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Island War: Raid


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Island War: Raid is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Fastone Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Fastone Games, with the latest current version being 2.4.4 which was officially released on 2021-07-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1871 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Island War: Raid App

How does it Work?

The whole world was divided into tiny islands during Ragnarok, and you need to fortify your island and send your brave Vikings to raid other islands to become a true king of friends. Addictive multiplayer game where every single opponent is a real person.

Why you must play Island War:

A new creative game with tons of features from the famous developer of such a project as Art of War: Legions.

Freedom of gameplay and unlimited battles. You can attack players for rankings in normal levels, declare war on the enemy clan, or fight for generous awards in the Elite changes league.

Real battle strategies - try different battle formations and troops combination to achieve victory, every little change you make can influence the battle outcome.

Growing multiplayer gameplay with more and more features with each new update. Play with your friends and find new friends in the game and its community space.

Warning! This is an online game requiring a network connection for normal gameplay.

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Top Reviews

  • By InterstellarPirate

    Fun, Easy and Engaging

    This game is perfect. It hits all the marks for a game. It’s like a clash of clans but less waiting and less paying to win. You can progress through the game without spending any money and it won’t take 10 years. The combat is fun to watch and keeps you on edge because it’s always different. Anyone could pick up this game and do well and that’s why I love it. I only have one suggestion, the clans are only 50 people which isn’t enough. It makes it very hard to get into a good clan. That’s all I’ve got. Thank you for the best mobile game I’ve ever played! Ps: The sound track is amazing.

  • By aj776977

    Love this game

    This game is very addicting and very fun to play. There are a few things I would love to see the developers do in it like adding a few extra ways to earn more wood because that is the one thing I’m lacking in also a better way to get common troops it’s hard to level them up when all you get are rare troops. Also maybe being in a clan gives you bonus for wood and gold or something so you level up your clan for better bonus but that’s just a few ideas

  • By great game like some balancing

    Great game would do some balancing

    I love this game from the moment I saw it’s like love at first sight. I play almost every day and there aren’t any issues the only problem with this game is it is too fun. But not everything is perfect, in the beginning, I started with 400 blue gems and u might think it less but it's a lot for a begging getting character that I should not get like the wizard and giants and super-warriors at the beginning of the game. If you are hearing developers I would like it better balance in this wonderful game.

  • By Goggle goggle glob


    I was looking for a game like this and I found it but the only downside is that every time I play the game it gets off at a certain time and every time I play at the time gets shorter and shorter and shorter so I recommend for you to fix that and then more people get it and not delete it so yeah that’s all

  • By moomanafk

    Love it!

    This game is great! I play art of war legions but in this you can space out your attacks making it much more strategic and fun! One thing is is that as you get higher in levels you start not having enough wood. Other than that I love the game and can not wait to see the heroes!

  • By Rektor hoffen

    This game is AMAZING!

    I love this game very much! I compare it to my love of call of duty ghosts. So addicting I recommend playing this game whoever is there looking at the reviews to see if this is any good. Tbh I did the same but seriously consider playing this game if you haven’t got it yet. PS - Sorry for the grammar mistakes I’m not the best at grammar

  • By gabriel granados

    Good but needs something more

    I like this game it has a lot of potential but there are a few things it needs to improve on. I know that this game uses assets from art of war legions and they should change some of the text with the “new” troops. For the healing troops maybe after the battle it could tell you how much they healed during the battle, I would love that as a feature! Maybe some new modes would be great and I assume this team is already working on other troops so those are what I personally would like to see.

  • By mason999990?!?

    Great game needs a few things.

    So I have been playing for a little bit now and this is a fun game ngl. Sadly I play on a n iPad so the menus are a little messed up and are to zoomed in for me. So the next thing might exist but I don’t know cause of problem 1. So I got a few extra cards that won’t fit on my raft. I got another raft expecting those units to pop onto said raft but the didn’t so please add something to fix that and maybe have it so you can swap out units that can’t fit on the raft. Other than that I would say this is a good game.

  • By Sane Individual

    High potential game

    This game is fun and a great concept. The battles are much more interactive and strategic than many similar games. The various troops have unique uses and the selective deployment of rafts allows you to create interesting load outs for various uses. Unfortunately this game has taken a poor direction recently but I have no doubt it will turn around soon and become an amazing game.

  • By Guyd kydbludhkh

    Being Honest

    I don’t keep games long. I never support games financially. I have done both with this one. You’re doing great and it’s an awesome game. Side note.... you do so well in allowing players to progress without paying. Yet, for events like clan wars, or the two leagues, the rewards are pitiful. For being the number one clan in all of the game you get a couple hundred more gems than any clan at 21+ ranking? The clan wars system and rewards for the leagues and clan wars MUST be improved. Otherwise there is close to no incentive to put that much time and effort in to be a top tier clan?? Keep adding more units, keep adding more base designs (I would love if my base area could be bigger). You’re doing great!

  • By pjbarto17

    Please fix the walls

    I love the game and have been spending a lot of time grinding for trophies, but it seems the higher I get the more I have issues with the walls. When attacking enemy islands, I will try to divide my forces but if the enemy has a wall with one opening, half the time my entire force runs all the way around the island to get through the one opening. It’s incredibly frustrating as I’m losing more and more attacks because all of my troops are being killed as they run around the entire island instead of just going through the wall where I place them. This one issue is infuriating, as otherwise I love the game.

  • By Cleptomanx

    Good potential, terrible execution

    I just got done dropping out of my clan and deleting this game after playing for just under a week. I was just about to finish leveling my City Hall to 6 and unlocking my 4th boat, but at this point I honestly didn’t care because the longer I played the more I saw the matchmaking feature got worse and worse. Every time I increased my attack power I would get defenders that way overpowered me to the point that I couldn’t find viable battle opponents for regular battles and ESPECIALLY Clan league battles. It became ridiculous when I was tapping next for literally 10 minutes and just got page after page of opponents that overpowered me by 10k or more. So, forget this stupid spiral down the drain, I’m glad I didn’t invest any money because it’s shocking that, as a new player, I literally experienced diminishing returns in less than a week. It usually takes a few weeks to start hitting these types of walls and money grabs, but being a fresh player and ALREADY getting smacked down by terrible matchmaking to the point that I can’t even play anymore is crazy dumb. Good luck devs! I have no idea what your gameplan is, but you chased me off in record time. Congrats.

  • By hshshenc

    Did not receive battle pass. You made fixing it hard.

    Payed 3.99usd for a pass. Did not receive the payed for item, but you took my money. Tried to email you at you're preferred email; was kind, official, and even complimented the game. You sent back a cold automated message saying “not in office for weekend” (it was Wednesday) then instructions on what info my next email should contain. I don’t have time to deal with this and my work emails so I had to wait until Friday. No additional emails from them, no concerns from them, no care. I sent out the additional info about 20m ago, except it’s Friday at 9:00pm they aren’t in office on the weekends and AND the battle pass ends in “1d 21h” so at this point I might want a refund Becuase I won’t get the additional items from the season I blazed through. I liked the game, but you aren’t helping me help you, so 1 star. Work on communication with these issues. “Money ain’t no joke” as they say.

  • By WWolfAlpha


    This game is garbage. The AI choose your opponents so you’re guaranteed to lose in certain times. You can’t pull out of the battle knowing your opponents overpower you. When they attack you, you’re notified whenever your base loses however doesn’t give you a chance to get revenge. You’re just there thinking to yourself what now? You can’t control your units or anything. There’s no strategy, no fun. The game does everything. You have to pay to get a chance at winning without a guaranteed loss.

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