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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-28
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ToT or Trivia


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ToT or Trivia is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Yso Corp. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Yso Corp, with the latest current version being 0.4.4 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5808 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the ToT or Trivia App

How does it Work?

Who will be the last players in game ?

There are two modes ToT (ThisOrThat or Trivia)

ThisOrThat mode:

You have to answer what you prefer between the two propositions.

If you are part of the minority, be careful, you will be out !

Will you lie to stay in game ?


You have to answer the right one.

Be carful the wall is more intelligent that you think.

Enjoy ToT or Trivia with funny questions :)

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Top Reviews

  • By Bsbl lvr


    This game has a great concept, however after winning 2 rounds maybe 5 total rounds in, the game keeps crashing. It’ll load up the first question of the round and crash. Not playable until bug fixes happen! I’ve tried resetting phone and closing app several times but it’s not an issue with my phone. I’d love to keep playing this just please please fix. Do not download until they fix this bug. If you do you probably won’t get very far. I’ll update review once it’s fixed. UPDATE: This bug has been patched! After I posted the review they were very quick to fix the bug and send out a patch as well as notify me the patch came out.

  • By PaThais_4510

    To many adds

    I really like this game but every time I finish a question I always get adds I deleted this game.I know it’s normal for a game to have adds but u mean like it’s just like every question you answer you always get an add and I get angry verry easy so I just can’t handle games that have so many adds at once so I deleted this game but I really like it,it just has to many adds 😑😐

  • By CokeLover_Melina_099

    Good but some recommendations!

    I love this game but I think you guys should not have so many ads! Also, in your ad you guys should add how you can also pick trivia and other stuff that people don’t know about. Maybe you will get more people to download it. Other than that I think this game is great and deserves and 5.0 stars.

  • By crazy pasta lady


    Cool but I dislike the this or that part because I can’t get passed like 200 coins just because i don’t have the same opinion as everyone else and I feel that having a different opinion should not hold you back because say I don’t like dogs but I do enjoy the trivia part super fun but the questions are a bit out of the blue other wise great game.

  • By I like food AAA

    Fun but questionable

    I would say that the concept is nice you can play a version of would you rather against other players oh I mean bots. Yeah those “Players” you play against are bots. If you download the app if you get 2 of the same question you can tell that they have the same amount of votes. Their’s also ads basically after every round. Also if the “people” you play against would they just get the same ad after each round explain that. Also I exited the app for 10 minutes and when I got back in they just resumed the round I don't think that anyone except bots would wait that long. Also the questions they ask are very questionable. For example I got a question: Laugh at a funeral or Cry at a comedy show. Who comes up with these questions!? Anyway sorry for the long review.

  • By gamer lover12345

    Very disappointing and buggy

    At first I thought it was a great game and stuff like that, even though the ad they presented was kinda stupid. When I got it I was like oh this is kinda fun then I realized I’m playing with bots and it was really buggy you have to wait like 1-3 minutes for the next question too appear. The questions I think are very weird too and just immature really. Also you die for an opinion you like such as “sprint or marathon?” I picked sprint and almost all the others picked marathon and I got the question again and it was the opposite! This game could really be better, smh.

  • By ugghhhh!!!!!!!

    Please read this

    Okay, so I only played this game 2 times and I’m already on my 5th ad since I downloaded this game but forget that lemme tell you what is annoying. ONE: The whole concept of this game is illiterate these are OPINION based questions so there is no right or wrong answer I know they didn’t make it a right or wrong but then again no one should actually be getting kicked if the game isn’t based off straight facts. TWO: Once you complete a round on a game they ask you would you rather get the free or watch a vid even when you press FREE you still end up watching a video so what’s the point of adding free. I didn’t even have a care to play the trivia side because the game was dumb THREE: There is no actual need for the game because you are just playing with bots so it’s not even fair. Also they put ads in the middle of a round basically while your answering questions a ad will automatically pop up. Guys(developers,readers) to be honest this game is just basically ad bait your gonna download this game and spend 90% of the time watching a ad like others have said you watch more ads then you play game it’s tiring. Sorry that it’s so long but this game is a problem by itself.

  • By bskwoodworks


    This game works off of AI the more people play the game the more the game updates it’s self. So if it asks a question 1000 times to 1000 different people the game will learn the most likely answer to that question. When you play it makes it feel like your playing against 20 or so other people but you are on your own playing against the computer. The questions are really dumb, an example would be, you would prefer to kiss a girl or a spider? One of the biggest down sides to this game is winning, as more and more people are eliminated the questions are designed for you to lose. When you get to like 4 or 5 people most of the time you will get a question like, you prefer to have big feet or ears? I bet if you asked that of someone they would say big feet so you select that answer and boom everyone else in the game chooses the other one every time. The concept could be cool if you actually played other people but until then I’ll delete this game.

  • By Adult halon

    ads literally after every single question it’s just dumb

    This game needs less ads it’s like they don’t read our reviews literally all the time we are forced to watch a 30 second long unskipable ad instead of an ad that is five seconds it’s so dumb and the concept is stupid like a question here: would you rather die a happy death or a miserable life and they pick miserable life when most ppl would want a happy life and death and it’s all just AI and bots and it’s just dumb why should this exist why is it mobile and the ads are just for other stupid games like dude it gets annoying and also I should add there is only 1 ad in this game for me it’s only one ad after every question like I played for 3 minutes and how many ads did I get? Let’s see... ABOUT TWENTY too many ads and I’m sorry for making this review so annoyingly long it’s just the game is so dumb Who would like this crappy game it’s like hot garbage THE END OF A BAD REVIEW.....

  • By SpinnyJade

    All it is is an advertisement simulator

    This is a “would you rather” type game that eliminates you if you choose the answer that wasn’t chosen by the majority (of bot players I might add). I won’t even get into how dumb the concept of losing on an opinion based question is. the quality is meh, but if you are going to have a lower quality least make the game worth the “every other question” ads. Literally played for 5 minutes and was shown 10 ads. Absolutely ridiculous. Helpful hint: no game on this planet is good enough to sit through that many useless ads. The concept is there, but the crooked scheme of “here’s a free game, but you don’t get to play it because we make a lot more money on ad revenue to care about the enjoyability itself.” should be painfully obvious to the developers that it’s annoying and is not the work of someone who cares about the game itself.

  • By cooljeremy777

    More ads then game

    Every time I try a round the game begins normally, and then I pick an option. It says weird things, but I don’t remember some of those. The games are rigged, if you pick a actually good option and the bots pick another, it happens all of the time so I get honestly really mad. The bots are rigged, just like 1-2 bots picked the least option. ATLEAST MAKE IT RANDOM!!!!! Once I fail I pick the no ad option, and IT PUTS AN AD. I click the option that does have an ad, and it puts up just 1 ad. I’m really mad about all of these bad things they can improve. Most of the bots pick 1 option and some are so easy, but it doesn’t even work. It’s unfair for anyone to play. I don’t recommend it unless if you want trivia. I watched 20-40 ads and I played only 4-9 games. Thanks for reading this!

  • By kittycorn izzie

    Wow. Just wow. 🙄

    I literally just downloaded this game like 30 seconds ago and I deleted. Yup it’s was that horrible. First of all there are SO MANY ADS!!! Like the first round every time you answer like one freaking question you get a ad. Also you not actually playing with real people. There just codes and that’s not fair because the last question I answered was right and I got it wrong then they kicked me off of the game. To be honest this is a very dumb game and I literally was on for 2 minutes then I just deleted it. Lastly there a lot of glitches. Like bro I only played it for 2 minutes and there were glitches. This dude who made this really needs to fix this very ANNOYING game. I don’t recommend this game and if I could rate it 0 stars I would!!

  • By Zaqtaq258

    Ad after every question

    Very poorly designed game. You have to watch an advert after almost every single question. You spend more time watching videos than actually playing the game. I couldn’t find time limits on answering questions, and unless every single player is watching those videos at the exact same time, you’re playing against AI, not actual people. No one ever slips up or doesn’t answer, every round 1 or 2 people conveniently lose, hard trivia questions that most normal people would miss still gets answered correctly by 95% of the “people.” Unconvincing game mechanics combined with excessive advertising culminates into a pretty bad game. 1/10

  • By 🤪The Demogorgan Hero🤪

    A few minutes of playing this and there are so many ads!

    I do not know why but I think almost every single mobile game that I have installed was because of these stupid ads! And when I played this game and when I lost I was sent with a ad. And then I got suspicious a little and I got some “Some many dang ads.” Vibes and......Ya I was right, they had so many dang ads!? I tired to avoid them but there were just more and more! I could not stop it. It was like a disease in the air and if you breath you were sent with a ad! This is the most baddest game of the years I have played these games! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP THIS APP WILL GIVE YOU THE AD DISEASE!?!

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