trial and subscription renewal: • The payment is charged to your account after a confirmation of purchase. • The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hour before the end of the current period. • The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period at the cost of the weekly subscription. • The user may manage the subscription and auto-renewal have to be turned off by going to the user’s account settings after purchase in the Store. • No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Canceling a trial or a subscription: • If you want to cancel a subscription during its free trial, you have to cancel it through your account in the Store. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged. For more information, please visit for more information If there is questions contact us Privacy Policy : Terms of use :

Top Reviews

  • Good idea, mediocre execution

    By IOverWrite
    The idea of this game is great, it is simple and fun. However, it has problems. Let’s talk about level design. The level’s are, in my opinion, way too short. I like my games to be difficult. And having a checkpoint between every bit of danger makes me feel like the game is holding my hand. Now let’s talk about weapons. The way you get weapons is fine, but pointless. The damage does not matter whatsoever as it only affects how much damage you do to bosses. And some weapons are just better than others. It is really down to personal preference what you like. The outfits are fine, however I noticed that the progress bar to get them goes up 20% instead of 10% when you are at 80%. I know that was a bit confusing, but it doesn’t matter that much. Now let’s talk about the most pressing issue, ads. The game, while not pumped full of them, has an ad every two or three levels completed or when you restart. These ada are skippable, but are annoying. But you can pay 3 dollars to disable them. Which is not gonna happen for me. I understand you guys need cash, but this is mobile, make a good paid game and then you can get cash by something other than ads. The skins are fine, I personally don’t care about them. The game itself is fine, but the way it is designed is not the best. Also, no John Wick skin 0/10 bad game.
  • Things I like, and things that need to change and be added.

    By Net-Works
    I saw this game in a couple of ads and said why not get it. I was hooked once I downloaded it. However the ads where all over the place and started to get annoying. I turned on airplane mode and continued to play it. Throughout the stages I could clearly see copy and past levels. The longer I played the game, the more I kept saying to myself, “This is like the 10th time I’ve played this level.” Overall I think the game is awesome, though my two big criticisms would be the ads and the constant, constant, copy and past levels I see. With some recommend for the game, I hope the creators see this and come out with more interesting interactive objects, the two being metal objects and gas canisters. I also would like a different player body. For example someone super muscular, tall and skinny, a women, etc. When I was playing the game and getting to different stages all the bad guys are dressed the same at every, single, stage. I would like them to be dressed differently per stage. Finally I would like there to be different modes, such as easy, normal, and hard. Maybe the main difference is the time you have to kill each bad guy when you are doing flips and stuff. Overall a great game that needs to be molded.
  • I’d like to see more feautures

    By Meatballcity7262
    Wow! Just WOW! I can see you worked very hard on this game and I love it. I before I bring up the negative stuff, I’m just gonna day this game is great. I played it when it first came out and thought it was pretty good then I came back after a year and DANG it was much better!! But I have a few things I’d like to se win the game: #1, I’d like to see a level maker! Because the backgrounds and other things in levels are great so I’d like to have a feature where you could make your own levels because I think you get another half of a star in your ratings if you did that. #2, i’d like to see different enemies. I’m on lever 79 and haven’t seen 1 NEW ENEMY except the ones on boss battles. That’s something I think you could easily improve, because I’d like to see “Snipers” or people that hold up certain guns. #3 (and number 4 because I got distracted), I want have SPECIAL EVENTS! Because I like this games nonstop main levels but if you had special events you would have such cool stuff! Also I would like to see an sequel to this and want it to be in AR. My friend and I talked about this, and we thought it’d be cool because you could tap where you wanted Johnny trigger to go and MAN that would be fun. Other than that this game is great. Bye!
  • Fantastic!

    By King Boomshot
    I want to start by saying what I think should change so that maybe it can get better, the game seems a bit too easy, I love the constant updates making this game better, so maybe this will change, but the game should have a bit of increased difficulty, I enjoy very much how the secret missions are faster (maybe it just seems that way I’m not sure) but maybe as the levels progress they should get faster to give the game a bit more edge. Also, it’s good for the players, but just out of pure knit pickiness I wanna mention that the outfit goes from 80 to 100% (it just skips 90). Again not a big deal, but it’ll make getting outfits a bit harder on your guys’ end and can extend the life of the game! Ofc more outfits! More guns! More skins! I love it. Overall, this game is amazing! Out of all the silly games that you always see the ads for, this one is actually enjoyable! I actually found myself recommending the game to other people it was so fun. The game is satisfying, it’s not too repetitive, and it has a lot of fun elements to unlock and explore. Fantastic job guys!
  • Some ideas

    By GamesKnowMe
    I started playing this game when it was around 20 levels on repeat so I will say the update definitely made this more playable, but there are a few things i think would be good to add. The levels themselves are a tad short, not much of a challenge. I love the aspect of “parkour” mixed in with the weapons, one of main reasons why i love mirrors edge (not comparing it to mirrors edge, but you get my point) I think it would be cool to see more variety of levels and more twists and turns, jumping through and around obstacles, etc. Also one more thing i think would make it immensely better is if you added a game-mode that challenged you to do it without the slo-mo, would be very difficult but challenging levels it what draws people to play. All and all i like what you guys are doing just implement more difficult things that doesn't make it feel like you're in tutorial mode the entire time. I honestly wouldn't even mind paying for this game if there was more to it. Not giving you less than 5 stars because this game has serious potential.
  • Overall? Solid.

    By ZenZudokai
    So I keep seeing all the reviews and such about the ad saturation of the game. I will agree to a certain extent. When it comes to reaching the end of a level or restarting a level you always get the option of fast forwarding an ad. The add goes from 30 seconds to about 4-6 max. The only time a person has to deal with a full 30 second ad is at the shops and such. With that in mind the annoyance of ads drops significantly for me personally. Now on to the game itself. Gameplay? Solid base for simple run through levels of pretty stable bullet time. Decent amount of weapons to choose from, but outside of the different burst fire amounts I don’t see any real difference except maybe difficulty. You want to have a harder game? Pick the Gambler revolver and don’t miss. Graphics? Slick and smooth 3D that isn’t an eyesore due to it’s simplicity. I approve. Music? Meh. Same track on repeat but it’s nice. Would be good to get some variety in though between worlds. Levels? Here’s where the game gets a downturn for me. It’s the same minion setups over and over and over again. I do give it credit that it randomizes at best it can, but eventually you do go through them all. More variety, and please, LONGER LEVELS!!! Conclusion? Overall a solid game with a solid base and framework. Fill in the gaps and add some meat and muscle, and it’ll be a classic.
  • More Cash Than I Know What To Do With

    By Sue Chef 211
    I like the game, I’ve already reached Lv 2876. But once you’ve bought all of the guns that can be earned with cash. The bonuses earned by suffering through Ads become pointless. But since I still have to endure the ads whether I want it or not, passing up on them becomes wasteful. Thus I now have 322,895 Cash that is completely useless since I’ve bought all of the Super guns. My point is, I wish there were more uses for the cash. Maybe make it so Gun Skins can be bought with Cash? Or maybe even make it so you can purchase Hammers, Keys, Puzzle Pieces, or dice can be purchased with cash? Maybe 10 Hammers for 10,000 or 5 Dice for 50,000? Also I wish that the Daily Missions only required beating 2 bosses instead of 3. Once you complete the 2 bosses from the levels on a world, it feels way too tedious to beat a third. This Issue is much less important than the cash issue I stated above, so I’d rather have the first issue resolved before the second issue. Another issue I have is that the latest update hasn’t had any changes. No new stories or bases. That is really annoying.
  • Advancing past 300 with no ultimate skin?

    By Joda97
    There’s more than just the lack of ultimate anything in this game, for example just 2 bosses on a span of 15-20 missions ( I don’t keep up with it anymore honestly.) at this point I literally have nothing to look forward to other than the weekly prize and daily missions, which is also a tedious nightmare, some missions are beyond far fetched and take forever to complete with little reward, I’m running across 20k guns but being rewarded $75 for a completed mission, the grind for anything is way too horrendous to even want to keep playing. & I get you want to be funded and earn commissions for the games you advertise but after every level or other level is getting old, half the games are poorly made and you can tell it’s just a cash grab, however $3 to do away with ads? No thank you, maybe $1 but you all push your limits when it comes to in game purchases, do you honestly think only 5k is worth the price you all are asking when there’s an AK for 6k and it isn’t even an uncommon weapon, again I’m 300 levels in and there’s no sign of anything fun coming my way.
  • As advertised, too many ads

    By Revolution Christian
    I downloaded the app based of a Facebook advertisement. It is as advertised, a nice change from so many games advertised using something completely unrelated. Game play is fun and interesting. It’s nice to get different weapons. The problems arise with WAY to many ads and having no options to purchase an ad free version. I’d spend .99 or maybe even $1.99 to go ad free. There would still be the option of choosing to watch a video to get a gun or extra coins. Also there are several ads that will play, 30 seconds without a choice to skip. When they get to the end they automatically open the download screen for what they are advertising. You click “done” to close it and then there is no way to close the ad and get back to the game. You are forced to close the app all together and start over. One of the aforementioned ads is the one for Angry Birds 2. I would move the rating to 4 stars for minimizing the ads and their duration, 5 stars with a reasonably priced option to go ad free.

    I started off enjoying this app! I played it with every free moment I had! It has perks that kept me interested as in working towards buying new and better guns, the levels seemed to get better the higher I made it to and it just overall was a satisfying game to play and earn different perks whether with money or gems or the hammers! My problem came in when the updated version hit my phone and all of a sudden they ask me to pay $7 a week I believe it was! I have no problem with the creators trying to make money for their work but to me that is an outrageous amount and for those who can’t afford it, it’s like the game if not updated is pretty much stopped for me because I can’t earn anything and the levels and weapons don’t advance at all not even gradually! Just doesn’t seem fair to play it that consistently and because I can’t afford to pay 5,6,7 dollars a week then it’s like oh well screw you regardless of how much or how loyal you were to the app! Just doesn’t seem right!

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