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my KONAMI - Vegas Casino Slots


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my KONAMI - Vegas Casino Slots is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by PlayStudios. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - PlayStudios, with the latest current version being 1.62.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 204274 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the my KONAMI - Vegas Casino Slots App

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If you like games that continuously update with new content, you’ll love my KONAMI Slots. This free casino game is constantly getting new slot machines, which means that you can continually find new favorites.


- my KONAMI Slots is intended for individuals 18 years and older.

- my KONAMI Slots does not offer real money gambling.

- PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of my KONAMI Slots, is not affiliated in any direct or indirect way with any real-money gambling operations on other domains.

- Virtual chips used in my KONAMI Slots have no real-world value and cannot be redeemed for anything of value.

- Playing free-to-play slots games does not imply future success at real money gambling.

- In-app purchases available.

- PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of my KONAMI Slots, is a member of the International Social Games Association (“ISGA”) and has adopted its “Best Practice Principles.” See more about the ISGA at For information, guidance, tips, and advice on social gaming, visit “Smart Social Gamers” at

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Top Reviews

  • By Babsieboodle

    Favorite Slots

    I have tried quite a few of the "free" online slot games and the Konami games I feel are the best. I really enjoy them. The only problem being that it is pretty impossible to gang on to your points. You can go for an hour, on any variety of their games and just not win anything g. I have ended purchasing their coins practically daily. Can have 30,000,000 and in a half hour , they can be gone. I know these free games, are not free, and they're here to make money. But at the Rio casino, when you pay money, you have a chance to win real money. You can't even win money on here, but you can certainly spend quite a lot. The worst thing is, it makes you wonder what goes on. If they can control the outcomes so definitely on these online games, what can they do in a real casino where their job is to make money? It has made me feel differently about gambling in general. Actually hopeless.

  • By tiger8191

    Great fun with great rewards

    My friend told me to jump on this and it’s other games to start racking up gold coins for our upcoming trip to Vegas. This was back in Jan 2020. Before our Feb trip I made enough gold coins to get two nights comped at Excalibur and while there in Vegas I redeemed 2 free buffets during our trip. Such a great trip that we lan to do it every Feb (covid permitting :( ) so I’ve been back on the grind. Currently sitting on 277,000 gold coins. I see people whining about only playing for a minute and the being FORCED to buy coins with real money. Lol I’ve spent a total of $0 on all three games. My chip balance on Konami is 92,000,000, pop slots I’m at 83,000,000, and on myVEGAS slots over 550,000,000. Play smart. Log in each day. And you’ll never have to pay to play.

  • By DL357

    Fun game but can’t play long even when buying chips or others

    The games are a fun time killer, my only problem is that if you want to play for more than a minute or two you have to buy chips, however I had bought that maybe after buying chips that the games would be a little less stingy, I was wrong. As an example earlier today I had around 400mil chips, I was betting around 500k per spin, I burned through all my chips and had only gotten a bonus (free spins) twice and one of the times the payout was only like 18k on an ~500k bet. and within about 20 minutes all my chips were gone, so as I said it’s a fun game just be prepared to either keep purchasing chips (I do understand they are in the business of making money by people buying chips so I do not fault the, for that) or coming back daily and only playing for a minute or two. It would be nice though if the machines weren’t quite as stingy, or if you could potentially purchase tickets, or have better values on the chips packages, they’re kind of pricey for as little as you’ll be able to play for.

  • By NoFatKat


    I love the My Vegas and My Konami games and the fact that I can earn real world prizes. BUT I hate all the pop ups that keep me from playing. After a certain “offer” pops up once and I close it, it should stay closed for the rest of the time I’m playing the app’s games. Why, why, why do I have to close it over and over again? If I need coins and want to purchase them I already know about the offer. Why can’t you just put a button at the top that you can click that says “offers”? Go ahead and show them right after you open the app, but don’t show them again without being prompted to do so! I’m so aggravated right now that I closed out of My Konami for the rest of the day. I’m just so angry that my blood is just boiling because I’ve had to close the same offers so many times! Also, I don’t like games in the portrait mode. When I open one of those games I close it right away. I play on my iPad and there is no easy way to prop it up to play in portrait mode. Even my iPhone is difficult to prop up that way. Why don’t you indicate which mode the game is displayed in so that I don’t have to waste my time opening and closing games? If I didn’t have to deal with these frustrations, I would gladly give this app 5 stars. As it is, I had to give only 3 stars.

  • By Theresknowwaaathissnamestakin

    Try it

    PERFECT GAME for anyone who loves really, if ur a loser this is your can pump as much money as u want into this game and watch as your selected slot displays loss after loss after loss...and the great thing is that ANY slot will produce the same results....i know it sounds too good to be true, i mean who doesnt wanna buy 99,000,000,000 coins and watch them vanish in a matter of a friend thats a little cocky, big ego, overly confident? Well just open this game up and hand it to them and watch as the losses pile up and that ego gets a matter of fact, i give my 100% no money back guarantee, that for every dollar you spend you will get no money back and thats a guarantee....better yet, i give you my word, that not only will you never win, but if by chance you do win a miniscule amount of coins which will pale in comparison to what you play, you have my word that those cute little winnings will be gone before you notice your balance change......SO CMON LOSERS, WHAT R U WAITING FOR???

  • By Jimbo 23987654

    Fun to play but don’t spend any money

    I actually enjoy playing the game but lose all my coins in a matter of minutes. Then wait until the next and collect the daily bonus to play again. Anytime I’ve bought coins they were gone just as fast. I thought maybe if I paid for some the game might reward me and pay out a little before taking all my coins but no. I’ve tried the higher bets, which is supposed to increase your odds but I just lost coins faster. The rewards are an absolute joke. Don’t plan on anything significant. I played for a year and earned enough reward points for a 2 night hotel stay, or so I thought. So many blackout dates that it’s not even worth it. And of course you don’t know when the blackout dates are until you purchase the reward. They will refund up to 5 reward purchases a month if it turns out it doesn’t work for you. I purchased 5 different hotel stay rewards only to find out that none of them worked for me.

  • By 1955dvs


    I have 2 issues with this app. The first is that you have to pop the ballon in order to receive them. It is a constant distraction between big wins and balloons. If we have earned a reward, we should receive it not have to notice the balloon and pop it. There are times when it isn’t even possible to try to pop it as you are in some daily promotion and can’t access the balloon. My second issue is the the bet increases even when I am not increasing the bet. I lost nearly 300,000,000 chips on a couple of spins that I did not increase the bet. This occurred after purchasing them minutes before. This happens on a regular basis. Also, the bet button is too close to the bottom of the app and is in an area that I am using to hold my iPad. Possibly I unintentionally hit the bet button while holding it as it was on auto resin. In either case, whether it is increasing on its own or because of the bet location, I have lost nearly 600,000,000 chips. Getting real irritated with this app and will delete it when my chips are gone.

  • By Alwaysnini

    Difficult to move up in VIP status

    I have had this game for a very long time. I have given this a two star review because it has my favorite slot machine. However, not only does it not pay out, if I happen to win something big, somehow it quickly disappears. I get that this is as close to gambling as possible and I am not complaining about rarely winning. I also lost a lot of coins when they did the big update. Now the bonus tickets are worth a fraction of what they used to be worth since the update also just a FYI. My only frustration is we are being forced to buy vip points if we want to move up in the tier. With only two games out of four that are able to collect tier points if you want to move up, then you have to pay. You will have to keep paying to maintain that status when you do reach it. I think this is such a shame. I used to love playing these games. I am now thinking of deleting all four games. Bye bye china shore.

  • By Minzippy

    Typical and disappointing

    Like other slot games, they start you off with greater win odds but as your level advances they dial back and tighten the slots. (Especially when you up your bet amount.) Most recently I saved up my coins for three days only to have them disappear in under two minutes of "play". (One of those minutes was spent in a bonus round in which I won 0 coins.) Sadly, this is another cash grab app that preys upon people buying fake coins that are too weak to simply delete the app. And if these games are truly authentic then what I learned is to stay away from Konami slots in the real casinos. The only good bet here is that most of the good reviews are fake! And worst of all, it's so loaded with pop-up ads for buying coins and bugs that nine times out of 10, it crashes before you can even get into a game. Most disappointing app I have EVER had the displeasure of "playing".Don't WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!!!! And seriously what a load of garbage that this app shows nearly a five star rating when you read the first 10 reviews and the average rating is 2 1/2 stars. Absolutely proves that the "App Store" is able to be bought off to eliminate low rated reviews. Absolute PROOF! I have tried posting this review a few times and never actually saw it get posted. All of these companies involved are completely crooked and I should contact my local news company

  • By slendj

    Don’t expect a refund if a charge error occurs.

    I would give them 0 stars if I could for their lack of customer service! I have been playing this game for over a year. Like other typical slot games you win but in time you end up putting it all back in and end up paying to keep playing. I have paid well over several hundred dollars in games over the past year. I have seen other reviewers that said they put in a payment for additional tokens but never received them. In my case, I was double charged twice this week when I paid for additional tokens under the same transaction. I only authorized one charge and after trying through several attempts to get a refund back to my credit card for the extra charge Apple support was of no help. The only message that I got back was “not eligible for refund”. Really? Isn’t that called theft of services when you are billed twice for something? And there is no way to contact a real person to resolve this issue. There are no contact numbers available on the Apple support page. So I am out an additional close to $30 and received no tokens for it. Personally, I’d rather donate that money to charity than to this website. They lost me as a customer! My advice is to be aware if you have any issues with this site. I’ll be playing on my local casino’s site from now on.

  • By Podunkgirl

    Really really ruined this game

    This game used to the bomb But they have changed everything and ruined it. This game is crooked. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR BET. it changed my bet from 18 million to 300 million yesterday when i checked the daily challenges. It also does this when you switch games, do the ticket machine or close a pop up. It has stole so many coins from me this way. It is now way tighter than a actual casino. When you open it your bombarded with 5-6 popups. I can deal with that except every time you switch games, go to lobby, check your challenges the same popups come up. Average over 400 in a gambling session. I am buying coins so why do i have to constantly close popups. They also are extremely slow coming up and often cause the game to crash. The daily challenges and events are a joke now. I spent 15 BILLION and was rewarded with 1.4 million. I only hit 3 bonus rounds out of that 15 BILLION betting 18 million a spin. 3 bonuses in 8+ hrs. None payed over 4 million. This drastic changes in this game make me think it has new owners. Ones that are ok with taking every penny you have and giving very little in return. This game used to bring me alot of enjoyment But now after playing you always feel cheated and depressed.

  • By nitehawk137


    Konami slots is rigged. I’ve been playing it for about 2 years. At first I was able to get to the different vip levels and have made it to the emerald level. But I cannot go any further no matter how much I play, how much I bet per spin, and how much I spend to purchase points so I can keep playing. In fact, the more I spend to purchase points, the less points I get per purchase and the price to buy extra points keeps getting hire. Now, I’ve just noticed that the bonus percentage at the emerald level has decreased from 50% bonus to 30% bonus. Now, I also fear that I may not even be able to maintain emerald status as the rewards that one needs to collect to maintain one’s vip status is getting less. I am now sorry I spent money on buying extra points to keep playing. I am not spending any more money on this game. I felt I needed to submit this review to warn others who are thinking about installing this app. If you are be aware that it will lure you in and once you start spending money to purchase extra points to keep playing it will get more and more expensive to keep playing.

  • By Hrdbal

    Terrible odds

    I felt obligated to inform that the all the negative reviews that state your money will not go a long way is absolutely true. I’ve been off and on with this app because I do like the games, however, making three purchases for 240,000,000 coins and to see no bonuses at all and only last the 20 minutes it took to go through the coins at 1.2 million a bet. I’m not looking for the boiler response that has been given to other reviews of “play our other slots as some are more volatile than others.” I guess you have to be informed that although you are not playing with real money you are paying to play with worse odds than the casino and the developer tells you to basically guess which other games will give you more bonuses to enjoy the entertainment of an APP. It’s your APP and you can design it how you wish but it is obvious that you take advantage of people and as you tremendously stack the odds against your customer and utilize the same psychology as the casino to lure players to spend money for the chase of the bonus or jackpot although it’s fake money.

  • By TuskAndHoney


    I’ve played this game for quite a few years. It was fun sort of mindless stress relief. I stopped using Facebook and lost my progress. Ok, fine I’ll deal with it despite having spent a good amount of money on the game. I started from scratch and my poor financial management and impulsive nature resulted in me spending actual hundreds if not thousands of actual US$ on chips within the past 8 months alone. And that would be fine! My inability to budget and control my spending is my own fault. But then I went to play today, like I do everyday, and discovered that somehow, for some reason, all of my progress had disappeared. I was back at level one with most games locked. I have never once redeemed points for real-life rewards. I literally just spent an ungodly amount of money to spin fake slots on my phone and all of the fake progress that money bought just...disappeared. There is no way to contact support or help unless you use Facebook. I feel like I have been scammed, conned, robbed, etc. Disgusting. Stay away.

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