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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-07
  • New version: 3.3.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

MONOPOLY Slots - Slot Machines


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MONOPOLY Slots - Slot Machines is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Phantom EFX, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Phantom EFX, Inc., with the latest current version being 3.3.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 115712 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the MONOPOLY Slots - Slot Machines App

How does it Work?



We took the classic MONOPOLY board game and combined it with top Las Vegas slots to form the best slots game – MONOPOLY Slots!! This MONOPOLY game features free slots for iPad and iPhone in a city-building adventure. MONOPOLY Slots will win the heart of every gamer! This is one slot machine game that redefines entertainment and brings Vegas into your home. You’ll find all the beloved MONOPOLY tokens from the Hasbro game, so get ready to roll the dice, win free coins, and help MR. MONOPOLY restore the aging metropolis of MONOPOLY City to its former grandeur!

MONOPOLY Slots allows players to design and build MONOPOLY City, including fancy houses and the MONOPOLY Super Grand Hotel, all by completing exciting Quests to earn tons of MONOPOLY Bucks. The MONOPOLY Party Train is here, so get on board because the fans of Monopoly go all the way! Build your handmade city in your best free social casino game.

Take the most beloved board game, add the best slot games for iPad and iPhone, and start spinning your favorite slot machines for free!

Let the city building games begin!

• Earn MONOPOLY Bucks by completing exciting missions and quests every single day. Advance in the game by buying properties and becoming a tycoon city builder! You’re the designer.

• Discover your fortune with Chance cards, just like you did in the classic board game!

• Play CLUE Confidential with a mystery-solving bonus game that packs even more fun and hidden secrets!

• Boost your luck with YAHTZEE dice-rolling!

• Win special bonuses (the spin wheel is here!) to become a MONOPOLY hotel tycoon with a dream mansion! Spin free slots, solve puzzles, hit the Jackpot, then hit the town boardwalk and buy it all to feel like a billionaire!

The slot mania is in the house! The game’s different winning slots are themed based on famous board games like CLUE and YAHTZEE. They include new free games such as: CLUE: Orchid's Mystery, Colossal BATTLESHIP, and others. MONOPOLY Slots is a free social casino game combined with a relaxing puzzle game. The game offers the classic Vegas slot games experience combined with games like Kronos, Ultimate Fire Link, and Lock-It-Link slot machines.

These relaxing games brought to you by SciPlay bring the thrill of the casino floor to your mobile phone and make sure that your favorite casino slots will fit in your pocket. Within this online building game, you’ll find top video slots like Pirate's Quest, Frozen Inferno, Dragon of the North (yes, there’s a dragon slot!), Diamonds & Dames, and many others! If you love to spin & win, get into the MONOPOLY Money Zone and play for free!

INSTALL NOW to join the community, and like us on Facebook at:

The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment. © 1935, 2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

BATTLESHIP, CLUE, OUIJA and YAHTZEE are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission © 2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

MONOPOLY Slots is a Play-For-Fun casino that is intended for amusement only.

The games are intended for an adult audience (i.e. intended for use by those 21 or older). The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling."

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Top Reviews

  • By Qeenhelene

    I’m Hooked

    I play various games from various companies and one problem I have with them is that they are all set up to compel a user to spend money to continue to play. With monopoly Slots I don’t have that problem. I have spent my cash a few times but if I manage my play I am able to play with the coins I have earned/won daily without spending too much of my real money. I hope you don’t change that it keeps me playing. I also like the slots, they are all little different and that makes the play more interesting. It’s cool that even low bets can win you thousand and even millions. Some of them are a very cheesy but still fun. I’m feeling the sneak preview of the new one with dragons and ice. I enjoyed the Yahtzee sneak preview too. Thank you for making play fun and not overly costly.

  • By Lilly lolly polly


    My husband and I enjoy playing slots as we wined down in the evenings. It’s frustrating however when I can only play for 20 minutes because I only ever play off my days allowance. My husband can put his on auto spin for hours and has won millions, meanwhile I’ve yet to bank even 1 million at any given time and that was only because I collected for a week without actually playing. You really need to loosen the slots. That’s the only complaint I have but it’s enough to make me uninstall and stick with big fish casino if something doesn’t change soon. I can’t even complete my challenges to build anything. Very disappointing. Feel free to gift me a couple million if you really read these reviews. Might keep me coming back and a 5* review.

  • By PTA123345

    Fun, but....

    Fun, the quests and tasks are fun (and slightly addictin), but the odds of completing tasks are stacked against you. Completed 4/5 of Railroad Reels, had 1,400,000 coins with 16,020 bet, do the math, even with NO wins, that’s 87 spins to get one more free spin. No problem, right? Nope busted, even after a big one of over 500,000. Don’t know how many spins I did, but never got the last free spin to complete the task. I realize the “house” will always win, but does seem suspiciously stacked against the player they want a positive review from. Sorry, going back to Pop Slots where they seem to appreciate my time. Also very shady and questionable ratings, how can they possibly have 4.9/5 stars when the vast majority of reviews are 1-2 stars. Sounds like a shady team of developers.

  • By Robinmaer

    I liked it but...

    This game is designed really well. There’s always new and exciting games to look forward to and the graphics are second to none. Like many of the other complaints, there will be stints where you literally don’t win anything and you watch your millions disappear. When you think you’ve figured out their algorithm, it changes. I thought they tightened up on the weekends and loosened up on the weekdays. That theory proved wrong when it was horrible for a week straight. What makes no business sense to me is when they have their sales. You spend $8.99+ to get a “deal” and it’s completely gone after a few spins. Why would you ever spend your money again? If they let you win after you buy their specials and then tighten the game up the following week, more people will buy the coins. What’s probably a blessing in disguise is I’ve decided to delete the app and stop wasting my time and money. It’s unfortunate since it’s a really fun game when you don’t feel like you’re losing ALL THE TIME.

  • By Macmug921936

    Upgraded my stars to 3 from 2

    I have upgraded my review from previously. My complaint earlier was not getting any response from the developers however that has changed and things are getting much better the game is really pretty fantastic especially the graphics. This 3-D like affect is really something special. However like any other electronic Games it takes time for the developers to work out all the bugs. The main complaint that I currently have is that the quests come to slowly without explanation as to why. I have asked the developers to explain why it takes so long but I am not getting a response. If you are frustrated as I have been Just back off playing the game for a day or two to relieve your frustration. Then come back to the game and continue playing eventually they will get this game in its proper order.

  • By AMB59

    Another money drain slot

    I keep searching for a iOS slot game that you can play for at least a few days on $10 or so. But, alas, this does not seem to it. Bought several chip packages to try it out but none of the purchases lasted long. Payouts are some of the worst I’ve seen in iOS based slots. Yes, you can get a big one every once and a while, but on most games, it seems once you hit one or two decent payouts, they just don’t show up very often after that (if at all on some games). I will say they had some fun games and decent graphics, but after losing so much in such a short period of time it looks like my quest to find a slot game that pays enough to enjoy for a while after a purchase goes on. Maybe I’m just unlucky, but I don’t think that’s the case since most slot games are similar in their own quest to separate me from my hard earned cash. I certainly don’t mind paying to play if I think the payouts are fair with truly random spin results. But I don’t see that here; at least in my own tests. Being a former programmer, I know they have to make money to support their coding efforts, but come on folks... Any game that needs to constantly be feed real cash needs to be able to be enjoyed for a while after a purchase.

  • By ?$)

    Updated review- time to go?

    Well, anyone playing this for a long time can attest that the developers changed something, and it isn’t good. The purposeful change in achievable missions are gone, which now ensures that you cannot accumulate ticket readily, in coordination with ensuring there are no more reasonable payouts to further compound the lack of playtime. I get the hint...they don’t want you to be on the app very long, and maybe they’re asking us to delete because it just isn’t worth playing? There’s no other real answer... It might be time to find a new slot app, since they really don’t want you to “play” this one. Prior review-5 stars This is a great game, lots of options and the support team really is responsive. There’s a lot of content, which makes for very interesting game play. To answer someones question about the “crazy train” bonus on one of the slot, if you pick the gold coin you get all rich couples and millionaires, instead if standard people. And for prestige quests, you just get gold, until the last mission where you get gold and a golden token. Hope this helps.

  • By Apey252

    I used to love this game. Switch to Game of Thrones slots‼️

    This game was so much fun at first. Like most gambling games, they let you win a ton at first but this one was so fun with it's bonus games and that you have tasks to earn bucks to build your world as you go. It was the best my brother and I both played so much. Like, addicted. But now I'm on level 60 and when I get on to play, I may have tiny wins here and there, like a quarter of my bet, but my money's gone within a few minutes. I'm done with it. It's not fun anymore. And I've spent plenty on my bro's account to give him nice surprises since he's going thru stuff right now. He doesn't win either. We used to get huge wins which makes it fun. I've played other slots and that's why I delete them because a "big win" is considered a quarter over your bet. No thanks. You're not getting into my pocketbook being stingy like that. You were great while you lasted but I'd rather waste my precious time actually having fun than just losing, losing, losing. Game of Thrones slots is where it's at!!! 😍😍😍 Hella big wins. But not so big that it feels pointless👌

  • By BrBak86

    Interesting patterns

    When you start out, you’ll get a lot of winnings, get on some hot streaks, so you get a taste of the fun. Then you’ll go on a cold streak and lose it all. After that, if you log on frequently, it seems you lose more frequently, although the occasional win will be sprinkled in to keep you interested. If you log on less frequently, it seems you’re more likely to go on hot streaks, which would make sense from a Developer point of view to get you hooked back into it. In my opinion, it seems that when you play frequently, the game knows you’re hooked, so it knows you’re more likely to purchase coins to play when you run out, so you run out of coins faster and win less. It knows you’re craving those hot streaks. On the other hand, if you play less frequently, the game knows it needs to get you hooked again, so it allows you to go on more hot streaks. In my opinion, there are algorithms built into the game that make it function in this way. The hot streaks are fun though, so I just play accordingly and just play occasionally.

  • By MbMBJM

    Fun for 5 mins

    This is a fun game for about 5 mins. Once your coins run out you have to buy more or wait 2 hrs for 100k more. If you play without going through Facebook, the payouts are few and far between and you can’t take advantage of the new houses and hotels feature that increases the dollars you earn for completing tasks. Another thing I don’t care for is all the demonic and mythical themes. I make it a point to NOT entertain myself with such garbage. On this game that means having to avoid entire Quests. I do enjoy the Monopoly themed games and quests and would prefer to see only those options. I also think it would be helpful to have a menu of all available games to play instead of being forced to swipe thru each Quest to search for them. I will say this game is entertaining and I think the developers are doing a good job. I know the object of these games is for the player to buy coins and spend money. Maybe some people do that but the majority of players will leave and just play another slots app instead.

  • By Sharkbite112

    Great Game, Poor Business

    Don’t spend your money and don’t expect to have fun for any longer than a half hour. They won’t let you last much longer even with millions betting the minimum. They make sure that you lose one way or another. They don’t have fair slots, if it’s time to complete a task, they somehow make sure the task isn’t completed for days. Don’t fall into their trap, the game could be great but they are focused on making you spend money. I also notice the same feedback comments for weeks now, maybe you should be sharing up to date feedback for the game so people know what they’re getting into. Easy fix would be to stop making it about the tasks and making people go broke and have a fair payout. Betting a 3k minimum you should never go broke with 3,000,000 but somehow it happens in this game. How can you spin 1000 times and now win enough to break even for free coins? This isn’t the casino folks we are never gonna hit big and cash out... plain and simple they are running a business here, not a place for fair value entertainment. There are too many FREE games we can spend are time at, here they are looking to make money off addiction and addiction only. Well sorry to say, most people play free slots to avoid such a thing and this won’t be the place I play slots.

  • By Karin. 1957


    First, I continue to give this game 1 star, if I had my way I would give them no stars......yesterday I won 216,000,000, 64,000,000 and 116,000,000 and didn’t get a dime of it...and this morning I won 300,000,000 and nothing again....I wrote out a ticket and was told basically too bad..that it happens so often they won’t do anything about it...they want screenshots which is no problem but to prove it you’d have to screenshot before every spin to prove how many coins you had before and after each spin....I’ve even sent in screenshots and nope times, (the times are slim) support will contact you, but not always.. all’s they would have to do is go back and see what was given and what wasn’t because I’m sure support has the records. The machines freeze and when they do you lost everything that you just won...they want our money but don’t want to help us when something goes’s sad because this could be a fantastic game, but support is so bad that it affects can go on monolopy slots site and see all the complaints that they do nothing about....

  • By Lv89044

    Used to be fun

    When there was one city you could actually win. Once they introduced the Greek mythology theme it went downhill. Good luck leveling up unless you have billions and billions, with a b, chips and consistently win to level up. The average person will takes weeks of playing and collecting chips on a daily basis to level up just one level if they are lucky. The quests are a nice change but the slots have been progressively getting tighter and are insanely hard to achieve without winning. Big wins are slow to come around. There will be several days with getting a simple bonus round. Without the leveling up one has to reconsider if this really is the slot app for you. I’m sure the employees behind this app are praising each other with high 5s and gold stickers with what they created but we are the suckers that keep playing. Before you get sucked in just move on the a different app. BTW all the Scientific Games apps are similar with tight slots and very few bonus rounds.

  • By Teamusery


    Beware... this is fun at first but if you dare spend real money, they will take it. Let me explain. Their payouts are awful. You can literally lose millions of coins in just minutes. This game is not affordable to actually play on a regular basis. I have spent actual money on it. Just last week I spent $30 in one day and it was gone in a very short amount of time. You may spin and have millions of coins worth of losses before you win again. The amount of free coins they “gift” you with aren’t worth playing with either. Their slots are too greedy for those. This is an awful game with greedy, greedy, greedy developers, Their other slot games at least give you a little bonus to keep playing with if you run out of coins, but not Monopoly slots. You run out of coins and get nothing until you can collect your next “income” which is only around 100,000. Do not waste your money. You will regret it. Play a game that has better payouts. This is not that game.

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