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My Talking Angela


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My Talking Angela is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Outfit7 Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Outfit7 Limited, with the latest current version being 5.3.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 257126 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the My Talking Angela App

How does it Work?

Talking Angela is a virtual pet with a style the whole family can enjoy!

- Players can bathe her, decorate her home and feed her delicious food.

- Angela has a variety of mini games designed to test skill, reflexes and puzzle solving ability.

- Players can collect stylish stickers to collect and swap with other players.

- Angela can select unique outfits from a huge selection of fashion items, including dresses, shoes and makeup. A new makeover whenever she wants!

- She can even learn cool dance moves to her favorite songs. Whether it’s ballet, K-pop or disco - Angela takes to the stage and makes some magic!


This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor seal indicates Outfit7 Limited has established COPPA compliant privacy practices to protect your child’s personal information. Our apps do not allow younger children to share their information.

This app contains:

- Promotion of Outfit7's products and advertising

- Links that direct users to other apps and Outfit7's websites

- Personalization of content to entice users to play the app again

- Watching videos of Outfit7's animated characters via YouTube integration

- Items are available for different prices in virtual currency, depending on the current level reached by the player

- Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchase using real money (level progress, games, in-game functionalities, ads)

Please note, we do not process all the data disclosed on the label for users under the age of digital consent. For more information, please check our Privacy Policy.

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1 Contributions

  • On Jan 20}

    Why changed on size kid

    Why did they change the way she grows on size kid????? I hate it 😡. I loved the old one. Please bring it back!!!! She looks so weird and ugly! This is a horrible change! This is really disgusting! It ruined the game!!!!! They should have leave it where it was! I'm so disappointed! Why didn't they leave it where it was! Don't fix things that aren't broken 😡😡😡😡

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    Top Reviews

    • By Nicknamessuck14

      Best, just hair suggestions

      I really like to play this game I play it every day now for the coins. Nothings wrong with it except for adds I know you need it for a profit but just for my suggestion no adds in the area if you guys decide to make it, please no adds. But I still do not get rid of one star for that. When you see all the awesome looking hair in the wardrobe section and you think some are cool some are meh, then an idea hit me! You could have your own hair!!! So this is how it goes... you have a section where it has a salon you make the hair However you want with some neat tools. Then a star of some sort comes to rate it it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, you’ll just get more coins depending on how good it looks to the judge. ( not actually a shoot it star thing, or a real life judge.) so the you sell it. You earn coins whenever someone purchases it in the wardrobe. But. If it’s really unique people can either choose to bye it from a store like place. Off of the food market stores where you buy Angela’s meals. Orrr buy it from an area bought like the potions area. But have to pay real money irl but this time the game gets the real money and the person gets the coins. See now you can get money without adds. 😉So please take this into consideration I really want this update.

    • By ooopoppoo


      My talking Angela is a great game I love it after the first day of playing it I made it to level 9 there are a few things I wanted to say about the game first the mini games shouldn’t be so hard for example the mini game were you have to stack the suitcases it shouldn’t be so hard to stack them second when you go to the dance floor and u have to watch video to get the happy star have moves and then after the dance when you watch the video you get super star makeup I love putting makeup on my Angela but when u but when u put it on her then it only lasts for a day third I want some hair options that don’t cost so much for example I am dying to get the pastel twist but it so many gems fourth the gems when you go to the wheel u have to watch an ad every time you want to spin the wheel fifth I want to know why you get the cards you need then when watch an AD you only get two cards number one and number two you always get duplicates so there is no point in trying to collect the cards if you are not going to get any new cards I hope you enjoyed my review P.S I want a developer response please and thank you but I do love your game it is the best game I have ever played 😋😜😛🤪😝🤩🥳😎😺😸

    • By Watermelon lover girl

      To many ads but love it

      So I downloaded this game and every single time I finish doing something on the game KA BOOM! A AD COMES UP! I still like it though i mean there is makeup and dancing even games on the game! I love it you even can feed her or him whatever you wanna name it plz get a life play this game and actually play it! You can even get………SUPERSTAR MAKEUP! Anyways this game is really fun plz play this it will be the best choice you ever made! 😁 never delete this game if you get it well that’s just my opinion you can not like it or like it whatever you choose I’m just saying that if you get this game and like it guess what? you will be on it for hours & hours getting the most thing ever brain happiness guys embrace your energy on this game so that means if you embrace your energy I mean like this game will give you energy enough to be more happy than anyone trust me people. This is Madelyn signing off. Oh and if it glitches restart your iPad or phone or any device you play it on nothings wrong with the game trust me unless your storage is full oh boy that would be so tragic and your device will be very slow trust me. #sorry if I said to many trust me# this is Madelyn signing off.

    • By #Tweet Tweet


      I love putting makeup on Angela. But there is one major glitch. If you hit her, then move your finger up, she lifts up her head. But then you see her teeth and her gums on her chin. it’s really creepy, and I just needed to put that out there. Also, for the spinning wheel, can you please make it more likely to get the good stuff? Because I’m always watching for coins, and I have like, 1000 gems because I can’t get any coins. Eventually I spend the gems, but even then I only get 1 gem at a time. And the stickers. I’m not mad at the duplicates I get, because I can sell them off, I’m mad because when I buy stickers, and I refresh, with the 10 gems, I can never find the stickers I need. Btw I started the game a month ago, so I’m only on page 11–15! And I need 98 and 100! THATS IT!!! Anyway, I’ll update my review if anything gets updated, but for now I’ll leave it like this. But, developers, don’t get me wrong, I love this game. My ideas are only for the best! So please consider them! Thank you for this game and have a good day! Edit: I finally got those two stickers!!! 3 more to go!!! UwU

    • By wolfie56


      This is probably my favorite game and I love it so much! Although it does have some downers, but mostly it’s great! I recommend getting this game 100% It is so fun and you can do a lot with this game! And I love when she sleeps it offers videos to watch, and more apps by Outfit 7. And I love how you can change her outfit and do her makeup. It’s so fun and awesome!! And I love how you can level up and collect many awesome stickers! I’m previously on level 36 so I’m not gonna stop. And I like how she levels up slowly and not too fast, if she leveled up fast I’d probably be at level 100! Lol. I absolutely recommend this game it is so fun. I also like how you can change Angela’s fur to different colors! I play this game all of the time and it is so fun. I heard rumors about there being cameras in her eyes that watch you but I don’t believe it. I don’t really like how it records you but I deal with it. And she is so cute and I love how you can take care of her and brush her teeth, bathe her, change her clothes and shoes, watch her grow! My Angela is a young adult right now. I love this game so much so you should get it!

    • By Harold guntz

      Not just for little kids

      I think people think that this game is for little kids but it’s not it’s for older kids I am eight and I still play it it’s really fun and I love it my sister she’s 13 she still plays it so don’t think it’s for a little kids it’s for any age even grandmas can play it’s really fun for all ages don’t think that it’s for little kids it’s good for all ages I love this game and see those 3 AM videos about Angela it’s not real literallyIt’s fine at 3 AM I love it so please download it I really like it and I will always like i never get tired of it but I don’t like about something about it because I go back there and a Angel is always so tired and it takes so long for her to be not tired so developer or whatever it is maybe you could maybe you could make the game it’s easier to put her to sleep in it’s like less last time before she’s like she has energy thank you for reading this please download it some of this might be AutoCorrect just saying😍🙃

    • By jbe25


      Ok first things first, this game is great for 4 year olds. And I know this is just dumb coming from a 12 year old, but it has some things in it that are just dumb. Like offering a “mystery gift” for an add. This game has a pretty cool hair and wardrobe collection. It has good makeup and I think you should have a sailor moon update. I think it would be cool to have a jewelry feature. And I love how if she is hungry and you feed her the same thing 3 times in a row she will let out a sound of disgust 🤣🤣🤣 I love the outfit items that come from the albums. Also I do not appreciate how when I was SO CLOSE to buying a baby potion ( I had bought an adult one a few months earlier and wanted baby again) when I wanted to tap watch add and get free stickers it said pay 20 DIAMONDS and get free stickers. I lost over half my savings. And I HATE how long it takes to upgrade my furniture. Also there are so many adds!! Can you be like bow masters and offer a premium with exclusive items and no adds???!!!?!?!??!! But do NOT make it 100 fillers a month!! It’s outrageous!! But all in all a pretty good app

    • By lucky10..31

      Decent Game

      I really like games where you can “raise” your own pet or child because I think they are super cute and fun. This game is really fun, but I wish that you could have another activity like gardening, where Angela could tend to her very own garden and raise her own food, and then maybe one she reached “teenager” she could me a job out of it and have her own stand at the market. It’s just an idea, but I think that could be cool. Also, there could be like a school activity where you can bring her to school and teach her things and she could join a sport at school. Or she could have a mini pet that she is responsible for. These are all just small ideas, but I think they could add a lot to the game. One more critique, my brother had My Talking Tom and I noticed that there are a lot more mini games on My Talking Tom then there are in this game, so adding mini games and more ways to make coins could also be a major positive. Other than that, I really like this game. I love the wardrobe and feeding her and taking care of her. Thanks for reading!

    • By A random kid :)

      Her eye shadow glitches?..

      Ok so first off I’m going to start and say that I enjoy this game and that it started getting addictive when I figured out that the cards you get when you level up give you more items, and after the first week of playing it I got to like level 10 because I was determined to get to a higher level than my sister because she had already gotten to a higher level and she also had the app on her iPad. The team that created this app put some hard elbow grease into it, but it needs some improving. I don’t really like how you made the dance studio. I mean, yeah it’s cute but I don’t like how I unlocked all of the “superstar makeup” and then the next day I had to get it all over again? That’s ridiculous and after I had unlocked the dances that did the blue smiley faces I had to do it again so I ended up watching videos to get them again. And also the face paint is ugly and the colors are too. Okay, now I want to get to my point. I really do enjoy putting makeup on her and I like to mix up the colors and put on cool outfits, but multiple times the makeup on the right eye is kind of like pink and yellow? The other one is fine but I would like if you could fix this glitch and also improve the dance studio. Thanks for reading and have a good day! :)

    • By candi_UwU

      Nice game!

      I have been a fan of all types of these games since I was five years old! I feel like out of the blue people just started making fun of the game for having hackers in it! I feel like this game doesn’t have hackers in it! just like other talking Angela, The one that used to have a chat bar! The rumors are not true! You can believe all you want but I’m just saying that I don’t believe it because how can a hacker take care of OVER 1000 PEOPLE ON THE APP!?! And if there are more hackers than 1, how can there be over 1000 hackers on this app is there anything in her eyes? Yes but not anything like a man or a room! I looked in her eyes and all I could see was... A bench! PEOPLE LOOK IN HER EYES NOW! THERE ARE NO PEOPLE OR A ROOM WITH A SHELF! So Jessica ridgeway thing theory, I just have to say for the family that lost their 10-year-old that would now be a about 17 years old now, i’m sorry they had to go through that but the comments on that video, we’re saying that it was because of talking Angela when the video had nothing to do with talking Angela! Once again for the parents and family of Jessica Ridgeway I’m so sorry for your loss...

    • By it just needs more updates

      It’s not as creepy as I thought but it is still pretty creepy

      This game is kind of creepy but not as creepy as I thought it’s kind of fun when the cat is a baby I don’t really want to take it out of that Little things that it’s in when you first start playing I don’t know why but it is kind of creepy when he gets older it gets really sleepy I barely ever get to play with it when I just leave it alone for one day and it’s still sleeping in bed it just pops up in the happy area thing and it says I’ve been waiting for you in a speech bubble one time I was talking to it and I said to it who are you it didn’t repeat what I said it just said kidnapper I was really really scared it’s extremely creepy do not download this game it’s spies on kids to some people don’t believe me but if you play you will... i’ve been playing this for a long time you got a believe me and trust me a long time ago on the other app they had this thing in Angela‘s eyes I got creeped out but I also saw it along time ago you can actually talk with the cat but now it’s a band and now you don’t see the stings in the eyes often or barely at all but it still can do really creepy stuff I think they took away the thing where you can see something in the eyes because it wanted to stop the bad reviews and when they made it they didn’t think about the bad reviews but they got so many bad reviews and one stars so they deleted it but they still have bad reviews going.

    • By Midnight_Cookie

      Someone was smiling at me

      So I downloaded this app a week ago and I'm really scared. So I was playing this game when I saw something in the eyes on her looked like a Man smiling but as SOON I SAW HIM.. I didn't see anything. The next day ( I only got 8 hours of sleep) I was MY FACE WAS AS WHITE AS A GHOST the app... was GONE. It took a hour for me to open my iPad again. When I opened it I heard someone say " hi miss ______" when heard that I RAN TO MY DAD when he came to my iPad he all most fainted! That guy heard the man say " hi sir the father of _____" the app all so came back.. BUT NOT ONLY SHE CAME BACK TALKING TOM, TALKING GINGER AND TALKING BEN WAS THERE TOO. Please do not get this. At night I here loud banging on my window my dad told my mom and she scared too. I got text from someone who I didn't even know, it had said " hi kid what's your address? Your mom ordered something and we lost her address so we found you number so we need her address back please " Lucky I went to my mom and asked if she ordered something and she said no I texted him " my mom said she didn't order anything " then he said " give me it NOW and your location and neighborhood now" I blocked him FAST. It some how found my number! I deleted the app FAST AS HECK. Do. Not. Download.

    • By Boo boo bdkdjd

      Tracks your location..

      Okay.. So the game is fun in all but her eye has a guy or a door or something and it always changes each day. It's like somebody is watching you which is creepy. It also allows microphone so that it can hear you. Which is also creepy because if a kid is playing and they allow microphone, the background can get picked up with takes people's personal information that other people don't need to know. Some other thing is if you take your iPhone or iPad or some sort of device you use outside, like earlier when I said somebody is watching you, basically if you take the device outside and exit out of the garage or front door to get into a car and play they can read your address if somebody is watching. This means they know what your address is!!! Soon enough.. When your in the car and you pass a street-poll they can probably read the name of the street. This is very bad for kids so I 100% reccomend NOT DOWNLOADING!! Literally someone is obviously gonna hunt you down but the only thing I'm trying to say is to not download this game and I'm also trying to protect all of you guys so that you don't die. (Even though you have more than one life on earth) Just be careful on your decisions. Stay safe and don't download this game

    • By Littelpuppylover❤️❤️

      I am so scared 😱

      Ok so you know about the rumor of the man in her MIGHT be true it might not,but I did not believe this rumor until one day I was playing the game happy as can be and my sister walked past me and her face turn WHITE AS A GOST and she said “what are you doing?!” and I said “nothing”but she said that I should delete that game right now!!!! And I was confused because what about it that I should delete? And she took my phone and went into the makeup section EYES!!!!! We saw something that totally FREAKED ME OUT We saw a stool and a ladder and some kind of tool Like a chainsaw😰! We were SO SCARED We ran to tell our mom but when we came back the app was already deleted....I guess Talking Angela is safe for now but something tells me NOT FOR LONG......but I’m a little scared that IM going to be safe for long so I am going to look for something to cover the camera on the top of my phone.... But when I asked my sister what is going on she said she has seen some SCARY THINGS ABOUT TALKING ANGELA!!!!! I am so scared every time I see the app....but I’m still not sure if the rumor is true....I’m only a little girl and how am I supposed to know what’s true? Well I hope the developers read this because I am very scared of Outfit7 now...🥺😰😱🥺🥺🥺

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