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  • New version: 2.4.7
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Dots: A Game About Connecting


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Dots: A Game About Connecting is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Playdots, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Playdots, Inc., with the latest current version being 2.4.7 which was officially released on 2017-12-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 406 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.2 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Dots: A Game About Connecting App

How does it Work?

** #1 game in 23 countries

A beautifully addictive puzzle game about connecting the dots.

Now featuring THREE new themes based on worlds from Two Dots and Dots & Co.

The goal is simple: connect same-colored dots vertically and horizontally to win points. Make a square to win even more!

Dots has three modes to satisfy every type of player. Race against the clock in Timed Mode, think strategically in Moves Mode, or sit back and relax in Endless Mode. Stockpile dots along the way to gain power-ups.

“The perfect puzzle game” - Business Insider

“Dots, a deceptively simple game” - CNN

“The most beautiful mobile game we’ve ever seen” - Tech Crunch

“A must have!” - SlideToPlay

“A brilliantly designed non-game the world can’t quit!” - Wired


• TIMED: Can you beat the clock? Connect as many same-colored dots as you can in 60 seconds

• MOVES: An un-timed moves based mode; kick back & take your time making the right moves

• ENDLESS: Relax and play; the no-limits, gravity shuffling mode of Dots


• TIME STOP: Pause time for five seconds, or add five extra moves. Perfect for racking up those final dots!

• SHRINKER: Remove a single dot from the game board

• EXPANDER: Remove all of the same colored dots from the game board



Use of Dots is governed by the Dots terms of service:

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Top Reviews

  • By Hay-Clay🤪😁

    Great Game

    This is one of my favorite games it’s simple but fun and I love how you can challenge people you don’t even know. I like how if you want to change a theme you have an option to gain 5,000 dots by playing the game or to pay. While I am not color blind I was looking through the settings and I love that you have an option for colorblind people. One thing though that would make this game really cool is if we were able to talk to the people who we are challenging or challenging us we could learn where they are from and what there names are, of course we have to be careful with giving our info to others but I think that this feature would be a really cool one to add. I also love how clean and simple the game is, I love this game!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • By GOLDFISH tomatoes


    this is by far the best app that has ever been invented. it’s so much fun and really entertaining. a lot of people were complaining in the reviews that you can’t play if you didn’t pay for it, which is not true. the only real difference between the free version and the paid version is that the free one doesn’t have infinity moves, which is kind of stupid in my opinion. the point of the game is to see how many dots you can get in a certain amount of time or number of moves!!

  • By bunnbub54

    Love this game!! ❤️

    I’ve had this game for a couple of years and I absolutely love it! But it takes forever to buy one of the premium themes. I have 3 of them so far and they didn’t take as long as they do now. I was trying to buy the Sunnmore Valley theme and it takes a long time! I tried buying some of the others and they took forever as well. And I have over 5,000 dots. Please take a look and see if anything is wrong with it! Other than that, Dots is an amazing game! I recommend it!

  • By Bdudifnehsjdbd

    The best game I have ever played

    I have spent almost two years now continuously playing this game. I work on ships were there is no internet and I use what little time I have off to play this game. I don’t know what it is about it, but I can just sit there for hours and get lost in this game. It’s so incredibly addicting and I love it. Everything is perfect about it: the themes, backgrounds, gameplay. This game has had a profound impact on how I spend my time, and I recommend this game for everyone to enjoy!

  • By Annie_Blythe

    I just love this game

    I’ve been playing this game since it first came out and wow! I still love it. I would highly recommend this. Update: it’s 2021. This game is still my all time favorite. It’s simple, customizable, and just so fun. It has no ads, which is rare these days for a free game. It’s not a pay to win app either. All you’re paying for in this app are some (pretty cool) extra features. I only have good things to say about Dots. I’ve been a fan since the very beginnings. :)

  • By Nick Dob

    Dots has been a favorite for years

    I’ve been playing this game for years now and it’s without a doubt one of the best mobile puzzle games I’ve ever played. I really appreciate the fact the game doesn’t push micro-transactions or pay-to-play aspects, and with the exception of the “Endless” mode most other game modes and features seem to be available on the free version which is always appreciated with any mobile game these days.

  • By aubree jabbar

    I love this game!

    I love this game because it’s super fun to play and I love the backgrounds you can get it a super fun game if you new to this game I bet you will love it it’s super fun to play p.s I deleted this game but I still love it the people that made this game thank you for making this fun game thank you for reading this is a experience game I love this game! It’s a simple game but super super fun I get a lot of high scores this is the best game I ever played ever THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME it’s A amazing game

  • By Pearl221

    Unable to restore purchases/They righted their wrong!!!

    I also purchased the dot doubler and with 5,000 dots each purchased the Mod Synth, Desert, Space, Sunnmore Valle, Giants Causeway and Wild Blue Yonder premium themes and NONE of them are available to me anymore!!!!! I restored purchases and still NOTHING!!!!!???? So I emailed their customer service and they IMMEDIATELY wrote me back. They did everything to make this right! Their final email was a link for 40,000 dots!!

  • By DaniBeef


    It's a great game. Rules are simple enough and different types of game play work for folks who are fast and want to be timed vs those who would rather be slow and methodical. But I wish I could link and play against friends vs just challenge strangers. And for $0 like other big games. Everything's better with friends

  • By elliegambia

    Pretty neat!

    So, I’ve known about this app since I had to use my aunt’s old phone. It was one of the first iPhones, and had this app. I loved it a lot. Now, two years later, I’ve downloaded it again. Not many changes, I see! This app is quite relaxing. It’s pretty simple: connect dots to get points. Get points to get other stuff you want for a more satisfying experience or more points. There’s also no ads! Sometimes I eye the Infinity Mode. It’d be nice if I could play it, but you have to pay with real money. I’m not sure how much (when I found out, I was just like “meh”), but it’d be nice if we could play Infinity for free, and maybe we could get points from it through purchasing. But that’s just my suggestion. I definitely recommend this app to everyone!

  • By Xoxo.skyeee1

    Not recovering my trophy!☹️

    I love this app. I’ve had it for years, always kept it no longer how hard it was to beat my high score. Fun game to play when you don’t have WiFi or when you’re just bored. But there is one thing that is very irritating, I have tried number of night to recover the dark mode at 1am trophy and idk if I’m doing something wrong but I have not gained that trophy.

  • By phantasmical


    For moves and timed, to bring more challenge and less luck into the game, when a connection of four dots or more to make a square, along with clearing all that color, add a move in the moves game , or add time in the timed game. This way there is a challenge to try to play longer The way it plays now, much of it involves luck I play moves and unlimited the most

  • By User31415926

    Fun but Frustrating

    Been playing for a while now - it’s fun, but to get a hiscore you need random luck. Also, if you complete a square of 4 without closing the loop it should still eliminate all dots of that color since sometimes your finger slips and it ruins the whole game.

  • By Septimo73


    This game is ok but has issues: Whenever you buy dot poppers with points, you have to leave game to enter a menu but when you come back to the game the dots are mysteriously moved around And the randomizer isn't so randomized. Every time you want a rematch the same pattern shows up over and over again if you rematch more than once in the same game. This can either help you or kill you depending on whatever pleases the app at that moment. The only thing random about it is it’s bias.

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