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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-03
  • New version: 1.430
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Word Wars: New Game With Words


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Word Wars: New Game With Words is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by PlaySimple Games Pte Ltd. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - PlaySimple Games Pte Ltd, with the latest current version being 1.430 which was officially released on 2021-07-03. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 3630 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Word Wars: New Game With Words App

How does it Work?

Meet Word Wars, the fantastic new word game where an age-old classic board game meets amazing modern design!

Never get tired of waiting on your opponents to play their turn! Play as many matches as you want at the same time and keep the fun going!

Strapped for time? Try the new mini-board for quick word battles.

- CLASSIC BOARD GAME EXPERIENCE - Enjoy the evergreen board game in a beautiful new avatar!

- PLAY WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Login with Facebook and duel with friends!

- FIND YOUR MATCH - Get matched with other players based on your skill level and unleash your word wizardry!

- BROADCAST CHALLENGES - Throw down the gauntlet to other players and see how many are up for your challenge!

- WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS - Compete in tournaments every week and win grand prizes!

- UNIQUE POWER-UPS - Make use of fantastic power-ups that will help you take your word skills to the next level!

- CHAT WITH FRIENDS - Stay connected with your friends and make new ones!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time on run-of-the-mill games. Get Word Wars now and get your amazing journey started!

1 Contributions

  • On Jan 22}


    Yes, WORDWARS has found a Place in my HEART

    I Love that there’s No Tense Timing & I never feel
    OBLIGATED to Play......But Games are usually
    Waiting for me‼️

    The BEST INVESTMENT was buying NO ADS
    $49 for a Year‼️😁

    At FIRST there were ERRORS where I was invalid
    On MANY Legal Words, But they Finally FIXED
    IT , They must have Read ALL my
    Complaints in CHAT😆

    Thanks Playsimple, WORDWARS is GOOD GAME

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    Top Reviews

    • By Traderbuck

      No time for whining

      A real good time with a spin off of the board scrabble game but on a great mobile format which matches you up with opponents from all over the world. They have incentives which I enjoy as personal goal challenges. You can see your achievements on your personal profile page which others see only a limited portion of if they are playing you. They do have a chat window which I use only to chat about the game at hand. I love the game and really want to improve my English diction but some players use the chat window for their own reasons and you soon learn how to find the players who love the game as much as you do so you both can enjoy the game the way it was developed to be. Just wish the chat window hat a controllable spell check feature. A bug-free environment for my iPad and iPhone is a reasonably priced game for its in-app purchases so that you may use the word radar and super swap feature. You do not have to spend a penny if you do not want to because the game really is free. The only thing I can strongly advise is parental control with young children. They do offer a profanity filter, but for young children, I feel from my experiences, the filter alone is not enough.

    • By ?)(2464

      Old timer

      The game is awesome, its the people who come on here to chat that mess things up. You can choose to ignore them, and when you do they just do not play with you anymore they do not finish the game and so you are automatically the winner. There are a-lot of players that are amazing, that challenge you and some that are not that good, but in the end, the game is addicting. Just ignore those players that want to chat and you will be just fine. I only wish that the games in which the chatter leaves because you do not want to chat, that those players are penalized somehow, like if they do that 3 or more times they are blocked from the game. This is not an online dating site, its a game. A darn good one too. Don't mess it up.

    • By Cc28601

      Like the Game But Improvements Suggested

      I am in agreement with many others that I don’t like men trying to connect with me during this game. I am here to play it not to find a mate. I have one. I don’t dislike the chat feature totally just that part of it. Secondly since the last update my iPhone 11 has been very temperamental about moving the letters around when I’m attempting to find a good fit. Maybe you can look into that. Lastly I’ve had words that were actually words but weren’t accepted, how or where can we submit those for consideration? I do think there should be a limit on how many days the game is left open maybe three at most. Right now I’m seeing about five.

    • By MelloMelli

      I like...BUT

      I like this game a lot but they give you these Quests in order to earn power ups and one of the Quests is to chat with opponents. However, the chat interface is REALLY REALLY BAD! And you can no longer see your typed words beyond about 6 words which leads to lots of errors in an already horrible interface. ANOTHER THING ABOUT THE CHAT...lots of guys just want to chat and not play. A simple Hello (to meet your Quest quota) is understandable. But beyond that, I don’t want to get into deep conversations with strange men. Seeing how the interface is so bad, chatting is really just a chore! Wish I could turn that feature off and earn power ups in a different way, in the place of chatting.

    • By Nan4355


      Best scrabble game! However it seems some of the ads are way too long! That’s why I took a star away. I don’t mind a few but it’s getting more than that now. When you’re playing a person that is online and you have to wait so long to even play and then when you play you have to wait again so long. Might be switching if it doesn’t get better. I know they have to have to have ads but when they keep playing the same ones over and over and you don’t want them in the first place then you have to watch the whole spiel again.

    • By yelhsAanaeerB

      It is fun...

      With that being said, I do have some complaints: (1) The ads play with the volume on. It’s very jarring and annoying and kind of a violation tbh. We know you’re a free game which means you need ads, but it’s truly infuriating that they randomly play with the sound on even if your phone’s on silent. Plus, often, you’re not given the option to mute it once it’s already playing. (2) While the feature to play with all sorts of people is fun, there should be a limit to how long you have to wait for your opponent to take their turn. Sure people are living in different time zones, but if you start a game you should be responsible to finish it. I have games that have sat idle for two days and I can’t just quit them or it’ll count as a loss. Also, it seems like some people are holding people hostage, if you will, not playing their turn so they can try to talk to you, whatever their motives might be.

    • By CharleyQuinn77


      I absolutely love this game the concept all the elements to it make it fun for me if there was a spin on being able to switch up letters by buying power ups. However this is the only game I have on my phone it freezes every couple of turns the pop-up to come up each time and when it gets to the pump up it freezes and stays there I have to repeatedly close the app and start all over again it’s bad enough to deal with the pop-ups but I understand it’s a revenue for the creators, but it crashing and freezing really stinks I have the updated version. End it does this to me on two separate phones I don’t know if it doesn’t like me or is it good you guys can fix I hope it gets better cause I’m on the verge of quitting even though I love it

    • By Emeraldjoy


      I like this game because it gives you the option to exchange your tiles and not loose your turn or have to buy them. But one of the things among a few other things that really bugs me, is that they pester you to death to invite your friends and family to play. But when you do, you can’t find them for some reason. They evidently keep no competent records of people who have registered, that you can access and look up people you know and want to play. Forget about that stupid web address they send you, because it doesn’t work. Maybe one day they will wise up and correct that problem. If they do, more people would probably play this word game instead of the other popular word game 🤔.

    • By Alex Eli Ed

      Great App

      I love this app so much! I am encountering some issues that are not being fixed in the updates. They have to do with the advertisements after submitting a word...many adds have no volume button to turn off sound. The ad plays loudly despite having my ringer off and sound all the way down. Also, some ads never go away or don’t ever have a “close” icon “X.” The only way for me to continue playing is by closing out the app and restarting. It happens all the time with one ad in particular (football scratch off). Other times I have no choice but to click on the ad and it takes me to the App Store, then I have to close out again and reopen. It’s getting old. Please fix these issues in updates!

    • By OneHappyChick

      Good but has some big drawbacks

      As far as I can find, there is no way to opt out of the constant barrage of invitations to games started by others. I must constantly decline and frankly don’t know how long I will keep the app if there is no remedy for this. I only want to play with my personal family members. I like the change in the board’s tw dw tl dL spaces from what we are all used to in Scrabble. I like the chance to swap tiles and not lose your turn. I like the way the app indicates immediately if your guess is a word or not- just streamlines that process. We were sad Scrabble had to end but glad we found this. Overall it’s great but the game invites may be a deal breaker unless this is changed to allow me to opt out.

    • By Tuvikene

      Game is OK

      The game itself is fine and is just an online version of Scrabble. I like the fact the you can look up definitions of words you do not recognize. You can always play a game with their bots if you don’t want to play the game with a person. The chat window can go, as far as I am concerned. I am here to play the game, not to be hit on by some stranger. I generally ignore the messages. The ads are insufferable and many are nothing more than scams to sell phony weight loss products. How this is even legal, I don’t know. Also, the price to go ad-free is ludicrous: $10 US / month or $50 US / year. This game would be perfect if they got rid of the chat window, advertised real products as opposed to scams, and offered more reasonable pricing to go ad-free.

    • By Thankful1199

      Game won’t work anymore

      For a week I haven’t been able to play. The game partially loads and then cuts off. I restarted, deleted everything else, updated and did everything I could. I made sure my device has plenty of room, the game just won’t load. I’d hate to have to delete this game altogether. I noticed there were problems before this crash happened. It used to take a mi Ute just to move one tile. Then the definitions would pop up and I ne er requested the definition. The ads take such a long time which would make one turn last very long. But I was willing to overlook that. Now it doesn’t play at all. So disappointing. Update: I’ve had to delete the game at least once a day and download again. It was the only way it would work. This has been going on now for a week. So tonight I had to delete it again and I tried several times to download and play. The game crashes immediately. It was frustrating trying to place letters and definitions would pop up. I haven’t heard from any of the creators of the game. Nobody has reached out with any explanation or tried to help solve this problem. I will be giving it a final delete and look for a different game to play.

    • By insanity of app

      Your privacy policies are atrocious

      Ok so I tried to send a review and it said this nickname is taken even when I tried repeatedly with every wired nicknames like: this is nuts Or other things like common please never mind with strange names and random numbers. Didn’t wish to retype my comments multiple times so screen shouted it but finally got through with nickname Insanity of app You can’t seem to vary the ads from ones that show morbidly obese people. Are you trying to fat shame people into buying your product or what is your goal. Do you believe all word wars players are fat and therefore targeting them is a good idea???? Please what is the point? I like the game but am ready to delete it . I just came across your data privacy and what you e phone collect and the boatload of things and places it goes . I thought that by having lots of privacy settings on phone this wouldn’t happen but apparently I am or gave given some consent and I do not see an option to opt out of this - kind of livid at the go arounds that usurp my settings in my phone had fun for awhile but am done now and extremely thankful I did not invite any friends or people to play with me.

    • By bfsatiojg

      Has potential but…

      First off, most of the ads are 30 seconds (some you can fast forward through) BUT they come ALL THE TIME. Your opponent makes a move, go to ad. You look up a word in dictionary and up pops an ad. I understand that you have to have ads, but if you are doing them as often a you are, they either need to be shorter or more should be able to be skipped after 5 seconds or so. The other really annoying thing is being from the U.S. I am used to scrabble rules and I can’t believe what qualifies as word in this game! Especially when you play a bot and they are throwing out Japanese, Latin, archaic, and all kinds of words I have never heard of. This makes for a HUGE disadvantage and I can’t seem to find a way to “turn off” playing with all the wierd words and other languages. For that reason, I will be uninstalling this game.

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