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Dawn of Titans: War Strategy


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Dawn of Titans: War Strategy is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by NaturalMotion. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - NaturalMotion, with the latest current version being 1.42.0 which was officially released on 2021-06-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 35380 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Dawn of Titans: War Strategy App

How does it Work?

CONQUER the Shattered Kingdoms as you CONTROL EPIC TITANS in STUNNING 3D WARS! COMMAND thousands of troops together with GOD TITANS such as THOR, ZEUS, LOKI and many more!

COLLECT them all, CAPTURE enemy territory, EXPAND your empire, DOMINATE the leaderboards, and BUILD your ARMY by taking part in the most engaging ACTION STRATEGY PVP WAR MMO RPG on mobile!

Join your friends in ALLIANCES and take on DAILY EVENTS, including Alliance War, Raid Boss, Conquest and Assault modes!

· Award-Winning, Console-Quality Graphics: Winner of IMGA Award for Best Technical Achievement and Game Artist of the Year.

· Non-stop Events & Live Campaigns: War never stops in Dawn of Titans, with Events starting daily, and new Titans and rewards available each week.

· Stunning Titans of Myth and Legend: Collect colossal Gods and Warriors and battle them out in epic fantasy PVP wars like you’ve never seen before.

· 100% Real-Time Battle Control: Directly control legions of troops alongside your Titans, with full command of strategy, spell casting, attack and defense.

· Form an Unbeatable Alliance: Unite with friends and take on other Alliances in the weekly Season leaderboard, and gather your total strength to take on new challenges each day.

· Build the Ultimate Kingdom: Capture lands and build your fantasy empire as you take on other players in the most captivating action strategy MMO RPG on mobile!

· Gather and Expand your Titan Collection: Collect Titans from real world myths and legends, such as the mighty Norse God Odin, or the Lord of Olympus himself - Zeus!

· Equip and Upgrade your Army: Gear up your Titans and troops with powerful Relics and artifacts, and conquer the meta!


Data connection required to play.

Dawn of Titans is published by NaturalMotion Games

The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service, found at http://m.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga’s Privacy Policy, found at http://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy.

The game will request access to Photos for purposes of Customer Service support. If you do not grant that permission, you will not be able to send us screenshots to help resolve any issues you might encounter.

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Top Reviews

  • By Ghostrunner057


    When I first saw this game I was like, might as well try another one of these strategy + base building games I'm so addicted too. I watched the first video thing with peaking interest. I started to play the game after that, and began to notice how every aspect of this game is practically perfect. I have never, EVER found a game so detailed and fun, and I can control my army so easily. There are just so many things to do in this game it is almost overwhelming. I know you devs spent tons, and tons of time balancing out the troops, and I want to personally let you know, YOU ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT! There are so many kinds of troops, and ways to use them. I haven't even gotten to the Titans yet. There are so many kinds of Titans to use al, with different skills and things, (I prefer Eris, she is the best!) the relics are also a nice added touch, because it makes you plan out how you have to control your troops, and which kinds to use. Now I don't want to make this too long, but I had to tell everyone how amazing I think this game is, to all the beginners, I know this game can be sort of discouraging at the start, but keep on trying, it will get real fun soon, and think strategically. To the devs, Thank you guys so, so much for giving me this game. Y'all are the best,and this is a real gem of a game. Thanks, From your friendly gamer boi.

  • By gamerent

    Good but overpriced items

    This game is a lot of fun I love what they did its not just a copy of all the other strategy games. I'm not even really into strategy games and I like this one. There are some bad things about this game though nothing to do with gameplay. Overpriced in game currency, packages for titans are overpriced. I have been in 2 clans and they both have kicked out everyone but their friends when event was almost up causing me and others to lose out on the event rewards we have worked hard for! I messaged support and asked them if they could change that. How is it fair that punks in the alliances are allowed to rob us of our rewards. There needs to be a system in place to prevent this!! Support hasn't done anything about that. This right here is a huge issue to me and I'm not the only person is happened to. Please put a safeguard in place so they cannot kick us during an event (If we have participated a certain fair amount). Other than those 2 issues...this game can be pretty fun. I like that it shows changes when building and upon completion it actually looks improved. The graphics are beautiful. Just the army needs to be improved but they are almost too small to notice great detail. Really love how different this game is from other similar games. It's beautiful

  • By jsidjdhdbcbxbx

    Awesome Game

    This game takes the best of base building games like Clash of Clans and morphs it all together into one epic medieval style fantasy game. The elements of war in games like Total War really adds to this. You truly feel like a King ruling a kingdom and it’s army. The Titan system gives you a sense of player development. The style is beautiful, soundtrack is enticing, and the mechanics are seamless. No doubt my favorite game on my phone. Some things I would like to see added are mainly aesthetic or customization, like the option to create your own Kingdom banner. Or the option for more immersive battles (blood, sounds, realistic Titan fights). I’d also like to see more immersion in your Kingdom, like better building placement (rotation, spacing) and more types of houses being built in empty spaces. I’d also ask that you reduce the price of upgrading buildings at higher levels because it takes so long to move onto the next castle level. On the topic of kingdoms, there should be an option to visit other players kingdoms and donating troops to them without them having to ask. I’m sure there are more requests I could think of but that’s all I got right now.

  • By 2244356777776544332

    Top notch graphics with great gameplay

    This is a typical base builder game where you attack other players to acquire resources to upgrade buildings, troops and of course, titans. The first things you notice when you start playing are the awesome graphics and the ability to control your troops on the battlefield, which is a neat feature. The game is straight forward and is easy to start playing with its good tutorial. You can raid lands, attack garrisons, fight in the arena, fight at the monuments, complete the campaign or compete in a weekly solo or alliance war event. I’ve played this game for over a year now as a F2P player and I am pleased to say that the developers actually pay attention to the players and attempt to make continual improvements that benefit the game. The new Conquest event is great, and I can only see the game getting better from here on out. If you have never played DOT, it’s worth the download. If you played at one time in the past but have been away for awhile, it’s worth a second try.

  • By DJWicki

    Really good, but needs more PvP

    The game itself is already really great as it is. The gameplay is very tactical and makes you think, the titan concept is quite unique and fun, and although you get bombarded with advertisements to buy gems and premium items, you don’t need to buy them to succeed in the game as long as you know the game mechanics and you are able to apply both basic and advanced tactics. This game really is the thinking man’s action game. My one complaint (and the reason why this is 4 stars instead of 5) is because there is very little PvP. Although you do attack many people’s castles, the defenders of the castles are computer-led, rather than player-led. I have been talking about this issue with some of my friends on the game, and we have a few suggestions to the game developers on how to make the game incorporate more PvP. Our first idea is to incorporate team invasions, where more than one player fights more than one player on the same battlefield, and the commanders of each team must work together in order to achieve victory. Another idea we came up with are tournaments, both individual and team tournaments (using the team invasion idea that I have previously outlined), where there are brackets of single elimination battles, and the top 4 commanders/teams get rewards.

  • By TheOriginalNotehead

    Costs a fortune in real money to get anywhere!

    It’s a fun, well-developed game. But there is a reason Zynga is headed towards making, literally, nearly a billion dollars in 2018, which is that in order to really advance in the game you will have to spend a lot of money. They know how to get their hooks into you, which will probably come as no surprise. Be aware that even if you plunk down $100 to buy a huge pile of gems (which is more than truly epic console games cost), you won’t get very far. You will often find that advancing to the next level requires upgrades to buildings that cost much more food or gold than your storage facilities can hold, so you need to make up the difference with gems. It takes massive amounts of play time (or money) to acquire and level up the 3- and 4-star titans. If you look at videos of truly massive battles, you’re seeing players who have hacked the game somehow, are sponsored, or else spent literally thousands of dollars, which I think is abhorrent. The game is certainly enjoyable enough to justify spending 5 or 10 bucks, but now after a few weeks I’m ready to move on.

  • By Satrlett Marie

    I’m really trying

    I’ve been playing for a while and I do like the game. I have my own group and we were doing well for a while. The problem is people stoped playing the game and we got demoted and might face demotion again because my group is too small and no one wants to play once we start getting dogged on by the other groups that are bigger and more active than us. Just today I had 5 lands stolen from me by people 7 or 10 lvls above me. I only managed to get ONE back. People who spend actual money in the game have a HUGE advantage over people like my group who just grind through. We can’t even stand up for ourselves because these people are several lvls above us. Recruiting just does not exist for us to replenish our numbers. For leaders of alliances and their officers make new players more accessible to us. We need to recruit to keep ourselves going. Also the penalty needs to be harsher for attacking people several lvls lower than you. The game really beings to get tedious when you keep getting raided and robbed by a lvl 24 player and your lvl 15. The game isn’t a test or challenge when you literally have no chance against an opponent. I really want to keep playing this game, but I’m almost out the door. Do something or face losing an entire demographic.

  • By Tx_Broussard91

    Do not spend a dime on this game! Devs will not reimburse or compensate you in any way!!!

    So this past weekend there was an event for the titan Hel along with good relics to equip on her. I went ahead and spent $120 so I could fully complete the event plus a little more so I could get a good ranking in the end to win a good amount of either gems or divine gems. I had put effort in to get pretty far along the first couple of days to get a good start knowing that the event would end Sunday. Usually the events end around 3:00am for me so I knew I still had a good bit of time to push so I was just raiding when my portal stones would replenish plus the event timer showed i had over half a day remaining. When I logged on a little later to do one final big push the event was already over and ended well before the time shown remaining!!! I sent the developers a message concerning this matter and asking for some sort of compensation and all they did was beat around the bush avoiding a direct answer. So my message to the ones reading this is this, whatever you do DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!! They will not compensate you for anything! You will never feel satisfied with what you purchased and your money will always feel like it was just wasted for nothing!

  • By Rich11557799

    Decent game

    I have enjoyed this for a few months now. Overall, I don’t feel like this is a bad ap, but there are a few small issues I have. The first being is they make it too obvious that their bots are playing in the challenges. I looked at one this week that I started playing in within the first few hours of it starting. Their bot already had over 80K points. I play quite a bit and I am lucky to have a few thousand by the end of it. So first request-turn off your bots, or at least make it less obvious that we have no hope of ever beating events-r-us or the rest of the grouping that is always at the top. The second request is that some better of the event multipliers be a little less hard to get. So frequently I get the lowest level. I know you’re doing this to push us to spend tons of money, but in a reasonable world I pay you a fixed amount, play the game I bought and we are all happy. Don’t feel like you need to take out of me all the time. Overall I have played a decent amount of this and have been happy, I just would like the developer to fix the above issues.

  • By ICAC88888

    This game teaches people how to BULLY.

    This is the second game I played similar to this kind of style game. However, this game is NOT fun. The game developers are trying to make money by designing this game to deliberately make you angry, because the more angry you get, the more money you spend. I realized this after spending a couple hundreds of dollars. Additionally, this game fosters and protects bullies. The game developers created a feature called “anchorage” that is a great tool for lower level players to use and protect themselves from higher level players. However, the game developers insist on disabling this “anchorage” feature because they say it creates a “balance” in the game. Creating a “balance” couldn’t be farther from the truth. By disabling this feature, the higher level players are able to take everything and anything away from lower level players whenever they want. Not having an “anchorage” feature allows higher level players/the bullies have free reign in this game. The lower level players can do nothing to protect themselves from these bullies. The only way lower level players can survive in this game is to pay money, lots and lots of money. If you live in the USA for a long time, you’ll realize that this game is basically creating an environment for bullies to thrive in.

  • By Reaper5822

    Mediocre At Best

    Let me start off by saying that unlike a majority of people that have written reviews for this game, I have only spent a few days playing, but there are a few things I’ve noticed about playing in this short time. The biggest thing about the game that has driven me up a wall is the AI. I play multiple strategy games on my PC and saw that this was something similar on my phone but after playing a few missions, I realized that the game’s AI will automatically force your troops to basically ignore your orders and do their own thing and can ruin a complete strategy you want to set. There’s no setting to turn it off either. Secondly, the game focuses heavily on trying to pull money from your wallet so that you can get that extra advantage to get titans, gems, and resources so you can have a winning edge, even over players who have been playing way longer than you, and honestly it’s a little ridiculous. Finally, the game has crashes that still occur every once in a while, and it’ll happen randomly, and if you’re in the middle of a mission or raid, you lose all progress, your troops, and any rewards you were about to get. I’m not saying that it has potential to be better, but it’s not at that point right now by far.

  • By Deadbeard

    Don't download. Update ruined it.

    Now it's strictly pay-to-win. I suppose they could wise up and fix this at some point. It's already too late. I've stopped playing since they killed the fun, and as grindy as the game is, there's no way I'm going to waste the time required (again) to get to back where I was (Elite League, and I made it there singlehandedly, too). Plus there's the whole trust issue. If they pulled this on us once, I can't believe they wouldn't do it again. I liked what they sold me, but then they broke it. There's no way to make me feel unviolated here. Future new developers take heed. P.S.-YES!!! This game is no longer in the top 200 free and top-grossing games. Sorry, I just couldn't resist coming back and publicly dancing on such a well-deserved grave! But as this changes the date of my review, I'd like to point out that the game was only a few months old when I originally wrote it. I can only imagine how many times they must've ruined the game between now and the first time for it to have finally come to this! But once you go down Greed Lane and start losing players, the only option left is to squeeze the remaining ones harder and harder. P.P.S.-Also, if you're going to update a formerly glowing review to reflect all the unfortunate changes made to the game, you should also update the number of stars you give it. People want to know how the game is, not was or could have been.

  • By kidzle

    Don’t be fooled...

    Don’t be fooled by this games good graphics. That is the only thing it has going for it. Otherwise, not much going on. Unless you spend some serious money, you won’t get too far with the Titans. People on much higher levels will maraud you into poverty. Most troops become obsolete after a while and the only reason they’re even there is so you have something to spend your resources on while you wait forever to be able to upgrade things. But the absolute worst thing about this game is the company’s TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. They have no idea how to help people; take forever with responses, and when you get them, they basically bring you into an unstoppable ring of circular thinking. My brother and I play this game together, and he had an update on his phone and lost his profile. Mind you, he liked this game way more than I did, so he actually attempted to get his profile back. When he asked “how can I re-access my account?” The company replied “in order to access the account, you need to provide us information you can only receive by being able to access the account.” If he could do that, he wouldn’t be talking to these incompetent people. Graphics are only as good as the people behind the game. No point in wasting my time with this app anymore.

  • By GameDoneGoingDownhill

    Appalling customer service and fair play

    This game has gone downhill recently. The devs seem more and more concerned about money and not at all concerned about the players who enjoy the game. Don’t play this if you expect any sort of fair play. Bugs seem more and more prevalent and their customer service is an automated joke. Just this week they had a bug where thousands of players received an entire weeks worth of rewards for free and instead of fixing it or giving it to the rest of players, the devs basically said “we will try our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future but we’re not going to fix this. You are welcome to spend your time and money to complete the event yourself however.” THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THEIR PLAYERS ANYMORE, JUST ABOUT HOW MUCH THEY CAN SQUEEZE OUT OF YOU. Not to mention the fact that there is no communication anymore. There used to be live streams, Q & A posts, blog updates etc. There hasn’t been any at all this year, just excuses as to why they can’t make it anymore. The only thing they can do now is post the upcoming events on their blog to get you to spend money, and then change the titans skills after the event ends so you don’t even get what you pay for. They TRASHED a great game. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE ANYMORE

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