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Sling Plane 3D


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Sling Plane 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Panteon. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Panteon, with the latest current version being 1.23 which was officially released on 2021-06-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 58602 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.2 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Sling Plane 3D App

How does it Work?

Realistic flight experience waiting for you.

Get your passengers to the destination without crashing.

Easy to fly, hard to landing.

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Top Reviews

  • By Saud_111

    Fix the glitches

    I found 3 glitches that can make me 1st on the leaderboard 1.I can go Andre the ground I played it and found the glitch now I have gone 5.4m and restarted because I’m a nice guy and don’t want to ruin the game for the 1st in the leaderboard and glitch number 2. You can go faster and fall slower by lunch your self in a direction and go left or right to go faster and glitch number 3. You can lunch your self in a direction to go behind the map and land on the ground and it will get a 2x money I think because I all ways get like 1m money and because of that glitch I got all of my stats to 110 and I hope you fix the glitches and have a nice day :)

  • By chase bbb

    Games fun some glitches

    Game is fun it glitches in favor of the ads a lot so I end up spending lots of time watching ads the most frustrating part is when it glitches on the multiplication and my hard work is completely waste. Alternatively I have also maxed out the game and I would really really love to be able to go past 100 because I don’t seem to be able to get any farther than my current score I would appreciate an update thank you very much

  • By Green grassie


    If you haven’t downloaded fling plane download it! I swear it is very good are you do is you when you’re playing any fly over a bunch of land and you try to beat your high score you upgrade your plane so I hope you can download this game it is very very good also I give it five stars because I’ve been playing it for like a week and I’ve been liking it for the next seven days so if you want to download it please download it gives you game a lot support and give it five stars thank you :3

  • By Ze Cactus

    Only one long map, easy to max stats

    This game only has one map- you launch and fly ever various terrains. A nice bug is that you can continue to level up even after you run out of coins by watching ads. Bad thing is you max out at level 200 and can only go so far on the map before running out of gas- between 10K & 11K. To do this, you have to weave through mountain passes at the end to get the extra distance before crashing in the lake. This game could be great if there were more maps and additional aircraft- and if the stats changed by the aircraft/sling and you could get gas bonuses by navigating over certain obstacles.

  • By Timy1996

    It was fun

    I maxed everything out in one day. I also noticed the sling upgrade didn't really do anything. Everything that mattered was the engine upgrade. I don't know if it was a big or not but I could hit landing pads and gain all my fuel back. With this I was able to make it to 100,00M before I got bored and crashed on purpose. A fuel gauge would be helpful as well. As a suggestion maybe fixing that and add fuel canisters as well as boosters. I had fun playing it but now I can't progress any further and don't see why I should keep playing it. The cap was 200. So I enjoyed it for the time I put into it.

  • By Kamarhi

    Good ideas, poor execution

    This game seems fun until you realize it’s all about getting ad revenue for the app designers. What’s that you paid $6 to stop the ads? Guess again. You cannot upgrade using all your money in one go without watching an ad. Well unless you want to close the game and reopen it. So basically they have scammed anyone who paid this out of their money. Also, I’m getting tired of false advertising of game ads. In the game ad it showed someone flying through a tunnel and avoiding cars. Actually flying. In this game all you do is launch your plane, fly in a straight line and then at the end you try to land on a platform. The later in the game you go the longer you have to hold the plane in place. The map is a repeat of the same and you can get to the repeated section after level 110. It’s like they are punishing people who stick around. Here do the same stuff just longer. The

  • By NoSignal70

    Too many ads, too little distance

    It doesn’t take very long to max out your level, but even then I can’t get past 10k meters. It looks like previous versions of the game have fun runways, and The ability to “lift“ the aircraft farther by flying over the floating fans, but neither of which are there anymore. On top of that, The amount of ads are insane. As a beginner, I spent more time looking at ads than I did flying. Now that I’ve gotten maxed out levels, it’s about even. Paying for no ads is not worth it if it can’t make you fly farther either. Gameplay needs to be fixed, or made more exciting and there needs to be fewer ads for a higher rating

  • By wellwhatnicknamehasntbeenused

    DO NOT sacrifice your time or your privacy!

    An experimental trial was undertaken, as 1 hour of game play was monitored and recorded. Results showed an average of 1 minute 32 seconds of ADS per 30 seconds of GAMEPLAY. 3 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF TIME IS SPENT WATCHING ADS FOR OTHER GAMES THAN ACTUALLY PLAYING THE PARTICULAR GAME ITSELF! Additionally, the extent of “data tracking” used for this primitive style game and/or platform is unnecessary and uncalled for. Under the listed “data tracking details” it is clearly informed that IDENTIFICATION ADDRESS of any device used to play the game will be record, as well as any actions taken while using this application. Additionally, 3rd parties (other apps, platforms, databases) will be granted access to this info. The details will go on the say how “personal identification” will not be obtain... (FALSE). Yeah, only the identification number for the personal device which that person owns/pays the bills for. This is a direct link (and access) to a persons name, personal info, location, and much more. It’s sad; and all want to do was fly a plane.

  • By John donor

    Hot garbage

    I spent like a whole week trying to genuinely play the game but I realized after 10 minutes that the game will spam you with ads and the only way around them is to purchase No adds so I got bored and bought it and guess what, didn’t work my purchase went through but I never got rid of the adds. And the game itself is so bad you can tell that the company pushing out these dumpster fire games just threw in used assets, for example the game includes hovercraft things from the avengers as point boosters and the boost isn’t even accessible if you don’t watch an ad, making it harder to get farther because the put them in random spots and you can’t fly over them so they make the game harder to play. In conclusion please stop making these games waste so much battery when I have them open I know it’s the games because my phone gets really hot and my battery drains only when I use the app

  • By spiceySandwitch

    Could be a lot of fun but has too many problems

    This game could be a great time wasting game but it has way to many issues. First, the ads are insane, a lot of the landing platforms require you to watch an ad if you land there, then if you want a to increase the money from that run it’s another ad, then they make you watch another ad to continue and then you may get to watch another ad if you want to unlock a new skin. Oh and then when you go to upgrade your plane you can only upgrade 5 levels before you are required to watch an ad. But I was willing to put up with that and then the next problem came after 2 days I had gotten to level 200 on everything and that is the maximum level. Once you get to level 200 there is nothing left to do because there is no way to get the plane to go any further.

  • By holler732

    Used to be fun and no ads should mean NO ads...

    It was fun before this most recent “fix”. The upgrades never seemed to work at helping distance outside of marginal increases (my engine and sling are both at lvl 180 I think). We used to be able to do a “fly by” (Top Gun) on the landing pads and it would act to refuel the plane. My highest distance before the update was over 50k. Now I’m struggling to get past 7500. That’s with upgrading my engine and sling 5x each flight alternatively. I’m not sure what they “fixed”, but it’s less. Also, if you pay for no doesn’t mean no ads. The multiplier still requires you to watch ads. I have other slingshot games that cost less that legitimately removed all the ads. They come up with new worlds every few months too. If I could get a refund, I would and probably remove the game from my phone.

  • By cjmata4

    Ads even though you pay for no ads

    I have never written a review for anything on the App Store until now after being robbed and tricked thinking that if I paid the $5 for no ads I’d be able to actually enjoy the game and play it with no ads. This is wrong and false advertisement. If you pay for no ads there should be zero ads including in the gameplay. I paid $5 for absolutely nothing. The ads it took away did not have anything to do with the gameplay itself. As many others stated the ads accumulate more time than the gameplay itself. I will be deleting the game and avoiding this developer until this is resolved. If you paid the money for no ads - this should mean NO ADS PERIOD. As many other App Store games advertise and give you in return. Not this one though. SCAMMERS!

  • By Cowtown mike

    Don’t buy the “No Ads” pack, false advertising!!!

    While this is an ok mindless launch game that I would rate 3 maybe 3.5 stars as it has some skill aspect to flying and controlling where you land. The ads killed it for me. I played a couple days decide it was worth spending $5.99 for no ads and bought it. Before buying the pack, it was 2-3 ads per round. 1 if you land on a bonus air strip, one to get a multiplier on your winnings and one just to have another ad. The no ads pack only removed the 1 extra ad. If you are going to sell a pack labeled “no ads” then remove all ads or at a minimum disclose that is does not remove ALL ads. Minus 2.5 stars for deceptive labeling of in game purchases. Btw I never leave reviews but this is borderline petty theft!!

  • By Red_starr

    This app is a Cash grab.

    You can pay to have them remove ads ($6 in my case) but they find every way to include them and there is no way I've found to skip them, though even if you could they find every way they can to put them into the game. The game play itself is simple and could be fun if it wasn’t so plainly and annoyingly obvious that they are trying to milk this for all it’s worth so that what would normally be an enjoyably simple gameplay into a grueling experience of constant interruptions and sitting through advertisements. And this is all on a “ad free” experience of the game so you can forget playing this free if you got 5 mins to spare since 50-75% of it will be spent sitting though commercials.

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