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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-30
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Stretch Guy


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Stretch Guy is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Yso Corp. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Yso Corp, with the latest current version being 0.4.8 which was officially released on 2021-07-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5536 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Stretch Guy App

How does it Work?

Avoid the obstacles and complete the levels by extending the character arms and legs.

Do not stretch him too much, or he will tear appart!

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Top Reviews

  • By Enmaya-kun

    Cool game concept!

    It's a good game overall, I like it a lot myself, I have fun playing it amd do my best to not torture it like the ads of this game show to do, so yeah, it's entertaining. My review is very short I know but I say you could play this game when you have nothing better to do. One small detail, I do not mind ads at all, eventhough I can't afford ad cancelling functions myself, I've grown adapted to them from other games I've played before and that occupy ads after a few rounds. Once again, I don't exactly mind ads, just as lo g as there's a reasonable amount of them, I'll repeat again that I don't mind them, but it's annoying whem they do apoear in the middle of your round or level and not after them, I know y'all need to make money out of something but ads every 20 seconds of lour gameplay isn't so smart. I rate it 5 Stars because it's a good game, but I also needed your attention on the common ad issue, pls fix this.

  • By Strech guy fan lol.

    Glitches but still great!

    This game is awesome. There is a lot of glitches but I feel like it makes the game more fun. One glitch I found is a way to fly. I first found this out on the first level that introduced pickaxes. So if you put three limbs on a breakable item then breach the item, you will be able to fly. So other glitches I found is get ur limbs through tiny cracks and walls. Another glitch I found is that sometimes if you press a button then die or reset the level the button will stay pressed. Also there is only one thing that I don’t like that much about this game. On iPad the game is quite laggy, or at least on my iPad. This is probably that the games fault because it works perfectly fine on phone and my iPad is really old. Anyway this game is amazing and I hope you keep making levels with more glitches!

  • By CJ and GN GamingYT


    I like this game so much but there is a ad every one or two rounds so I would like if you can fix that and um uh omg sorry I forgot what I wanna say let me thing what I gonna say real quick ok i think you should do it like Roblox you should put no ads cuz then everybody will want to play your game because their will be no ads but if you don’t want that you don’t have to and also the higher the levels are the more they are the same so fix that to please and I love your game it’s fun it’s like the only game I play on my iPad the most and thanks I like how you can get the skins for free but it just needs a ad I got every skin spending my time on ads but I still got all of the skins so thanks for making them free and that’s all I wanted to say even tho it’s a lot we’ll have a good time I hope your game gets more popular good luck:)

  • By lonfun

    Good but ...

    I got this game to play so it is a great game it is so good but there are so man ads like in the middle of the game an ad just pops up so I have to wait until the ads are done to play and the when the ad is over a couple seconds later a second ad pops up and it keeps going and going so finally it stops but the thing that annoys me the most is keeps playing the same ad so that annoys me and that is the only issue I have but please fix it as fast you can I don't know if other people are having the same problem if they do just please fix l mean I really really like the game but it just the problem that is messing it up so please don’t rush but do it as fast you can pls

  • By tonttont

    This is going to be fun but...

    So, I have seen this game on an ad. It will be fun but in every game an ad pops up and it is ANNOYING ME. So I will be looking for a game that has NO ADS TO ANNOY ME AT ALL. This game will definitely be fun to me a little. But the problem in this game is the ads. I do not like the ads but some I do and it makes me want to download it, but the rest of the ads not so good, some of them are scary and inappropriate. So that is why I do not like ads so much. I will give this a full review because giving it a three or two star review is not so nice. And plus it going to be kind of fun. So no ADS please.

  • By ndgrhbrj

    Gotta have a Stretch Guy!

    I’ve had this game for a while, and I would say it’s pretty good. It actually shows you an example of how to do the level u like so many other games, which happens to be quite helpful. Though a lovely games, a nice update would be a new level, thats kind of like a maze. (You reach this near level 60 or so, I’ve noticed that I’ve been playing this game a lot so it should be easy to get to level 60.) it would pop up every 5-10 levels. And you could have a sword to fight monsters, pop bubbles, you get the idea. Now with that down, let’s discuss how simply addictive this game is. It’s not like for an hour or something, but it helps pass time and isn’t that boring. Easy, simple, good for breaks and waiting. But I would enjoy a bit more of a challenge, if you please. I don’t see a real reason to rate it 5 stars, or 1. It’s a marvelous game with flaws here and there. Therefore, I give 4 stars to a beautiful game.

  • By :3 😋 :3

    too many ads 😑

    i like this game a lot, BUT, it has way too many ads! for instance, “you’ll be playing and your in the middle of a move- AD POPS UP. 30 seconds later, you’re back to your game and you died because somehow it glitched and you have to start ALL OVER. then you try and play it again, ‘DO YOU WANT A BOOST???’ pops up. you cant skip the option for some reason so you watch another 30 second ad. FINALLY, you are done with all the ads and are ready to restart the level. so, you press start- AND ANOTHER AD POPS UP.” this actually happened to me and i thought i might as well write it in an app review. overall, i really like this game and if it weren’t for all the ads, i would rate it 5 stars, 100% awesome, definitely download, with stars hearts and cat faces everywhere. =^•~•^= thank you for listening to my opinion. 🤗

  • By Kaellyn🤩

    please fix

    I really love this game! It’s so fun, I found this game by seeing the ad on tiktok. But there’s something you might want to fix.. I’ve made it to level 25 and I can’t get past anymore levels. That’s because it just freezes every time I try to move. Like, the whole game just freezes. I can’t tap on anything and I can’t move the arms and legs. I reload the app and it still doesn’t work! Please try to fix this, I don’t know if it’s my phone or if it’s the game. I think it’s the game though because my phone is brand new and barely has any storage on it. Other than that, I really love the game! It’s super fun ❤️

  • By Roblox is CooL!!

    Really fun but..

    I have been playing this game for a long time and it’s really fun! But the ads make it more boring and there is always ads each round. In my opinion You should stop having many ads but it’s really good! Sometimes when I play the game it lags to much or kills me without me doing anything . I Really think that you should fix it to make it better . When I play it’s not really hard even when your in a high level I think you could really change the levels. Also sometimes the levels are the same for me! So I think you should really fix it. Good game tho <3😄

  • By azn722

    No adds

    I really love this game it’s so fun I get to make the guy happy sad red in the face and it’s fun to stretch but this game is so fun that it makes me even more angry that I always have to wait for adds and I’m telling you right now I am not paying money for no adds that’s just stupid so if you can handle adds than get this game but if you cant than trust this is not a good game for you and if they change the game by making less adds or even better no adds!!! Than trust me I will write another review but with 5 stars and if they change it to no adds then IM going to vote this game the best game in 2021!!!!!

  • By jiggypuffy YT

    would’ve rated a 5 star if…

    this game is pretty good, when it comes to times without internet. i mean, why? BECAUSE OF THE ADS, i could’ve rated a 5 star IF YOU REMOVED THE RANDOM ADS! like, seriously. i always played the game without internet. AND THEN, YOU FORCED US TO PLAY WITH INTERNET. I mean, look! Your game is also about random ads appearing in the middle of your level. im like, over 100 and I WATCHED 4 ADS in a SINGLE level. i mean why? well, i think cuz your money-hungry! The more ads you put in the middle of the game, the more people will 1 star this. i put 3 stars since it’s pretty cool. Also, this is an offline game. There are just singleplayer and not online around the world. AND YOU STILL FORCE US TO PLAY WITH INTERNET. -FIX IT- Fix it! ok, so i found something really cool. When you put all your hands on a breakable block, you have something to break it, you will fly! i don’t think it will last forever, but yeah!

  • By ✨💙🥺PeRsOn🥺💙✨

    It’s OK

    I really enjoyed this game at first but then I found a bug that made me quite mad. If I put my arm in the cannon far enoug it won’t come out. And the same thing happen but with a button my hand went to the side of it and I pressed it from the side and it got stuck and the button didn’t even work for me. And after about 5 minutes of playing every time I hit sometime like restart or the button to start the level it gave me add. And every time I died it put an add on my screen. Not to mention that the majority of the time I got a playable add it lagged. I only recommend if your gonna keep your phone on airplane mode the whole time. Which even then you’ll still get adds probably. It’s a good game but the adds and bugs.

  • By Jman8906

    Extremely Ad Heavy

    This game is fairly decent. I enjoy solving the puzzles well enough. I am however deleting the game for 1 reason, too many ads. I don’t minds ads in between rounds, it’s how developers make their money. I also frequently will watch optional ads in order to gain benefits in the game. What I can’t stand is ads in the middle of a round. It’s rude and comes across as desperate to get the user to purchase the no ad upgrade. During the round I was just playing it interrupted me 3 times to watch ads. I’m moving my guy around and they kept popping up. That’s overkill. Can’t even enjoy 1 round. I’m sad because the puzzles in this game were enjoyable. Hopefully 1 day they will fix this and I might give the app another try.

  • By itz niko skyZ

    Fun but too much ads and glitches..

    So basically when I downloaded it, right when I came into the game there was an ad, and after it told me to select either iron or flight. I did flight so I had to watch and ad again, and to activate it too! And when it was activated it didn’t even work.. and later on when I was in the middle of stretching the person AN AD CAME UP. I didn’t click on anything since if I did, I would know. Then after that the arm of the man was stuck in a wall and the foot in a different wall so I had to kill it. And right after I did, guess what? ANOTHER AD. I really think you should lower the amount of ads since there is an ad every 1 minute.

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