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My Talking Tom Friends


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My Talking Tom Friends is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Outfit7 Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Outfit7 Limited, with the latest current version being 1.7.3 which was officially released on 2021-06-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 134703 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the My Talking Tom Friends App

How does it Work?

From the creators of insanely popular virtual pet games My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank, and other worldwide successful titles, comes a revolution in virtual pet simulation!


What’s better than having one best friend? Having six! Players can join Talking Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca as they move in together in their new home for the first time, and get to know the pets that are adored around the world!


They need someone to feed them, bathe them, tend to their wishes and play fun games with their cool toys! Players can help Talking Tom and his friends advance in their skills, and when it’s time to sleep, they need to find a cozy spot to recharge for a whole new day of fun and games!


Who likes to bake? And who is a secret artist in the family? Why is Talking Tom looking at Talking Angela LIKE THAT? Players will have fun meeting all of the characters, and discover their interesting and playful personalities!


Players can make this virtual house their own! They can collect cool toys on bus trips to town and change the look of the friends’ home. And who can miss this amazing wardrobe?! Anyone can show their fashion sense and customize the friends’ outfits any way they want. This is one stylish pet family!


The game features a totally new collection of mini games to test users’ skill, reflex, and puzzle-solving - in spacious landscape mode for the first time! But that’s not all - there are many new fantastic toys to discover in the game as well! Uh-oh, looks like Hank is hungry again! Time to grow some veggies with Angela!


Players can discover beautiful 3D visuals and the exciting open space of the friends’ new family home, and move through different rooms as they wish! There are many toys and games that they can play outside their home too!

Download now, play and join the amazing virtual pet family fun in My Talking Tom Friends!


This app contains:

- Promotion of Outfit7's products and advertising;

- Links that direct customers to Outfit7’s websites and other apps;

- Personalization of content to encourage users to play the app again;

- YouTube integration to allow users to watch videos of Outfit7's animated characters;

- The option to make in-app purchases;

- Items to purchase (available in different prices) using virtual currency, depending on the player’s progress; and

- Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchases using real money.

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    Top Reviews

    • By Bacon crunchyness

      Amazing game, but I have a few suggestions...

      Hi! So this is an awesome game, and I love how they sing “Do body do yo” or some gibberish that sounds kinda like that. 😂🐶 I also love how you unlock more toys, characters, and stuff like that. But as I said in the title, I have some ideas. For one thing, they sleep for a REALLY long time, so maybe you could change the amount of time that they sleep? And maybe they grow up too, like in the other games you guys have made. What if they went to school, made new friends, and that kind of thing? And also, when you’re in the town buying stuff, maybe they could actually hang out there, and you could play with them while they’re there. And what if they had personalities, such as things they’re interested in, they’re favorite/least favorite foods, etc. Sorry that this was a long review, but yeah. Also, you don’t need to change anything, but those were just some recommendations. Keep up your awesome work!!!! 🥳

    • By so1989123456

      This is the best game ever :)

      I love this game it is so good and fun I love all the cutie animals you get and this game is so funny and I love all the cutie clothes you get and all the cool stuff you get it is really cool and I love getting new stuff like toys food clothes new accessories new animals I live to play this game when I am bored because it is super entertaining and a little hard work because you get 6 characters and you have to take care of all of them also I have lots of toddlers in my family so when ever I give them my phone they always go on this app they think it is so much fun and they always show me all the cool stuff they get and I think this game is good for a lot of ages like toddlers,kids,teens I think they well all love this game it is a really great and amazing game I really do love it and it always brings a smile to my face :) 🥳🤩😃😁

    • By lacey ann warner

      I love this game but...

      Hi I like this game because the caruters are so cute and I love playing and taking care of them but once I tried all the old games they were good to but they watch you once that I saw all the videos by laurenside infiete and many other I quickly deleted it but this one dose not watch or have any pictures in the eyes I checked just for everyone’s safety and if you thinks it’s not safe watch videos first or cover you camera while you playing the game and also if the cerater sees this here’s a question why did you make games that watch little kid are you like a crazy you know I’m terrified if you stop watching kid play8ng you other games that’s what a crazy person would so if you don’t feel safe scared when you play this game you should not play it at so tell the truth cerater ok and respond to me.

    • By rndidndieneiw

      Talking Becca the new character

      Hi I’m Malia I’m 11 years old and love all of your talking Tom and friends games and i Ben a fan forever and I Watch the Tom and friends and you have a new character I see and well i see I think you guys should make my talking Becca just like the same with my talking Angela with my talking Becca she can sleep eat pet her hit her and dance like Angela and do stickers to get outfits and pay for outfit and put on make up and all of that can level you up just like Angela I’m just saying that if you make if people might play it and I thing if you make my talking Becca it going to fair because every character after a game and it’s not gonna be here for Becca if she doesn’t have her own game so I’m just it will be cool if you make thanks by the way I love your games.🥰🥰🥰

    • By cutiegirl57689

      Great but could be better

      Plz read this developers!!!!!! Well I just want to say that this is an amazing game and that it would be perfect for people with lots of free time on there hands and the man in the eyes is not a problem here but like I said in the title there could be improvements.... I just have a few suggestions... there is this annoying roomba thing where there’s a box on it and it annoying plz get rid of itso you know how the bus take you to the town and you get stuff? Well I just wish the could actually hang out there and play instead of just going back home after you get the prizes... and I wish there were more characters and that there was like a thing to where you can buy new houses or something that are bigger an like with bedrooms and other things instead of sleeping on the couch the could sleep in beds you know there are other suggestions like being able to buy the outfits with coins ooo and there were like birthdays and stuff and they grew up and stuff and I waist there were more games that you could play and sorry for lack of punctuation and stuff and sorry it’s so long but also I wish you could make more updates because my sis had this game for a week and she got bored...... I wish the kids grew up and unlocked more stuff as they grew up and I wish they had there own personalities and like certain stuff and got jobs or something I hope people read this......

    • By DJ doggolol707

      Cool game but few stuff I need to tell you…

      So this game is amazing I still play it today and I love it, all the little characters just complain and you have to do the stuff they give you but .. yea there is a but to this review. So first of all the adds are so annoying and I know in like every game like talking Tom style has a problem but the adds in this game the adds practically own this game. And second thing there is some lags and glitches in this game. So today I got on thinking * ohh I’m gonna help my Tom and help my ginger clean the trash today* when I got on everything was normal just your average Tom game and all the sudden my ginger cat started floating!!! Like literally floating in the air so I tried to move to another character and ginger just followed me so I tried to click on ginger and for some reason he just started to stare at me like in my eyes so as soon as I saw that I literally left the game. So fix this lagging and add problem because I will still play this game but I will be scared about this so don’t worry I’m just staying on my opinion of these games and no offense to anybody thank you for reading my comment 🙂

    • By lulutheawsome

      This game is really good but...

      Ok. So I hope people see this,DOSE ANYONE ELSE THINK THAT THERE IS TO MANY ADDS AND IT ALSO GLITCHES FOR ME it takes forever and I mean FOR- EV-ER to load, and here’s the funny thing, are they speaking gibberish or somthin!? because they say do- bod- do AND IT Hilarious 😂. Anyways my two friends have this game and the same trouble that I have with this game. And can you make a few changes because can you make the outfits more easy to get and for the bus and where it takes you can you make it own shop and like the play ground where you can play in and the piano place aka art place too can you guys make it where you actually paint and play the Piano I’m just kinda bored with all of those places being shops please can you make like a grocery store I’m mean that’s where we get mostly all of are needs and wants am I right one last change is updating the game more faster iv had this game for more that 2 weeks and it’s still been the Chinese New Year version Anyways I hope you have a nice rest of your day and where a mask too lol bye

    • By Marisa Paul

      Great! But there could be more things

      I love talking tom and friends so much and I always watch your episodes. I just wanted to say that you should add Jeremy into the game. (Sorry if I spelled his name wrong) but It would be way more better is he was in. Also I think it would be cool if there was a multiplayer mode where you can choose a character to play as and hang around, chat with people, and explore: when I say explore I mean go in different maps. For example A Forest, A Farm and many more things. You should also be able to go into other peoples homes and see what they decorate. You should also be able to go on quests/tasks. Like get 1000 bus tokens or win a soccer ball and more. One more thing. I think the stores in the game should match with whatever is in the bags. Like there is a store that look like it’s for toys but when you choose a bag you get food. I think that should be switched up. I hope you see this message and change a few things I said here. Thank you 💕

    • By Dumplings!!! ❤️❤️❤️

      ❤️ This game is so addicting!!! 😝

      I love this game so much but there is always room for improvement. I think that the characters should have personalities meaning if Angela rejects cheese once she should always reject it and if Hank likes the skate bored then he should want to play it a lot and if Angela and Tom talk to each other a lot they should do other things together too like they are bffs. Also people keep saying things about the eyes of the characters and at first I was a little skeptical but I decided to get the game anyways just to try it out and I’m happy to say that I have been playing for awhile and haven’t had any problems or seen anything at all. So if you are reading these comments too please consider my review before you make your final decision about deleting the game or not getting it because I really believe that this game is so much more adorable than scary.

    • By Anika35⚡️⭐️🏀🎮

      Meh😐Plz ReadIfYouWantToKnowWhatTheDon’tTellYou

      This game is great, but if you played my tom or angela or whatever your whole life (even though you only, like, 10), it’s just not as fun. the reason is: 1~ all you really do is BRING the characters to the activities, you don’t really get to play it WITH them, unless you have some sort of special toy. 2~ The game selection is very limited, and the games you can play are the games you get to play with their toys (if that makes any sense). Lastly, you don’t really earn much money, but to unlock a single picture to color, you have to pay 720 coins! And on top of that, you need to pay 10 coins to use a certain crayon color. Not cool. This game is fun either way, and i’m sorry if i sounded mean😰, i was trying not to. But the design is so cute, and i like the game. Can you please put my requests into consideration? and if you are a buyer, then... bye? idk.

    • By DolphinWorldGirl 🐬🐬🐬🐬

      Fun yet... Frustrating.i

      This game is so cute! 🤣I just had a few stuff that could be better that I want to tell you guys. I love how you can dress them up but I just wish we could take OFF the headbands and hats 🙊☹️🥺 I’ve tried EVERYTHING to try and take them off, I even deleted the game and downloaded it again. But that just made me start over 😡!!!! All you can do is change the headband or hat so I was stuck with a weird hat for Tom that I didn’t like. And I hate to say it but well... it’s getting kind of boring when all I can do is take them around the house. I just wish the bus could take them to places other then shops like Disney World for example. Oh and I wish the doorways actually had DOORS duh. It’s like someone took the hinges off it. Because for example when it starts raining and Tom and his friends are playing outside and I take them in, they just go out again so I just want it to have doors so the only way to open it is if I click on it. And then double click to close it. Thanks.

    • By Scarlett Telford

      Little bugs.... other then that it’s good 😌

      I go into this game almost everyday and I love everything...... except the bugs and adds. 1: there are adds every 30 to 10 seconds! No, not minutes or hours, SECONDS!!! Which is ridiculous! I have a lot of games and they have adds every five or ten MINUTES! Or none! 2: the bugs are right before the adds and is super annoying. You are probably thinking I am one of those critical teenagers who criticize every little thing. But your wrong! I am ten years old and a girl. But anyway, there are little bugs 🕷 right before the add that freeze 🥶 everything up. 3: other then that it’s great and it’s fun. But please fix the minor bugs. 4: I have some new ideas that I want to put in the next update. First, Christmas decorations! In the last update you had Halloween decorations which is great......., but let’s be serious, it’s the end of November! Almost December! I am stuck at home because my grandpa has Covid-19 and I saw him a day ago, so you know why I am at home. So I did this in my free time. Anyway, please update the game and put Christmas decorations in the game. Hope this review was helpful to you.

    • By Jay2bell

      Top 10 Things I don't like about this game

      10. Breakable Stuff So, everytime i get something, it always breaks, I never get it to work. Such a bummer. 9. Something in Angela's Eye When I always see Angela I find something inside her eye. 😱😱😱 It could be a killer with a knife 8. Starting character is always Tom and Angela Ok, this seems like a good thing, but the starting character is always Tom and Angela. Because of this, the characters will be even harder to unlock nowadays. 7. There's no Gina from talking Ginger Gina (Talking Ginger) Hasn't been in this game, made me disapointed, so I'll delete it. 6. Becca Becca is very weird, I mean, It could be better if she were A CAT, but no! She's just a rabbit! 5. Minigames aren't so easy The minigames are hard. 4. The song is so annoying If you put a character near a mic, the annoying and weird voices will appear and it will annoy you. 3. Prizes are just tokens and coins and others It's boring that how almost everything is Tokens and Coins. I wish there were diamonds... 2. Talking conversations are very creepy Something is in one of the characters' eyes. 1. The new Treehouse is tedious Ok, the treehouse minigames are far too tedious...

    • By Tae98Lily

      All I do is watch ads

      Gameplay pretty much consists of dragging characters to items to get them to play with them or take care of them. As far as I can tell, you do not get to play with the characters and instead, you play minogames. I am unsure how progression works in this game, but I think that watching ads helps you progress somehow. If watching ads is how you progress, you should have no trouble progressing because of how many ads you have to watch. Ads show up every time I drag the screen to move around the scene because I keep tapping the robot vacuum by mistake. These are reward ads so I cannot pay to remove them no matter what and sometimes, I have to restart the app because I cannot close the ad after watching it. There are ads after playing a minigame and choosing not to watch an ad to continue playing. Also, ads sometimes pop up randomly while I wait for a character to finish playing with a toy. I am not sure how I am supposed to remove ads either or what purchases do that since the store does not show purchases that remove ads.

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