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Word Trek - Word Block Puzzles


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Word Trek - Word Block Puzzles is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by PlaySimple Games Pte Ltd. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - PlaySimple Games Pte Ltd, with the latest current version being 1.346.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 3581 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Word Trek - Word Block Puzzles App

How does it Work?

** Top Word Game of 2016. Super addictive - played by millions worldwide **

Word Trek - Brain game & Word puzzles is an addictive word game that can keep your mind engaged for hours.

The rules are simple. You need to find words hidden in a grid. Slide & drag your finger over them to solve the puzzle. The grids get larger as you progress, and the puzzles get trickier. Your word score increases, cheery characters evolve – the challenge is to take your word score from that of an Amoeba to an Alien.

Sounds too easy? Then step up and prove that you can Word Trek to the Alien level!

Word Trek - Brain game & Word puzzles has more than 600 puzzles with 3000+ words. The game’s brain teasers test your vocabulary, lateral thinking & puzzle solving skills. No rush, no stress. It’s a great way to challenge your mind & learn new words.

2x2 puzzles: Exercise your ability to quickly find simple words

3x3 puzzles: Improve your attention and crossword solving abilities.

4x4 puzzles: Practice your ability to divide your attention and find multiple words Improve your vocabulary and spelling skills.

5x5 puzzles: Test, improve and exercise your knowledge of word relationships.

6x6 puzzles: Practice your verbal and nonverbal working memory to increase the span of your immediate memory.

If you get stuck at a puzzle, you can use hints or ask your friends for help.

Pay attention to what order the words appear in the grid at the bottom of the screen. If you don't find the words in the right order, you'll get stuck!

Be mindful of what letters you choose for each word to avoid getting into dead-end situations when solving the puzzle. If that happens, just give it another try by restarting the level.

All puzzles are solvable, but only a few players have managed to solve all the word challenges. Do you have what it takes? Word Trek - Brain game & Word puzzles, a game for true Word lovers.

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Top Reviews

  • By dmpinchot

    Challenging word scramble

    This is a word scramble game with tiles on each frame in which you need to find the words that fit in the tiles below on the screen. You are given the amount of tiles for each word and all words are related for each given puzzle screen. The screens increase in tiles with greater difficulty. You also have a word-o-meter below the puzzle tiles that fills up as you try to find the words. Every time the meter fills you get a free hint. You also earn coins and gets spins to earn coins with which you can buy hints. You can also watch videos to earn coins. The word-o-meter used to be refillable by watching a video each time needed, but now is limited to 1 a day. You can buy the word-o-meter for 15 coins. I have found this to be much more helpful on difficult puzzles instead of directly buying letter hints. I also keep my free spins to earn coins. I do the word of the day puzzles to earn extra coins. When I am stuck and have no help, which is rare, I go away and come back later. Sometimes all you need is a fresh look. I enjoy this immensely as it keeps my mind active. But above all, I find it fun! I have contacted the game for fixes and they come through! Download and enjoy!

  • By Tufnwd

    Vocabulary Enhancer

    Been playing this game for over 2 years because I only play during my lunch period. I am in the New World on the Ponder level where only 7% of players have solved the puzzles. I have yet to come across duplicate words. The words have something in common with each other and it makes you think. I will play this game until I solve every LAST puzzle. At times, I want to quit or throw my phone but I persevere!! ❤️❤️

  • By wallaby832


    This game is quite addictive and challenging. Sometimes I need to leave the game just to clear my head, but when I go back, the correct word is right there. Getting the right words in the correct order so you can fill in the other words can be difficult. Ultimately, this game makes me think and use brain cells I didn’t know were there anymore. Excellent

  • By Buddman xl


    This game is quite challenging....all puzzles are solvable as I am in the area of 1.87% of these are solved...for me the longest I spent on a board this summer was two weeks....but for me it was worth it...I enjoy looking up words to see their meaning and how other similar words can sometimes be found on the board as for most part words are grouped together....while not addicting it's more goal oriented, which I like....

  • By Nobody-in-particular


    I'm not normally a game type person, but I've been playing this every day for about a year. It's the modern equivalent to the daily crossword puzzle my father did. The app crashes a lot, unless you drop into airplane mode, then it works fine.. but it always recovers when you restart, so you don't lose anything but a few seconds time to restart.

  • By Nahum T.

    Cool game

    To me this game is fun and challenging you just have to think hard enough to find the words . You don’t really need hints because the hints just make you think you need them but you really don’t. Like I have already saved a least over 1000 hints . And plus it is supposed to be hard it is a brain game to help train your brain.

  • By Dangnabbit Wabbit

    Where did the key go? And how many times must you watch videos to get a free spin?

    I like the challenge of the game — I’m up to level 30 — but what happened to the key? It used to be that for each novel word you guessed (incorrectly), the horizontal line would move and when it got to the end, you’d get a free hint. The game even still says that the key unlocks hints. But where is the key? How do you get the key? It is not explained in How To Play, and the horizontal line no longer moves. Why this change? Why this tease?Also, you can watch video after video before you get the promised free spin. What’s up with that? Where’s the transparency?

  • By Qk-1

    Word fun

    I love the game! Disappointed that I finished all the worlds and galaxies and it kept saying this is not the end stay tuned for more travel. Waited probably more than a year. I was maxed out with 3500 stars and 100 spins . Kept up with the daily puzzle until it said unable to continue or something of that sort and deleted game a week ago? My mother calls me to say they are offering daily again! Addicted that I am I’m starting all over. Downloaded game again. Lol

  • By Fba14

    Sound issues, but a great game

    Have been obsessed with this game for several months. A great way to pass the time. However, I constantly have issues where playing the game shuts off the sound from other apps, so you can’t listen to podcasts or music at the same time.

  • By MommaKazRox

    Fun game but think it’s not supported anymore

    I play this everyday and really enjoy it. However, the special Sam Quest disappeared mid game around Thanksgiving time. There are usually extra games, “sam’s quests”, throughout the year and now there aren’t any. I’ve tried emailing the creators but have not received a reply. I don’t think this game is being supported anymore so if you’re not already addicted, I’d pass on it for now.

  • By iamkingoffun

    All my coins are mysteriously disappearing!!

    This game can be addictive and fun. It's a word scramble with a twist. As you try words that exist your word meter fills and you get a hint when it is full. This is motivation to keep filling the word meter and it's especially handy on difficult puzzles. The catch is you have to watch a 30 second advertisement for the word meter to unlock it once it has filled. This is annoying but an understandable way to keep the app free. In the latest version you can only unlock and use the word meter once a day. It now won't allow you to watch another ad and refill the word meter, which does not make sense from the side of the consumer or the advertiser. The game is not as fun without guessing words to fill the meter. And now the advertiser's products are shown much less. To me this makes the game playable for about 10-15 minutes a day. Because of this I can no longer recommend this game as it is more frustrating than fun. I hope the creators of this game rethink this issue and make the game fun again. As it is now I don't see how this benefits anyone having to do with this game.

  • By Lisa Bateman

    Poor set up

    I really thought I lived this game. Unfortunately, it has poor set up. Seems to come from a third world country. There’s no help as far as how to navigate very well. When I get gifts Nd requests from FB friends, it won’t give them to me or send. Often times it says unable to send right now. My progress is always lost even though I am logged in all the time. It’s like the makers think it’s costing them money even thought I have shared on FB. I have spent money on games but sure won’t on this one. It is poorly made. If all this was fixed, it would be superb as it is challenging. I loved the sam’s fall stall part or whatever it was called. But that seemed to be a limited time.

  • By Celli69

    Word fail!

    I love a good, challenging word game! It took the first few puzzles to realize that this game had potential to remain on my device. I liked the challenge of figuring out the mystery words based on nothing. It didn't bother me a whole lot that the 3 answers needed to solve the puzzles usually had nothing in common, so I kept playing, wholeheartedly, to where I remain now...GOAT level number 1. I've been stuck at this level for weeks now, with no response from the game help desk, as to how to bypass this level. The FAQ's section claims that ALL of the puzzles are solvable. I appreciate that they think that and aspire tobhave that be true, but someone dropped the ball on this puzzle check. Goat level 1 IS in fact unsolvable!!!!. I have all three word answers and in no order of entry is the puzzle SOLVABLE!!! I probably would have rated the app higher had the customer support team responded to my call for help. Now I just grow more annoyed with the creators and the game everyday that passes without help. I'll probably just delete the app soon if it doesn't get fixed:-/.

  • By EllipsoidalDreams

    Ads that don't mute, show spiders and violence against women

    I like the game but it started showing ads for other games. Most ads are automatically muted but these ads don't have a mute button at all so I have to turn the phone sound down and then remember to turn it up. I hate that! Most other ads let you say the ad bothers you so you can skip it. I can't do it with these ads and the games its showing in the ads are awful! One has a spider and I am arachnophobic. One shows a fish getting burned in lava. The worst is a woman who gets attacked by a burglar if you mess up the controls. Just awful. If this complaint gets through to then I'll keep the game and change my review otherwise I'll just uninstall. Too disturbing!

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