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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-24
  • New version: 1.0.32
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Music Battle - Full Mod


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Music Battle - Full Mod is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Amanotes Pte. Ltd.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Amanotes Pte. Ltd., with the latest current version being 1.0.32 which was officially released on 2021-07-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1558 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Music Battle - Full Mod App

How does it Work?

Set your night on fire with our music battle!

Music Battle is an amazing music battle game where you have to use multiple skills to beat your opponents in funky music battle.

Up, Down, Left and Right, follow the rhythm, fight till the last minute, earn your respect and win the heart of your girlfriend!


- Easy Controls

- Week 1-6 + Open source MOD content

You think you are cool?! Then let's have a music battle.

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Top Reviews

  • By Noah K1231

    Thanks for updating the game

    Hey I really appreciate you guys for updating the game it makes it even better now that it’s a little bit like the original game but I have another request for the next update could you add even more mods? Like Tankman Tabi tiky Whitty the Imposter and a bunch of other mods and change it back to the normal boyfriend girlfriend mom dad pico pump and skid but still keep the lemon demon if you can that would be awesome also I love this game so much

  • By (hguiidkkeim3kdhdfuyerr

    I love the game but it needs to be faster

    So everything is to slow and easy I mean I love the Smoking guy but it’s just needs to be faster this game yeah I think it needs bigger arrows also because the other game is fast and it has both of my requests I’m asking for so this game would be better than that one if you could add in what I’m asking for

  • By Ricky Slater

    No ads and more weeks and songs

    This game is great. But there are a few problems. The fact that you have watch an ad to play, gets really annoying. Please make it so that story mode has no ads just like free play. Also, some of the weeks don’t have all of the songs! Like Week 4! It only has Satin-Pan**es. (Ps. Sensor that one) Where is High and M I L F? Also, There are not all the weeks! Overall, just try to make it like the real game on mobile please. Thanks!😁

  • By JoltikDragon

    Few things I would change

    Ok. Personally I LOVE this game but the new update makes it SO much harder to do the notes because my finger gets in the way of where the notes are. Also I wish it was the og characters there instead of mod replacements. I’m suggesting that it goes back to the old button functions before this update and have the og characters back for their respective weeks. Other than that I love it!🙂

  • By Animes #1 biggest fan!

    I’m confused?

    I’m confused why is dad singing philly isn’t Pico supposed to be singing that? And even though dads singing it it’s still Picos voice! Plus what is the first original one called cause I can’t find it? And then this game always goes back to zero like boring plus it ends at week 5 like make longer! Pls! PLUS THE ADDS! THERE GONNA BE THE DEATH OF ME! Pls take down some adds?! THX! Also if u could respond to me that would be great thx! Also but otherwise this game is great! ☺️

  • By ☁️cloudreaper☁️

    a few things

    first of all you a missing a lot of details from the original game. like for example the difficulty isn’t there? second of all your missing a lot of nights. it stops at cocoa and then there’s nothing else to play which is a little boring. also why is mommy mearest flipped? i don’t think that would be something that unnoticeable to go unfixed. then the scores. they always reset back to 0 for some reason which doesn’t even make since. also why is dad singing philly? isn’t pico supposed to sing that? please consider fixing a lot of these. this game is probably the best you can get as a fnf mobile remake so please try your best to make this more reasonably better than the rest. we would all enjoy that more. thanks

  • By Crazyworld2634

    I loved it until the update…

    this was the best game in my whole life but now this dum update RUINED IT ALL 😡😡😡😡😡😡 now there is only 1 background (but at least u added senpai roses thorns cause it’s one of my favorite weeks) also I luv garcello (smoke em out struggle) but can u fix it cause I luv how boyfriend looks (and u changed girlfriend) so can u make another update and make it better CUZ ITS ALSO VERY EASY so plz make it harder ok bai

  • By ikhvsajkjea

    Amazing but few problems

    This app is very good but for some reason the mom was flipped? I had a feeling she was supposed to be like that but I guess not? Another thing I was going against pico but when I finished and went on to the next song it was the dad?! It sounded like pico was singing it but it was the dad I’m not so sure if that’s supposed to happen. (3 more things left) I wanted to do story mode and did tutorial, week 1 and 2 but for some reason when I wanted to do week 3 for and ad nothing happened so I had to do free play. i finished all of them but the last one and when I tried to play it, it would kick me out for some reason Idk if it’s my ipad doing it or the game if it is then pls fix. the words pop up where the arrows are and it’s very disturbing could you guys move it to the corner? Or somewhere else that won’t be in the way? 1 last thing there’s no difficulty selection that’s like one thing that almost all the copied games of fnf are like that so please add that if you could. 😞🥺😩🤔

  • By A roblox girl :)


    Ok, so, this is REALLY hard. I kept on trying Fresh like 10 times until I finally got it! And I was also trying Dadbattle, AND IT WAS SO HARD! Also, the design is kinda bad… but overall, it’s good. But the song Philly, had DADDY DEAREST IN IT! It’s supposed to be Pico’s song, but nope. Daddy Dearest just kicked him out of the way! And I wish it had Lemon Demon’s song, and week 6 and 7. I hope you read this review and if the creator ever sees this review, please fix all of the things I added. Thank you for reading this and have a great rest of your day!/night!


    Good but one thing

    So I was playing pico song and I miss a button and if I read it correctly it said $%#t and I was unhappy with that because for a good looking kids game. There should not be cuss words and tell who ever made this to stop saying bad words cuz if kids see this your kinda good reviews will turn to a 0 star review or a 1 star and maybe a few 2 stars. Please take out the S.H word because that’s not good plus it’s calling your skills that and is disrespectful:(

  • By my name is of no important

    Put more work into it

    I have played the original and it is fun to play and when I play this I expected it to be some what close the original and from playing three song I can see big problems there is no way you can change the difficulty and when you play the week you need to watch an ad and if you can’t control it then fine you’ll did what you could but over all it was fun to play.

  • By rei_22

    It was fine at first

    Don’t get me wrong,the update on this is good but why change the whole thing? You changed skid and pump,senpai,mommy mearest,daddy dearest,pico,bf,and gf? The designs are cute but why change them? Can you make it to the original?im fairly close to deleting the app cause it isn’t what I originally wanted,I wanted the fnf game with the original characters :( I don’t mind the mod like it can be yk added with the original ones? Anyways I hope you understand 😅

  • By CowGoesCrazy

    What a joke!

    You don’t need to read a review to know that this game is an easy way to get downloads. You can even tell that week 4 isn’t even finished with the background not being properly sized and the demon lady being faced the wrong way. That’s the same thing for week 5, the background is WAYYY out of size, the antagonists are faced the wrong way, and most of the background casts aren’t there. ALSO, for week 2 and beyond, you have to watch a mandatory ad to continue, it even has an ad icon and everything, also after every song, you have to watch ANOTHER ad to progress! Jeez!

  • By 2)66

    This game used to be good until the update 😡

    Before the update this game was incredible until you change all the characters everything will start to become trash and when you put the arrows down it just becomes harder undo everything to the characters but the new songs please because it personal just makes everything better everything before the update just made it look amazing but the update ruins everything now I might have that new grounds to make their own version that will be twice as bad as this update because all the new characters are trash you turn to bf into a trash character same with all the other characters mommy mearest doesn’t even look the same all the characters have been trashed in this game under the update but keep the new songs everything looked better before the update

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