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  • Last Updated: 2020-09-21
  • New version: 2.1.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Dancing Ballz: Magic Beat


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Dancing Ballz: Magic Beat is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Amanotes Pte. Ltd.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Amanotes Pte. Ltd., with the latest current version being 2.1.1 which was officially released on 2020-09-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 532 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Dancing Ballz: Magic Beat App

How does it Work?

Stay on the dance line with the best music tapping game - Dancing Ballz: Magic Beat

Time your actions, tap carefully and become the dancing master! The only rule? Don’t fall off the track!

10M+ people tried, what do you waiting for? This is your showtime! It's harder than you think

The new update is coming. Stay tuned!


- Design in 3D visual

- Huge high-quality trending music songs

- Great for relaxation

- Collect Star to unlock new content

Got questions/feedback for us? Email us at pama.support@amanotes.com. Love to hear your voice!

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Top Reviews

  • By insane arcadian


    The amount of thought put into the game and how it progresses with you and your learning speed and how the music climatizes and gets better and better and the finale song was bloody best song ever. When I fished the last level my heart dropped knowing that I beat the and I have to wait for more. I never played such a good new unified unique game. Highly addictive and deserves so much more appraisal. I will never stop playing I won’t ever delete this game because it is the best game I have played since geometry dash came out. And I see so much potential in this game and its future that I want you guys to keep making more level and to keep making this more and more amazing. The simplicity but yet complexity of the game is just pure hard core astonishing. Thank you so much with the super enriching game.

  • By NubianQueen9428

    I love this game!!!!

    This game is fun and addictive. It has some insanely interesting levels. The music is positive and fun to hear!!! If you truly enjoy this game, you could even pretend you are actually a real DJ yourself. As for the levels, the are very enjoyable but difficult! There are a TON of levels to choose from. Sometimes, this game actually keeps me up at night! For those of you music/challenge lovers out there, this game is perfect for you! I love and enjoy this game and I hope you will too!

  • By Cooooollllllllnnnneeessss

    Better than Smule and Piano Tile

    I was playing both Smule and piano tiles when I kept getting the add for this game and putting it off for a awhile. It occurred to me, both Smule and piano tiles are boring songs and I wanted to see what this game had in store for me. The trap and music is amazing and not over the top like you might think. Would definitely recommend trying the game out and the music never gets old either like the other games.

  • By Lunawolfnerd


    I downloaded this game earlier today and I'm already hooked!! I love to just put in two earbuds and blare music into my ears to drown out all other sounds and just disappear into my own little world. this game is perfect for that!! This game is also not very frustrating like other games such as flappy Bird or geometry dash. It is the best game I could ever ask for! My only request is that we could save the songs. Thanks 4 making an awesome game!

  • By ShelbLynne

    AWESOME GAME - needs more levels!

    I love this game, enough that when I lost my old phone and got a new one I searched and searched until I found it again. I love the music, even playing the same level to get 100% is fun but I do think it needs more levels put on!!! I also appreciate the settings available, very happy player!

  • By mmosqueda2015

    Stuck on level 9- Glitch??

    I’ve played this level about a kagillion times and finally figured out that right at the end of the level the game glitches and won’t let me tap to move the ball so the ball rolls straight and off the course. With literally 1% left of the level it won’t let me beat it. It’s not me it’s the game 😑. I love the game other than that but I can’t move onto other levels cause the game won’t let me beat this one.

  • By Beyonce8474

    Awesome game..too few levels

    Love the fact that this game is nothing like dancing lines..things arnt jumping out from no where or slamming into anything, you simply tap when you hit certain points. My only tiff with this game is that there arnt enough levels, been patiently waiting for an update and all it was were new characters and the layout you can change...really...keep people interested by adding new levels

  • By HarleyEC

    Not very challenging...

    This game has good music, visual affects, and gameplay, but the levels are a little too easy. I was curious and went to one of the very last levels, then unlocked it by watching an ad, and it wasn’t very different from some of the beginning levels. Make this game a little more challenging please!!!!

  • By Wolf-ish


    I really like this game. I do have two concerns and that is, if I happen to be in a low service area while downloading a new song, then it won’t ever seem to download and I can’t progress forward and end up having to delete and redownload the whole app, essentially starting all over again. The other is when I updated the game recently, it now has to compose all the songs anew and doesn’t finish downloading them and I’m a bit miffed that I might have to delete and redownload the whole app again and start over. Being only 25+ levels into the game probably isn’t very far but some were pretty tough and took some time to pass. Making me not real thrilled about restarting all over again. When running up against problems like this I tend to just delete an app and forgo the pleasure of its playtime. But I really like this game!!! So i just wanted to mention those 2 concerns to ya’ll. I’ll keep trying and thanks for being so creative! My brain craves constant input and there’s nothing like a good beat. Some of the songs even get stuck in my head for awhile. 😀

  • By WarnerClan

    Needs bug fixes

    Another update: I have gone back to replay levels to get 3 stars on each and even though I get three stars it doesn’t put them on the level. :-( New update: beat all the levels that are out. The music is fabulous. I enjoyed it and hope they put out more levels Update: got to level 30 now.. lets see how long this lasts The first time I got the game it was great. It was good to play I liked all the levels the music is cool.. when I got to level 28 it wouldn't load and kept saying "internet connection lost". Frustrating but figured maybe my service was being dinky. Turned off my wi-fi, had full service with LTE, still says "internet connection lost" figured alright maybe it's the game. Closed it out completely, repeated the last two things and still wouldn't let me get level 28. Removed the game from my phone :-( re-downloaded it, (internet worked for that) started over level 1. Oh well didn't mind it the first time so playing again is okay. Get to level 8 this time and there it is again. "Internet connection lost" super frustrating!!!

  • By JakJak77


    I’ve played this game for quite some time and never had any problems until recently! Out of nowhere, the app stops, I have to delete the whole thing only to find out that all the songs have erased and I have to start from scratch! I paid for no advertisements and now I’m expected to pay that again? I really enjoy this app and have been waiting for new songs but now I’m lucky if one will even load and I’ve done all the songs and now it won’t let me do anything past number eight! It won’t load, I just get knocked off! Disappointed!!

  • By aflette

    Can't download new levels

    I love this game but every time I try to download a new level it gives me a frowny face before it even starts to download, gets stuck at 9%, and then says my connection was lost. I've tried downloading on WiFi and LTE, I've restarted my phone and everything but nothing works. And I don't want to uninstall the app and lose my progress and potentially get stuck at the same roadblock. Help please?

  • By //:*RainWolf*:\\

    Kinda Aggravating

    I used to play this on my old phone and the game worked just fine before this update, and now I’m stuck on level 9 because the song won’t compose and keeps showing “?!” every time I click on it. I tried deleting and downloading the app again, but it didn’t work, it only made me start over (which I knew it would do, but still a bit aggravating). I’ll give the app a better rating once this is fixed and I can actually play the game >:|

  • By Kaleb. K.

    Would be great but...

    I like the gameplay, but there’s a bug where every time I leave the app it disconnects me from the internet in game, which makes it so I can’t load new levels. This bug persists even though I am connected and have no issues with my internet. The only way to fix this is to delete and re-download the app, but it inevitably happens again. If the developer fixed it, this would be a 4-5 Star but this bug is game breaking.

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