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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-23
  • New version: 1.51.09
  • File size: 113.02 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game


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Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by AI Games FZ. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - AI Games FZ, with the latest current version being 1.51.09 which was officially released on 2021-06-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 17926 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game App

How does it Work?

Don't try and hide it, we know you can't get enough fun 2048 games!

So don't be shy, do yourself a favor and download Chain Cube!

A whole new take on the famous brainteaser game! Now in 3D with crazy fun physics!

The blocks don't stay in place — they fall realistically and bounce off each other if you don't land right!

The gameplay is simple:

1. Aim with your 3D die!

2. Shoot and hit the block with the same color and number!

3. Group together blocks to reach 2048!

But why stop there? Keep racking up points and beat your own record!

Get ready for awesome graphics, an easy interface, intuitive controls, and fun 3D physics!

Plus, Chain Cube is absolutely free!

Download the game right now! What're you waiting for?

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Top Reviews

  • By Freaking Nerd

    Premium Game-Shopping Experience!

    Have you heard of an app that allows you to check out hundreds of great games in a matter of minutes? This awesome app invites you to the virtual fairground of wonderful games out there, connecting you to the diverse group of developers with fascinating catch phrases such as the ones telling you how their games are “harder than you think,” showing you courageous attempts of virtual individuals trying to perform challenging, highly motivating, and thought-provoking tasks over and over before unfortunately failing, making you feel good about yourself in comparison and kindling that inner desire to open up your wallet! Oh, and although this may sound impossible, should you ever get slightly bored of this exciting game-shopping experience, the app will even let you engage in occasional cube-matching events, which provides the opportunity for your brain to take short moments of relaxing diversion, before going back to check out even more of those other games! Kudos for the developers to think outside the box!! Who knew you could make an app that accompanies eye-shopping of games developed by others with a tiny serving of your own game, instead of the other way around? An awesome, premium game-shopping experience for all!

  • By 19matt81


    Wow, it’s amazing... I don’t how they did it. Literally the most ads you will ever see in any app ever. If you play the game for 3 minutes you will have watched more ads than if you watched 3 Superbowls back to back. It’s like an app for just watching ads. It’s like if they scooped out all your brain matter and replaced it with ads. ADS. ADS. ADS. Its like if you got the Covid vaccine but all they injected was ads. Remember the time when you learned to drive? This game is like that but if the windshield was covered with ads, and you were blinded by ads, and crashed into a billboard full of ads, and it exploded into little ads that all started running around your car replicating and making little baby ads and they started crawling up your body and tattooing your skin with ads. ADS. ADS. ADS. Oh it’s also like that time when I was watching ads, and I took a break to watch ads, then I got some ice cream and it was pralines and ads, then I checked who texted me and it was Mrs Ads and she had sent me ads and when I laughed I spewed out ads and I texted her back ads, and then we texted each other ads and then I called her and we talked about ads and then I hung up and went back to watching ads. Other than that, cool game. But lots of ads.

  • By InfrequentReviewerForNow

    I think I like it too much because I can’t stop playing it

    I think because there’s no real end point here — I find this so much more addictive than most games. I genuinely struggle to put it down and I find that “just a few minutes” turn into “how was that just 40 minutes?!” I figured out quickly that the ads were too annoying to enjoy the free version, though. Like no way would I be able to stand it. The ads are long and for icky games but I love the haptics of the cubes. Some say you still get ads with the paid version, but no: you just say no to the extra bombs and life and go on about your business. I don’t even need those. I think my largest cube now is 256k or something and I rarely get things so stacked up that I need to use one of my 300+ life points (like, maybe 5 times total). However, if you find it hard to put this thing down, decide to never use your life points if you get stacked up. I should have done that the first time but now I’m too invested. And yet I doubt that would solve the problem of not wanting to stop playing. But at least it keeps me off Twitter and such, which was the point.

  • By Number707

    Great game to make time fly by

    I have to say out of all the action games with crazy graphics I have on my phone I always end up back to this one. I agree with the other reviews about the one thing that downplays it is that whenever a cube is made it momentarily freezes the gameplay to let you know it made a cube. How does that cause a little frustration you may ask? Well it wouldn’t be so bad if it would not interfere with the shot you are making at the moment because it ends up going a different way than where you are sending it. I think a perfect fix would be instead of it freezing your gameplay it would instead just show a banner on top of the screen without it stopping the game. I know it is also intended so you may have the choice to play an add so you can get double the bombs as a reward but you really only need 3 if even that because the game is so easy. I didn’t mention that I payed to not have any adds but it is basically the same thing if the game pauses to ask you if you want to play an add. Not complaining just suggesting.

  • By kjive

    Terrible game. 5 stars.

    Downloaded this game a week ago and I haven’t died yet. My score is so high it’s basically meaningless. Not trying to brag- the game is so easy it’s nearly impossible to lose. The game is bugged so after ads it sometimes shoots a block where you didn’t intend but it doesn’t even bother you. If you can match colors you have all you need to succeed. My two year old could even do it if it weren’t for the strange density of ads for gun games that I don’t especially want him (or me really) to see. So why am I still playing it a week later? I don’t know! I am usually a person who likes to challenge myself. Maybe it’s just satisfying to watch those blocks bounce around? Maybe on 2020 a game where you can’t lose becomes especially appealing. Either way, this dumpster fire of a game is for some reason exactly what I needed right now, so 5 stars.

  • By Little Lilbug


    I love this game but I have a couple issues to address. First one is that the adds are excessive. One add after every single level is way to much. Next I would like to address that this game is way to easy. In fact it is so easy it would only be hard for a newborn. Also levels are weirdly short. The levels are also all over the place because one round you have to make it to 256 next is 512 then it’s back at 256. I am not trying to be rude in any way shape or form I just thought that it would be good to address this and I think someone will agree with me. Thank you so very much for reading this and yes this pretty long I just tried explaining as detailed as possible. So that’s it but over all this is an awesome game that I would definitely recommend for people who like games that will not ever end and that are relaxing. That’s all I have to address but all the things that I said I think should be worked on and I some people will agree with me. But again I’m not trying to be rude or mean or bossy in any way shape or form.👍🏻

  • By Mischiefs

    Amazing addictive game, ads are highly annoying, but still fun.

    I ended up actually purchasing this game and I never buy “free” games. For such a simple game it was hugely addicting, especially for those short moments of waiting and you need something to fidget with. The ads in the free version are seriously annoying especially when you would chose to skip the double reward and the ads would still play. It also put a huge strain on my battery, but I kept coming back to it. I finally bought the ad free version and I have not been disappointed. You still have an option to double the reward by watching an ad or if you end up “losing” you can watch an ad to continue with the same game. I racked up to almost 6 million points before I started a new game just to see how long it took me to get up to the same number of points. If you are looking for a very simple game, that is very satisfying it’s worth the $4.99

  • By davrodg360

    Great time wasting game, essential for work and school audience players

    Few ideas to make it better, and achieve the financial goals and generate revenues from both gamers and advertisers- charge 1$ for one full add every 5 minutes (20-30sec) or 5$ for none. If you keep interrupting the game with ads that can cause iPhone to drop Webex and audio due to their use of sound to play, and a repetitive small library of irrelevant products that I assume generate limited ad revenue and often times cause game abandonment thus making even less user interaction and ad revenue - use the education and apply UX and client focus to drive better revenues and place relevant ads for the user base and user meta data to retain users, improve ad click and acquisition of new users to offset the need to force way too many ads per minute and still meet your financial objectives!

  • By Hefto

    I will ask for a refund if you don’t fix this!

    This is a great game but there are far too many useless interruptions. When I first started playing I was impressed with the gameplay but the ads were life-sucking. But I saw a click button for “no ads” and it was I thought a pretty steep price ($5.99) but there was just no way I could enjoy the game otherwise. So now there are “no ads” but every time a significant block is formed play stops, I am congratulated, and there is an offer for a “reward” like a bomb or what not. But that’s only a “reward” if you watch ....wait for it... an AD! And the button to “accept” the “reward” is right where you are now tapping from muscle memory after playing umpteen rounds. In my opinion the frequency of ads is coercive in getting people to purchase. And the continued interruptive notices and “rewards” are deceptively Not mentioned as continuing after purchase. I’m expecting some kind of response within a week or I’m gonna dump this and get my money back.

  • By GamesPlayedByDev

    Solid Game but the ads kill the enjoyment.

    There’s something oddly satisfying about watching those colorful cubes pop all over the screen to grab major combos. With that said, the ads soon take away all feelings of enjoyment and transition you to a quick feeling of “I hope I didn’t get that high combo because I KNOW THERES A AD COMING!!!” That unfortunate reality has me seriously considering deleting this game. It’s that bad. Then the option to pay 5 bucks for no adds is simply outrageous. It instantly makes me think the developers did this on purpose to force you to go that route. To me choosing a barrage of ads over user enjoyment is a huge no no. Don’t get me wrong I fully understand the point of ads, I just feel that at the end of the day we as users should be able to enjoy or time without being taken out of our emersion to watch ads every 2-5 mins. Then to add insult to injury they give you the “no thanks” option on watching an ad and doubling your reward or not. Clicking that “no thanks” just simplest takes you to an ad anyway just with no reward for watching it. End of the day the actual game is a good time but you’ll spend more time on ads then actually playing. 3 stars (generously) for me.

  • By Monstera77

    ADs are unbearable

    I do not recommend this unless you're going to pay the $5 (which seems crazy high for its simple graphics and play). The ads are incessant and at times, actually disgusting and offensive. There is an ad for a game popping pimples on the bottom of feet, with visual examples, which I have no problem if someone wants to play that but really puts me off my snacking. In most games you strive to do well so you can save lives and avoid ads, this game will punish a positive move with an immediate ad. It will ask if you want to earn something with an ad, when you say no thanks it makes you watch an ad. Ads come up in the middle of plays. Some ads have volume, some stay off like I asked them to. Some ads force you to click through instead of waiting for the consistent x in the corner. I have played hundreds of games, don't spend money on them unless it's a reasonable upfront cost, and have never reviewed one, congrats chain cube. This game would be fun without ads but I refuse to play the $5 at this point, so I'm going to continue to angrily play it until an ad finally causes me to rage chuck my phone into the garbage disposal, at which point I'll change my review to 0 stars.

  • By Y88Y88Y88

    Would have been 3 stars...

    Was going to give this 3stars, but then I read that people still get ads after paying for “no ads”. Not cool. So yeah. The ads. Incessant. Every time you get more than the most basic of blocks it stops the game to tell you you’ve earned a participation medal and you can get 2 if you watch an ad. If you say “no thanks” you get one medal - and are forced to watch an ad for it. I was going to pay for no ads, but it’s $5. This is not a $5 game. It’s a mindless time killer that’s pretty fun (made so largely by the wonky physics), but it’s a $1 game. My work around is turn off cell data for the game, turn off WiFi when I want to play. That stops the ads. But it doesn’t stop the participation medal pop ups. And when you get the pop up there’s a long delay before the “no thanks” comes up. So you sit there and wait to go back to playing. The pop ups can often be seconds apart. Lower the price and actually remove the ads, and I’ll probably give you real money for it. And give you more stars. It could easily be a 4 or 5 star game.

  • By Atagana

    Great Casual Fun - Terrible Experience

    I very rarely review apps. Especially time-wasting games, but I think those thinking of downloading should have this info. Ads. They are horrendous. The quantity, the quality, the obtrusive nature. God, they are bad. *Side note: I listen to a lot of audio books. This game has the ads that will stop my audio book to play extremely loud and obnoxious music for an ad. This infuriated me.* But I know that these developers have to make money. So I paid the couple of dollars to support them and get rid of ads. Problem solved, right? Wrong. Now, the game interrupts my play every couple of minutes to ask me if I WANT to watch an ad anyway. Had I known the developers were going to take my money and then invasively continue to attempt to monetize my play time, I would’ve deleted the app a long time ago. Other than the fact that the game is only almost bearable after paying money, this is a great game. Good concept and decent physics engine. If they fix this ad problem, the game would be 4 stars.

  • By Gabbmac

    Misrepresented In-App purchase

    The game is fun and enjoyable. However, there are far too many ads. So when an option popped up offering No More Ads for $4.99, I went ahead and purchased it. Within less than 3 minutes of game play after the purchase, the ads were still coming. I gave it some more time, thinking it might be a glitch, but they kept coming. I went to Apple iTunes support to request a refund. After spending far too much time having to deal with a $4.99 refund request, I am told that it could take Apple up to 48 hours to review the request and then up to 30 days for the refund (if granted) to show up into my account. I have many subscriptions with Apple and have been a long time customer as well. Apples business practices, I believe lately, have been moving further away from customer satisfaction to more of a developer favored plan. I will be stopping some of my other services with Apple if this is how they deal with long time customers over what should be a very simple request. I am of the generation where if a customer has a problem, you take care of them right away, as the return business and customer satisfaction is worth far more than the initial problem. Bottom line is, enjoy the game for what it is, LOADED WITH ADS, but don’t be deceived by the option to buy out of the ads as it is a deception. This developer should be ashamed about this.

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