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Heart of Vegas Casino Slots


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Heart of Vegas Casino Slots is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Product Madness. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Product Madness, with the latest current version being 4.37.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 58563 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Heart of Vegas Casino Slots App

How does it Work?

You must be 18+ to access this game. This game does not offer gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at gambling.

Experience the thrill of REAL Vegas casino slot machines – for FREE! Heart of Vegas Slots invites you to play the world’s favorite Aristocrat slot games from the world’s best casinos. Play authentic Aristocrat slot machines, the most-popular land-based casino games in the world.

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Do Not Sell My Personal Information: https://www.productmadness.com/dnsmpi

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Top Reviews

  • By @rokafr

    I got blocked!!!

    I was blocked for telling them how bad the amounts they give you are and for never being able to play unless you spend an ungodly amount of money for a few thousand credits. Then they also had me blocked from CASHMAN Casino too! I guess I hurt their feelings. If you complain they’ll block you totally. I got an email today, August 18, 2020, and at the end it told me I can contact the developer. I clicked and guess what? I can’t contact the developer because I’M BLOCKED!!!! They won’t even let me contact them! I used to love their site but they won’t let me back because I told them that the way you can’t play, and how much it costs to buy to play, (because it’s almost the only way you can play), they blocked me. I’m playing other sites that I can play all day because they give you more to play with. I see videos of Heart Casino and CASHMAN and they say “We’ve missed you!” Not enough to unblock me! MAY 18, 2021—CAN I PLEASE COME BACK??????

  • By Wayraddad

    Love love love it!

    Exciting and thrilling. The reels can get real tight sometimes, but mix it up with different games and it's a blast!! Add more 4 reel games and sticky wilds game. I've paid plenty to this game and would like the opportunity to play more when I don't have to pay and can actually win daily bonuses that actually give you a chance to hit some bonuses. If I don't pay, I have to play for weeks for only like a couple minutes at a time cause it's so hard to even make enough coins to enjoy the game for a while. Bigger daily bonus please. But I love this game even though some of the games are ALWAYS losers. Mix it up get rid of some like Shaman and Nutcracker and add more like More Chili, More Hearts and Miss Kitty. I'm done paying for chips for now. But I'll keep playing with the little daily bonuses hoping to win.

  • By JammerXX

    Has its good pieces- better enhancements to their games! Like what I see so far!

    I have been slightly disappointed with bonus opportunities and payouts. Generally I wasn't catching a break or even playing to even. Jackpot buy ins are high. However this past few days, I have seen improvement. If they could sustain, that would make a great game! You shouldn't have to have Facebook to play Addendum. The max bet button is right by the spin button. Good for them, bad for player. You can wipe out your bank in a spin or two. Poor. Sent email 4 help when I hit a big win and the game froze and did not give me credit. I won't waste my money on buying any more chips here. Overall there are better games out there. And since I don't use Facebook, apparently I am not worth the fix.

  • By Frog slots

    Heart of Vegas

    Love the games, lots of fun. One problem has not been resolved as yet. Has anyone else had a problem when purchasing coins, and spinning the bonus wheel and getting 2x, but never receiving the extra coins. I believe they are working on this, but has not been resolved yet! I hope they will add the 110,000,000 to my balance soon! Thanks Like the games on Heart of Vegas! Have purchased coins many times, but do not care if I can play a while on these coins, which I have been recently! Had a problem while on vacation and the hotel had a lousy Internet which went down. I had received (and it came up on my winnings) and then disappeared from my total! Otherwise, these are my favorite games. Love them Still one of my favorite games!

  • By chiefusn

    Not sure how it has 41/2 stars

    I have had this game for quite sometime. While I realize that it takes me awhile to build up coins to really enjoy the slots it has some inherent problem. In your side bonus games it is not set up to randomly give out the high payouts. As an example I have been playing the carnival bonus and as I use the tickets to say pop balloons, in all the time I have played it have not one gotten a high dollar amount. It will show the big money I have missed but never get. This means it is set up this way to never payout. You would think with 3 darts I would at one point get a high coin amount at least once out of the three times I throw the dart. It has never happened which leads me to believe you purposely pay out the lower amounts to entice me to buy more coins. What is the sense in downloading a “free” game if you are not going to make it an even playing field. The only reason I keep the app is because it has slots I enjoy at real time casinos.

  • By Scartowner

    Mixed reviews

    Although this is one of the best slots apps, there are frequent technical issues. I contacted them about freezings, followed all the recommendations (deleted and reinstalled the app; closed out all others running in background; etc). But I think I figured out a cause: I’m impatient to finish the features, such as hold and spin or free spins. And I usually hit the STOP button. Every time I did it, the game froze and on reopening it, the winnings were gone. So today I decided to let the game run through adding the winnings into the WIN box. Sure enough, the winnings were added to my total. Tech support has not reinstated my losses due to freezing. Not sure if they even can. Maybe I will follow up again, even though I did everything they asked, including sending screenshots. The app has added a few extra features, such as box collecting. Fun but completely unpredictable when you get a box. Not unlike other slots games with extra features, like Jackpot Party. One more thing: The “hourly “ (actually every three hours)free coins are only 30,000. Not much considering most bets are over 50K. The answer is that this app targets Facebook users, and I don’t do Facebook. But those users get 1 million coins when they sign in! The rest of us are nickel and dimed. If you treat this app with kid gloves, it can be fun. Just don’t put a lot of time or money into it.

  • By Boggle Queen Gail

    What a SCAM!!!

    The realism and variety of games is the only reason for the second star. I do feel bad for some of the players who talk about spending so much money on coins without the chance of even winning one penny of actual money. It’s a very dangerous app for someone with a gambling addiction because you can do it right from your phone, spend a fortune and be guaranteed to win NOTHING back. Please people remember that you’re playing for virtual money and let that guide your sensibility! Good luck to all!🥢Just wanted to write a quick update. I have to agree with a lot of the other reviews - after you play for a month or two and accumulate a nice bank roll the algorithm does change and no matter how carefully you bet you end up losing all of your coins. That’s why I deleted this app. I play a few other slot games (Scatter Slots, Wizard of Oz) and poker games. Hearts of Vegas is the only app that bankrupts you on a regular basis in the hopes that you’ll buy virtual coins. Please don’t do it, just delete this app.

  • By AlexJ894

    Do not download this game!!!

    The creators of this app are very greedy. You start out with a decent amount of coins and it’s pretty fun to play all the awesome slot games they have available. Until you run out of coins and it becomes nearly impossible to ever get enough coins to even play. 20,000 coins every 2 hours? Seriously? That’s enough for 2 spins at minimum bet on most of the slots. It is very likely that you will lose on both spins and be stuck waiting 2 hours for another measly 20k. The coin packages available for purchase with real $$ are absolutely ridiculous. $2.99 for 150k coins?? Is that a joke? That’s enough for 15 spins at minimum bet if you’re lucky. Do not waste your time or money on this app. There are a few other casino games on the App Store that are much better than this one. If you people would fix this game and allow for bigger and more frequent payouts, along with lowering your prices and/or raising your coin amounts on your coin packages, I would be a lot more inclined to actually spend money on this game. You have a very poor business model in place and until that changes, I will not be using any of your products or services.

  • By Miss.UpdateSucks

    Waste of time and space. Just another money hungry slot app

    I like how they have a few of my favorite slots I like to play but the amount of coins and wins are just too little! If you’re lucky you’ll probably get two/three bonus a month. Bets are also set big and the amount of coins you are able to collect are very little. I can only collect 20,000 coins every two three hours which isn’t even enough for one spin at my minimum bet 😑 Deleted the game because I been playing for a couple of months now and had not won more than 400k and I only won that once! Even after purchasing their coins with them guaranteeing me a win I don’t win 😡 There has also been a lot of time where I hit the bonus and they don’t give it to me! Plus they CHEATED me to! received an ad telling me to re-download their app and I’ll receive 10 million coins and they lied! I contacted them about the issue and why I cannot ever win on their slots and they didn’t bother to do anything and say that’s how their app work. Anyways I got blocked out for requesting a refund after I got upset about not winning even after they guaranteed me

  • By twade35

    Stay away! - Updated

    This game just keeps getting greedier with each passing week. I've spent hundreds of dollars over the past few months and the number of coins I own always goes to zero in a few days. I play anywhere from minimum bet to lower "jackpot" bets. Unless you have unlimited funds, stay away from this "game". I was hoping Product Madness would change their ways over the last year. Unfortunately, I believe they have become more greedy. They have a very poor business model - rip off your customer until they leave for good. Case in point, the odds of getting a bonus round have lessened in my opinion, and when, by some miracle, you actually get a bonus round, you generally just barely break even. Playing their games is significantly worse than going to a casino. At least, you can “cash out” and leave from a casino. Product Madness will eventually drain you of all your coins. It is just a matter of time. Stay away from all Product Madness games. They will drain your bank account in no time and think nothing of it. It’s really too bad as they have the best games out there.

  • By dissapointed customer12

    Delete this App Now!!!

    I got free spins on the Buffalo Diamond game. When my spins were completed, total coins won was approximately 36,000,000. Long story-short: The game glitched and did not credit my account. I contacted support and was told because I didn’t take a screenshot, I will only get 2,000,000. Seriously!!!? I’ve literally paid cash out of my bank account for coins on multiple occasions, and when I finally win a good amount of coins all by myself, I don’t even get credit to play them?!?? I won the coins fair and square!! Just because I didn’t think to take a screenshot is not my fault that your App is nothing but a huge glitch! If I knew that if you guys weren’t going to credit my account with my coins that I won, then obviously I would’ve took a picture. I will be uninstalling these apps that I have with you guys and also letting my friends know not to download. I am a very unsatisfied customer and I will be commenting and rating this App on playstore. Just FYI, If y’all want to keep running, I think you guys should treat your customers a little bit better than this!

  • By lavic8

    Rip off central

    Stay far far away. While playing this game betting 300k on a slot I won a large amount of coins. 72 million or so. I continue to spin only to notice that my coins of which I had around 112 million shrink in a few spins to around 42 million. I looked over and noticed my bet had changed. Since I never moved my finger from the spin button I know I didn’t change my bet. This was the second time that this happened. The first time I blamed myself thinking that I may have inadvertently changed my bet but this time I knew for a fact that I had not. I put in a complaint with customer service only to be told the error was mine and I had to have hit the max bet button and I was responsible for any bets in the game as per their rules. It’s all just a ploy to get you to buy coins. You win big they change you small bet to large one and before you notice it your coins are gone. Then they hope you’ll purchase coins to keep playing. Not me. I deleted the game all together. Too many other options. So long rip off artist.

  • By Amanda252930

    Never get bonuses

    I love the game truly!! There are so many neat games on here!! I have paid quite a few times for the .99 cent promo.. but it just seems that you never get bonuses and it takes sooooo long to accumulate money to spend!!! I’m at bonus of 30,000 every 2 hours..when others are like ok here’s a 100,000 with an hourly bonus.. to wait 2 hours for 30,000? I would play more but it never pays... I bounce back and forth from Cashman to Heart of Vegas.. Cashman pays more frequently and bonuses are more often.. sad cause I like this game but tired of the disappointment... Sorry guys..adding on now!!! Got a response from them!!! They were nice and said well go to our Facebook page and receive these “free” coins.. ha not free.. it was a link to be required to pick 3 different web sites to pick from to sign up for junk mail among other things... do these “simple” steps!! Asked me everything that pertains to me personally.. age, medical history, family medical history, credit score, you name it.. sad to say but... goodbye Heart of Vegas!!!

  • By JanetLrodri

    Bad experience for me

    There are some fun games on this app but you never win. You are given 2,000,000 to begin with. I won up to 6,000,000, then within minutes lost all my money. I only bet the minimum amount. Everyday for three days I was given a very small amount to play with and everyday within three or four spins I was out of money. Again, I was just betting the minimum. They just want you to buy chips. I’ll be deleting this app. There are better slot games out there. I don’t give bad reviews very often. I usually feel that there’s something good about most things. Not this time. Sorry, maybe others will have a better experience, mine was terrible. Reading through the reviews, I noticed that most people mirrored my point of view. After reading so many negative reviews I wondering how the app rating is 4.6. Some people gave a 5 star review but upon reading what they wrote, they meant to give 1 Star. I’d be careful before downloading this app and taking up space on your iPhones, iPads etc.

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