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  • Last Updated: 2021-01-26
  • New version: 0.0.8
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Ship It! Trader Game


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Ship It! Trader Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Ludigames. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ludigames, with the latest current version being 0.0.8 which was officially released on 2021-01-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 160 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Ship It! Trader Game App

How does it Work?

Get rich, or trade trying! Rise from rags to riches on the quest to become the master of production and rise to riches in Ship It! Watch the stock markets, hedge your bets and risk it all on the hottest items on the market.

• BUILD a thriving port

• PRODUCE the most valuable resources

• COLLECT dozens of ships to increase trade capacity

• TRADE with other players and get rich!


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Top Reviews

  • By Shhhaaaannnneeee



  • By Noicegamesmate

    Good but

    There could be a chat box

  • By Bgjax08

    Great game but..

    The games great has good content and even greater potential. But there are some bugs: the home port is pitch black and the tutorial can break very easily. Besides that the game is asome just needs some attention.

  • By Jwboggess

    Has potential, but lacks support and basics

    I can’t even find where to set my port name or where to link to FB. This game looks like it was just released, but when I clicked on the website, there was no place for support. The concept is great, it just needs players and support


    Fun game but...

    I think this might be a fake multiplayer game cause I’m #1 by double and I started playing yesterday, everyone has a profile pic and name but I haven’t had the choice for either.

  • By waysidesiren11

    New update

    The most recent update completely restarted my game and I’m starting from scratch

  • By Jstelly3

    It’s okay

    It’s an okay game, but there really isn’t much to do. Right now I only have one production slot. Hopefully more unlocks as the game progresses.

  • By Josey3738


    Concept is great. However just like others have stated. You’re not playing against real players. Also prices don’t change while you’re in port. So you can let it refresh but the price does not change. Lots of bugs but has potential!

  • By MistaSavvy

    Great idea, poorly executed, simplistic boring

    Ok I love trading style games and ship games. Like Tradewinds, for example. Issues I have with this game: -I’m positive the other “players” aren’t actually players. If you need an item for a contract, you’ll send ships to the nearest harbor and buy all the items then move to the next closest harbor and do the same. Yet I have 400+ of an item and “players” only buy one ship load of <4 items once from me? Nah, if they were real they’d put in multiple orders. There’s no way the other players are human and not AI. -No way to upgrade ships -Ships buy in orders of 2-4 per trip yet contracts need hundreds to fill. Wayyyyy too time consuming. -Your warehouse items never fully sell. If you put up one batch of items, of around 250 items, you can log on the next day and still have 100+ of that item not sold. -Contract rewards don’t pay out. I never once received the gold for completed contracts. -At the time of me quitting (right now) I have $80k+ money and upgrading manufacturing are maxed. Upgrades cost $2k right now. I’ve got $50k after upgrading with nothing to use it for. I’d have to wait 20+ hrs for the next upgrade to be available. Overall the game is very boring to me. You send ships to buy tiny quantities of items for contracts requiring hundreds of that item only to not even be rewarded the money from completed contracts.

  • By SVT_17

    Bugged to the point I'm stuck

    I was enjoying this game for a while, then all of a sudden I go to buy resources and the game freezes only when I click buy.

  • By fyrwulfe

    Can’t get above lvl 10

    I can see in the shipyard I’m supposed to be able to get to atleast lvl 15 town hall yet can only get to lvl 10.

  • By Spider480

    Love the idea

    The idea behind the game is awesome. However, the economics make no sense whatsoever. First, there are no price histories on the trade goods. I bought wood when it was declared a “best investment,” and “great deal,” but 24 hours later I am upside down on it and the graph appears to have wood prices at all time highs. Next, why can I not unload my boats and store my goods? Who in their right mind would leave their ships docked with goods waiting for prices to rise? Makes no sense. Also, the gains from shipping in goods are so small that it’s really a pointless part of the game. My best ship will haul 4 wood, and prices usually fluctuate around $10 from what I’ve seen. So if I let my boat sit for a few days I *may* make $40 a load. Terrible. All of the money in game is made by producing goods, which also makes no sense because the only time the bots (and I say that because I agree with others that this is a fake multiplayer game) will buy my goods is when they are at their lowest. Why would I sell my inventory when it’s at its lowest?!? There should be a way to set prices and shut off sales. Events happen where an industry will shut down and prices for that item will go up seemingly a lot, but nobody buys your goods when they are expensive. They only buy them when they are dirt cheap because there is no use for them. Which brings me to my final issue with the game, what good are the resources? You don’t need them to build or upgrade your town, so there is really no point to purchasing them from others at all because producing them yourself is far more profitable. I like MMOs that don’t involve OP players looting my base 24/7, and this game could be amazing. I just don’t understand the endgame and the economics make no sense. I hope they improve it, but right now I feel like I am at the mercy of algorithms.

  • By KittenSneezesSn

    All progress lost

    Not sorry to give this a 1 star. I was enjoying it as it was. Right up to the point where I opened the game to start the tutorial again. With literally no way to actually log progress I guessed this would happen. This is clearly a work in progress that needs to go back to the drawing board till a solid base for progress is made.

  • By Pigith

    Lost all progress for no reason

    Game made me start over for no reason time to delete not wasting hours again had 30k gold and 8 ships now I have 1 ship and no money hard pass now

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