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  • Last Updated: 2013-06-19
  • New version: 1.0.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Sketch Guru - My Handy Sketch Pad for iPhone


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Sketch Guru - My Handy Sketch Pad for iPhone is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Bejoy Mobile. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Bejoy Mobile, with the latest current version being 1.0.1 which was officially released on 2013-06-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 255 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Sketch Guru - My Handy Sketch Pad for iPhone App

How does it Work?

If you would like to hand painting a special portrait for yourself or someone you love, no matter you're good at painting or not, this sketch app is the one supporting you!

This sketch tool will turn your iPhone/iPod into handy sketch book immediately. You will be able to enjoy sketch fun and free your inner artist anytime and anywhere!

With this game, you can import a photo as a sample to sketch a portrait quickly. After you complete the sketch, you can hide the photo, and keep the sketch artwork only.

App Features:

* 23 brushes

* Intuitive brush picker to select brush, adjust brush width and pressure.

* Desktop-class color picker

* Sketch on photo.

* Undo / Redo

* Pinch to zoom in and zoom out.

* Build-in gallery stores both sketch drawing and procedure.

* "Movie" mode to playback sketch like a small film.

* Create "Movie" with your sketch drawing procedure.

* Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks!

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Top Reviews

  • By Book lover😊

    Omg!! I love it!

    I love this app and I use it almost every day!!! The only problem is it's really difficult to draw with your finger so, I solved that problem by getting a touch screen pen. It works beautifully and I can draw my digital art just as well as my art on paper. I love this app because u don't have to get one of those expensive digital art pads that hook up to your computer. You can just get this app! And it's totally free!!!!😍 I highly recommend this app for anyone who loves to draw and doesn't want to carry a notebook and pencil everywhere they go.😊

  • By DavidByourplanb

    Shading tools - finally on iOS

    I've been looking for shading tools on iOS for months and finally found it with Sketch Guru Other sketch apps have Brushes and sizes, but even Adobe sketch doesn't have these awesome shading generators (longray, sketch ray, bunch, circles) that fills in cross hatch shading for you!. Happy I've finally found this sort of sketch app for iOS

  • By KureijiManga

    It's great! <3

    This app is likely one of my very favorite sketching apps of all time ^.^ It's tool options seem endless, varieties of pencil, pens, and even glowing and rainbow utensils. I simply love the app, it seems full furnished and well made :3 I'm just wondering if there is a way to save the video of your progression of your sketch to you camera roll? If there isn't, I would appreciate if you could :D Also, a bit of a bug... Sometimes when sketching, I find that it blacks out and returns to my home screen. Therefor deleting my sketch :T Hope that's fixed. Thank you very much for reading my review! <3


    IOS 11 but this is great!

    Hawwo! I’d like to download this again but I deleted it and I couldn’t get it back but then I found it and I can’t download it now. It’s because IOS 11 doesn’t work on this and now I can’t draw on it :( other than that this app is great and I love it. Thanks and have a good day X3

  • By Claire Quene

    Stunning Drawing App

    Uploading my traditional art has always been complicated, but now making art is easier and faster. Discovering how to work things was simple and quick. I have no complaints whatsoever. Get this app if you are looking for a great drawing pad.

  • By Minecraft is awesome!!!

    Great app

    The only complaint is that the app doesn't tell you that you can insert an image into the back of the sketch. It'll help you sketch using the lines on the picture and I think they should have a screen shot of that.

  • By Gumballjellyfish

    Nine out of ten!!9️⃣/🔟

    I loved it, I could make sketches that I couldn't before! The only problem I had with this app is you get no inspiration around you, I mean like my first sketch I made a leaf because of one of the line names! Oh wait and there is another one like it wouldn't let me sketch in this one area bellow were the buttons for all of the gadgets and things!

  • By Ariusmanorz

    I love this app but dislike due to update ios 11

    I use ur app all the time to create abstract art which to all whom has seen my arrt love it too no end. But due to me unable to update for ios 11.3 im unable to create an i dont wanna downgrade just to use ur app cuz it affects my other apps. Please fix this issue soon so im able to create my personal masterpieces. Thank you

  • By iLuvRukia

    Love it, but 1 problem

    I really like this app, I like to draw on paper but this is an alternative for me, although I do like to sketch from pictures. So I like to use the import photo button, but sometimes it works and other times it doesn't, I can't figure out why but I do wish that was fixed.

  • By Savannah Kite

    It's amazing, but…

    I love this app! I usually just use it to plan my traditional work, but sometimes I like to do digital. The only problems I have with this are, how do you save the video? And, the only way I can save my pictures is through screenshotting!! Please fix that bug soon.

  • By Welcome to the Leppy idk

    It's almost perfect

    I love this app it's simple and has all the little details to make drawing easier. But I noticed with mine it crashes a lot and I forget to save. So if it improves on crashing less it would be perfect! I know that apps will crash I'm just hoping it will crash less.

  • By x.okay.x

    I love and hate this app all at the same time.

    I love this app bc it gives you a wide range of options of drawing items and also gives you the opportunity to add and image to the background which I have been using very often. But I also hate the app bc it frequently crashes and I have lost my work countless times which makes me angry. Also the eraser doesn't get any smaller which makes me mad bc i can't erase small details without ruining practically a whole portion of the picture. Lastly, when I'm saving videos of the drawing I don't appreciate that you can only save it up to 2x the speed. I would like it if you could save the videos more sped up. Anyways, just a minor detail is that for the app being so nice and formal, they main menu is very childish and could be updated to fit the overall theme of the app. Thanks.

  • By Planetsugar2

    Really great but...

    This app has done very well with lots of good detail. I have done some really nice art on this app. There have been some problems here and there where the app will crash while you still working on your art. I would like that to be fixed ASAP. Many agree when it comes to the crashing of the app.

  • By ++Fred++


    PLEASE, PLEASE !!!! Update this wonderful version for 11 !! Leave out the photos, just let me draw freehand and make up my own drawing games with my children. Let me draw as an artist , not some automated copier. This is the BEST. Even when it is not perfect, it is FAR SUPERIOR to anything else !! Making it available for my iPad would make it even better . PLEASE UPDATE SO WE ARE ABLE TO CONTINUE TO USE THE ONLY TRUE DRAWING APP ON THE MARKET !!!!!!!! I second the last review !!! Leave the drawing , coloring, creative expression to us !!! Don't lock us into your version of art. My grandchildren and I used to love The freedom we had. Update to 11 The original version for artists. Please !!!! Have two apps; The one for all the push button artists with photos, etc But , most importantly the brilliant original version for the best art of all, OUR ART , NOT YOURS

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