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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-08
  • New version: 0.0.6
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Cult of Madness - Idle Game


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Cult of Madness - Idle Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Ludigames. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ludigames, with the latest current version being 0.0.6 which was officially released on 2021-06-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 171 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Cult of Madness - Idle Game App

How does it Work?

• Evolve your Prophets and unlock unique abilities that will propel your cult!

• Move on the map, explore and fight for new regions.

• Immerse yourself in a deep simulation with big events and smaller ones that will shape your decision and the course of the game!

• Fight the cult opponents with the proper summons and upgrade them to be more powerful.

• Grow your cult and rule the whole world!


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Top Reviews

  • By Professor Quill

    Good idea, not enough content

    This game is a really fun idea and a really fun time to play but it needs more lore, more content, just generally more. There were a few bugs where the screen glitches out but that was the only bug I could find. But it also needs an auto save feature or a better one because i was pretty far into the game when I closed the tab for a while. When I came back it had erased 90% of my progress. Really good idea and graphics tho.

  • By Necrocynical

    One of the best app games I have ever played

    This is basically the perfect app game, but there are two small problems. 1. After a day of playing I have already unlocked most of the summons and all of the prophets, I know they will add more soon but it does make the game seem a little short. 2. The game is a little buggy, not very buggy but a little. I encountered one where one of my seers spells won’t work, it is not major but it shows the game is buggy.

  • By GroundedGamer

    Great game with a few bugs

    I love this game. It has a nice pace to the game, not too fast and not too slow. Converting people into cultists and defending your cultists from being swayed having to spread your influence keeps you on your toes throughout the game. I enjoy that this game doesn’t take too long before I finally progress, but there are a few bugs though. First off the system they have in game for reporting bugs is bugged. I write what the bug is and hit the submit button but nothing happens. Second is the Seer’s second and third ability. The second ability does nothing, and the third one is supposed to extended your summoned followers duration to an hour, but all it does is have the summoned units run their regular duration, and add an hour to the cool down only. Those three things are the only bugs I’ve come across so far. If they fix that, this game has great potential and I look forward continuing to play this game.

  • By darkdezel

    Ok game needs more content and improvements

    I like the concept and is very different but needs work on improving the map to make the map look more colorful and also more creative. But another flaw is that it needs to have more decisions to get your cult to expand such as marketing desisions, political desisions, and also how do deal with people trying to stop your cult from dying. Overall this game is ok I would recommend it but in order to become more popular in the long run it needs to add more content and make the player experience better such as a fast forward button but also show we’re the resistance to your cult is. And also the game needs to keep your map progress and locations unlocked and needs to be fixed

  • By SHCDemolisher

    Very unique but has an issue

    I like the games concept and art style. The problem is that the game can’t be paused, so if you like closedown the game for the night you renter it to a bunch of ground being lost to people who converted from Cthulhu! So a way to save the game would be nice to keep your progress steady. Also I do hope we actually can summon Cthulhu himself. I know we serve him but I feel like he would want updates on the progress on how you are converting the whole USA to him. Including a state where you could fail and be forced to start over if you take too long. (Like I’m in the next century and just barely got close to unlocking Canada before losing it due to me doing other stuff.) So I think the game has potential to be better.

  • By Phrosteb

    Great concept, but not enough to do

    I love the concept of the game, however, after a very short time I had already unlocked all the summons and prophets in just a few days of idling. I feel like if you could purchase more summons of the same variety, or even just combinations for new summons at a higher price since once you place the five of them down you can’t recall them or move them. So within logging on, placing them down, the game can put resistance half way across the map, I know you can move the prophets, but it would take atleast 15 minutes to get from point A to point. I’m excited to see where the game goes, but right now there’s just not enough things to do.

  • By Mhanimations

    Good game, lack of content

    Overall it’s a great game, interesting concept and has a ton of room for improvement. One thing that I love is how unique each of the items/characters are and that it’s a little strategic with how you place them on the map. One bad thing though is you can’t level them up past level 15 at the moment and that’s beginning to slow things down especially when the “reformed” are constantly rising when you aren’t actively playing making it a little challenging to leave the game and come back after a while. Other than that it’s a solid game for what has come out so far

  • By it's pretty rad actually

    love it but bugs

    I love this game, pace and concept and art included. However I’ve encountered some bugs where certain spells I use with my prophets don’t work. Like, the ones to keep your summons there longer always end up leaving after a few minutes, even though they say they have over an hour left. Then I have to wait for the hour long cooldown for it. And the bug report doesn’t work for me. Other than that, I absolutely love it. I love watching the purple spread, and I love how the art changes with upgrades. This is a super fun game, even with the bugs.

  • By 4738bai

    It has potential

    Good game play has a big problem with your phone getting hot. Would like to see more maps to choose from maybe some sort of prestige systems more cosmetics would be great too to give the game a little spice. Please add more world events and please tweak the priests abilities a little bit I found that the starter one is the only one worth the time of getting the other two don’t add much value to your cult they also have low mobility. A leaderboard system I feel like would help this game too solid game so far excited to see where it can go👍

  • By Xmanadvenger

    Good game but small issues

    I love the game so far Cthulu idle game it’s great to have one I’d like to have settings there’s no way to turn off music I just sounds save your progress so you can move it between phone and a tablet the level Appears to be level 15 but yet it gives you the amount to level higher like previous people have stated I’d love to be able to have some skins couple of options for making things look different outside of that it is a great game so far

  • By gex96

    The Good and The Bad

    The Good: I like the art and the game is genuinely engaging for the first hour or so. The Bad: it’s too long for a short game and this is mostly due to that it’s real time, and you can’t stop the game clock. It’s pretty short in terms on the actual gameplay but you will have to leave the game for a while to earn some souls to upgrade. I also often times found myself wondering what the end goal is. I know that I need to convert everyone to my cult but 300+ million people is way too much for the little content that the game has to offer. I think that if the game was developer around the idea that you can stop the time, it would have been much coherent. Conclusion: Good concept but executed poorly, even if it was meant to be a “short”/demo. I think the developers should look to Plague Inc. to understand what makes this genre on games engaging. I really how this game turns out to be something special but for now it’s a miss.

  • By SepticEyeFlies

    Good game, has flaws

    Many people mention the lack of content and the lack of an end game and that I agree with, however most of the advancement takes a very long time. It takes a very long time gain souls, followers, cool downs are way too long, the costs rise too fast and the mana gain doesn’t follow that trend, and my biggest issue is the state officers. I’ll have supports 3+ levels above them and the state officers still manage to do more than them and it’s broken. The game is really fun but has many flaws, and some things need to be balanced so progression isn’t extremely hard. And I also really hope this doesn’t ever become a cash grab, that’s when I delete games that used to be fun

  • By n-xght

    Straight to the Point

    a few game breaking problems with the biggest being: - no saving -no pause (time) feature -i have no noticeable way of keeping my territories safe while online. i came back (not too long after i started) to 5 of my territories being disrupted and possibly lost. -there’s no settings cog in a corner or anywhere else for matter which means i can’t adjust the volume. this is game breaking for me personally because i’m always listening to music while on my phone. i don’t want two entirely different songs overlapping each other a minor problem is the zoom - if you mistap the screen, you might lose that resource pop up because the game decided to zoom you out, in, or over to the right or left depending on how far you’ve zoomed in and where you’re looking. also, why can’t i drag the screen if it’s a blocked off territory? kinda whack. with all of that being said, there’s a good game here, but an unplayable one

  • By champepic

    The enlightenment

    The game itself is ok event disrupt the game at times (ie you can’t collect souls with them on screen) not sure if it’s just me but my phone (I phone 7 mini overheats within minutes of starting or continuing this game. Some Upgrades seem like they should be permanent ones (for every game after you have unlocked them )with the amount of souls they cost relative to what you can earn in the early stages of the game . Some events aren’t explained very well but observing each state over a bit of time usually clears up why I’m losing followers. the continuous time flow is a bit unnerving at times and I understand wanting to be a rts game but you really need a pause button and a way more in-depth reason as to what is happening in each individual state. Good for a demo but it falls pretty short for a full game. Just wish I could play it more than a few minutes at a time

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