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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-09
  • New version: 1.2.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later - Conquer the World


This page is a stub. You can help - Conquer the World Wiki by Expanding it. - Conquer the World is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by AI Games FZ. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - AI Games FZ, with the latest current version being 1.2.4 which was officially released on 2021-07-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 18270 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Conquer the whole alternative world! Command your troops and capture all the states!

This cell battle game will challenge your logic and reaction. is an abstract real time strategy, a tactical clash of dots, an exciting countries takeover.

Fight against armies solving strategic puzzles to beat your rivals and expand your superiority in the world arena. Lead your army to the victory in the epic battle game. Be a winner in this war strategy!

Conquer countries and territories, block and destroy your opponents' towers, attack lands of enemies and defend your borders. Be smart and brave in this tactical and logic cell conquest! Each of your actions will have consequences – be a true strategist in attacks and defense.

This war simulator demands tactics, not power. You are to use your brain, not muscles. Become a hero, solving this tactical dot puzzles! You will definitely have a lot of fun struggling on different maps we have added specially for you.

Be on top enjoying our free RTS either online or offline, playing 1v1 on first levels and versus more competitors on further levels.

Ready to complete this epic conquest and make your domination story?! Then download the game to begin your strategic expansion.

*The game is designed for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to the real world and geopolitical situation are coincidental.*

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Top Reviews

  • By Soluto47

    Untapped potential

    When I first opened this game, I was adamant on believing that it was another one of those grindy annoying .io games. What I was met with exceeded my expectations, and I enjoyed my first play through of the game. I will address 3 points in this review: game progression, ai, and the potential this game has. When I started, it was rather easy to grind out upgrades, and I enjoyed playing a game that actually felt like it had a tolerable grind. Right now, the ai in this game is quite lackluster in the later stages of my play through. Ai only attack each other most of the time, and it is quite easy to conquer their territory. What I would suggest to the game devs is an increase in ai difficulty, and maybe a buff in their forces. Now, onto the potential. Right now, there is only one continent, North America. I think it would be a smart idea to add more continents and countries, as one map tends to get stale after a while. If the devs feel like being lazy; then they could just give the player the option to conquer the whole United States. If the devs run out of countries, then they could move into areas in a certain state. Like I said earlier, the potential of this game is untapped, and if the devs see this review then I give them this advice. Please don’t change the progression system, make the ai a little bit more challenging for the player, and please consider expanding the map so that the player doesn’t feel bored after the first few playthroughs.

  • By Back in a flash

    Developer, Please See Bottom.

    Want new things? Watch an ad. Want to do better? Watch an ad. Want to break the game? Watch a lot of ads and play for hours. After awhile the caps mean nothing and if you don’t see the obvious way to win you will lose. This game has potential and that’s the only nice thing I can say about it. Do yourself a favor and don’t play this game. Play if all you like to do is watch 100s ads for a game that lacks in graphics, dialogue, strategy, brain cells, and finely cut spaghetti. If the developer put any thought and care into it the developer could make a decent game and make the ads completely optional. Note to the developer: If you make the game good enough then watching an ad won’t seem like a chore. Somehow you are #10 and that is great. If you make a better game you will definitely get more people interested and you will get more people watching ads instead of making them watch it for the “Gifts” that you have in the game. Don’t make it too obvious that you want us to watch an ad because every ad we watch you get a small amount of money. I get it so do yourself a huge favor and don’t make it obvious. It’s perverted.

  • By Wafflewitz

    Great but have on suggestions

    I give this game 5 stars for keeping me interested and always playing it over all the other games in my phone. If you are thinking of getting it I would highly recommend. I never feel like the AI are better, in fact I beat them 99% of the time. There are different areas that you can attack such as the United States, Europe, and Africa. Of course I would love to see more places to attack, but the one feature I would love to see would the ability to choose where you play. I think this would make the game even more enjoyable and help players master territories. I would love to see the feature implemented soon. Otherwise love the game.

  • By I1ori6x

    This will definitely improve the game.

    I honestly love this game so much. Your patience is being tested, your focus, and shows how smart you are. What I think would be better is having an online mode where you play against other people online. And each content has their own servers or something so less laggy for everyone. Now I know that is huge and might be too much I have another idea. Maybe you can made different game modes about how the world look like. Pangea basically. You can like do this but how all the countries where connected to each other as one. And different modes for different shapes on how earth looked like. Another and smart idea would be is that to make some land make more people faster. For example let’s say Egypt and Libya. Egypt would produce more people faster because they have the Nile river. Or maybe other countries would make more people faster because of the type of land, or the huge cities they have. You get the idea. One bonus thing to say is that not usually I could get attacked twice at once and it would hard to keep up so maybe the first person to do that leave and the second will have to wait until the first person is done attacking. Anyways I hope you read this and I hope I helped you improve the game. Keep up the work and have a good one.

  • By Danilopoptart9

    Great game but could use some updates

    This is and overall great game but one feature I think they should add is the ability to call reinforcements from places you have obtained but are out of the zone you would have to buy it and it would be maybe around a thousand, Another feature I would want the developers to add would be to have declarations of war and peace treaty’s so your not always getting attacked and you can focus on on faction, also I would like the 50 cap to be bigger you could probably make it cost money or something, also for the peace treaty stuff make it so factions aren’t like really buggy and declare war tons of times, and I have see units that are like 300+ and can like wipe out the map so could you fix that please, I hope the game owner or someone reads this I look forward to updates in the future.

  • By lol4466

    Needs more stuff

    This game overall is very good and fun. I enjoy upgrading and at this point, I am eager to open it every morning to collect my money. But the game is bland now. Maybe if you could have more upgrades? How fast units move, how many locations you can send troops from one location (currently if I have a state that is mine and I send units to another, it only goes there and if I want to go to another, the flow stops to the first one and switches). Maybe a leaderboard so people could fight for the top and multiplayer would sound nice. Large maps would definitely be fun and the possibility for my states to have a limit over 120 troops. Also I currently produce 100 troops per second, but I notice it is a bit slow. Maybe a bug? Other than that good game overall. Just needs some more things to spice it up.

  • By TheLegend_SHSU


    I love this game! It’s tons of fun! However I kind of got burnt out around level 250. I love the concept of the game but I feel like the game is challenging enough. I feel like the AI needs an extensive buff to make it much more difficult as I don’t really have any trouble beating it ever. That or another option would be to increase the prices of leveling up your stuff so it’s not as easy to advance. I mean some people make like how easy it is but I would like more of a challenge. An idea I had and not sure if it’s even possible or worth doing for that matter. Is having a separate part of the game with the same concept but with allies? Like AI allies as you go against over ai with allies. Just a thought though. I would rather see an significant increase difficulty.

  • By Judah Hanson

    Good but...

    So the game itself is simple and fun, it cold use some detail but it’s free so I’m not gonna complain. My reason for this not being 5 stars is that even tho I paid to remove ads I still have to watch them if I want to unlock certain cosmetic items, I understand why the feature of tripling your income from a round or your offline earning would have you do it, but cosmetic features shouldn’t have ads after you pay to remove ads. (For clarity it did remove the random unskipable ads.) overall fun simple game. A little note to the developers, a small cool feature to add would be allowing you to pick which state to play as, also allowing and Bette royale where all the states are separate or all the states are available at once.

  • By Enrich e's son

    Great but needs more content and strategy

    I have always been wanting a game like this since the OG coolmath game and I love to see a mobile version that is actually polished. However, it desperately needs more countries. I would love to dominate North America, Central America, The Caribbean, S. America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, etc. HUGE POTENTIAL it just needs to be fulfulled. Also it could use more strategy. Maybe only let units move to ADJACENT states? Or also more upgrades to purchase between rounds or maybe even powerups to purchase in the middle of rounds. Also it is currently WAY too easy to win and I got tired pretty fast since there was no longer a sense of accomplishment. But overall good game with a lot of room for improvement.

  • By Reedboy6

    Raw fun, Lots of potential

    I give it 4/5 only because I feel like there’s so much that could be done with the game. Don’t get me wrong I’ve played it probably every day since I’ve got it but it didn’t take me long at all to level up to a point where it kinda made over powered and that game not as fun as when I first got it and was a level 1. Peace Treaties, negotiations, online play, different minerals/terrain for each land could come in to play somehow as well. Just some stuff from the top of my head. Love the game, loads of fun, still tons of potential for it

  • By Ryan01244333448

    Good, gets stale really fast

    Let me first say that I never write reviews. But I had to make an exception here. This has potential but lacks to effectively use it. I had an enjoyable time playing this game. I’ll ignore the fact that there’s an add after every single level too. On the other hand, this game definitely gets repetitive pretty quickly. Can you really “conquer the world” when two continents are missing? When I was playing I was wondering where Russia/Asia is along with Australia. It would help to solve some of the repetitiveness. If people get bored of that, you could even make it so you conquer the territories inside of a state too. There’s a lot of potential here that has yet to be utilized. I’ll be checking out for updates but I don’t have much hope that much will change here. Best of luck to the devs before they pop out another cheap and easy money maker like everybody else making mobile games.

  • By Danny - fix it plz

    Potential but don’t pay for Ad Removal

    This game is fun, don’t get me wrong but there’s so much work that could and should be going into this game. There comes a time around level 100 I think where it says “content coming soon”, and that’s all you get besides coins. Now there are so many ads in this game and I am fine with paying $10 to remove ads in a game that has entertained me. But the only ads it removes are the ones on the “home screen”. The ads you see after every level are still there as well as the multiplier after being “away” for a period of time. I get having some ads still to get free coins from time to time but there are far too many and I'm honestly about done with them because it’s ridiculous and makes me feel like I wasted my money. You spend anywhere from 30 seconds to like 2 minute per round and then 30 seconds per ad. It’s overkill and I’m here to tell you don’t make the same mistake I did, DO NOT pay for the ad removal.

  • By It's like the others

    Eh could be because

    When I started it was pretty fun. Not a ground breaking game but one I could waste time with. Once you get to the later levels however the gap between your starting numbers and production speed and the enemies' because increasing drastic. Yes you can upgrade these things but everytime you do it seems the enemy does twice. On top of that the levels with multiple enemies can be frustrating as all the enemies seem to agree to attack one territory at once and never stop attacking that one territory even if it fails which doesn't make it hard it just makes the game longer and extremely frustrating. I think this game would be better if 1. The enemies and the player started on a even playing field and 2. If territories could only attack territories they border. Again the early levels are fun but the later ones are more frustrating.

  • By xCeteris

    Don’t Purchase, Play Free

    The game itself is quite entertaining and is great when you’re wanting to kill some time. My issue, however, is with the ability to purchase to remove ads but not all ads being removed. My understanding was that if I purchased the game, I would not have to view any more video adds, however, that is not the case. Paying $9.99 only gets rid of the adds at the bottom of the screen, NOT any of the video adds. I understand the game needs Ads to continue to run, but the amount of ads I had to deal with despite paying $10 was horrendous. I can understand watching an Ad to increase your coin counts, but I should NOT have to watch an add after every so many rounds OR to claim my Capture Reward for plaing 3 games. Most games I have paid for to remove ads would remove them all entirely for a fraction of the price these guys are charging.

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