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  • Last Updated: 2021-05-10
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FaFaFa™ Gold Slots Casino


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FaFaFa™ Gold Slots Casino is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Product Madness. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Product Madness, with the latest current version being 2.16.2 which was officially released on 2021-05-10. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 3413 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the FaFaFa™ Gold Slots Casino App

How does it Work?

The makers of classic slots Cashman Casino and Heart of Vegas invite you to jet off from Vegas to the unique Macau casino experience and their exotic and colourful free slots.

** The Best Casino Slots **

A fully optimised iOS game with stunning graphics and exciting sounds, no slot games rival FaFaFa™ Gold progressives and levels, allowing you to reach the international jet set in the ultimate progressive slots in the high limits high-roller room.

FaFaFa™ Gold include incredibly convenient features such as guest play, free spins or auto spin, which will fill your hours with fun as you hit jackpot slots.

** The most popular 5-reel 777 slots machine games **

Join party with the best games of the far east, including slots like: “Heaven and Earth”, “Miss Kitty”, “5 Dragons”, “3rd Prince”, “Hao Yun Long”, “Long Teng Hu Xiao”, “5 Bats”, “Lucky 88 Extra Choice”, “Magic Flower - Seduction of White Peony”, “Wild Panda Gold”, “Gold Pays - Golden Festival”, “Fortune Foo” and “Dragon's Vault”.

** Generous bonus policy **

Try your luck topping-up your wallet with the daily lucky fortune wheel and enjoy our online slots for free with bonus every two hours. Then hit it rich signing in with Facebook for an extra 2,000,000 coins.

** Macau at your fingertips **

As a leader in real Vegas and Macau slot machines, Product Madness by Aristocrat now brings you slot casino games popular with players at home and abroad including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, United States and many more. You will never download another video slots game!

FaFaFa™ Gold is lovingly designed by and for slot machine lovers, bringing you a jackpots game that feels like the real Macau experience from the convenience of your phone. Sit down, relax and have a Mango Spice Cocktail and some free coins on us to play the new best slots of 2020.

You must be 18+ to access this game. This game does not offer gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at gambling.

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Top Reviews

  • By Kimasue

    I Love IT

    Great games, exciting and fun. Graphics are amazing and the diversity speaks for itself. Each game is such a surprise as to all the extras just like in the casino. They have definitely done their homework and put in a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, I have one complaint. I was trying to purchase chip package recently payment on card I was using didn’t have enough on it and once I put more money on card it took amount off card and never game me my chips, couldn’t contact seller. Hopeful that they will see this and make it right rather than going through ITunes for help. Best of Luck.......

  • By THYblessed

    Bonus not sufficient

    I love playing with most of the slots. But the bonus is not really enough. The money goes very fast and you have to wait for the next day to start playing again. Developers: please see into this to improve the hourly and the 24 hours bonus. Thank you in advance. If I was satisfied with the bonus I would give 5+ starts. Thank you for taking your time to develop these fantastic games.

  • By 1988snoopy nurse

    Horrible slots, they don’t ever ever ever ever pay!!!!

    DONT waste your money here. These slots will never ever ever payout. They are set to be scrambled pays with absolutely no hope of ever winning. You will see your coins gone very very fast. Greedy, despicable, horrible app. Yes I spent too much here, don’t make my mistake. I had the hope this app would improve over the past year, but no. Too bad aristocrat trusted these people with their slots. If it really was a game of chance, one would win every few spins. Not here, one small win is set to pay at about the 30th spin. By then you don’t have any coins to play. All the slots are set to NOT payout and if it does pay, you won’t notice because it’s a small crappy payout. Do not even bother getting this app!

  • By NateC.

    Tighter than real life slot machines!

    First of all, I love to buy coins for these types of apps cause it relaxes me to play them. However, this app in particular is the stingiest of them all. No big wins and very seldom bonus games. I will not spend my money on an app that can’t even give you one bonus game. The bonuses are what keeps the game interesting. $53,000,000 coins spent the other day and not one bonus game was given and I was only able to play about 10 minutes then it was all gone. This is very upsetting and I’m really contemplating uninstalling... These machines are tighter than the real machines in the casinos. Today I was playing the PANDA game and “supposedly” won $28,000,000 and all I had in credits was $19,000,000. Mind you I had about $5,000,000 left so only about $14,000,000 was payed out from “$28,000,000.” This game is a fraud! Every spin will swallow your credits and not payout.

  • By grams&gramps


    I have four of these apps made by Aristocrat. They are my favorite apps, especially the FaFaFa Gold but you can not play any of them for very long for they want you to purchase the coin, of which I will NEVER do. I do not understand why the cost of each spin has to be so high Ex: Fortune Foo is one of my favorite games however the lowest amount I can play is $225,000 coins. Now they may give you free coins the lowest amount being $1,000,000 but that equals to 4.4 spins wow is that fun? Some of my apps have millions of coins on it because I don’t care fir that much-boring! In conclusion you be the judge if you wNt to spend money on an app that you will get no money in return (it’s not real) then this is the app for you. Not me thank you very much........ Now just had an error was on last spin had a about $3,000,000 and lost it all. Very upsetting!

  • By Mellten

    Win rates are absolute trash

    First off I had to wait several days to get enough daily coins to have enough for high bet spins //around 10mil I played one slot with 890k bets and won about 30mil so I decided to up my bet to 1.7mil a spin, I got lucky and won 100+mil then once more I upped my bet to 3+mil a spin. That's when I soon realized that I was winning little to nothing on all my bets, If I did win anything my winnings were way under my bet amount and I lost all of it that fast because this game is broken and does not want you to win if you bet too high. So far I have not spent any money on this game but with the win rates being so awful on high bets I don't see the point in buying extra coins.

  • By Aldreth

    Broken Gameplay

    The Lightning Link games in the High Roller area are entirely broken. The “hold and spin” bonus values don’t correspond to your bet properly and are WAY lower than the game rules state they should be. Because the majority of the payout for those slots comes from those bonuses, they are effectively broken unless you want to lose a lot of precious coins. They’ve released 2 updates to the app without fixing this. I reached out to support and got a template reply that indicated nobody read anything I wrote or cared that I wrote it. If this was an example of a real casino’s treatment of their high rollers, somebody would be losing their job.

  • By Hrlygirl

    It’s a scam!

    Do not even waste your space on your phone for this game!!!! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the game but the payouts are few and far far far far between. You will go through 1 billion coins and may never get a bonus of any sort and there are 3 different types of bonuses to get!! All they want to do for you is get you to buy their coins for a ridiculous price for very minimum coins and then turn around and let the game immediately take it back by not paying out! I hope a class action lawsuits starts because I will be one of the first to sign up for it!! Might even get it started myself!!! DEVELOPERS before you reply with your ridiculous pre-made comments you might should go back and look at how much I have spent in buying coins just in the past 2 weeks! It was stupid on my part but I can promise you I will never buy anymore!!!!!

  • By Ellsworth77

    Poorly developed OR developers are thieves

    The app does NOT reflect real life casino slot play (a real life casino would lose its license if it failed to issue credits due to the player). Read on for my experience... Was happy to see the game selections. Received about 10million credits on the download, played minimum or close to minimum bet (between 60K & 200K per spin) which was gone within fifteen minutes. I usually wait a few weeks to spend money in app to see if the app is worth the investment. Thankfully I have not spent money in app. My experience is based on the daily spin, hourly bonus and “level up” bonus. On more than one occasion I have NOT been credited daily credits after spinning the wheel (not an oversight on my part as my balance remained close to zero, restarted several times, tried to problem solve, etc). Since the daily wheel problems, I have notices on at least five occasions my balance did not reflect the ~250K credits for “leveling up”. I think my only bonus rounds have been in the game “heaven and earth” on minimum bet. Am unable to sign out of my Facebook acct within the app (come on developers, every other similar app allows me to do this). I doubled checked=I have not missed an update. Poorly developed app on which I will NOT be spending money.

  • By Jgeliz

    Don’t spend your money here

    So I love slot games. Love love em. There is one in particular on this app that I cannot find anywhere else but the casino However, I’ve spent a lot of money to be able to play this game. I’ve hit jackpots twice and both resulted in APP errors. When I reached out to customer support they sent me a standardized instruction sheet on closing other applications and not playing the game for longer than an hour without closing and restarting. The bonus coin payout is a joke. I’m very disappointed and now after my last reply from the game stating they don’t see a “record” of the malfunction for coins worth about 25$ real money I am officially done supporting this app. DO NOT INVEST into this game. Tons of other apps actually play and $3.99 can get you hours of game play. Absolutely ridiculous, disappointing and bad business practices.

  • By ripoff414


    This app it’s very tricky when you purchase coins they just take it right back I know it’s a business and to make money but let’s not rip people off that keeps your add up and running I give this app a zero star sorry but there’s plenty of other apps that do better ..let’s make it a game and entertainment so people can enjoy and keep your app running don’t make it so obvious of a scam ..I was ask to update my review so after giving you guys a second change I was proof right again I bought credits and there it goes gone with no winnings my wife play for free and she gets it all I don’t want to sound like I don’t understand the game of gambling but this is entertainment for fun and maybe pay a little more and people would get excited and play more sorry but I stick with no star 👎

  • By Yokangi

    Australian “greed” rooted in core values

    Do not get sucked into this Ap. It is a replica of all of the famous Aristocrat games of past and present including all of the bells and whistles but in terms of value for money a complete ripoff in terms of coins purchased and how long they last. This is an Ap developer from Australia (the only country in the world where credit card commissions are charged back to customers in many establishments) that wants to get rich off of the games that were developed for casinos and now being offered privately and internally by them to try to keep the flow of revenue now that actual machine sales are slowing down. Additionally if you win big (rare) and you increase bet the coins disappear even faster and no jackpots are ever awarded. Don’t get sucked in by the sexy games. These guys will rip you off.

  • By Sanaria

    Product madness is the worst casino app

    The developer responded to someone saying their payouts are set up to pay equal to playing at a real casino, but this is not a casino!! If you aren’t getting taxed like a real casino, and I cannot pull out my money based on the dollar value of your coin packages, you should NOT set your app to pay out like a real casino. I stopped purchasing coins for this very reason. Then I’ve notice once you have a big win you will never get a bonus on a high amount. This happened multiple times. I’ve won billions and afterwards no game would bring me to the bonus. Funny since it’s like a real casino. I’ve never had that happen. Y’all really lost me there. The only thing that’s like a real casino is the game, not the gaming practices or payouts.

  • By By True Customer

    What a waste of real money

    Avoid at all cost...A waste of money. Too greedy. Not fun. Better going to a real casino and gamble to win real money. You would have better odds winning at a real casino.....and that says a lot.. This is a scam... I have purchased from them many times and it only gets worse 10 million coins and nothing and then they want more money. Boycott this app and make them lose their money...the more real money you give them the more they want.. take it from this sucker. No More from Me Hearts of Vegas Slots. By the way I'm not betting huge amounts either. I say class action Lawsuit... learn from my mistakes Don't waste your money or time on such a scam like this. Read the true reviews.. now watch their reply same as all others.

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