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  • New version: 4.28.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Solitaire Deluxe® 2: Card Game


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Solitaire Deluxe® 2: Card Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Mobile Deluxe. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Mobile Deluxe, with the latest current version being 4.28.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 147859 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Solitaire Deluxe® 2: Card Game App

How does it Work?

Classic Solitaire PLUS 20 great variations, from flip 3 and flip 1 Klondike (regular Windows Solitaire), to Spider Solitaire, FreeCell, Pyramid and more! Not *just* solitaire like all the rest… you deserve Solitaire Deluxe® 2!

Relax and keep your brain sharp with the smoothest gameplay and the most variety!

Just listen to our customers:

***** “This is by far the best solitaire game in the App Store. Hands down.” -Crazyeightyeight

***** "It’s the only solitaire game I play now.” -Katieibond

***** “Best solitaire out there. So much fun, lots of games to pick from, Thanks.” -Imaklutz

***** “The best solitaire app! …none even compare to this one.” -Megaamy

***** “this is seriously the BEST solitaire game ever.” -Jackie Scott

***** "Such an addictive game!!! Cannot stop playing it!!!" -Leeschutte

***** "Good fun, good value, easy to use." -MadMeg2

***** "I could get lost in this game for hours." -DebBers1

From the most trusted brand in Classic Solitaire, Solitaire Deluxe® 2 is the new, premium solitaire experience handcrafted for your iPad and iPhone.

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 is the only leading solitaire app to give you over 20 solitaire variations for free, including classic solitaire and all of the most popular forms, and simple tutorials to help you out.

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 now has the world’s best leaderboards! Play with your friends and neighbors on a team, or compare scores with other players from around the world.

And it’s brought to you by Mobile Deluxe, the company specializing in mobile classic solitaire since 2003.


-Draw 1 and Draw 3 Klondike (classic solitaire)… plus 20 others like Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and Tri-Peaks!

-Exercise your brain: Best-in-class tutorials for all 20 solitaire variations.

-In-Game store for exclusive cards & backgrounds.

-Winnable Deals – Thousands of guaranteed winnable deals for every game!

-Beautiful HD Graphics.

-Play with friends by signing in to Facebook, or play solo.

-Hundreds of stickers and ribbons to collect after winning your favorite solitaire games!

-Exclusive Easy Read™ cards.

-Best-in-class customer care for any questions.

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 is the only leading solitaire game to offer Klondike (classic solitaire), along with the 20 other most popular solitaire variations in the world, including Spider, FreeCell, Tri-Peaks, Pyramid, Canfield, Golf and more. All of your solitaire favorites, and all with simple tutorials.

And now it’s social: Have fun playing with friends, or play solo.

Your mobile device has advanced… isn’t it time your solitaire did, too?

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Top Reviews

  • By czennie stay

    Best Solitaire App <3

    I never review apps but I feel very strongly about this one; I’ve downloaded several Solitaire games before and this is by far the best. There are multiple card games so you never get bored, and I now know that Classic Solitaire isn’t even my favorite one! There are seemingly endless backgrounds and card themes to choose from that you can buy with game coins you earn just by playing. There are also tutorials to help you out with the games you’ve never played before, and you can earn stickers for different achievements. On top of all that, the little messages that come up when you open up the app and the animations for when you win a game with the birds are so cute and they just make me happy and are really the cherry on top of this great app. The closest criticism I can offer is that there’s no hint feature, and you have to decide for yourself if you’ve run out of moves. I think that just makes it more fun and challenging though. All in all, 10/10, don’t waste your time with any other Solitaire apps!

  • By Theshadowotter

    A really great app

    This a really good collection of solitaire games, with an advertised 20 different types of solitaire. Needless to say, boredom doesn’t exist here, you are bound to find a game type that you love. There is an in game shop but thankfully, no premium currency nonsense, you earn coins for the shop by playing and winning hands of solitaire. These shop items are purely cosmetic stuff like boards and cards to change up the look of your game as you see fit. Now i will say i paid the ten bucks for the ad free experience, so I can’t really review the game with it as free to play with ads so consult other reviews for that. Personally, the price for ad free is a good value with it basically being fifty cents per game type. Each game type has a very simple and easy to understand tutorial to teach you each game if you have never played it before and if you forget later on you can replay the tutorial to relearn it. If you love solitaire, this is the app for you, perfect for when you want to just zen out and relax

  • By PuzzleWizardSam

    Daily Player Loves This Sweet Lil App

    My biggest reason for loving this app: no annoying ads. Maybe this is because I haven’t updated the app in forever, but I never see ads on the bottom of the screen. Also, the vibes in this game are chill. No flashy characters urging me to buy a limited time offer — I can play as many times as I want every day. That said, the app tracks your stats for each game, so my personal biggest incentive to overcome each puzzle is to keep my streak going. Oh yeah, there aren’t “levels,” this is just a nice, calm collection of Solitaire games that you can play at your leisure. My favorites are currently Spiderette and Freecell. I love that I can choose to play a “winnable” game. Some spreads are easy, other times I have to hit my head against the wall a little, but I love the challenge. I like to play Spiderette when I’m watching TV and want to do a little something on the side. I probably play about 30 minutes a day. My final favorite feature is you can change the appearance of the cards and the background. Many of the designs are nature-themed, breathtaking scapes with mountains and trees. They add new ones all the time, most of them aligning with the current season (in the northern hemisphere, anyway). Overall, this game is relaxing, sweet, and welcoming to all players. I’ve never had an issue with bugs (and I’m playing on an iPhone 6!). If you like virtual card games or puzzles, check it out. :)

  • By SheDrivesZ

    Best Solitaire In App Store!

    I have many Solitaire games on my iPad but I always come back to this one. In fact I deleted a bunch of my others. I especially love the HUGE variety of themes, it makes game play visually fun:) The App has a large variety of different games to play and earning coins is very fair. I only get an Ad once in a while, you're not bombarded with them. These developers update everyday single day! I know this because I pay close attention the coin price of the themes. They constantly change in a good way! If you have your eye on a particular theme, keep checking back and “that particular theme” will go down in coins. Sometimes they give away a theme for “0” coins or really cheap. I’m obsessed with checking the themes daily because I want to own them all:) Speaking of Themes, the developers did an outstanding job coordinating the background colors with the card faces and backs. They’re simply stunning:) Well done!!!

  • By LisaFranc

    Fun and quick to learn!

    I didn’t know how to play the Russian version as I have only ever played basic solitaire and spider, but learning through the tutorial was easy and fun. In the past when playing through either apps on my phone or on a website there is only usually one type of solitaire available with only the difficulty being what distinguishes each of the levels, however with this app there are countless versions of the solitaire itself along with the ability to change settings within each version. I would like to also add that when learning to play Russian solitaire I was unsure of being able to learn how to play much less be confident in being able to do so. But the intro tutorial on how to play was informative and easy peasy. Usually the basic intros on other games take forever but this one was quick and efficient and I got to start playing right away!

  • By Trrrrwwsftesdfre

    Best out there

    I’ve played several of the solitaire platforms available on the App Store. This one is by far my favorite, and by far the best. There are over a dozen different types of solitaire on this platform, each with a helpful set of instructions to teach you new games (my favorite has been Scorpion recently). The game tracks statistics such as time, moves, score, and record. The game awards fun stickers for achievements as you go. And by far the best part, is the wide availability of themes (tables, card faces, card backs) available for purchase with in-game currency you earn as you win. I’ve never seen such a complete solitaire game before. Everything I could desire in a solitaire game, this game supplies. Would 1000% recommend to anyone who loves to kill time playing classic solitaire games like Klondike and Spider, or are interested in learning some new solitaire games.

  • By Ladybug12316

    Please Fix Static Noise

    Overall, I really enjoy the variety of Solitaire card games provided in with this app. I’ve had this app for several years now and like using it off and on to kill some time. I like that the app provides tutorials since I sometimes forget how to play some of the games if I haven’t played in a while. I also like being able to change the card faces and backs to fit my mood or the season. I like easy to read card faces to make game play faster. As someone else mentioned, even with the option of no sound, some ads still play with sound which is annoying when you are trying not to disturb others. You can play offline to avoid ads altogether. My major concern is that even with the sound setting off, there is a soft and annoying static noise that plays constantly while on the game. It took me a while to figure out where the noise was coming from. At first I thought it was the sound of a new ceiling fan. Then I thought something was wrong with my phone. Then I realized I only hear it when I open this app. I noticed another reviewer has the exact same complaint which confirms what I noticed. I hope an update comes soon to fix this annoying sound.

  • By Boompflumm

    Too Many Pop Ups

    I love solitaire games❣️ And if I hadn’t joined up with a team, this is one that I would not play anymore! But I don’t want to let my team down by quitting. I just might anyway, I’m aggravated. There is a very simple explanation for the way that I feel ‼️ After EVERY game that I play and don’t win, In order to play another game, I am forced to watch a suggested game to download. But if I win the game, it allows me to play again without the interruption of watching another game to download!! Usually I don’t download, but I must “watch” it to the finish, in order to move on to another game! ;(( May I please suggest that you make the game more player friendly.❣️‼️ Stop the annoying delays between the games lost. I’m an average player and usually lose more games than I I am spending too much time waiting between games watching and wasting “my time’ to entertain myself playing “your game”. Please make changes to make your game more enjoyable to play. Thank you. Thank you for your response and beneficial suggestions! It is very refreshing to be able to make comments on a game and actually receive a reply message in return ! Thank ‼️ I have actually put your suggestions to the test and, for sure, the tips that you provided have helped to make a difference in my game play! So much better now, so once again I thank you for actually caring about your game players! I am upgrading my review another star! Now I am giving you a 4 star rating. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️‼️

  • By Catclizm

    Good app, just a couple gripes

    Liking this app! Animations are smooth & look nice, and I like that it has a bit of a different look to it than a lot of the others out there. The regional team thing is fun if you don’t want to tie it to your social media. I have a couple gripes- one is battery use. Not sure what this thing is doing, but if I’m using it on a network it slugs through my battery pretty quickly. I had it open for about 20 min and dropped like 25% on an iPhone 7+. That’s nuts resource drain for a card game. Active location use, maybe, or something with the ads? Idk. It’s better in airplane mode, but then no winning deals or daily stuff. My other milder complaint is the themes. I LOVE having so many options, but I’d like better ways to sort them- by purchased & not at the very least, and maybe by cost as well. There’s a ton of them & it’s kind of annoying to have to scroll so much to find one you want. If there’s a way to do that already, I haven’t noticed it.

  • By GrandyRen

    Annoying ads

    The point of this game is to help your team get as high a score as possible for the week. With these constant ads it becomes very frustrating. I think I spend more tome waiting for the constant barrage of ads to finish than I do playing the game. Honestly, almost every hand has an ad. And there is a two step process to say no, I’m not interested. The ad appears, you wait until the x appears, you click that and then there is another countdown to x again so you can actually leave and go back to the game. No other games I play do this. And after playing for a half hour I have seen every ad several times. If I was interested I would have clicked on the ad by then. After playing a certain amount of time it would be nice to have the ads stop. As I said, I have seen them several times and am now more likely to NEVER check out the site or app because they have ticked me off! And soon, this game is going to have me so mad I will even stop playing. I can take a deck of cards and play solitaire with absolutely no ads. Being on a team is just mot worth that much. Clearly, I am super frustrated.

  • By donnychatt

    Things to consider before buying/playing

    Though it is a pretty good game overall it comes with some shortfalls. Only going to mention the three that bug me the most. 1) if you buy the app and later transfer to a new phone your decks, tables, and badges (stickers) will not come with you. 2) although there is an option to play only for solvable puzzles there is still an option to play without the option. I find this terribly annoying because they actually have an achievement if you win without the option chosen. In my experience leaving the checkbox unchecked tends to bring nothing but unsolvable hands. I find this “feature” useless as it’s hard for me to believe anyone would want to play an unsolvable hand. 3) auto placement. Many solitaire games, including this one, have an option to tap a card to auto-move to the appropriate spot in a deck so you don’t have to drag all of them. Do not do this in Freecell because the logic/mechanics will almost always drop your card in an empty spot if one is open, thereby taking points off your end score from having to move it a second time or an undo.

  • By angiesaun

    Good game with some annoying flaws

    Overall I enjoy this app, but there are a couple irritating issues. The biggest one is that sometimes the ads play sound (loudly) even if my phone is on silent. This can be very jarring especially when I’m playing before going to sleep. I don’t mind the ads in general (the cost of “free”), but they shouldn’t default to sound on- my phone is on silent because I don’t want it making noise! These obnoxious ads have even woken my husband up a couple times so it’s not relaxing to play this app in bed anymore. Also irritating, though not as much, is the fact that the stickers are glitchy. I have had countless times when I have done what is required to earn a sticker (earned above a certain score, etc.) but it doesn’t show up. It’s trivial, but annoying- especially because it only seems to happen with the stickers that are harder to get. I really hope the developers can fix these issues. I’ve seen the note on the loading screen say they read every review, so here’s hoping!

  • By Libs316

    Stickers don't work

    This game is great, I love being able to switch version of solitare. The new update added an awesome sticker collection feature which I love but it doesn't work. There is no way to access them except for random unpredictable pop ups and they don't show visually or actually appear when you earn them. I have gotten about 30 notifications I've earned new stickers but there's nothing there. Only ones that work are ones you getting for playing certain number of days in a row but they were there automatically. I tried emailing them (like it says in the app) 10 days ago but no response. They say they read all reviews so here's hoping. Also, it would be nice one certain games (like tripeaks or pyramid) if the games looped like other versions. Almost like levels, if you complete a game, it just re-deals and you see how many you can win continuously. It is frustrating that even switching the screen to landscape doesn't increase the card size so they can be hard to see in some games.

  • By SandraKT

    Could have been 5 stars

    Love playing it. I would give Solitaire a 5 star rating but not happy because of all the ads. I understand that ads are necessary to keep Solitaire free, and sometimes I see ads that interest me. The brief ads, 5 seconds or less catch my attention and are acceptable. Those that are 15, 20 seconds or more are annoying. I note which product they are for and will never purchase those items or services. The second thing I really dislike is when I have the sounds muted on my game's settings and the ads are not muted when they pop up, it is quite annoying. Some ads can be muted when they pop up but not before the they disturb others. And some ads can't be muted at all! If I am somewhere that the sound on my phone must be muted wouldn't it make sense that I want everything on my phone muted! It would be great if those two issues could be fixed! Then Solitaire will be a definite 5 stars! Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts!

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