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myVEGAS Bingo - Casino Games


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myVEGAS Bingo - Casino Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by PlayStudios. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - PlayStudios, with the latest current version being 0.1.2094 which was officially released on 2021-07-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 16602 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the myVEGAS Bingo - Casino Games App

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- myVEGAS Bingo does not offer real money gambling.

- PLAYSTUDIOS, the publisher of myVEGAS Bingo, is not affiliated in any direct or indirect way with any real-money gambling operations on other domains

- Virtual chips used in myVEGAS Bingo have no real-world value and cannot be redeemed for anything of value.

- Playing free-to-play slots games does not imply future success at real money gambling.

- In-app purchases are available.

- PLAYSTUDIOS, the publisher of myVEGAS Bingo, is a member of the International Social Games Association (“ISGA”) and has adopted its “Best Practice Principles.” See more about the ISGA at For information, guidance, tips, and advice on social gaming, visit “Smart Social Gamers” at

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Top Reviews

  • By catchrays

    Absolutely love this game. Had some issues to fix

    I do so so love this game. Love it so much I look forward to playing it several times a day. But I will agree with many players that the hourly and daily chips/diamonds are not enough to play several games. I’d love to be able to sit here and play 10 games or more but it’s usually only 3 games a day because there are not enough chips/diamonds to continue. Also in the last 2 days. My app during the game has just turned off. Here I’m so excited to play my 3 games and every game I was playing shut off and sent me back to my iPhone Home Screen. Taking all my chips and diamonds. The game telling me I quit before the game was over. No the dam thing just shut off!!!! So so frustrating. So I have to wait til the next day, to play my 3 games that I have only enough chips/diamonds to play. I absolutely love love love this game and I really hope you can fix some of the major issues with this game. More chips/ diamonds and fix the glitches please.

  • By Dinosaur Jerky

    Daily Bonus is Insufficient

    Love this game! It’s been great to play and I really enjoy the simplicity of it all. The biggest downside is the cost to play. Diamonds are fine, I understand their a perk so I don’t feel like it’s too big of a deal to not get them except for the fact that you can really only win high coin totals if you use power ups. The cost to play is the big issue. I used to login and on the second or third pop up there would be a place to claim free coins (around 20,000 or something like that) which was great! Then it disappeared and I have no idea what happened. I’ve searched the app but no luck. The daily bonus caps at 5000 for a streak for anything past 5 days. There is no incentive to continue to login everyday because of the cap. If at 10 days you received 10,000 coins and 20 days received 25,000 that would be a real treat and fund some of the higher costing games. I’ve also had the issue where the app will crash and I won’t receive the coins or gifts back. Really frustrating when you’ve saved the bonuses or checking for a few days to play one 4 card game only to lose it all. Great set up, just would improve it so there could be more time spent playing. Slots does a great job with this, so hopefully this can improve.

  • By SDHplaysbingo

    Fun but a work in progress

    I’m really enjoying this app. A few things that other reviewers have pointed out. The free chips available hourly and daily are not enough to support consistent free play. You have to purchase more chips to get ahead on the challenges. This is the same for partner apps, especially myKONAMI. The app closes suddenly mid-game sometimes. I’ve noticed that I have won a handful of 1st place finishes but that stat does not appear. Only my 2nd and 3rd place finishes appear. The cost of the max bet at each casino when you only get a small number of free credits each day is impossible for players who do not want to spend money. Perhaps setting those max bets a little lower will help others enjoy the perks of the game. Also, the availability of avatars is minimal. If you enjoy bingo, this is a fun app even with its problems.

  • By Funfunfum

    Looks Like We Could Use Another Update!

    I’ll give this game three stars because it’s fun and I’m addicted! Would have given all five stars, but for the past three days, every time I try to play an error pops up that I need to ‘reset’ and it’s looped. That is so annoying! So, while I’m at it, I’ll add that I sent a comment to support or whoever, and they NEVER responded, to tell them that my stats don’t update. I’ve been in first place about as many times as I’ve been in second and third! Who knows if that may matter when competing for some type of prize??!!! Also at times, have to tap numbers more than once or twice to get them to illuminate, and the game stopped awarding badges and name choices. Well, I hope the game gets updated, or at best, the bugs exterminated and not “fixed!” ************ So, I tried to ‘remove’ the app and redownload…same issue. Then I had the brilliant idea to delete the app and reload. Not only did it wipe EVERYTHING out, it still did not award me with the the one first place win, but instead awarded me with one 2nd and one 3rd place win. SMDH. I just lost some loot! Not happy AT ALL!!!!!!!

  • By Furious B187

    Fun, when I can play 😞

    I love the game, but I can rarely play, because I don’t have enough chips. Like others mentioned, the daily chip levels are so low and the amounts to play are so much higher, so it barely helps. It would be nice to get a daily email with chips like MyVEGAS Slots. I think it would be nice if you could earn chips through some of the rewards. Diamonds are nice, but why not make some of the tasks worth chips? Or even the slots game could give chips. I feel like I just get into playing and then I am out of chips and have to wait forever to get more. I can’t be checking through the day for the daily and hourly rewards. After playing the slots game and earning so many coins, it is disappointing that this doesn’t give as much. I will keep playing, but I hope a change is made.

  • By jme2maui

    Update to my update

    UPDATE #2 I’ve been continuing to play this for 1 round 2 or 3 times a day...hoping it’ll get better at least maybe for A ROUND. Unfortunately it does not. Doesn’t matter how much I bet with 4 cards and use gold power ups. No bingo for me but, always for the same “select” players getting multiple bingos and top scores. This is not fun to play. If developers are trying to get players to stick around and play something has to change. I will never spend $ to play anything that has no (equivalent to) gaming commissioner. These apps with in app purchases are run on the honor system? Bahahahaha! GREED will win the vast majority of the time. I’m going to pass on that. UPDATE I deleted app and reinstalled it and it finally works. This app has potential. However in the last few days I’ve been paying attention to the winners and it seems that it’s frequently the same names. Not surprised at all. Just like most with in app purchases. I never win back equal to or above my bet no matter how I play. Also, I’m having to tap numbers more than once a lot. Oh well. Just got this app yesterday and played a few times. Very difficult to get even 1 bingo even when spending 100 “gems” for 6 “gold” power ups. However, today I’ve tried many times to open app to play and it won’t load. It is not my WiFi. So...

  • By Mike C W

    Bad issues

    The game has potential once issues are worked out. Examples of issues: When I tap a number that was called, sometimes I have to tap it several times before it registers and this has cost me “bingos” when there are only a few bingos left. And then I’m not credited for bingos when I clearly tapped the number before there were no bingos left. The issue is that I’ve purchased chips and feel cheated that I didn’t get what I paid for. When bingos hit, there is an explosion. I’m sure that is to build excitement, but the explosion gets in the way of the board and the next number called can’t be tapped with all the other explosion going on. Again, when someone makes purchases, and they can’t tap numbers, that’s unfair and it rips customers off of their money. Within the app, there should be a pop up message of some sort that explains only one set of “power ups” can be used. So if a player uses diamonds in exchange for power ups, they don’t end up using hundreds of them with the expectation that they’ll be able to use ALL the power ups in one round/game. Basically, it only states that the more power ups you use, the better chances of getting a bingo the player has. This leads a player to think they can “buy” multiple sets of power ups to be used during a single round of bingo. There’s other little quirks, but these are the main ones that will keep me from making further purchases.

  • By Bob Vance05

    Super Fun, Super Expensive

    Let me start by saying this game is an absolute blast. Definitely bugs to work out and inconsistencies in gameplay which I can work past…but then factoring that in with the absurd cost of coins to play, it becomes a little disheartening. I’d continue to pay out money without question if I saw a better balance in gameplay risk/reward. 1) This game is an absolute pit for coins. Again, can work with this, but the hourly and daily bonuses are chump change and the cost of coins is WILDLY expensive. Im a conservative player and still managed to rifle though a $10 package in less than an hour. To see a four card match that costs 120,000 coins and the top players are only waking away with 40,000…not cool. 2) Casinos are extremely inconsistent with power ups. I am guaranteed to see 5+ power ups built into my cards before play at the MGM Grand every single time but get zero at NYNY, Mirage, etc. time and time again. 3) If 100 diamonds gets me a trash hand of power ups, the least you could do is let it carry over until I decide to use it. I’ll spend another 100 diamonds until I get something good, but when it comes time to scrape the bottom of the barrel down the road (which is inevitable in this game), it’d be nice to come back to a hand I left in prior games. Hope to see continued updates, but this guy can’t afford to play anymore in the meantime! It was fun while it lasted.

  • By Al193949939291

    It’s like they don’t want you to play this game...

    The amount of chips you have will never be enough to do anything significant. The payouts are a very small fraction of the bet and just to break even is an “amazing game!”and it’s extremely rare. It’s pointless to try and play without power ups (all 6 of them) which costs 100 “diamonds” and those don’t refill regularly...when they do refill, it’s such a small amount that it doesn’t matter. I’ve opened this app so many times but I can’t even play because even with the ‘hourly bonus’ it’s not even close to enough. I’m well aware these apps have to limit the amount of ‘free play’, the idea being, “get us hooked then we’ll want to pay for certain features”but this is really annoying. The only reason I haven’t deleted this app is because I noticed they did an update and some of this got a little better, so I’m hopeful they read these reviews and update again.

  • By shortpauli


    I’m a regular player of all the Play studios games. I love playing them to pass the time and man have I spent money on chip packages. I was hoping that myVEGAS Bingo was going to lore me away from the other games because Bingo is so much fun! Not this one it was good at first and I won got some jackpots. Not that winning is everything, however you start to see the same people win over and over. I’d be hard pressed to get a win once a week then the app started to crash in the middle of the game.I also started getting a message of can’t join game at this time something about matching failed. It’s just not fun. I’m spending real money and can’t get a win to save my life. I have over 4 billion in rewards points that I will never use, because for one I live in Vegas and I don’t play the games for the rewards I just like playing them. I have removed MyVEGAS Bingo from my phone I just don’t find it fun anymore. I will keep playing Pop slots for sure.

  • By KTrose86

    Almost great!

    Update: I purposely left bugs and crashes out of my review, because it’s a work in progress and I know performance can vary across devices. I was only commenting on a few consistent game features. None of these are anything to contact support about. The dev response is really misleading, and makes no sense. It’s extremely annoying that you lose out on your daily task bonuses if you have to exit the app and come back should get the bonus if you finish within the DAY, not the session! Even if I only exit for a few minutes, I come back and the progress boxes are checked off. ☹️ It would be nice if 6 powerups were slightly cheaper, OR gave you back some diamonds if you win. Coming in first should never leave you with less (of any currency) than your initial bet, in my opinion. It’s really demotivating. I liked the diamond powerups and bonus for max bets during the recent gold strike event (even if the diamond rewards were tiny). I think those should be regular features! Lastly, once you level up to gold strike, my bet levels on the slot machine increased but were restricted (1k, 3k, 5k, 10k, 25k) which was mildly annoying but no big deal. Would love to see in-game rewards points purchase options, especially during these times. Nothing really new in the store at all, but I know more stuff will be coming soon.

  • By anything4selenas


    Like others have said, it’s impossible to continue playing the game unless you dig in your wallet. The payouts, even when you win, are less than your bet. You even have to gamble your tickets in HOPES of getting more diamonds so that you can get gold cards and MAYBE you’ll win with better cards next round but even if you do you won’t even win back your bet. And the only way to get tickets in the first place is by playing. This game is not fun to play. It’s fun in the beginning with the programmed winnings, you really get to see how great the game could be if they actually made it that way. But given all the negative reviews I’m sure no one that actually plays the game are the names on the leader boards. Thanks for fixing the bugs. Now fix the payout system for your game so people actually want to play and don’t delete this waste of storage space.

  • By OregonBarbie

    Game crashes when you’re winning

    I tried to write this review this morning but apparently it didn’t get posted so I’m going to try again. I actually wrote support but I have not heard anything back. When I first started this game I thought it was fun. It seems like you could win jackpots and lots of bingos..But soon I started to realize that as I was winning a lot the game would immediately crash. It only happened when I seemingly had a lot of Bingos and it happened before the end of the game. I quickly would log back on and try to click the button to get back in the game because I figured it would put me back in the game but instead defaults you to max betAnd a new game. Without realizing it when I push the button in a panic trying to get back into my old game it spent all of my chipsOn a max bet on a max card game that I would never have done had I wasn’t panicking trying to get back in to get the chips I would have won on the previous game after the game crashed. So, I have very little chips so then this morning I decided to start again and again I was winning just off a little bit but I had several Bingos on one card and all of a sudden the game crashed again. Seems kind of suspicious to me. This game is nowhere near as fun as the other casino game.. And when you’re in a good winning streak it just shuts off mysteriously… And if you panic and log back in and push the first button you get Max Bette and all your chips are gone. No thank you

  • By LNBrock

    Definitely Disappointed

    I tried this game yesterday and while it worked it was a lot of fun. Now I’m no longer able to contact support through the game so this is the only way I know of to let the game know my problem. It’s disappointing because now I have to delete the game for good 😞. Can’t play a game that won’t work. I really wish this would work. So what happened was…. All of a sudden it would no long allow me to go the bingo cards. So while I was given a 24 hour booster it is being wasted while the game is broken. I have tried contacting customer support and I got a message back saying they took the day off. Well, today I still have gotten no response. The only thing the game allows at this point is to purchase but why would I spend money on a game that I can’t even play and that has no support. I thought I found my new game. I have tried everything to fix it on my end. I deleted the game and restarted it 2 times. It will let me get to a certain point and then just stops working. I can’t enter any of the casinos to play bingo. I really hope they get it fixed because it would be a really fun game. So just to be clear this would be an awesome game if it worked how it is supposed to. I think if you are looking for a bingo game and you find it works for you then you will be happy. But since it doesn’t for me it gets 1 star. 🥺😢😤😩

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