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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-02
  • New version: 2.5.8
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Draw Defence


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Draw Defence is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Jp Games Group ApS. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Jp Games Group ApS, with the latest current version being 2.5.8 which was officially released on 2021-04-02. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 4888 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Draw Defence App

How does it Work?

Meet our new easy-to-play game - Draw Defence.

The draw methods as below:

Horizontal (ー) >>>>archers

Vertical ( | ) >>>>infantry

Long vertical ( | ) >>>>giant

Greater-than sign ( く > ^ v ) >>>>cavalry

Circle (O) >>>>fireball

vortex >>>>tornado

It’s all about competing with hundreds of enemies inside the arena through addictive mechanics.

All you need to do is upgrade your magic ink and castle.

Behind the addictive gameplay you will find:

- Dozens of areas

- Hordes of enemies

- Draw freely and summon magic and legions

- Deep upgrading system

Start from a little village with small troops and become a legend of the arena!

Let's try!

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Top Reviews

  • By mery death warrior

    The review of death

    Fight through the word use this stick man of death the clashing death wins. Just like it became reality fighting the death word fighting anything that can become in our way we will fight and fight and fight we will fight the bad guys we will fight to get treasure we are not pirates we are warrior Pirates we take the seas take the rails let’s get the tab there’s five stars who’s house no they get the house to get a towel they get a kingdom they get whatever they get they can’t even make a restaurant you can do the work

  • By Madison Rocks126

    I love it

    The game is fun and cool but needs a change. There are a lot of adds but it’s still fun to play and I like it. It tells you how to play the game and it’s really easy so I can upgrade my ink. It’s so easy so I would say......THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THE GAME it is so cool and fun to play and I love it so please make more thanks for reading not the end tho I like your game it’s fun and for kids and really cool 😎 so please people who read this have a good day cuz this game will blow your mind —————————————————————————————- Sorry if I spelled something wrong it’s a good game tho😁😁🙂😉🥳🥳

  • By Jelly cat and puppy gavin

    Just got it but....

    It’s the best game ever! If you don’t download it your lost! I always play on my phone 📱 everyday when I saw this ad I said hum taped the screen and downloaded it! I recommend it for everyoneit’s for females and males kids and adults! When I gotten it I almost deleted all my other games and apps! This game is the first game I played and put a big fat smile 😃 on my face. It’s great to play since Covid-19 was born. P.S. thank you 😊 for your time Reading 📖 this :)

  • By meower2299

    Needs more skins

    I love the game and if somebody is reading this you should listen I think the game needs more skins and I reached level 130 and I looked at the skins and there was no more and I think the remove ads should be free and there should be something where when you level up you get more options of people and there should be a magic person that you spawn in well besides that I love the game thanks for reading this

  • By gammer5665

    Awesome game

    I feel like this game is really good the texture is good and I love endless mode. There is still one more boss I don’t have it’s 100 day is clear. I still don’t know what it means. Because I think I already played this game in 100 days in real life...... so I don’t know. But this game is still awesome. I hope this game gets better and more people play. I hope this becomes a great game. (Even better)

  • By Bobwakeup

    Really worth the try!

    I had a fight with my girlfriend yesterday because she kept rejecting my call. She explained that she was playing this game and didn’t want to pause. I regarded it as a stupid excuse and I want to figure it out. So I downloaded this game. After playing for a while,I forgave my girlfriend. I totally got her point! I don’t want to do anything else now either:)

  • By project x-17254


    I really don’t understand how you got the idea of this game, but I like it! This game has many ads, but the game itself balances out the annoying ads! I recommend not getting this game if you have a slow device but if you don’t you should try this game out and see your opinion on it!

  • By G.D blue

    Fun, but one problem

    Hi I downloaded this game because the ads looked fun, and I really enjoy it! I could play for hours, and it definitely cures my boredom! But, there is only one problem. Ink! To do one little circle to get a meteorite uses up almost half my ink! I don’t want to pay money to ‘upgrade’ it! Please please please just give more ink to begin with! Thank you

  • By Master Mehan

    Great game

    Great game but l get no reward from endless mode. Not to brag but I am past Defense day 400 and it said endless mode level 40 complete or some like that and I do not know why. Also I have beet 99% of people in endless mode. I have two brothers. One likes this game a lot and is past defence day 100 and has beet 91% of people in endless mode he is 6 years old. My 8 year old brother is not even playing the game. Now a lot of people say that this game has to many adds and not enough ink but I do not agree it has a good amount of adds and a good amount of ink. Great game but only 4 stars.

  • By Robertoftx

    Game breaking glitch found

    This game is fun and relaxing but the only reason it’s a 4 star for me is because I found a very basic glitch that can be used from level 1 all the way up to beat the game. All you have to do is swipe up or down really quickly during a level and it will spawn a ridiculous amount of warriors that can overpower OP starting AI forces. Please fix this and it will be a 5 star.(:

  • By i like app lot

    GoOd GAME’ BUT!

    This is a realy good game (BUT) there to many (ADD’S) and there should be more (elements’ bosses ya know like your own’ more guys’ and achaly put in like its can be a multy player game’ and it wont let me realy do what the white hand shows me to do i press and dose nothing and like i try so many times and it whont work :( ): so ummmm........ yea u should do all this and update with this stuff and the game and yea soooooo...... thx if u do that for (ALL) of us! :)

  • By Webslinger99

    Great game but lacks realism

    I think this is a great game and play it often, but there is one thing I desperately wish the producers of it would change. That is the banner-windstorm/meteor things that set off their projectiles periodically throughout a match. I wish they would take them completely out of the game or at least have the option to remove them. The reason I say this is because I have found them either a hindrance, as in the case of the tornado banner( they blow everyone completely around, give no damage to opponents, can mess up your defense lines, and even hurl your opponents behind them), or it can serve as a means to an all too easy end, such as the meteor banner. Maybe I’m the only one, but I like more control over what happens on the battlefield. To have uncontrollable objects blowing and blasting everything into one big mess discourages battle strategy, a form of realism, and, to a great degree, ruins the gaming experience. PLEASE FIX THIS Any attempt is much appreciated!

  • By doovythegroovy

    A little too easy

    This game is really fun and the concept is fun to mess around with, but the game is too easy to feel any sense of accomplishment. One round of endless mode gives you enough cash to level up your warriors and mana dozens at a time. I haven’t had this game for 24 hours and I’m already past level 200. As fun as this game is, the gameplay gets old after some time and obliterating every enemy of every level with ease is only fun for so long.

  • By CaptainJoelWild

    Its alright.

    I got into this about 3 days ago, and needless to say it’s just another mobile game. All I have to do is swipe my finger across the screen and I’m bound to win, so the strategy is almost non existent. The only strategy I can think of is knowing that the cavalry are insanely under powered and just spamming archers is insanely over powered, I also feel like there should be a start button instead of just a 3 2 1 go, that would give people more time to actually get the units in a position that they like. As it is right now, I only have enough time to get 2 types of units on the board and then it starts Even if I end up losing all of my troops, I can just swipe up constantly and I have a 100% chance of winning. Overall it’s a very meh game and it can definitely be improved

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