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Stylish Sprint


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Stylish Sprint is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by playus soft. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - playus soft, with the latest current version being 1.9 which was officially released on 2019-12-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 78 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Stylish Sprint App

How does it Work?

Stylish Sprint is an action running game where you play as a stickman who travels the world in search of adventure…and collects any spare coins laying around.

You can run, roll, fly, smash obstacles, and use powerups through 8 unique and varied environments.

Feast your eyes on the characters stylish acrobatics as he flips and spins through each endless stage.

Effortlessly navigate the terrain with simple and intuitive controls.

Getting sick of the main game? Try out one of the included challenge modes with their own unique playing style.

Customize your stickman’s appearance with tons of cool costume items that not only add style to his dash but increase his performance in various ways.

Gain SP (style points), which act as in game currency, by completing quests, getting points during gameplay, or buying SP packs as an in-app purchase. Use SP to buy the various items included in the games shop.


- Endless replay ability.

- Random level generation.

- No two games will ever be the same!

- Easy controls & Stylish action.

- Amazing graphics & Smooth animations.

- Easy to learn, but hard to put down.

- Easy to enjoy, but hard to master.

- Many different character costumes.

- Many different stages including: Grasslands, Ice, Jungle, Caves, Chinese, Candy Town, Desert, Lava, Moai, Graveyard, and Space (more to come in updates).

- Many different quests to complete for each stage.

- Many different in game items including: Booster, Spring, Parachute, Weight, Wings, Flying Mode, Magnet, Capsule, Stars, Coins, and UpDown.

- Mini games include: Challenge Game Dodge 01, Challenge Game Dodge 02 (more to come in updates).

- Game Center support. (30 different Achievements and a Leaderboard for each mode)

- Facebook support.

- Twitter support.


- Your score multiplier increases when you collect the same color stars consecutively.

- Use your action gauge wisely as you have limited energy to draw from.

- Break obstacles to refill your action gauge.

- Using the action button and flying draw from your action gauge, so make sure your gauge isn’t empty when you try to use them.

- You can choose from four different button layouts from the options menu.

- Completing the tutorial rewards you with some SP.

What the world is saying about Stylish Sprint: says: “We really enjoyed Stylish Sprint’s take on this oversaturated genre. Beneath all the glitter and bonus content, this is a solid run ’n jump game that will keep you on your toes.” says: “Stylish Sprint is a fashion like experience of a run 'n jump game and highly recommend to all ages. There is nothing against a purchase .” says: “Easy control with full graphics. Have shop, leaderboards. For first play the tutorial to learn how to play! Perfect game! Really liked!” says: “Whether you like gum, platformer, or just fans of action, Stylish Sprint is not a game you can switch to the agenda.”

User Ratings:

5/5 Stars – “This is easily the best run and jump game on the iOS”

5/5 Stars – “The presentation is awesome. The graphics are great and everything looks good…”

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Top Reviews

  • By Sierraroo


    I played this game years ago when I was in high school on my iPod Touch. I loved that game, but I forgot all about it. Then, I randomly remember this game the other day and I searched on the App Store for a few minutes trying to remember the name and then I found it! I still love it! Definitely worth the buy!!!

  • By Leahrb99

    Finally found it again!

    I love this game so much I played it as a kid but then when I switched to a new phone years later I lost the game and forgot what it was called :/ the app crashes when I lose tho:(

  • By Xzandr

    I bought this game twice

    because I lost the first license due to complicated phone shenanigans and my father losing the password to his account. Definitely worth it. I would buy it a third time if I had to.

  • By Taco Da Ninja

    Can't put it down!

    Stupid fun and addicting! I play it every chance i get

  • By Sasuke'

    Need More Levels

    Awesome app thank's apple store???? Genial Aplicación Gracias???

  • By duckfan555

    So much fun!

    Love to watch em run & jump

  • By Jbajbajba1271



  • By Andi431

    Really Good

    At first I installed the game for free, tried it out then threw it in a folder. I eventually came back to it and that's when i became addicted. The graphics are great, the sound is fantastic and the gameplay keeps you playing for hours on end. Play for fun, play for sp to unlock items that level your charatcer up or play to shatter your distance records! The developers of this game have taken a genre and put innovation into it! The only thing I would like to see fixed is how easy it is to fall through a platform after a double jump into flight. Whether this is intentinal or not it happens too much and the player never means to do this please fix! Other than that it's a rock solid title! - CCC

  • By Nickdagamer


    This game is incredible. With the update, I love it more than ever. The crazy class level is awesome. I got over 19,000 meters on my first try! I should start out by saying that this game is extremely addicting. Even more so than bejeweled. I have accumulated more than 2 million sp in my spare time. One issue that I had since the upgrade is that it didn't transfer my high score to the leaderboard. On bronze class, distance, it says that I only have 45,000 when in fact I have 50k medals on two levels. As your biggest fan of the game, I would like to make a few suggestions for future updates. 1. Add more expensive items. Like I said, I have more than 2 million sp. maybe sell off an entire suit that has enhanced capabilities for like 100,00 sp. would be fine by me. 2. Make it more challenging and interesting. Have the background slowly changing colors to pull attention away from the game. Add more traps other than the lame red spike. Characterize the enemies based upon the level. Maybe a bee for the grass level, a scary snowman for the snow level etc. Keep the updates coming!

  • By nineteen85bears


    I open the app and play challenge one, but after I lose, the app crashes. What the heck?

  • By El Stevedore


    This game is pretty good (for a free app). However, there are a few things that need improvement. First of all, it would be nice if there was some clarification in-app of what it is that the items do, instead of just an abstract one-word description. For example, here's an example of my train of thought at one point: "Alright, I've just bought this expensive hat that has a bigger green bar than all the other hats. I don't know what it'll do, but it looks cool!" [sometime later] "Alright, I've been playing for a while now, and I haven't noticed anything different since I got that hat, but atleast I've got a cool (and seemingly useless) hat." As for the store, it would be nice if it was easier to navigate the confusing inventory of items. For example, maybe you could have a tab for dexterity items, a tab for speed items, etc. Lastly, it would be nice if the bonus game that you pay for actually rewarded you instead of giving you a pitance for smacking your character in the head with a big spiky electro-ball thing. Overall, I like this app. With a few simple additions and changes, you'll earn that fifth star (keep up the good work!)

  • By _X3LA_

    My first disappointment...

    Awesome game; rich graphics, easy and sensible controlling, progressive difficulty, and great gameplay. I love it... however, since the last update, along with the addition of new stages, a female character, and custom "colorization" of the active character, I got excited to spend my SP on "paints," only to find out that the colors you purchase aren't saved (meaning, you pay every time you change). I don't think that's fair; why not have the colors stored in the backpack like all the other store-purchased items? I wasted thousands of SP buying all the colors and patterns I liked, only to discover none of them were saved, and I had to pay another 500 SP to go back to default black.

  • By Masterfunky121213

    Great game

    This is an awesome game, but when I first got it I played it without the sound and I got the impression that it was a cool-style jumping game with an awesome main character and you could add costumes to him like knight swords that made him look like a sleek-ninja but then when I got to the china stage I felt like listening to the background music and when I did, the main character sounded like some high-pitched voice yoshi and the music made the game like some 3 year old friendly kid game, and I was all freaked out because I thought it actually had a hardcore action-platformer soundtrack and ended up a real let down. Please either add a changeable soundtrack or just change the music all together. Thank you...

  • By MidnightOtaku

    From 4 to 1 stars...

    Played. dis installed. Reinstalled. No restore purchases button. Lost everything... BAD!

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