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Gold Fish Casino Slots Games


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Gold Fish Casino Slots Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Phantom EFX, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Phantom EFX, Inc., with the latest current version being 28.01.00 which was officially released on 2021-07-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 220248 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Gold Fish Casino Slots Games App

How does it Work?

Gold Fish Casino Slots bring a flood of authentic free Vegas slot machines! This underwater adventure was made for you!

- Surf the Vegas wave! Play all of the best slot machines that are mobile versions of real Vegas slots! Spin Bally and WMS slots and enjoy an authentic golden casino of Vegas experience from the comfort of your own home. We’ve got more than 200 different free casino games so you’re sure to find your favorite free slot games and take them with you wherever you go. New exciting free slots games for iPad and free casino games for iPhone are added to the Gold Fish casino slot machines all the time, so make sure to check the latest updates and play every new hot slot machine!

- An ocean of bonuses: Swim in surprises, gifts and bonuses when playing the Goldfish Casino app! Spin the wheel to win mega rewards, collect your daily FREE bonus, get extra spins, and don’t forget about your HUGE welcome bonus!

- Plenty of fish: We bring you all of the Las Vegas slots you love to play, including Race for the Gold, Tropical Fish, Gold Fish 2, Zeus Unleashed, Kronos, Heidi from Bier Haus, the Dancing Drums slot, Planet Moolah, Eureka Blast and so many other slots games!

- With the Gold Fish slots app, you can enjoy a sea of fun slots with new features and surprises that are added all the time and make this Goldfish app pop! Free slots casino games with Bonuses are waiting for you, spin and collect a big win, enjoy progressive jackpots, Cash in on surprises that will make your heart sing!

There are many big fish in the sea, but only one Gold Fish. Goldfish slots is where you’ll find all the lucky slot games, bonus rounds, free spins & a huge win that will take you from bored to riches. So dive right into the slots mania and let the thrill of free slots games wash over you! The Gold Fish slots casino: free slots game gives you all the Vegas casino slot free of charge and adds a special slots bonus that turns this mobile casino for iPad into a true slots favorite.

SciPlay creates the very best free casino games for iPad and iPhone devices, and these free slots bring you your favorite free slot machines straight from the Vegas Casinos.

These popular games from the heart of Vegas will create an instant casino for iPad in the palm of your hand. You’ll be able to enjoy these games for free and spin the variety of goldfish slots anytime, anywhere. Play top free games that are full of challenges, rewards, and surprises. You’ll soon discover that the free slot machines are both thrilling and relaxing games at the same time!

If you’re looking to relax and play casino slot machine games that capture that incredible casino slots of Vegas, the day you download these free slots for iPad is your lucky day! Look no further than the Gold Fish casino slot machines. Beyond hundreds of free casino slot games, it will give you hours of excitement playing the goldfish slot machine of your dreams! Step into the Goldfish slot casino and start spinning slot machines, winning, and having fun! This is one slot machine casino game you do not want to miss!

Gold Fish Casino Slots is a Play-For-Fun casino that is intended for amusement only. All in-game sales are final.

The games are intended for an adult audience. (i.e. Intended for use by those 21 or older)

The games do not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

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Top Reviews

  • By jessm2002

    My favorite slot game

    I’ve been playing this slot for about 8 months now and it’s my favorite of all time. I love the variety of games offered and the payouts are pretty decent compared to other slots I played. I feel like this game is very fair and because of that I have purchased coins a few different times. One thing I wanted to point out is that I have encountered an error a few times while playing. When I got a big win I received an error that an error occurred and my spin was being refunded. I reported the issue via email and both times they reimbursed the win amounts. I am very grateful to the support team for taking my word and refunding me the coins lost. Both times I sent emails they have responded within 24 hours. I will continue to play this game as long as they don’t make any changes to the payouts.

  • By I am serious!!

    Heed my warning!

    Just want to give those who want to play this app a heads up! Don't play the Ruby Slots because if you win any coins and the game times out, it doesn't give you the coins earned! Also, during free spins, I won 200,000 coins but as it was adding it to my balance, the game just shut down and it never added the 200,000 coins! CRAZY! Anyway, fellow slot players, I had to delete this slots app. I was scared if I bought coins and then what if the game shut down during a coin I didn't want to take that risk! This slots app does have great potential because the graphics are great and there are a lot of variety of slots, but the negatives outweigh the positives! SO SAD! :(

  • By Give back credits

    Return my Credits

    My credits were deleted when I signed into Facebook. I had over $150 million & everything got changed to the $5 million first login amount. Someone needs to fix that. Until this gets fixed & I receive notice that I get back my credits that I won, I’m deleting this app for failure to have any support to get back the credits I originally had before logging into Facebook. FYI, do not login to your Facebook account if you have more then the $5 million they’re offering to give if you’re a 1st time user, because all those credits will no longer be available! Especially since they don’t give enough chances of winning to continue playing anyway.

  • By Shyla1213

    They do resolve any issues

    I bought their sale pack for some coins and everything went fine. Then when I lost those coins I decided to buy the sale pack again every thing went fine until after a couple spins and my game froze. So I had to close it out and open it again. When I did all the coins I just bought were gone. Even with refreshing and closing it out and restarting my phone nothing helped. I requested support and have an open ticket they still haven’t responded to after two days. Update: they did respond and give me my coins back, no problems. Thank you!

  • By Two ate

    Pop ups are off putting

    Oh my gosh I have begun to hate opening this app because of the 4-5 pop-ups one after another. The pop ups are timed or something because I have to tap the x to close each one multiple times to make it go away before I get another pop-up. Hey, we know you sell credit coins, we can see the big SALE banner at the top. Why pop up over and over until you chase some people off? I have bought their coin credits in the past but I have lost patience. I’ll show up once a day to deal with free credits and play when I feel like it. I mostly lose anyway. It’s gotten boring even though the slots themselves have potential to be fun. Just too annoying to get to them.

  • By Lantzz

    Horrible Odds and Non-Existent Win Rate after update!

    The win rate was ok to begin with. No extravagant or completely flawed. Being a statistic major, we are assigned these types of games to validate how close they are odd wise to actually machines. Sadly after last update, something was changed or broke. 200,0000,000 @ 500,000 a spin should have triggered the bonus game more than 2 times. Note: that is a sample size of 400 spins making it a 0.5% win rate or outcome. Previous tally rate was 13 out of 400 making it a 3.25% win rate. I’m level 183 and the original stats were even higher, but it seems that either the higher the level yo get, or the patches, reduce your win percentages, which equates to no fun. Maybe that’s why they have recently been opening all of the games vs having you level to get to them. They may want to look into their stats or algorithm.

  • By Flametung

    Typical Casino App

    Good games and payouts at low bets are not horrible. As soon as you start betting high your bonuses are sure to leave you frustrated. Keep to low bets or they will just take all your coins. Example: I’ve hit a few bonuses at 90+ mil bet only to get a payout you can easily get at the 5-10 mil bet level. So this your typical casino app game. You will lose more than you gain betting high. Worst part is when you go in a slot they put it at max bet. I have 5 billion coins and every time I go in a slot it’s set to 500 mil. Again, they just try to take your coins fast so don’t bet too high. There coin to dollar ratio is good cause they know people will bet really high only to lose it fast. Or people that don’t pay attention and just hit spin when they enter a game. Daily bonuses are better than most.

  • By WS Florida

    All Hype (With Players Money) ...

    I’ve had this app for many years. Sadly, like so many apps that Apple does not carefully scrutinize, the customer pulls the short straw. I’m conservative and play very moderately. For many years I have played the same machine, which was 35,000 coins per pull at the low setting. Now the same machine at the low setting is 140,000 coins. I realize that you have increased the amount of coins when buying coins. And you have given the players free coins to adjust to this recent massive change. But why the change? I suggest Apple review your changes, and put your app “on hold” until they have finished said review. Additionally, I will contact governmental agencies to consider eliminating ALL “one-way” gambling sites. I’m certain that there are countless people that play with uncontrollable addiction, without the slightest chance of recovering any of their investment.

  • By Cheese cook

    Wow wish you could play

    This game is absolute garbage. The slots are fun but as you progress it becomes harder and harder to win. They want you to spend money duh. My minimum bet is now 250k on one game. 500k on some games and 1-2 mil on the games I want to play. Sure my bonus free coins are bigger but they scale your free coins as well. They got me to spend a lot of real money before I figured out the algorithm. Have a good run and you will lose it all in a day. Doesn’t matter what game you play if you don’t have at least 100 times your bet you will continue to lose. Early on I had a blast playing but the honey moon phase is over. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve spent close to 50$ on purchasing coins. I don’t get anything for being a loyal customer. Every day I collect my bonus and play for about 5 minutes. The “mega” bonus is rigged you will get the minimum 99% of the time. After all this time playing and the money I’ve spent I thought maybe I would see this game turn around but they don’t care about the players or how loyal to their game they are. They want your money plain and simple. I almost gave two stars since I love the games they have licensed but the cash grab is way too strong.

  • By Pommmmpomo

    All of Gold Fish games

    The graphics are great, the games are fun to play, but the creators of these games are not playing fair. They are manipulating the games in their favor to get players to buy more as they lose. It is all about money & not about giving their players enjoyment. They fix their games & as soon as you start winning they change the outcome especially when you raise your bet. When you see " submitting spin to server " stop playing because it will be downhill after that & you will lose, lose, lose. Karma will eventually get you guys & you may acquire a lot of wealth, but you will lose your soul to the dark side because of your greed & dishonesty. They don't let the game selection move because they want you to play the games they have manipulated so you lose, lose, lose. Such dishonest cheating game makers. Another complaint I have is that the games don't move easily & gets stuck on the first 2 games as if the game creator wants you to play those games. This is the reason why I delete this game when I get frustrated.

  • By GranDear

    Do NOT purchase coins! It is a RIPOFF!!

    This game is fun, as long as you avoid the in app purchases.....They are a ripoff! For example, today I purchased $122,500,000 worth of coins....TWICE! Out of the first purchase and betting $500 thousand dollars, I got 2 free spins of 10 spins each and only won $12 million dollars total for all 20 spins. After spinning over 650 more times and purchasing another $122,500,000 in coins and not getting a free spin, I changed my bet to $1 million dollars, hoping that would change my luck. Another 225 or more spins finally got me another free spin, but those 10 spins and that $1 million dollar bet only won me $2.5 million dollars. And I was only able to play about 30 minutes on the entire $245 million dollars worth of coins! What a rip! And this happens ever single time that I have ever purchased coins on this game! I don’t mind purchasing “pretend money” as long as I get to play long enough to enjoy myself. But if you can’t play the game long enough to enjoy it, then why throw your money away?

  • By Lexxy1


    I had 3 BILLION coins after the latest update and after playing for less than 2 hours I’m down to 300 MILLION!!! I only had 1 bonus that gave me a very small win!!! I have been playing on this app for years and this last update is absolutely the WORST EVER!!! I have been playing this one slot for years and know what the wins look like. But now I can’t even get a descent win on a regular spin and even if I get a win it’s gotten smaller! I’m trying to be a loyal player but I think it’s time to spend my money on the other slot apps that I have. If you guys don’t start loosening up your slots, you will slowly lose your players!!! In this economy we all have to watch how and when to spend our money!!! I also have heard your reasonings to other players as to why we lose our money and that the slots are like playing on a real slots. But I’m pretty sure you can control how much % the slots are set at. PLEASE LOOSEN UP YOUR SLOTS!!! 😤😤😤


    I Got Jipped! Money/Winnings Did Not Add to my Credit!!!!!

    I was playing the Flintstones and won $49,350,000! Then the screen said, "PLEASE WAIT, SUBMITTING SPIN TO SERVER"! All the while, the circle was slowly spinning and nothing was happening. Eventually, I went to another game (Not in the Goldfish family) to see if they were hung up. They were not. I played a round just to check. Then I went back to the Goldfish screen and the same screen was staring back at me! I went to check another game (not in the Goldfish family) and it was playing just fine. When I got back to Goldfish, the Flintstones Game was no longer available. The Goldfish Family of games was in the "reboot" mode. When I went to Goldfish, the game was ready to play. However, my $49,350,000 was gone and my credit window was back to $587,084,547! I am very angry and I want my winnings back, please. My new total should have been $635,834,547. Thank You Very Much, in advance, for taking the time to investigate this matter.

  • By Bumama2you


    This game is a complete RIPOFF! For the 3-4 th time now ALL of my coins disappear or when I win the bonus my winnings are NOT added to my account. Don’t think support is going to help you. They aren’t. All they are going to do is reply with a “try this” crap. I won over 11 BILLION credits, betting 500 million. The credits were NOT added to my account. Another time I won over 5 BILLION, nothing. This game will NEVER get another penny of mine. They KNOW this game is defective. So watch your winnings. Several times they aren’t added into your balance. Another time all I did was switch games and when I did ALL my credits disappeared!!!!! SO FRUSTRATING! I suggest if this happens to you contact your CC company and put in a claim for defective product. But FIRST email support for your records. Also my LAST review about this EXACT same issue was taken down. ( can’t imagine why LOL! They don’t want others to read about it!) Garbage....I’ll go back to my original game that I played prior to this crap. UPDATE!! The issues with my credits not being credited into my account when I hit a bonus is STILL ongoing and it’s happened AGAIN! at his time for over 15 BILLION! And still support is giving me the run around. I will NOT spend another penny on this goldfish game. And support if your reading this, CREDIT MY ACCOUNT THE 26BILLION a credits I WON FAIR AND SQUARE Idiots

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