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BASEBALL 9 is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by playus soft. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - playus soft, with the latest current version being 1.7.4 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 17474 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the BASEBALL 9 App

How does it Work?

Enjoy fast-paced, realistic baseball game, featuring compact gameplay and informative stats.

Play BASEBALL NINE to become the Legend League Champion!

* Game Features

- Lean and fast gameplay!

- Casual characters and serious game mechanics!

- Pitching and fielding as fun as batting!

- You can play base running manually!

- Comprehensive player stats!

- Improved Autoplay with selective automation of player, inning, watching, and quick result.

- Rename, gear up, and customize your players!

- Offline mode available!

* Fast, compact gameplay!

- Enjoy a speedy, streamlined playing experience.

- Hit massive dingers and get thrilling strikeouts.

- Specialized auto functions by game, by inning, and by player are a given!

* Enjoy realistic baseball!

- Experience gameplay with realistic baseball rules.

- Simulated results based on actual game stats.

* Recruit and develop your roster!

- Recruit players and develop them by raising stats of your choice

- Equip and upgrade skills to develop them into specialists.

- Raise the player tiers to turn them into hall of famers.

* Customize your players!

- Rename them and set them as left-handed or right-handed batters or pitchers.

- Change their faces, pick body types, and choose different batting and pitching motions.

- Try equipping a range of bats, gloves, cleats, guards, and glasses to customize your players in unique ways.

* Manage your team and get promoted to higher leagues!

- Rename your team and change its emblem and uniform.

- Expand into new stadiums and manage the team’s cumulative stats.

- Advance to the postseason and win for promotion to a higher league.

* Supports tablets.

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    Top Reviews

    • By Bdndjjxndjdjssn

      One of the best free to play pocket baseball games☝🏼

      I think this game’s gameplay is really good. They got everything right, but I wonder if these are the same devs of the other Apple store game, “Baseball star” because it is almost an exact ripoff, with the graphics and animations. The only difference I can think of between the two, is the gross amount of in app purchases they offer. But if you don’t want to buy things, you’re out of luck..Because they make it seem like you need to purchase money to better your team. That or play an entire season to actually improve your team. I guess I could get over that part as they are just trying to make money, but the worst part about this is that, in order to make my player bat left handed, instead of right, I need to purchase it for 20,000 coins, and 23,000 to throw left handed! Which might take you 3-5 games to get that, FOR ONE PLAYER! Why do I need to pay money to bat and throw left handed..? One of the few examples of how this game makes it feel impossible to better your team, without hours of playing. So if you plan on playing this game, be prepared for that, but other than that this game is perfect or a perfect ripoff of a free, (Not pay to play) baseball game. Developers please fix this or it will be hard to keep me and many others who hate this kind of “NBA2K” stance on in app purchases, to keep playing this game for long.

    • By B - West

      Edit - Couldn’t recover but great customer service

      My son loves this game. He has talked me into purchasing a number of things to make his team better. I tried to link my phone and iPad so he could play at home when I was at work and when we did - we lost all the data. I have emailed the help center multiple times to fix the problem. I have never gotten a reply at all. So be careful if you link things. I might be a rookie at connecting devices but it would be great to hear back. Overall - fun game and would recommend but be carful if you purchase things on the game because you may lose them and there is no way to recover. Great game my son loves to play and is hard enough - but now too hard. Also he can earn things by winning and playing well. Great game to understand baseball. I wanted to add to this review and say it was my fault that the emails were not replied to. They went to my junk mail and I neglected to look at that inbox. They responded quickly and answered all my questions. They did a great job helping me and I could not ask for a better experience.

    • By a_lye22

      Nice baseball game!

      Update to previous review: I figured out, as Playus pointed out, that my runners were taking off due to my fingers accidentally hitting the steal button. The swing and steal buttons ARE, in my opinion, too close together and should be reconsidered, but aside from this, I think the game is great and highly addictive. One suggestion beyond repositioning the above mentioned buttons....make it so OUR fielders dive for some balls too, just like the AI players do. I really like the realistic nature and simplicity of the game. HOWEVER, what is the deal with my base runners taking off on their own?! I’ve lost a fair amount of games because my runner takes off for third and is toast every time! And to top it off, when this starts, you can’t even try to hit the ball for a hit and run to try to salvage the situation. The batter won’t even swing even if you press the button to swing. This is very aggravating! Developers, please fix this. It makes me want to stop playing when it happens. Other than that, I think it’s a rock solid and enjoyable game!

    • By Happy Sara

      Needs more excitement

      I’ve played the game on and off for a year and it’s getting a little old. Although it’s still really fun, I kinda wish every update could have more than bug fixes and better graphics. I wish players couldn’t do whatever they want and still be in the game. Like if umpires could throw out pitchers who hit to many batters. Or if batters could get thrown out for the occasional arguing with called strike 3. And managers should come out and argue from time to time. Or batters could charge the mound. (No fighting but showing them run at the mound. I mean you guy show the batter clinch their fists so why not.) And I think you should add challenges and Instant replay. (Instant replay meaning going back and looking at a really cool play and challenge meaning trying to change the call. That would make the games more exiting. Also the prices are kinda high on the player packs. Overall it’s a really good and fun game but these improvements could be made. Also I think you should make it multiplayer.

    • By hi po po

      Really fun game but with a few changes, could be even better

      To the people who made this game… good job. This game is really fun I like how it’s pretty realistic. To all the people who say they always pop out, you need to upgrade your players and maybe play the game for more that a day. But there are a couple of problems that need to be fixed and most of them could easily be fixed. Number 1. Make it easier to get recruit cards. Number 2. Make bunting useful, it’s always hard to get on from bunting, I think I’ve only gotten on from it once. Number 3. Make the fake people you play better, sometimes they strike out looking on a fastball right down the middle, make them not throw it right down the middle every time. Number 4 make new modes where you can do home run derby's modes when catchers can throw people out and stealing bases. Lastly, maybe make a multiplayer, this is the only one that’s hard to do. And make more looks for people. Overall it’s a really good game.

    • By ReadDisPlzBro

      Great game, but a few things

      First of all, fantastic game. From the easy to use game mechanics to the comedic emotes that a player does when they got struck out or hit by a pitch. There’s a pretty good level of difficulty in the beginning, and how it slowly ramps up is great, a lot like real baseball tiers. Now for the downsides. One thing I’ve noticed, now that I’m in Legend 2, is how the seasons become a bit grindy. For example, I had 20 more wins than second place, but there were still forty games left in the season, and I don’t have any more stars, because of how insanely hard to come by they are. I was thinking that maybe there could be an exchange option where you could exchange like, 20 stamina for a star, to make it again, used for more advanced players who maxed it out. Another request is in settings, or at the beginning of the season the player could decide if they wanted to do, say 9 innings or 6 innings, or something like that. Anyways, have a nice day! -Happy Customer

    • By Alonso indigo

      I love this game and it is the only one I play on my phone.

      Amazing baseball game for phone play! I love the idea of team customization and making players better. Also very organized statistically. However; for some reason when there is a fly out and a runner from second is going to third he is called out anytime cpu throws to second. Likewise on a third base tag to home. Its an easy way (if you use that glitch) to get the cpu out if you are on defense as well. The base stealing is also a little weird in how slow runners reach bases so quickly sometimes; and how the cpu sends runners to steal 3rd and home way too often. Last thing for stealing I don't like is how you get a warning when the cpu is about to do so; makes it way too easy for an out. I would take away automatic throwing as well and make it completely manual to the base you want your player to throw the ball. I think the batting gameplay is really good; i just never really see hits in between infield gaps except up the middle. These changes would be perfect for gameplay! I dont mind anything else!!!

    • By Akshu07

      Nice game, but can be best

      I would like to see a market or auction type of thing where one can buy and sell players in there by coins. This makes this game more lively because recruit tickets are so hard to get and if one wants better players than it would be so hard. In that auction, you can also make the drinks, and upgrading players by tiers available so people actually play to get coins and others can buy coins to get better teams. Also, I would like to see this game be more fun to play and this can be done by giving more rewards if one players win the championship. Right now, one only gets one recruit tickets and some drinks if they win championship, but I think better rewards will make people try harder to win. Last suggestion, you can make this game have clubs where one can join other players that play this game and have tournaments like club vs club. Those game can be stimulated in club vs club, but make sure that those game have winners that have higher rating team than the other. You can make it 1 v 1 like one player from one club and one player from the other club and give one point to the club whose player won and at the end of the tournament, the club that has highest points wins the tournament and give recruit tickets or even good players to the winners. I hope this suggestions help you and this game to grow and I really want to see this game to develop into one of the best games. These suggestions can also help your other game which is called baseball star.

    • By leafyverdant

      pay-to-play galore

      Been playing the game for well over a year now. Relatively interesting, decent mechanics. But the major thing I’ve noticed is the sheer amount of effort the devs seem to put into getting more cash out of you- if you’re a more free-to-play user like I, a pretty huge portion of the game is just cut off. Want to get different uniform colors? Nope, the amount of the tokens needed to get it is awarded very sparingly and it would take an eternity to do. Get a new player? Pay up, $25 for a pack of infield players ($5 each- what?!!) because the little tickets you need are basically impossible to get once all the achievements are completed. On top of that, the players you get when you first start can’t even be upgraded, so you’re stuck with the very definition of mediocre players if you don’t buy more. The coins awarded for games, in my eyes, are almost completely useless since you can’t even buy the things that you really *need* to. As I saw another reviewer note, the autoplay function seems to try its hardest to PUNISH you for using it. The only times I ever lose a game are, surprise surprise, when I use the auto functions. It’s ridiculous. I would definitely raise my rating of the game if the core elements of the game were easier to get, or at least cheaper, but with how most mobile developers these days are I seriously don’t see it happening.

    • By Kitch5oh

      Good, could be great

      It’s fun but after a while certain things start happening that just don’t make sense. Some games seem like you’re destined to lose. Constant pop-up fly balls, repetitive pitching errors when you’re at full stamina, and the opponent hitting it in just the right spot in the outfield really come in waves in some games. The team rating system must not mean anything, especially with the “quick-result” feature. My team is fresh, ranked mid 800s playing against a lower 700s team who is broken and somehow ends up losing by a large margin in “quick-result”? If anything, those should be the “gimme” games. I wish it was more consistent. Sometimes it feels like games are already decided for you one way or the other. I’ve had games where I won by a huge margin and the opponent was playing like trash and I’ve had them where I can’t seem to do anything. I get this happens in the MLB but I’m not looking for realism in this app. It’s fun for the most part and I do enjoy it. It’s just not a 5-star game for me. I’d also like multiplayer at some point where I can play against friends but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen.

    • By Gamingbud-dy

      Hits & fails

      This game is very fun and I like but, there is a couple problems. 1. You get “punished” in a way for auto inning. What I mean by this is I’ll auto inn and the other team will get a bunch of points, whenever I hit the ball it’s most likely a pop out, and they just do better at hitting whenever I do pitch. What I think is that you should either have a certain limit of times or just get rid of it. One match I was winning 6-1 and it was going good, I auto inn twice the other team gets 4 making it 6-5 then ever time I bat I either come close to scoring or I get a pop out. Going back to the 6-5 game I score barely making it 7-5 having this lead I auto inn, I do this and (this in the 8th inning) they score 3. Now it’s 8-7. I lose. I find this as a problem because why should you punish a user for using a resource the game gives you? This makes me really mad as I was on a 13 winning streak to be destroyed by THE LAST PLACE TEAM!!! By a small, hidden punishment that only if you think about it it’s like a punishment. I hope you can resolve this issue I think I have found and I can have more fun not worrying about losing by auto inning.

    • By wildchild1997

      Fun game but too easy and pay to play(ish)

      This game is very fun and addicting! The custom character awesome is great because you can add in your friends to the team! However the awards are weak. You basically can only play in one uniform color because the others cost an insane amount of uniform tokens that are way to hard to get. The same goes for recruiting new players. So you’re basically stuck with the same default players who can’t be upgraded. The amount to pay to recruit a player is ridiculous and unachievable. I would rather pay $4 or $5 dollars for this game one time then download it for free and have to pay to upgrade the team. But... you really don’t need to upgrade the team because the opposite team is so easy to beat. No matter what championship level you are on. It’s a huge deal when the other team scores because it never happens unless you skip the inning by watching a video. Please please please make it easier to unlock characters and customize the team, but make it harder to play! I don’t want to be undefeated season after season. It doesn’t make it any fun anymore. Do this and you’ll get 5 stars!

    • By SHAZAM2180

      Could be better

      This game is very addicting and I’m glad I downloaded it but I think the characters should have more skin options other than just Caucasian and African-American. Something else I would like to see is more bats and glasses for the players. Also being able to upgrade or customize your stadium. There should also be more daily missions with better rewards for more challenging missions. Such as completing the cycle or hitting a grand slam. I also noticed this game does not keep track of grand slams and I would enjoy it much more if they did. But I absolutely love the challenge of winning and upgrading your players and recruiting them to make a better team because it gives me a real challenge. This game could be a five star game for me and I enjoy it but I believe it could be better. I also just noticed a glitch where there was a man on third and second and the guy hitting hit a fly-ball to left field and both the runners didn’t tag up and just preceded to run even though it was obviously going to be a out. Well my player in left field caught the ball and the man on second ran back to tag up but the man on third didn’t go back and scored anyways without tagging up.

    • By krlly9164

      Kinda fun

      First of all the game is good. Great concept. But so many issues. First the fact that a few times I hit a homerun with runners on base and got one run out of it and I have hit a single before where the runner ran home and never got the run. The whole thing where teams can hit the ball no matter where you throw it and it turns into a double is very unrealistic. And the fact that infield players never go to catch infield pop flies really makes me irritated. I also hate that you can’t I grade basic players while it’s extremely hard to get good one especially since y’all try to rob people of there money if they want to “pay to play”. All players should be able to upgrade and you should constantly be able to get better players if you want to. I hate how your players condition will go down almost all at once and it’s almost impossible to get everybody back to healthy all at once since you rarely get the stuff to get there condition back up. I will say I would have easily spent 30 dollars in the first two weeks of playing but your prices are absolutely horrible way to over priced for stuff. It’s one of those games that you play for about a month and then realize that you can’t really get better unless you pay but since the stuff is to high you delete it. Which will probably happen to me since it seems impossible to do anything after the first season. I hope y’all Listen to use about what needs to change because this needs to change.

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