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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-26
  • New version: 1.5.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Tile Master 3D - Classic Match


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Tile Master 3D - Classic Match is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by HIGGS TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - HIGGS TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED, with the latest current version being 1.5.4 which was officially released on 2021-07-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5422 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Tile Master 3D - Classic Match App

How does it Work?

Tile Master 3D is a new and stylish puzzle game ever than before! Power up your brain and increase your memory speed. Hundreds of cute and diversified combinations.


Choose three same projects from randomly placed items! Be carefully, don't fill up the collect bar!

Within limited time, clear all items, pass levels and collect more rewards. 7 different items in the collect bar, FAILED.

Game Features

- 100+ cute tiles : elephant, cake, cars, animals, numbers, fruits and so on, are you ready to unlock more and more?

- Useful hints to help you pass it easily.

- Easy to play! addicted and train your brain

- Puzzle game design, unique 3D tiles.

- Available to play on mobile and tablet devices!

- Freeze time when you need it.

- Different layouts are waiting for you challenge, Powerful boosters to facilitate.

- Improves memory, focus, attention and concentration..

- The Best time killer.

- Level Box & Star Box Rewards

Tile Master 3D is a good game you must fall in love with once when you play it first . It's a puzzle, board and entertaining free match 3d game for anybody to enjoy!

Try our free tile puzzle games and Play OFFLINE/FREE at any time, anywhere either Phone or tablet!

8 Contributions

  • On Mar 04}

    How to use the stars

    I’ve accumulated a lot of stars. How can they be used?

  • On Jan 14}

    Why do I get the same ads that I’m not interested in? Some of the violent game ads are offensive to me but they keep repeating.

    The ads are too repetitive. Especially the offensive ones or the ones I’m not interested in. If I never open them up why keep repeating them? At least send ads I’m interested in.

  • On Nov 01}

    Accumulation of stars!

    How can they be used? If they can't be used to advance game, why would I keep playing?

  • On Aug 12}

    What are hearts for

    I spend too much time and money on this game but love it. I just can’t figure out what the hearts are for? I’ve collected them and box indicates full, but now what?
    Please respond.

  • On Aug 12}

    What are hearts for

    I spend too much time and money on this game but love it. I just can’t figure out what the hearts are for? I’ve collected them and box indicates full, but now what?
    Please respond.

  • On Aug 10}


    Game gets hung up on ad from WW “Take a fortune”. Cannot clear the problem.

  • On Aug 09}

    No info on game

    How can i use the 99,000+ stars i've accumulated?

  • On Aug 06}


    I have extra lives showing, but I do not know how to access them to use.

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    Top Reviews

    • By Anjie2022

      Fun Game with Lots of Different Boards

      This is a fun game with fast action and many different scenarios. As you move up through the levels, more items are added to the mix. Timelines get shorter as more households items, toys and shoes are added to the game. The increasingly difficult games are a challenge, but they can be mastered by a dedicated player.

    • By gamemom56

      Mixed Emotions

      I do enjoy the game however there are too many ads and when you get an ad it takes your consecutive points away. Also there are some ads it won’t let you turn the sound off which is really annoying so I have to only play it when I’m by myself. Another thing my pig is full there are no instructions to tell you if you can buy some thing with pig money so what’s the point of earning more coins if the piggy bank only let you have so many? Lack of instructions, too many ads some with no sound control, fun and addicting! I like the brain activity but I am a little tense playing it at times. Also what in the heck are those power ups or power levels that you get at the beginning of the screen you have a lack of explanation of what all of these things are. I’m giving it a four because it’s fun if you don’t mind putting up with the annoyance of the other things I mentioned.

    • By edcindy

      Fun but annoying game

      It’s fun to play and it’s actually addicting. But it freezes up too much especially at ads. Way too many ads. And when it freezes of course you have to start that level over. The thing that flies thru at beginning also causes freezing occasionally. And sometimes when you get 3 of something it leaves one so you know then that you’ve lost. Really need to fix these issues please.

    • By robin_Loves2shop

      Would be 5* if not for the constant ad interruptions!

      1st I would like to point out that their game advertisements are deceiving... i down loaded this game because the ad showed a cube that made it more like a puzzle game although, we were “supposedly” able to match the pieces from different angles... it appealed to me so I downloaded the app! & quickly found it wasn’t at all what they advertised..., it was a match game I have seen advertisements for plenty of times but was never drawn to it! Ok w/ that said being board stuck at home I decided to give it a go.., it’s free, w/ the option to buy “extras” & as w/ any free game you have to deal w/ the ads! I don’t mind dealing w/ the ads before each new level BUT I do have a problem w/ ads interrupting while playing the game! Mind you, you are given a certain amount of time to complete each challenge! So the worst thing that can happen when your on a roll! Is loose eyes on the screen because.., they decided to throw in some ads! When I have to deal w/ this sort of thing in games as often as it happens here, I tend to get aggravated and this game w/ probably only get played once in a while... if even that considering it wasn’t / isn’t what I wanted when downloaded it to begin w/! The only thing I find appealing is the challenge of trying to beat the clock., other than that the game is a “no brainer” ( pun intended) if your looking for something more challenging for the brain... this isn’t it..,

    • By JACK6667

      If not for the…

      This is a great game of finding the 3 items that are the same in the big pile of things. They keep adding new items with each level. It’s timed but generous. The reason I did not give it a 5 star rating is because every few seconds it goes to an advertisement. I wouldn’t mind that except some of the adds are very long, some adds never go away with no way out except to close out the whole game. Then you have to start the game over. You are not punished for re-starting the game, but you do not get to complete the game you were in the middle of when the add took over.

    • By Jjdefan

      It could be good

      I enjoy playing the game, however, there are some things that need to be addressed. The game freezes during game play and it can cause you to pick wrong items. Ads pop up during actual game play causing the streak timer to wind down resetting your streak. The ads would be acceptable between sessions but not during game play. It appears that the game progressively gets more laggier as more ads are viewed requiring you to completely shut the game down. I do enjoy the game and hope the developer addresses these issues.

    • By Butterflyrj

      Fun game

      Game is great, pretty addictive, but when you have a chance to multiply your reward by watching an ad it often says “ad unavailable.” Don’t tell me “no ad available. “ Because when you have to go to the next level, there’s an ad you have to watch first. So if there’s an ad before you get to the next level, then there’s obviously an ad available when you want to multiply your reward. Quit being so stingy and fix this issue so players can take advantage of the rewards you allow.

    • By Literary old bat

      The ads don’t make it worth downloading

      This game would be brilliant, except for the more than intrusive ads. They don’t just show up after each level, they show up in the middle of the timed levels. I will probably delete it because the ads are intolerable. I get that the company needs to make money, they can’t continue to work otherwise. I don’t mind in app purchases at all. In fact if I get really into a game I will buy so I can keep playing. I don’t even get a full level, never mind time to really get focused. The ads turn me off so badly that I won’t even consider buying those games. Rethink your revenue strategy

    • By BeckyLl

      It's fun, but full of technical glitches

      As others have said, this is a fun (at times) and fast-paced game. It's also full of technical glitches. I'm only on level 14, and twice now the game has hung on me. I've matched three items, but only two pieces were removed from the board. Then, the orphaned piece(s) remain on the board, even after the counter reaches 0:00, and there's no way to exit. I have to reboot my phone in order to continue, and then I have to replay the round. Other times, the game doesn't respond for a second or two, after I tap an item. And then sometimes an ad appears, right in the middle of a game round.

    • By Supergramms

      Fun and misleading

      I really enjoy this game. Misleading, bc they show a cube game that, in my opinion, should be a separate game from the original. But I am no where near the level some of you are. Ads are ridiculous. Then I read how and why they keep track of your data. I feel invaded with all these companies thinking they have the right to keep my info. And it’s the same ad over and over and over. It’s annoying, if I don’t get the ad after the 2-3 try I’m not getting it. Can’t finish 1 game with out ads. I am dropping games keep my info.

    • By StormysMom5

      Love this game, you changed it, am going to delete

      I have downloaded about 8 of these games and also deleted them! For me they were impossible to play more than 20 or 30 levels and they would have so many items on the board and give you 4 or 5 minutes to finish them, there was no way I could go any farther without spending a fortune, which I don’t have. So I deleted them, this game gives me enough time to get the levels done. I watch a lot of ads so I can get extra points and I think with doing that I help you get paid good. Thank you so much for thing of us elderly people who really need those extra minutes. Without putting out a fortune, which we don’t have being on a fixed income! Thanks for making the time so low there is no way you can finish it! Thanks for nothing, I am going to delete this game the same as I did the rest of them, Shame on you!

    • By B12entley

      Changing review from two stars to one since zero is not an option

      The longer I played there were more and more commercials and the commercials got progressively longer. As someone else said, I get so aggravated that I’m on a roll only to get interrupted with commercials in the middle of a level of the time sensitive game. Plus, there are now lots of glitches, such as placing a finger on an item without it moving to go on to making another match. I’m deleting the game and reinstalling to see if it works better. If not, I’m done. I reinstalled the game. Very early on in the levels - long before there are lots and lots of different items to match that can be obscured by each other - the game was interrupted within a level with a lengthy commercial. Takes all the fun out of playing the game. I’m done. Application deleted.

    • By Tori1771

      Great game but….

      The game itself is great…. BUT the game freezes around 10 times a week and when that happens you have to delete the app and reinstall it😡 it’s very frustrating! Also if ur not logged in the game through your Facebook you lose absolutely all your progress. Now let’s discuss ALL the hundreds of ads in the game. There are so many u wonder if it’s even worth playing this game. Honestly I’m looking into seeing if there is a game like this with less ads. They do so many ads so that they can get you to pay them so that you can play the game without ads…I’m not doing that! They really need to fix these issues!!

    • By Dizzy Lizzy

      Love then Ugh!

      Loved to play at first matching and sure I wanted to beat the timer! Now with many more items I just want to beat my own time but no option to turn timer off, I not going to buy time! Maybe the timer does’t change after an interruptive ad but you still lose time! I never found any explanation for the buttons at the bottom of the tray and waisted time at a higher level trying them out and now stuck at the current level because I’ll never get past it. Already have memory issues so going to delete and go sort some colored balls at my own speed!

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