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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-14
  • New version: 4.0.09
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

88 Fortunes Slots Casino Games


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88 Fortunes Slots Casino Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Phantom EFX, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Phantom EFX, Inc., with the latest current version being 4.0.09 which was officially released on 2021-07-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 51780 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the 88 Fortunes Slots Casino Games App

How does it Work?

88 Fortunes classic slots app is now available for download! Discover your winning destiny with the free slots games brought to you straight from Vegas to your mobile device! Spin lucky slot machines games, win huge rewards and enjoy the full Vegas Slots experience!

The mystery of the Far East awaits! It’s your lucky day to play Vegas casino slot games wherever you are! This casino slots game is a favorite Macau slots game for a reason, 88 Fortunes slots celebrates the charm and uniqueness of Asia and surrounds players with a mystical and enchanted vibe from one of the most fascinating regions in the world.

In what feels like an act of pure magic, 88 Fortunes manages to combine both relaxing gameplay and the thrill of Casino Games for free! The app’s design and feel are all about the free slots games fun adventure, while the slot machine games and other free casino games are 100% authentic Las Vegas. This incredible combination creates a slots games experience you’ll never get enough of.

The 88 Fortunes slot machine games app doesn’t just mimic the golden casino of Las Vegas or the Chinese slots of Macau – it creates a duplicate of legendary casino games by working with the biggest slot machine brands and most famous slots games in the world, including WMS slots and Bally Slots. The same slots you enjoy spinning when you visit the casino and shuffle casino cards are now waiting for you right here, so start playing casino games for FREE! From the heart of Vegas to the palm of your hand, the slot games frenzy and casinos mania is in full power. Play online casino games, improve your skills at lightning speed and double your luck.

The app’s casino slots include winning slots like 88 Fortunes slots, Dancing Drums slots, Fu Dao Le, Dragon Rising, 5 Treasures, Fortune Age, Wishing You Fortune, Tree Of Wealth, dragon slots, Ruler Of Luck, Lucky Tree, Good Fortune Babies in Fu Dao Le, infinity slots, and many more. Just like the Vegas casino floor, this cash slots app never rests and new slots are added on a regular basis, so stay tuned!

Join the slots mania! With these casino games for free, every day is your lucky day, and every slot is your lucky slot! The more you spin the free slots casino games created by gaming giant SciPlay, the more you hit it rich! HUGE casino bonuses are waiting for you once you download the best slots game, with daily rewards and free casino bonuses, virtual cash and gold coins, lucky casino slots tournaments, gifts and golden slots surprises. As the name suggests, the wealth and fortune of 88 Fortunes free slots is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Get ready to see A LOT of 777 very soon, because the Jackpot holding your big win is just around the corner. Spin the casino games 2020 and be at the heart of Vegas from your home.

Step into our lucky casino and start spinning free slot machine games that are different and better than the slot machines you were used to up until now. Each 88 Fortunes slot machine was carefully selected to form the collection of the best slot machine games available. It is proof that free slots can absolutely be the top slots as well. Among our hot Vegas slots, you’ll find dragon slots that fit the Asian theme of the app perfectly, along other free casino slots that offer free spins instead of fee spins, a bonus game for players, progressive jackpots and much more! It’s no wonder that 88 is part of the lucky symbol 888, and you’ll know you hit the jackpot as soon as you start playing!

The games are intended for an adult audience (Aged 21 or older) and are strictly for amusement purposes only.

The games do not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

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Top Reviews

  • By Mestiza1976

    Love Love Love

    One of my favorite slot apps. Really cool because these are not fake slots, but slots that are actually at the casinos! Very cool to see how the bonuses are on here before you actually try your luck with real money at the casino. It’s like being able to preview a slot before actually sticking your hard-earned money into a slot that not only has a low payout, but also a weak bonus round! I’m hoping this developer comes out with more apps and more exciting games! Hands down, one of the best slot apps out there. Kudos to the developers for keeping me entertained without having to leave my home and spend my money because this is EXACTLY like the real thing, especially playing on my 12” Ipad! Please create more apps like this.

  • By typhipps

    Great Slots

    I have played this slot game for years and it is my go to game! It’s fun and fair. I love the graphics. During this quarantine time, they have added a lot of bonus stuff like tournaments and chances to win extra coins. The only thing I wish, I could access the bonus stuff info on the main page. It tells you about the new daily stuff when you sign on but to access it again (like to check your progress) you have to close out the game and sign in again. There are so many slot games, I wish you could create your own room to add your favs or have a search to find games you like.

  • By PQtime4Greatness20

    One in a Million

    There are millions of apps in this world and countless ways that fitness trainers are trying to incentivize people to work out. However, this app is up there with the very best in this world. Fitness & Slots is revolutionizing the way that people work out and achieve mental & physical health. Easy to access, intoxicating to use, and enthralling to play, Fitness & Slots is a must-use for anybody who is struggling to get in the gym or struggling with their fitness. Shout out to Craig Ramsay for his unbelievable work in helping craft such a life-changing product. If I could give it 10 stars, I would give it 12...

  • By T. Pka.

    The best casino experience!

    Better than betting in the casino. Anyway, I always bet my winnings and go home with dry pockets, so it’s better to play here if one is looking for fun, not real money. My favorite slot machines are Dancing Drums and 88Fortunes which I can play here with minimal coin purchase instead of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars in the real casino. Rewards are every 2 hours. No driving for long distances, too.

  • By Ahren81

    Similar Issue

    I like the game. My wife and play these types at the casinos. My issue is that the bonuses you get throughout the day are small compared to minimum bets. Another is the low win rate. However, my biggest issue was one that was reported by a few. I won about 4 million coins and after the bonus was complete, I saw it add to the total and then I turned the game off. When I came back to it later that day, the coins weren’t there. I won’t worry about jumping through hoops to get back 4 million. With the other issues, I’ll just delete the app. I don’t recommend this app. There are plenty of others, including the Cashman series that are way better.

  • By no fool anymore


    I love how all these online apps justify how awful they are on letting people win stay ahead and not just buy buy, by saying “the Vegas experience we give you” What a silly thing to say. This is not Vegas , you do not give out real money, I have seen the same name win jackpots , please. I bet high I bet low never have I won a jackpot. I have spent thousands on online games and expect for one never have been ahead enough to NOT buy more. So please just be honest with the people. These are games are just for making money not for the letting people play and not pay!,, Even in VegS you can sometimes break even and play for a long time. I am not singling out this games just saying all online slot games are the same, except for one, that you don’t want people to win n get ahead cause then where would your money come from? But be honest.. it is NOT a free game. I personally would rather pay a yearly fee , like POGO, and play as long as I want for as long as I want!, If pogo had better slot games they would be perfect !,

  • By Hunter9666

    88 Fortune Slots

    I have been playing this casino game for a long time. Today, I was on level 167 and had over 500 million in my total. Tonight I got on my phone to play this and there was a message "that there was an error in the game and to retry." So I did. Now it says my level is 1 and I only have 2 million in my total. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me. Where did my money (over 500 million) go? It is so frustrating. I love your games, but I am getting tired of this happening. I don't want to start all over when I was already at Level 167 and had all that money in my total! Can you please explain why this is happening? Thank you

  • By Muddsys

    Very monotonous

    So I purchased the 99 dollar pack. Got 6 billion chips. My bet went as low as 4 million because I kept losing. Never got ahead and not a single bonus. Imagine 6 billion coins and never got ahead once. The game punishes you for having so many chips. 88 fortunes pot of luck is virtually impossible except maybe once every hour. This was my last purchase as the game became very daunting losing every spin and never getting any bonuses to help you out. When I first started playing this game it was enticing. Now that they may be getting popular they are basically ripping you off as they turn off the wins. Warning if you win big, walk away for a couple of hours the game like every other is on a timer and one big win is enough for them to give. Once in awhile you can catch a big win in another game if you get to it in time but the games are all in sync. I am at level 300+ and so my last three purchases have been like this. I am done giving them my money

  • By A Real Person #69

    Every Spin is ZERO!

    I can not tell you how sick I am of these mobile “casino” style apps. I have had 88 Fortunes on my phone now for two weeks and every single day I’ve spun nothing but zeros. You literally can NOT win in this scam with the amount of chips they provide for free. One would think given that the chips are worthless and cannot be redeemed for anything of value that apps such as this one would be more generous/more giving than real casinos but you would be incredibly wrong. These pretend casinos are actually tighter than real casinos making the play experience super boring and uneventful 96% of the time. I’m definitely not going to waste real money to spin all zeros I can assure you of that. Well time to delete this scam and continue the search for a casino style app that prioritizes entertainment and fun over pure greed. An app that hopefully will charge a monthly subscription rather than sell a fake virtual currency. An app that’s actually fun and exciting. I’ll keep searching...

  • By Giz2393

    Waste of Money

    So I conducted a month-long experiment playing the game. Sometimes I would make a purchase and sometimes I would just use the free coins. Interestingly, I played with the free coins for five days straight and never got any of the bonuses once. In fact I would run out of the free coins in less than five minutes so the game ended up not being any fun at all. That tells me that it really is controlled and not left up to chance as the developer would have you believe. When I contacted the developer they replied back and suggested that the game uses the same system as a real casino and that I was just on a losing streak. Read this to say that the only thing that changed my luck was purchasing coins. If you don’t mind losing (real) money and spending it on these games then this is a fun game. If you are on a budget then you should delete the app and try another game as there are many others that provide free coins and a better chance.

  • By slot baba

    Stupid , waste of money time

    I have paid n lost all coins with in 10 min ,,, I hate this game how much they make !! Wish I gone to real casino to play n win cuz of lockdown I can’t go !!! I spend to play here for no real money but they take money from us n don’t give us proper winning coins always they just make a lot of money without we win ! Why do u all make this type of apps well of course to make money haha by cheating innocent people instead of rich people I know I deleted this app several times but again downloaded cuz I am bored hoping to make the app developer rich haha Such a waste of time n internet and money crappppppp!!!!! Don’t pay or lose money here they already making money by click on this app just delete it or do what u wanna do haha Waste very despondent of not wining any coin always losing !!!!

  • By Sandpiper-N121PP

    Just another Money Grabber!!!

    First of all let’s start with the positive... The game is very beautiful graphically The user interface is very easy to use Now the cons... Payouts are extremely rare. It is the old pick you up to slap you down routine. You will get payouts but they will only be about 5% of what you invest. Every now and then, far less than more, you will get a big win. This will give you the confidence that you might be winning at this game... but in fact the Game is set up to nickel and dime you to bankruptcy. With this being said, I have no problem paying to play a game and help the developers make awesome games like this could be, but not when it’s in favor of the developers taking actual money from your pocket, which is what you will have to do if you want to continue to play it on a regular basis and even then you will not be able to make any realistic advancement in this game without spending actual money to play. Yes it is gambling and it is like the real thing, but in this day and age it would be nice to see a game that makes it a little bit more fair for the user so the game is fun and not as frustrating. for the end-user.

  • By Kyleo521826

    Waste of time!

    I’ve never bought any coins, which I’m sure is a big reason for the lack of winning! However, was lucky enough to get a big win and won over $500 million coins! Was up over $600 million in coins, and only betting $3 million, I went through all $600 million of my coins in 30 minutes and never hit a single bonus of any kind! Game is a joke and highly recommend not wasting your time here! One would think in over $600 million you could get atleast one bonus game, however, that is not the case! They occasionally let the non buying coins people win to keep you around and then take it all back to make you want to buy more! Do NOT play unless you like a waste of time! Removing this app after this experience this morning!

  • By Audyb123

    Great games, but huge scam.

    I loved this game until it was secretly charging me for purchases I DID NOT AUTHORIZE. Yes I have made purchases in the past but I know for a fact they weren’t the recent ones. One was made Aug 26 and the next was September 4. Which I didn’t even have my phone that day. Had to contact Apple support. If you get a receipt of .99 and numbers going up after that in between periods of days. Do NOT ignore it. Uninstall the app to avoid being charged is what I was told. !READ! Look at your purchase history in your settings to make sure they have not been charging you!!! For iPhone: Settings>tap on your iCloud name at the top>ITunes/App Store>Tap your blue Apple ID name at very top> view Apple ID> Purchase History.

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