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AdVenture Capitalist


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AdVenture Capitalist is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Hyper Hippo Publishing Ltd.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Hyper Hippo Publishing Ltd., with the latest current version being 8.9.0 which was officially released on 2021-06-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 308600 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the AdVenture Capitalist App

How does it Work?

Play the world’s greatest money making idle game! Ever dreamed of owning your own business? Being the master of your own destiny? Becoming a capitalist tycoon? Do you just dream about money, money and MONEY, even when you sleep? Then AdVenture Capitalist is the idle clicker for you!


Start from the humble roots of running a lone lemonade stand to becoming the CEO of a cash printing, money making multinational conglomerate.


Sick of clicking buttons? Expand your capitalist empire when you hire managers to automate and boost your profits. The only way to go is UP UP UP!


Deck out your Capitalist in custom outfits and accessories that not only look super duper, but also boost your businesses.


Attract eager Angel Investors to amplify your money-making potential. Each Angel earns you a boost to your profits. Every penny counts!


Unlock AdVentures to the Moon and Mars and discover new investments, upgrades, managers, and items in space.


Investors have the opportunity to play Limited Time Events which are on a regular rotation to earn rewards helping you become an octillionaire! Climb the leaderboard and collect event-specific Managers for even more Rewards in:

◆ The Root of all Evil

◆ Saturday Morning Fever!

◆ Live Your Profits

◆ Live Rich & Profit

◆ Cashella

◆ For the Love of Money

◆ The Excellent AdVenture

◆ Insert Coins to Continue

◆ Cashalot

◆ 1% Land

◆ Merry Merger

◆ Black & Blue Friday

◆ A Nightmare of Easy Street

◆ A Capitalist Carol

◆ New You Resolutions

◆ Profitabowl

◆ Cakeday


Catch up to or pull ahead of competition, Investor, by visiting the store: Purchase more Gold, Time Warps, or specific Managers to help boost your finances. Your one stop shop for everything a fancy Investor could ever want while building an exorbitantly wealthy empire


Get on with your day and make money while you eat, drink, or sleep. It’s impossible to lose when you live the idle dream!

Your AdVenture of a lifetime starts today!


But don’t just take it from us — here’s what your fellow investors have to say:

“AdVenture Capitalist exudes a campy self-awareness of capitalism’s most obvious flaws while simultaneously encouraging total indulgence in them.” - The Washington Post

“Mathematics plus economics all in one.” - GeekDad

“THIS GAME IS BOTH FUN AND... relaxing. It runs when I'm not playing so I never have to worry about playing it all the time. It runs when I'm not playing or sleeping! It's crazy, I love that game so much that I am kinda addicted.” - A fellow Capitalist


Having problems or want to share a great idea? We would love to hear from you! or contact us in game by clicking Menu > Connect > Help & FAQ

Become an Investor now:

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AdVenture Capitalist is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Playing AdVenture Capitalist requires an internet connection. AdVenture Capitalist includes advertising for third parties, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising by using your mobile device settings (e.g. by re-setting your device’s advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads).

Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy:

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Top Reviews

  • By I like turtles🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

    Amazing and easy-to-play👌🏼

    Now a lot of reviews I find to be, for the most part, fake. Robots saying how amazing this game or that game is and whatnot. But I can assure you that I’m not a robot😂 And if I’m going to be completely honest, I’ve never really been a fan of games like this. Some of you from the early 2010s will remember a popular game called “Cookie Clicker” And it was fun, but got boring after awhile. Even games similar to that on mobile were kind of just, bland. And then I saw an ad for this. I thought to myself “ugh, not another one of those pesky ads,” and I was about to click the big x in the corner. But it seemed kind of interesting so I stayed to the end. At the end was a demo, and for a second I forgot it was an ad, cause I literally finished the demo, which was about 2 minutes. Afterwards I got the app and I’m just having so much fun. It’s awesome how it goes on in the background, like if I’m in the middle of playing and then my roommate reminds me to study, I can easily put down my phone. It’s addicting, but not in the sense that you’ll constantly be playing. Because it’s an AFK kind of game, I can stop playing whenever my friend or someone else tells me to do something. Awesome game, easy to play and everything. It’s all the awesomeness of every mobile game put into one, convenient structure.

  • By Shame mil

    A game you you MUST get if you haven’t.

    If you read the title, you know what to expect. An amazing game, with unrealistic amounts of cash. It feels AMAZING to see your number be at sexagintillion.(1 followed by about... uh... idk.) I think you should make Mars harder because it takes less than a month to have the number I said above. It feels so amazing to go from 0 dollars... to A GOOGOL (or more) with just one tap. I like how it also features 3 different planets as kind of a “hard reset” but with keeping your cash and just being able to switch between the three planets whenever you feel like working on Moon today.. Or Earth... The angels are a really great idea because you reset and you get a bonus, causing the thing I said about googol above. I like if you feel pay2win, you can always buy gold from the shop and buy permanent multipliers and that other stuff about the suits and the bonuses that come with them. This may be on my top 5 for all the games I ever played. (about 200) I would play this all day if it wasn’t a game that was idle only. (or at least for pro players like me, it is) Overall, I really enjoy this game even though it is a little challenging.

  • By mrbuddyr0

    Fantastic game.

    Adventure capitalist is unlike any other idle game I’ve seen. First off, there are no annoying time limits or waiting 5 hours for that one upgrade. If you can’t get an upgrade, you can 99% of the time get Angel Investors to do something new. Second, the events change every time and are always completely different from each other. This makes them fun to play and I always come back for the new ones. Third, the concept. It’s absolutely amazing how different this game is from others. Instead of mining or stores or anything, you go to different PLANETS opening businesses and gaining money. This game also has hilarious names with some of them being puns, for example “a Boulder look” I was laughing at that one. There are only 2 things I have against the game. The main issue is how pricey the gold is. I can see why they would sell gold but it just feels overpriced because you use it very quickly. Also, I wish events gave gold rewards for the leaderboard positions instead of just megabucks since 4/5 of everything in the store uses gold. Other than that, the game is extremely addicting and I love it. Thanks!

  • By Frost ( the arctic fox!)

    Love it, amazing game.... but there is a glitch.

    I... love the game. Easy, fun, and you get rich quickly.... what else could you want? The only problem is that... well, I have just started the game (as in, I am writing this the day I downloaded the game,) and... I have encountered a problem. Occasionally (or when I try to start an ad for something) the frames would drop, the music glitches out, and it kicks me out of the app... and it has been getting worse over time. It was fine earlier.... it could just be because of the fact that where I am there is a terrible thunderstorm going on.... yeah, that’s probably it.... just have to wait and see. I would like a developer response here... I could just be overreacting though. But aside from that, great game that I would recommend to anyone.... who is into idle games. Or... just in general. Truly is the best Capitalist simulator I have ever played! (And the only one... uniqueness is good.) plus I was glad to find out that this isn’t the same as Adventure Communist... I like the different gimmicks... but, of course, capitalism is superior! The game you can never lose....

  • By Tik Tok user9000000000

    Good game

    the game is awesome and with the reviews are good but i dont like how it takes awhile to get angels but when you get them you have alot of money the next time around witch is cool and the earning money and all is cool but when you cant afford some of the stuff to buy but when you get the amount of money for it you might start over with your earnings but you get it back sooner or later after that you get the upgrades then your mad you spent the money for that thing when you could of gotten the upgrade alot sooner than that time witch is good and all you can do is just be happy about getting that upgrade if that makes sense to all of you but have a good day and the game is awesome and if i was able to give extra stars but i couldn't do that unless i do another review but one is just fine. (Edit) I was playing the new event today then I was getting some angels then it said the servers were down on an OFFLINE play able game which is weird cause I never knew that could happen but I guess I know now

  • By Heyo Mr. Mayo

    You shouldn’t hesitate

    I hadn’t played this game in a year and decided to get back on it to play for a little bit since I had nothing else to do. I spent SEVEN HOURS straight playing this game. It feels great to just earn a bunch of money, reset, and earn more than double the money! While, yes, many people complain that there aren’t enough upgrades, there are enough upgrades to keep you playing for months, and even then you can still reset and earn even more money. There are some micro-transactions which affect the game heavily but still aren’t required to have fun, and most the time you’ll be watching an ad to boost whatever you like for a “short” time. It’s not short though, it’s for four entire hours. Plus, if you don’t want to wake up at 2:00 AM just to make sure that you get the most profits, you can watch a total of six ads to stack up and get a total of 24 HOURS of boosters. I’m only halfway through the game, but I’m a nonillionaire, and you should be too. Download this game, there’s no reason you shouldn’t.

  • By Cool guy 11111111111

    Great game. Needs more content.

    Adventure Capitalist is a great game. At the beginning it starts slow and over time (with boosts etc.) everything speeds up and once you have unlocked all the planets to full and reset them multiple times there is nothing other than the weekly events. I enjoy playing the game on my free time. But they need to add more planets or make the events back to back by a day. The way it is currently setup is: (Events start on specific days and last 4 days. There is a 2-3 day break with nothing to do while waiting. Then another event.) It takes a player who has completed the game and all planets about 2-3 days roughly to complete the event. Then you are left with nothing to do while waiting for the next event. I believe this game should be updated more periodically with new content (other than events) for the players who have completed all the current parts in the game. Suggestions to Game Developers: Add alot more planets with different boosts. We only currently have Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. Add other planets in such as Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, or even Pluto which could boost the starter planets encouraging players to play more and more often.

  • By Nappykink

    Fun but issues

    I love his game. BUT there are definite issues with it. For instance, the awarding of angels during special events is wonky. Sometimes it awards them super fast, sometimes it does not. For instance, I earned a measly 6 overnight (even though I upgraded to the first angel level). Also, I leveled everything up more than the previous reset. Secondly, I’m all for watching the ads. But they freeze, take forever to load if they even do and often I have to reset the game because it crashed the whole thing. Finally, the playing for free gold feature only works about half the time. And yes, I follow all I instructions correctly. This game could be great. For now, it’s so so. I suspect attention is being paid to the other adventure games they’ve released lately. It’s a shame. This is the best one. In response to developer response: The angels are broken. For this special event planet, I had everything upgraded at least twice. I bought a 3x multiplier for the planet. I reset and upgraded using 1,111 angels. Then I upgraded everything again. To more than before the reset. Then I let the game run overnight. I earned a measly 8 angels in so many hours. In the two days following that, I only earned 6 more angels. You cannot possibly agree that the angels are working correctly.

  • By This Nickname taken is taken

    Decent game, but

    The game play is generally good and enjoyable. The puns are quite funny. The downside, both for this and the Pocket Politics is the impossible events. They give impossibly hard, actually impossible, challenges that all but the whales can achieve. The space expo is a great example, you have 2 or 3 days to reach hundreds of sextillions of cash to buy the manager. No sane person can spend hours tapping. This is the kind of BS that makes rage quit happen. *** UPDATE*** I’ve come back. More fun awaited. The ad system is so hopelessly broken. Let me explain. The bonus will come up, you get the notice that you’re fresh out of ads (forget the fact you hadn’t watched an ad that day yet) so after 10, 15, 20 minutes of fighting to get the ad, it runs, and crashes (sometimes before is starts and more often after it ran all the way) so the game maker gets what ever bonus they get for the ad being run, the player gets screwed, and gets to wash, rinse, and repeat with the fight to get an ad, because the game seems to think the crash means your out. *I’VE LOST COUNTLESS GOLD, MEGA BUCKS, AND TIME WARPS* do to this 🐴💩 the other ad stuff is no better, the speed up and the idle bonus timers are no different. This game needs fixing.

  • By mo betta betta

    Fun for the first few weeks...

    This is a great game overall, but there are some flaws. First I will be touching down on the pros. I love the idea and I think it is very creative. It gives you a lot of creative freedom, especially when you first start the game. Some things I especially enjoy are the fact that you can travel planets and have connections with other capitalists. Now for the cons. I dislike the fact that as the game goes on, most users lose interest. My friend and I downloaded the game a few years ago, and both greatly enjoyed it at the beginning. After a few weeks, it got very repetitive and we both deleted it. I understand that it is difficult to create a game that allows you to have the same experience for a long time, but this game is just clicking buttons pointlessly. The longer you play this game, the more you would rather stop playing for a few hours to just make money. I feel like there should be a lobby of some sort, where you can spend some of your money to upgrade your house, yard, rooms, furniture, etc. Overall, I would not recommend this game unless someone was wanting a game to play for a short amount of time, and not looking for any sort of long term game.

  • By Azazel1117


    I’ve been playing adventure capitalists for at least a few months, two weeks ago I noticed the get free gold button and decided to use it and one option provided with it was to download Vikings: War of clans, make sure I downloaded it through the server window and link provided, and get my palace to level ten. I did all the of above and too my surprise I was not gifted with the 720 gold I had come to expect as my end prize for enduring the three or four days it took me to get my war or clans palace to level ten. After waiting two days, maybe less to receive my gold I sent an email to a link provided if I did not receive gold. It asked me to provide proof of completion so I attached an image of my palace level ten along with a screenshot of the offer in adventure capitalists itself. I was sent an email back saying their advertisers can’t confirm I did it and to send a photo of my palace level ten with proof by having my email in the photo. This game however is not set up to my email can show in the same photo, which shouldn’t be significant if they were planning on rewarding my 720 gold in the first place. They proceeded to ignore my follow up email asking how they were expecting to reward someone with their gold to begin with if One can’t be provided with gold unless they email customer support and provide their own out of this world proof. I would very much enjoy receiving the 720 gold I deserve. I do not recommend this game, especially the free gold option.

  • By Doodle2949281

    The new update is bad

    I have had this game installed for 2 years and played every event to completion and even often the replays. This was by far the most long lived app on my device and my favorite game in the genre, but the new update is TERRIBLE. The text is harder to read, the game is laggy, even the menu is slow and unintuitive now. Just why? Was this redesign really necessary? The old design worked really well. Companies always do this. They push forward on unneeded redesigns and “improvements” and even when they start losing installs they just push forward anyway, maybe out of pride or just a refusal to admit they might have messed up. They never reverse course, so I know there is no sense in me complaining about it. They won’t change it back, they won’t give us the option to return to the old and see what people actually CHOOSE as opposed to having it forced on us. I wish they wouldn’t have redesigned one of the most functional and streamlined interfaces of any app and maybe put that energy into adding new content. What’s done is done, I guess. EDIT: Notice the developer response below me? Notice how they did exactly what I said they would and dug in? The person replying to me likely has no say over the changes and they’re being sent out to try to defuse the complaints with meaningless platitudes and no actual action. I’m not surprised and I have officially deleted this app from my phone. Congratulations.

  • By Gfdjjejeh

    Too Many Crashes

    I have played this game on PC and have really loved it! It is such a good game! So when I figured out it was also on mobile I was excited! I thought being able to always have it in my pocket would make me play the game more. And I was right! It did! It was fun for awhile. You could buy your lemonade stands and if you wanted to you could watch an ad to get a little boost. This is how ads should be done I thought! But then while I was tapping the boost button one day I got a message saying something along the lines of “we could not find an ad available at this time”. “Ok whatever” I thought “I can’t get a boost right now, big deal”. But eventually the problem would spread. Like caterpillars covering a tree. It would consume the entire game. Suddenly I would try to watch an ad for a boost and it would crash! And then an event came out! Every time I wanted to access the event world the game would crash! But then... the last straw. It began to affect the core mechanic of the game: resetting. I was watching an ad to get bonus angels from resetting. “Mike had won $500,000 dollars from playing solitaire” but I didn’t care. I simply watched the timer click by waiting for my angels. But when the ad was over... it crashed. I reopened the game. It hadn’t reset. I tried to reset again but I was intercepted by that horrible message... “We could not find an ad for you at this time”.

  • By JSJ350Z

    CRASHES ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

    First off the game is actually great, although simple, its addicting, however, it crashes all the time when you use the various boost buttons or free gold, etc buttons that of course make you watch an ad. I could even tolerate all the ads IF the app did not crash over 90% of the time, probably 95%. No Joke! If I think back to ALL the apps I have used since I first got an iPhone 3GS and added up ALL the app crashes I've experienced in all those years with ALL of those apps it wouldnt even come close to how often this game crashes. I already gave up on the special events because it crashed 100% of the time when I tried using any free offer that triggered an ad. I'm serious! I'll say it again. Crashed EVERY time in special events, 100% failure. I can count on one hand how many apps I've left a review for and this is the first negative one. Again, game concept is great, although extremely repetitive, but an app that has been around this long and updated this often should NOT have these crash issues. I'm glad I didn't pay a single penny on this game. After a month of sticking with it I'm done. Maybe go learn something from the folks at Fingersoft. Their Hill Climb Racing Games are without a doubt a benchmark most developers probably cannot achieve.

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