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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

CSR Racing


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CSR Racing is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by NaturalMotion. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - NaturalMotion, with the latest current version being 5.0.0 which was officially released on 2018-05-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 68928 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the CSR Racing App

How does it Work?

This is CSR Racing. The ultimate drag race in the city streets, featuring over 100 licensed cars, stunning graphics and addictive gameplay.

RACE OVER 100 LICENSED CARS from the world's most prestigious car manufacturers including McLaren, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Hennessey and Koenigsegg.

WITH WORLD TOUR - Complete Tier 5 and compete against crews from across the globe! Can you beat them and make it to The International?

UPGRADE your engine, fit stickier tires and strip out weight to cut every tenth from your quarter mile time.

CUSTOMISE your cars and boost your race winnings with cool custom paint, plates and decals.

PLEASE NOTE! CSR Racing is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. You can toggle these purchases on/off in the "Restrictions" menu on your device.

CSR Racing's stunning graphics look best on iPhone 6. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Meet other players and find out more about CSR:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CSRRacingGame

Twitter: @CSRRacing (http://twitter.com/CSRRacing)

Instagram: http://instagram.com/CSRRacingGame

WHY NOT TRY CSR RACING 2 – The next chapter to the #1 drag racing series of all time has arrived!


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Top Reviews

  • By Cocksucker52

    It’s a good game but...

    Can the people who made this game fix my game, I’ve been playing this game forever and my little cousin was in my settings and he changed the time, and now my gas won’t refill, it says I have to wait 9999M and It keeps saying it. Even the Next day it says the same thing, I’ve tried re-downloading it but it says the same thing, can you please fix this bug, I really like this game but I don’t wanna lose all my progress, not again.😡 So can you please fix the bug

  • By Text king

    Still enjoyable for me, even without multiplayer

    It’s still working on my second phone which I’m currently playing this game on. I did used to play this game a lot on my second phone back then. I’m already halfway done with tier 2 now with no serious trouble with progressing through the game. Back then though, I was able to progress up to the international. But stopped playing to move away from mobile gaming. But then reinstalled for the memories of this game. There is is a nice variety of cars like GT3 cars, road cars, to even a DTM car. It’s a quite responsive app as I remember and the frame rate for me is very good. I haven’t experienced serious lag either. Both which is impressive for me since this game hasn’t been updated for 2 years now.

  • By Amethystsphynx


    whenever i try to open up the game it just crashes. i’m on iOS 14 and it still doesn’t work which is really annoying. i used to play this game all the time when i was younger and i just wanted to play again but instead it doesn’t even let me open the game without it crashing. it’s a cool game, i don’t have anything against it except for the fact that it crashes every single time. i didn’t even get to see the screen after BossAlien popped up. i wonder if this is happening to anyone else? i tried it on my phone and ipad and no success, but it works on my older ipad which is on iOS 12 i believe. AND it told me it works on this phone. so what’s going on?

  • By YTboom boxer

    Not as 𝕗𝕦𝕟 anymore.

    I used to play this game a lot when I was younger but it just isn't as fun I re download it cause I remembered how fun it was but now that I'm older it just takes way longer to upgrade your car please make this game as fun as it used to be. Also please bring back multiplayer I don't know if I'm a to low level or it is just gone, but it still is kinda popular I know at least 6 people In my 13 person friend group (including me on both) so please keep updating. Another reason I re downloaded is because my phone does not have enough storage for CSR 2 so I thought this one would be the same but it isn't near as fun as CSR 2 looks. so please make CSR 2 take up less space.

  • By Syoval

    Really Slow Without Multiplayer...

    Ok, so ever since naturalmotion took out multiplayer, the game has been REALLY slow. I find my self racing 10-30 regulation races just to upgrade my car. Please bring multiplayer back, a lot of people still play this game. You don't have to give a car at the end of the season, just let us race online. I use to make bank playing multiplayer, but now I am stuck repeating regulation races. If you're reading this, naturalmotion, please bring back the best thing about this game. My current device doesn't have the power to play CSR2, so I'm stuck under the bus playing a slow and boring game that doesn't have multiplayer. I am sure that a lot of people will read this and agree, so if you don't want a lot of people abandoning their favorite game to go play others like asphalt 8, real racing, call of duty, and need for speed, then please, bring back the fan favorite game mode. If you truly care about your community, please put back multiplayer. Thanks, I hope you can truly and seriously consider this decision, for the community will be overjoyed. Your fan player, Syoval.

  • By FallBright

    We want the game to be great again

    When I started playing this game, it was in the newborn stage. Even then, it was a great game. But with the addition of multiplayer, World Tour, and The International, the game climbed the ranks to become one of my favourite games. But the new updates came, and killed off the features. The removal of multiplayer mean that progress through the game was agonizingly slow. But recently, the complete transfer of the game from online to purely offline single player mean that the saves would be completed gone, similar to what happened in my case. I had plenty of cars, and I almost completely finished the campaign. But when I got my new phone, all of my progress disappeared. I am very disappointed in this game, and how it changed from a great one to another game that is painfully slow to progress. In conclusion, this game has passed it's golden age, and now it is just a shell of what it used to be. I do not recommend getting this game, unless you do not mind a chance of losing your progress, and having to play hours on end and spending real money on the game.

  • By MrElTopo

    Game crash

    I’ve played this game for years across many devices and I stopped playing for a while because it used to lag a bit or freeze but then I guess after the last update it stopped so I decided to start playing again but now it just kinda crashes and takes me to my Home Screen and out of the game, whenever I open it I hear the music introduction until it arrives at the main menu and then it goes back to the home screen I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the game as well as restarting the app but it keeps doing the same thing, and my phone is compatible with the game so I don’t understand why this happens, if you could please check this out it would be really great because it’s a great game and I wish I could relive some past races

  • By lacrosseking2

    It’s ok

    So, there are a few problems with this game. First Problem: I play on an IPad Mini 2, and the game just won’t download. It just won’t work. But, when I play it with my friend on their phone, it downloads fine. I’m not sure what this is, but it’s annoying and crappy. Last Problem: The game is INFURIATING. It’s so hard and expensive. I’m a free to play guy, and this game looks fun and free to play, but when you get in the game and start to get the hang of things, you run out of something, and it takes like 3 hours to get it back, so if you want to speed it up, it costs real (not fake) money. That, or you have to be either a hacker or someone so skilled, you’re a CSR racing Albert Einstein. Anyways, I would probably look for other games, unless you like being INFURIATED. Thanks for listening, people.

  • By Jsjshhenan

    Natural Motion

    I cannot even believe your decision to remove multiplayer. For example, so many people still play the game and multiplayer brings a competitive edge and fun to the game that the single player just doesn’t provide. Additionally, this not only upset your users but also it has decreased the games popularity causes the game to be even worse. I’m not trying to be rude but the game has become a disaster without multiplayer. Sure, you could say that you make all the money and popularity you need off of CSR 2 which is fine but if you really want to be a helpful and kind people to the players of CSR who desire and miss multiplayer, please, bring it back. Thank you, and I hope you will seriously take this into account. Sincerely, Jace Holcomb

  • By Smc hitman

    CSR 2 Racing

    What’s up with the developer? There’s enough bugs in this app, that a pest control company couldn’t fix the multiple issues with this game. I’ve lost two accounts and the developer never tried to help reinstate my account. At that time I spent close to a thousand dollars on this app. I’ve been playing this game since it first started. I had at least two dozen top cars, and seldom lost a race. Now, not only do I lose, but there’s very few races, that can be won. The rewards for watching thirty second ads, is not working, neither is refueling. Way past time for the developer to fix the many issues, with this app. At one time, this game was lots of fun. Maybe the developer can bring back the joy, this game once offered. Respectfully, Steve Carvalho

  • By 783&37178293762


    Ok first of all I want to say is that his is a pretty detailed game and that I like the coins and the other cars u can get . I have better games to play but if I get board I usually play dis game so here are the things I would like to see change Changes: please please make there be longer tracks and make different lands and please make it a over head so we can see a character and also can u plz make a change so that we can have different characters like the sonic racing game Thank u so much for reading my review it's a pretty good game but pls make changes and I just might make a better review! U might see some other review I have for other games mabye robolox tiny tower, and much more. Thank u so much for reading LATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • By 2018rs demon

    Here we go again

    So after 2 years of being away, I began thinking they fixed the bugs. The good news is they fixed the bugs, but are now in a full money grab. - Can you play this game for free. Yes you can, however, you’re not going to be a useful member of your crew. They took a great concept and amazing idea, and crushed it. -do you have to pay to play? To be a functional participant, yes. They now have a system where the car you need for the event will be available for sale but a chance of getting it for silver keys. No keys, no participation. No car, no participation. No participation no money, and no movement forward. What are these new Elite coins? You are given a very good car. So you hit a story with this car, and start racing. Eventually you will reach a point where you need to gain a start, making your car from a one star to a two star to continue racing. These elite coins help you. Only they are not giving you enough races to support this. Eventually you have to purchase tickets to get your car to another level. Just be aware... they tout this as a free to play, but it is not.

  • By Raptorblade playz

    Great, but without multiplayer?

    Hi. My name is Raptorblade(real name hidden for privacy) and I have been playing this game for over 6-7 years. I wasn’t good at the game back then, but I really enjoyed the game’s multiplayer feature. It made the game so fun to play but now it’s gone. I miss multiplayer and if you would please bring it back I would give this game 5 stars and I would be happy for the time that multiplayer stays out(I hope it’s a long time). Also, a problem I saw was that when I go check out the tier 4 cars, I come across a ‘67 Shelby gt500 and when I go to it nothing appears, I zoom in and then I can’t get out so I have to restart the game. The only main problem in this game is there is no multiplayer. I mean how does CSR 2 have multiplayer and you don’t let this game have multiplayer? Is it a connection issue? Is it because everyone was too good at the game? I told my friends to get this game and they immediately quit after they finished and there was no multiplayer. I really want multiplayer back, everyone wants it back, and I don’t care if I get any cars, I just want multiplayer back. Thank you and I hope you make the changes for everyone, since multiplayer is a feature that everyone loves, please, bring it back.

  • By mincraftuser$

    I just wanted to make a video

    I saw a trend on an app called TikTok where you can post and watch videos and I wanted to do it so I went to the App Store and searched up “race” to find racing games so the first app that popped up was this app so I downloaded it and once it finished downloading I opened the app and everything was turned side ways so I turned my phone sideways but my wifi and battery percent and the time where still facing the other direction so I turned my screen lock off so It wouldn’t do that and when I opened the app it crashed as soon as the music started playing so i swiped up on the app and tried to open it again and it crashed again so after a few tries and even after me deleting the app and reinstalling it it was still crashing so I reset my phone and then I open the app and it crashes so I never even got to play the game. If 0 stars was a option i would be using it right now

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