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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-07
  • New version: 1.0.10
  • File size: 194.57 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Hide and Seek: Cat Escape!


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Hide and Seek: Cat Escape! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Jp Games Group ApS. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Jp Games Group ApS, with the latest current version being 1.0.10 which was officially released on 2021-06-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2936 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Hide and Seek: Cat Escape! App

How does it Work?

Control the little girl and aim for the goal!

If found by a cat, go out! Hiding in things and running away!

Hide and seek game with easy operation.

◆ How to play

・Start running and aim for the goal

・When a cat appears, tap it to stop!

・Let's hide behind things so that they cannot be found

◇◇ Sound ◇◇



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Top Reviews

  • By UknownGaming

    Please read, you deserve it

    I don’t usually write reviews for games but this one is an exception. Lately I’ve been seeing all these ads for games that are so low effort. They all have the same crappy models, animations, designs. There is no uniqueness to it. As someone who used to play games on my iPads and such as a kid I miss the old good games like flappy bird, jet pack joyride, angry birds, the actually good games that have effort put into them. These companies are so focused on pumping out games and earning money that they don’t care how bad the game is. All the ads I see are so bad for games, and half of them don’t even pertain to the content of the game. But when I saw for the ad for this game I knew I had to get it no matter if I liked it or not. Because finally someone had made something unique again, someone put in effort instead of being corporate scum and I wanna say I’m so thankful for this game. It gave me hope for mobile games again. I’ve been playing it and I really enjoy it and I love the art style and gameplay. You have my five stars.

  • By qwertygal13


    This is an amazing game that I LOVE TO PLAY but there are two tiny little suggestions / things I want to point out. The first is after a certain level, the stages range from very easy to very hard. Sometimes I will have my friend ask if they can play a level and I’m like “sure” and then have to find a good level. Also I think you should be able to go back levels or be able to view the levels. One last thing, in the little shop, the price rises every time you write something, and it is very high, and I just keep trying to get the Alice skin (if that is not what it is called I’m sorry). But besides that, this is a truly astounding game that I probably could play all day Sincerely, A little potatoe

  • By fubiuiriurbfir

    What I think.

    OK guys I really think you should get this if you have an already fine no questions about it I literally have nine you may have some easy to beat but if you would like bound by the cat you just start back on your race and it’s simple I played all day and night and every day I don’t go to five star I think you should too and you should also get it because it’s fun awesome oh my gosh I can’t describe this it’s everything set for people to make it all my gosh it is so good. So that is just download it now I’ve seen on that it’s fine and everything can you describe I said that twice now guys I’m just 8Years old and this is a good game for me and for you.

  • By Avocado Person 🥑

    It is in fact more than what I thought.

    This is a great game, it helps me with stress and a lot of things, it’s fun for children and people around the world. And you get a choice to get different outfits for the little girl, and the cat. There are not to many adds as well, I’ve seen about 20 adds and I’ve had this game for 11 months, which shows how little adds the game shows. Now I’m not saying I’m a kid but, I love this game as much as I love cartoons! Which is a surprise to people who know me. And I rate this game a five out of five because it relieves stress, it large amount of accessories, and it’s cultural meaning, because to me it looks Japanese and kawaii!

  • By leo98989

    LOVE THIS GAME ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    So when I saw this game I thought it looked pretty cute so I downloaded it and now I’m playing it every single day almost all day to! It’s so worth getting it’s not even a waste of time. I only have some games on my device and this one is awesome because well I love hide and seek and what’s better than playing hide n seek with a cat!? Oh and I definitely love the hats and omg I unlocked bushy eyebrows to there so cute!! :> I definitely recommend for lots of people to get this game it’s amazing it’ll definitely be one of your most favorite games EVER!! Oh and please let the developer right me back thx!!!!

  • By QUEENICY§§!

    My favorite game now (Read pls)

    I saw this app on the App Store, and I love cats. I downloaded the app, and it was surprisingly fun! There was no repeated levels in the game, (I’m on level 93 btw) and the levels to get harder, unlike other games similar to this app, so it keeps me entertained. Also, stop complaining about adds, just turn your WiFi off. Also in this game, you have a goal. The goal is to keep getting cute items which keeps my lazy self from not exiting the game. Sometimes the levels are TOO hard, but I LOVE a good challenge. This game is just great!! No complaints at all!!!

  • By CoolYTUnicorns35

    The Game is Great!

    By having the game TOFU GIRL for months I expected this game to be just as excellent. I saw many ads for this game and I was truly interested. Today I decided to give the game a try. I was not disappointed with the game and I became addicted to it just by the first minute I played it. As a big fan of TOFU GIRL I was just as excited about when I first installed the game as I was when I installed TOFU GIRL. I highly recommend this game and TOFU GIRL they both are 100% kid friendly. I know that most people won’t read this but if you do I think you should give the game a try! :D

  • By dhdbsnnfjwng

    Recommend this gameeee 🤩🤩🤩

    This game is amazing and really addictive and the skins are so cute this game had so much detail in it and there’s not a lot of adds and nothing inappropriate parents this game is safe for your child and it’s really fun the cat is so fun to dress up but I recommend more skins please! :D and the only thing that was wrong with this is that when you go to the mouses shop she’s still crouching like she’s hiding I would really like for that to be fixed it’s not a biggggg problem but it looks a bit awkward 😂 but anwho this is really fun to play! 💜

  • By abby loves dogs

    I love this game

    I have been playing this game for years now and it’s so much fun if I were you I would download it like right now because it’s just so much fun like I don’t even care if there’s ads because ads you get to learn fun games and it’s free like you don’t need to buy anything like other games me and my sister play it all the time and she says that if someone doesn’t download this game they’re literally missing out and there’s some characters that you can unlock and are so cute so go down load this game.

  • By pegasus lover girl

    Cool! 😎 I guess...... Really it is I like love ❤️ it!

    Ummm well I am wondering 💭 if u could add some little fun notes at the end for a congratulations like a fun note a little one pleaseeeeeeeee plz and a cotton candy 🍭 🍬 b or carton when u first join and other cool things like cat food cool thing but over all I LOVVEEEDE IT I’M LUVVVVVVV’EN IT YAYAYAYAAYAYAYAY SUUUUUUUUU FUN! Ps. Plz write back ✍🏻 📝 📄 plssssssss plzzzzzzzzzzz thank u AND HA U MADE THE CAT WEAR A PINK HOODIE XD XD XD LOLLOLLOLOLOLHAHAHAHAHhhahahah. oh yeah plz change the cat ever singe round and hopefully it gets longer the level if not plz make it longer and plz make the cat happy and some cat food on the side of it left or right does not matter to me and plz make the girl happy 👧🏿 😃 😊 😀 And sorry. I am not trying to bea Karen but plzzzz plsss write ✍🏻 back 📝 📄 thank u again have nice days! She’s not even happy when she wins like what?!?!

  • By Frogies cafe :D

    I like this game it’s nice!

    The reason why I won’t really give this game a 5/5 and instead a 4/5 is because the ads you get are almost a minute long and look,I just wanna play the game! Other than that this game is pretty nice and fun! Here’s some things I recommend: Less ads means more enjoyment! You do want you players to enjoy your game after all right? So you know how you can change your character? How about you can change the cat! And instead of you being the person you can be the cat and catch other people playing online I think that would be fun! Multiplayer: 4 people can hide with you! I think this makes my fun in the game instead of it just being you! Overall I think this is a 4/5! 😁

  • By Lights L.

    Fun but.... really?

    So obviously free game, there were gonna be ads. I knew I’d like this right away after a few levels and decided to buy the ad free for 99 cents, but what I didn’t realize was if I still wanted any of the outfits or extra coins I STILL have to watch an ad! What was the point? Should give me at least the outfits for free when I level up! Or do it another way like collecting coins and purchasing them. I like the concept, it’s very cute, and it becomes more challenging as you go, but I’m really disappointed in the fact that I help support the app, but still have to watch ads anyway to get any collectibles. Would appreciate if you fixed this for those who purchase ad free.

  • By PlayerPlaysGames

    It’s cute, but...

    There’s a but load of adds. “You die? BIG add! You win? 2 BIG ADS :OOOOOOO” the items are super overpriced after a while and it basically requires you do use adds, unless you want to spend the rest of your day getting enough money to buy one item, still getting these low quality adds. This is, a really cute game though. I feel like it has to much adds and people could loose intrest quickly. It’s great for younger kids and I’m thinking about letting my younger 5 year old sister play it on my phone, and my other sister downloaded it too. It’s very kid freindly, but some stuff may pop up that require money, and have a fooling background, like “we can’t give you coins because we are generating them, if you buy THIS pass that takes away the adds...” yatta yatta. Some kids may accidentally buy this, that’s why I feel like grown ups or people with phones with money on them shouldn’t lend them to kids. It’s super user friendly game wise though. It’s simple, easy to play, and very cute. This gets a 4/5 because of the gameplay but the adds, and a FAKE SKIP BUTTON makes me nearly download a bunch of junk games that are just a waste of storage and don’t even relate to the adds that are just there to earn the companies some money. Work on the add problem, it’s getting bad and people may delete the game, maybe just take some off? Let us respawn without a minute add that’s litterally fake to the gameplay.

  • By srirachafish

    Too many ads, definitely not for an impatient person

    This game is literally just ads. You get maybe two seconds of actual playing before you're forced to watch 30 seconds of ads. To open gifts or get coins, you watch a 30 second ad. I understand that the game developers need to make a living but come on. There is a reasonable amount of ads and an insane amount of ads, this falls well into the latter. I even bought (stupidly I admit) the ad free version believing that it would not require me to watch ads to open the gifts, nope I was horribly wrong. It’s a very cute game and I did enjoy the 2 seconds I got to play before watching a whole minute worth of ads, but I’m just not patient enough to sit through a whole minute of ads for a game that’s truly only enjoyable for a few minutes.

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