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Sniper Champions


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Sniper Champions is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Ludigames. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ludigames, with the latest current version being 0.6.2 which was officially released on 2021-06-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5551 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Sniper Champions App

How does it Work?

Set your sights on victory in the ultimate sharpshooter showdown!

Master the “Art of the Bullseye” by quickly and efficiently hitting targets in a competition where every round offers a new challenge. Do you have what it take to claim the title of Sniper Champion?


• Take aim on a variety of shooting ranges full of unique targets and challenges.

• Compete 1-on-1 against other players in the world.

• Hone your skills to quickly rack up points like a pro.


• Challenge real players in head-to-head snipe-offs.

• Climb the ranks to become the Sniper Champion of your league, and eventually the world!

• Join and compete in global Tournaments that will test all your sniping skills.


• Unlock and level up flashy new rifles to fine-tune your targeting and power.

• Pick up unique pieces of flair to give your character a unique look and feel.

It’s time to answer the call. Give Sniper Champions a try and see how fun it is to become a master marksman!


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Top Reviews

  • By Str8stinky


    This is a great game just play when have nothing else to do it all around fun but please don’t make it where there is like pay to win type deal

  • By /\/ / /\/ _/ /•\

    Addicting Competitive Game

    I have enjoyed every second of this game. The gameplay is very competitive and well done. The sniper upgrades make the game so much more fun.

  • By JEFFWITTEN1211213213

    Game physics

    Everything seems to be somewhat accurate however the up and down moving targets have the aiming reversed. When the target is moving down, you have to aim down. You are anticipating where the target will be moving, completely separate from the wind factor. In the game, it is the exact opposite.

  • By biker2160


    Have a good time playing, though at times I wonder if I’m playing the computer. When my opponent is way off on the easiest shot Then spot on on the rest. Some explaining about the -% + +% would be nice. Ok been playing for weeks now, and you go change EVERYTHING.

  • By SHMODE69

    Great game but no cyber vision?

    I can buy every other booster but cyber vision it let me buy x5 one time but after I used them I haven’t been able to again can anyone help with this thanks in advance

  • By Who8dapple

    Deceptive scoring - many in app purchases

    It’s a fun and addictive game. Plenty of opportunities to bring up your skill level. That said, some games or competitions are scored inaccurately to attempt purchasing upgrades. You can see the big advantages that lower rated players are able to gain by buying up! Often, you will loose a match that you should have won, yet your opponent got because of their upgraded weapons!

  • By G Dan

    New Update - Question

    With the new update adding tournaments great job, looking forward to play them. My question is on the wind speed, what happened? The speeds that are showing now are completely off the mark compared to yesterday before the update. .5 to the left is now pushing the bullet a good 3 to 4 inches left at 600 yards and the wind up and or down is all over the place. Is this a glitch or is this the new wind speeds?

  • By OGispert

    Good until last update

    It was great until last update, now is full of ads and the physics changed a lot for worst. Let’s say that the wind is a factor from 700 yards and you calculate it right, the from 750 is completely different. It doesn’t make sense. I just deleted it because now it was just frustrating.

  • By TheGRR7000

    Update ruined the game

    Was a fun game until the update today now it has some silly “spin the wheel” prize thing that you have to endure 30 seconds ad to use. Also discouraged you from playing certain arena’s because you’re not upgraded enough, which I’m sure you can do with enough real money. Too bad because I liked the game even though I lost my share of rounds it was still fun... even with the stupid 21 game.

  • By Rob-Mansfield

    Why the change

    This game was awesome before the last update. The blackjack mode and hand gun are fun but the physics changed and the wind change has taken the fun out of it. I can aim the same distance as the person I’m playing with wind and everything the same and the travel is completely different. Go back to the version before and keep the hand gun and blackjack.

  • By Mike198352583

    Good game too many ads.

    It would be a better game if you didn’t have to watch as many ads to unlock things. I find myself watching ads for several minutes before playing the game in hopes to unlock something good when it ends up being unworthy

  • By Dark vor

    Just ridiculous

    Well over 6 months of playing and building this game up . No sooner you build your tools , they update and it’s like you are starting from scratch again . Even with all the work and time put into learning and building up . Completely ridiculous , don’t just add more levels . They Take away all the work you’ve already done . It’s gotten to point it’s not even close realistic . This game is Waste of time and effort .. Soon to be another deleted ruined game by idiot developers .

  • By UconnSmokedU

    Lame at best

    The game is fun BUT the programmer(s) are lame. If you are dumb enough to spend real money to buy upgrades, the programmer(s) are not smart enough to sell you anything worth buying. Earned upgraded (by playing/winning) for “good” items are too few and far between. Regardless, no matter how many improvements you make to your guns, the game is programmed to rip you off by having you make errant shots regardless of how accurate your aim is. The AI is pathetic and unreasonable. Conclusion- waste of time

  • By Hotshotken

    It was a good game.

    I was enjoying this game and had got quite a few upgrades earned but with the new updates they all seem to have become worthless in the game and it is now impossible to even aim. I have to aim well off the target to even get close to the scoring area. I do like the addition of the new weapon and game but not at the cost of the gameplay in the other challenges.

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