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Home Restoration


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Home Restoration is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Panteon. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Panteon, with the latest current version being 2.06 which was officially released on 2021-06-04. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 39369 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Home Restoration App

How does it Work?

Ultimate ASMR game!

Ready to restore houses and sell it to the highest bidder!

Buy ruined houses and make it glow again!

Fill the cracks, fix the floor and clean everything!

Finally, furnish the house and it is ready to sell!


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Terms of use: https://bit.ly/2YSx0QY

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Top Reviews

  • By ST_Eggo!

    It’s awesome! But I have a recommendation!

    Hello! I love this game I really do. But there are too many ads. I don’t really care about the ad part. It’s just that they keep showing the same ones over and over again. It can be a bit annoying. My recommendation is that you could change the background of the house you are fixing. Sometimes it can be annoying but with this people can chose relaxing colors. I like how you can chose different tools and that type of stuff. I really recommend this game to you and your friends and family! Thank you!

  • By Fashion Police Convict


    I love this app. I’ve had it for about three days and I have 50 mil. I have two problems with the app though. One, there are wayyy to many adds. I turn it on airplane mode and it works fine, but if I go to the end of the offers to gain money and it’s red and I turn the WiFi back on it rlly doesn’t work so I lose money. This brings me to my second problem. On the offers I think you should be able to go back through them and choose the best one. All in all it is a wonderful game. I strongly suggest downloading it.

  • By Critique...😒

    Really cool game...

    First of all, I think this game is pretty well made and it has some concepts that other games of this genre don’t. I’ve found after awhile that it gets kinda boring because you’re just doing the same things over and over. Maybe in a future update the developers could make it so that you can upgrade a whole house. It would also be cool to have more upgrading options such as a leaky roof, or a pest infestation. The last thing I would like to see is more furniture options. You’re really limited to how you can style your house and what it will look like. Maybe there could be some sort of store to be able to buy cool items or even a competition to get people more involved. Sorry for this long review, but I hope the developers are able to add these things!😌

  • By IGameAndReview

    Great game idea but...

    I really love this game!!! I’ve searched for so long trying to find a real house renovation game. This is exactly the game I’ve wanted to play. You can clean the furniture and fix up the walls just like a real life remodel. The only annoying part is that the game lags A LOT. It’s really disappointing because I’m really into the game but then it just freezes. Also, there are never enough ads that you can watch to get the free furniture. I know that this seems really negative but I really do like this game. Please don’t change the idea because I love it so much!! Just a couple minor fixes could make this one of my favorite games! I really hope that you guys can do a couple fixes as soon as possible to make the play time more enjoyable. Thanks so much!

  • By MyReviewsGabs!


    This is a really fun and satisfying game and in fact for a few days, it is the only game I would play! It is super fun and relaxing. There is only one problem though-it’s repetitive. It is fun at first but you just do the same thing OVER and OVER again. It starts to get boring and a little too easy after a while. Also, to those who say there is too many ads, you are wrong! If you turn your WiFi off then there is no ads, and you can get a better experience of the game. I wish the game developer would see this because I deleted this game when it got boring, and if there is more to do then I will for sure download it back! This took a long time to type so thanks you made it to the end!

  • By aerisangel

    Needs more options overall

    This game is great for satisfying my OCD and I do enjoy it but it’s very limited in options. Same furniture, colors and there’s no way to pick out your own lamps, pictures, kitchen cabinets, etc. I hope they will expand this game and add more options to design each room with everything that goes into it. I will continue to play for now but if you guys don’t expand the options and details into the game, I can see it getting very boring. Add in some rugs but let us pick all of our own stuff. We should be able to change the colors of everything even the furniture that needs cleaning. Then this game would be lovely to play. So please more variance and options!!!!!!!

  • By Cookers Lookers

    The ads are aggravating.

    Okay, first off overall amazing game. Fun process and satisfying tactics. The only issue I have is the ads. It is really annoying to have to get things using ads then thirty seconds later an ad that you did not decide to watch comes up. It gets really irritating when the same exact ads pop up as well. And sometimes while I am renovating the houses I might have an ad pop up right when I’m in the middle of painting a wall or cleaning the floor. It gets very irritating because they come out at random times. Other times I might even guess when an ad is about to pop up. So overall, good game. Just please fix the ads, it would do all of us a favor.

  • By Jayy Jayy26

    This game is really fun, but...

    This game is really fun and is a really good time killer. I could play it for hours on end and never get bored. You can design the houses you fix and everything, it is a very creative game. The only thing about this amazing game is the amount of ads. There are so many ads in this game that it is very frustrating. I could go on and on about how the large amount of ads makes the game very annoying and irritating, but I do understand that the company that made the game wants to make money off of showing ads. I just wish that there were less ads. I do very much love this game though and I very much recommend it to my friends.

  • By gikika

    I like it but...- Corin Cook

    I have never seen so many ads in one app. The amount of ads in this game is ridiculous. By downloading this app you spend more time watching ads then you would be playing the actual game. But, the time that I spent playing the game was fun, mesmerizing, and satisfying. This is a good game to relax and relieve stress. But when there is so many ads, it hard to want to continue playing the game. It makes it unplayable. I would also like to give some feedback on the selling point. I wish that you could consider all of your offers, and then go back and pick the best one. Right now when your selling home you are given three buyers but you can only see one at a time. By skipping one, you are unable to go back and get your best offer. The only way to do so is to watch another ad! I hope this review is taken into consideration. Maybe dial down on some of the ads. Over all it is a pretty good game. It’s a bit hard to play the game when you are being interrupted almost every 5 seconds. But over all it’s a good game.

  • By Derbogurl (bored girl)

    Happy but very frustrated

    I am literally ready to chuck my phone game developers. Please don’t take this harshly but this is only because I have no patience. This game is incredible it’s simple and looks cute. It’s satisfying and causes a person to think ahead. It has real life mechanics to the tools and is very interesting. As soon as I saw the ad I had to get it then I got it. Ad after ad after ad! After anything you do there is a 30 second ad! And the skip button disappears or glitches! It makes me come to this App Store again and again! Great game but can you ad like an ad block please! It’s so frustrating! I never write reviews but I love this game and rlly wanna keep it but at this rate I have no patience for this crap! So please please do something it’d mean the world to me! (Also I ran outta money so I can’t move forward what do I do?!?)

  • By Another Anonymous.

    Reoccurring Problem.

    I absolutely LOVE this game! Play it during my free time very often! However.. like every game, it's the ads. I'd watch an advertisement to unlock a 'luxurious' house item, but when I returned to the game, it wouldn't be claimed. I'd try two more times.. Neither of which would be successful. (This is a problem, now it's just a game where you pay lots and earn little. -!!Not only this, but the amount of advertisements I'd get DURING a level?! THAT'S UNFAIR!!- In order to not lose potential applicants, you'd have to make a game to their liking, or it will be played less and less. At least play the advertisement before and/or after!) After that, I'd be done with a level, and I'd try to multiply my earnings, but it would say- "No ads available." Are you serious?! The one time that I INTENTIONALLY want to watch an ad.. THERE IS NONE?! Make 1-2 ads DURING the game, and this problem wouldn't occur! -There's PLENTY of banner advertisements at the bottom of the screen! What more do you need?! I'd have to try to make it to the difficult 5x area, MULTIPLE TIMES before I can FINALLY play the advertisement! This is upsetting. I like the way the game was before the update. Sincerely, A Soon-to-be Lost Applicant.

  • By Tries glithing games

    Love the game but hate 3 or 4 problems

    Basically the game is very fun and everything but like the ADS man they come one thing after the other. Fix it please, you like do one thing and 3 2 1..Ad shows up and you stop it’s like your in the middle of something but someone ask to stop every 10 seconds. Not very fun for that reason and I get it makes money or something but chill with them you gotta work things out man, there is one more reason how many darn levels do you have I am not very low that’s the reason I don’t give 5 out of 5 that’s all I ask. And even darn colors need ADS!! You really want ads this is the like top game with ADS. -Thank you your fellow consumer

  • By ~Wolfie~ Hello!

    Love the game, not the ads..

    I would rate this a 5-star game, it’s amazing! But.. Why do you think I did not rate it 5-star? Because.. it has too many ads? Because it is not appropriate for ages 4+ though it said it is? Both of those, either way are correct. The ads are 𝕋𝕆𝕆 inappropriate!! The ads contain the following mild/intense sexual dating, and nudity! I would say that is 17+!! Each time you try to build something or restore it, AN AD POPS UP. The ad doesn’t let you get out of it, so you get out of the app, (home restoration) come back, and you start ALL over again, not saying this game is bad, it’s great, I would give it a 3 - star, but no, it contains in-app purchases and it MAKES you pay!! It adds it to your credit card! No, I would not recommend this game. (So sorry for any spelling errors, or wrong punctuation. I am writing this from a teenager’s perspective.)Thank you for taking your time to read this. It is greatly appreciated.

  • By Nicky Plavenia

    Way way too many ads!

    I loved this game but really there are ad after ad after ad and at this point it’s very very annoying. There is an ad even after I watched an ad, and I don’t know if it’s only me or not but the ad is the same exact 30 sec ad every single time! The ad does not even change it is the same ad! That is just frustrating and just every time you even press anything there is an ad. I literally clean the floor, there’s an ad, I put a design on the floor, there’s an ad, after that ad there’s another ad just to go to the other furniture! It is very annoying and I do not have the patience to play a game that is basically watching ad more than actually even playing the game. And to warn anyone who would just buy the no ad thing, there isn’t one. At this point I just deleted the app because it was very stressful and just annoying but overall without the ads it would be a much better game.

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