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Hunting Clash: Hunter World


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Hunting Clash: Hunter World is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Ten Square Games S.A.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ten Square Games S.A., with the latest current version being 2.44 which was officially released on 2021-07-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 13894 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Hunting Clash: Hunter World App

How does it Work?

Greetings Hunter!

You've probably played many hunting simulators. But this one will make your head spin.

Get your gear ready. Sharpen your senses and prepare for a real treat! Meet Hunting Clash – the most amazing 3D shooting simulator ever (seriously: ever!). Have some medicine at hand as the game will drastically increase your heart-beat rate – it's known as a free adrenaline-making machine!

Here, grab the awesome features of the game:

The greatest hunting grounds on earth.

That's right. Hunting Clash is filled with thrilling locations to hunt your dreamed-of trophy. You'll experience anything from deadly frostbites in Kamchatka to the merciless, scorching gusts of African winds. And who knows, maybe you'll get to see the Northern Lights, too?

The greatest choice of weapons.

You'll be gobsmacked by the range of weaponry in Hunting Clash. Deadly precision, perfect design and stunning quality will make your hunting experience top-notch plus, you'll get to improve your weapon in many ways with weapon tokens – just design your most favourite one! Oh, get ready for loads of additional gear like sonars and super buffs. Collect shells to snag great rewards and hunt the trophy of your life!

The greatest animal abundance.

Big game, medium-sized game, small game – you name it! Hunting Clash is throwing in a massive list of animals to hunt for. We're talking swift deadly ambush predators such as Siberian Tiger or one of the fiercest predators on earth – Wolverine. An excellent sport for a great hunter, like you!

The greatest competition.

Oh my! You're in for a serious rivalry. Hunting Clash is home to hunters craving for competition. And it's fierce, by all means. You'll have a chance to take part in special events, duels and championships. You'll enjoy the thrill of getting rewards for competing with other hunters all over the world! So, win tournaments and climb up the ranks to beat them all!

The greatest game controls.

Hunting Clash offers revolutionary game controls. It's designed to help you hunt with ease and focus on targeting animals with precision. No more nerve-racking games that make you want to smash your smartphone. In hunting Clash, controlling your guns is silky-smooth – simply real-like.

The greatest strength in numbers.

Feel the might of joint-hunting in Hunting Clash. Join a club, or even create one yourself. Enjoy an exciting game feature – the Club Hunting. You can become a proud member of a unique Fellowship of the Hunters. Contributing to your club rank, you'll get awesome rewards and achieve fame – a walk in the park for a hunter like you!

So, sounds good?

One more thing though, hunting isn’t only a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a recipe for one:

1. Think about deer.

2. Scout for deer.

3. Hunt for deer.

4. Shoot deer (plural).

5. Repeat 1-4 as often as you like.

Hit the mark – Hunting Clash!

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Top Reviews

  • By Photo_bomb136

    So much fun but could be better.

    This game really is a lot of fun. I understand that the company needs to make money, but it is really frustrating that you either have to use real money to have the boosts to enjoy the game or miss out on a lot of the fun and action. There are no cheat codes and no way to judge the size of the animal without the sonar. There is no option to pass up shooting the animal and if you have boots turned on, you waste each boost. Charge a fee for unlimited play or something but quick forcing people to pay money to constantly build up the boosts. Not enough gold or weapon coins paid out to balance. Plus my game crashes or freezes a lot. This wastes boots and has caused me to loose duals numerous times. I deleted the fishing crash app for this exact reason, but I’m hoping this review will bring about changes. Maybe you can respond to this review please. I will give a couple of days to see if there is a satisfactory resolution and response. If not I’ll delete the app and move on to another game. Like I said this game is extremely fun and entertaining so I gave it a 5 star rating. However, without a response and an amicable resolution, I will change my review from a 5 to a 1 with the same post statement of these issues.

  • By SlamClamBigelow


    So, what’s with the children talking and making noises while playing at the Jim Jim Falls location? It’s mixed in with the animal sound effects in the background. Am I the only one hearing it? As for the game itself, I haven’t come across anything negative. Imo, It’s one of the best game / entertainment apps ever. I highly recommend this app for anyone looking to find an app that’ll keep you entertained and help pass time or casual play. Replay value is extremely high. The tasks are constantly changing, such as championships, events, duels, or single player, so there’s pretty much always something new every time you play.

  • By oklastate13

    Wonderful game.

    Initially I downloaded this for my son. I started playing it in my down time to try and earn him a better gun since he’s 5 and doesn’t really get the concept of how to play for real. Nor does he know how to read lol. But I can honestly say I haven’t spent a single dime and I absolutely love and enjoy this game. Wonderful job to the creators. It’s so rare to find a game that is this enjoyable that you DONT have to spend actual money on to enjoy.

  • By Zfordtough

    Fun, but is horrible

    This game is awesome, when you can play it!! When you open the game it loads, I’m like ok that’s fine but literally it loaded the hunters 50 times each one was about 5 seconds long I was riding in my car so I just waited but it never loaded I was able to shoot 7 animals in about 30 minutes. Hopefully this has helped you, if you like hunting games you will HATE THIS GAME!!

  • By ChristopherW19

    Best game but one problem

    I would rate this game five star but I have a problem. I don’t have that many apps on my phone so I don’t think it’s my phone but every time I’m in the middle of playing the game, it’ll close out back to my Home Screen out of nowhere. I’ve already didn’t some apps I don’t use because I thought it was a storage problem but it’s not, I’ve also did a lot of other things but nothing seems to work and I don’t want to delete the game because this is by far the best hunting game I could find. So if you want me to not delete your app/game then you need to be fixing it where I can play and it not close out on me. One more thing is that it’s not just this game... I’ve downloaded some other shooting/hunting games as well and they did the same thing. It can’t be my phone because my phone is brand new and was a lot of money, I’m just starting to think my phone doesn’t like shooting/hunting games to be honest. I can play other games that don’t involve shooting/hunting and those games work fine, like I don’t get it. If someone could reply with some recommendations on what I need or what I should do then that would help a lot (hopefully). By the way I’m being honest when I say that this is the best shooting/hunting game I’ve ever played on my phone.

  • By CKelley75

    Good Hunting

    Game is fun though can be slow at first until you build your cards up. One real downfall is the hunting without power ups is a total guessing game as all the animals appear the exact same in size and age etc so you don’t know what your shooting point wise without the radar power up until it’s to late. This also makes the game somewhat boring at times. And more just a grinding game to get more power ups from winning challenges. Or of course you can spend real money to have all the power ups you want but then again takes all the fun out of hunting away and just becomes who can spend the most money to buy first place game.

  • By Jayden0308

    Don’t really love it.

    First off I wish there was more gun customization instead of this skill tree thing. Attachments would make so much more sense. Also in the later stages where you have to kill rhinos and things like that, I feel kinda like a poacher. Don’t really love the fact we are killing those types of animals. Also, I hate the there is a max silver cap it just makes me not want to play the game. Duels are decent. But really no skill involved in em. Also maybe make silver more useful so we can purchase new guns. Too much of the in-game items are purchased with gold, which you can earn slowly or buy with irl money. Anyway, if you want a couple days of fun I guess it is good, still a lot of work though.

  • By Jazz329


    I’ve been playing this game for about a week and I like it, but there are things that are annoying and disappointing. The points system, for rating each kill, isn’t explained at all. Targeting isn’t explained at all. Most animals you get an intermittent green circle that you would assume is your target, but when you shoot in the middle of it you sometimes get 100%... sometimes you get less than 100%. Hit outside the circle sometimes you get less than 100% sometimes you get 100%. There’s no consistency. I guess my biggest complaint is that nothing is explained to you, you’re left to try and figure everything out on your own.

  • By Longhorn in OU


    Have played this game for months. Have also dropped serious $$$$ into it. CS seemed to be helpful at first. Then when completing events & championships or club duel & club wars, my self snd club members noticed.. we are not getting all of our event prizes or points. When messaging customer service multiple times.. they send free bee’s. I never asked for. All I asked is to be given the prize earned. Other than NOT always getting what you play to earn.. the game can be really fun and competitive. However, now i just CAN NOT log back in.. & $$ was just spent. I’d really like to hear from someone. Thank you.

  • By Reviewer22345432343

    Could be 5 stars but for one problem…

    Game is and was really fun the first few days until you unlock multiple stages. At that point fulfilling missions becomes super tedious because they are location based and the stage is randomly selected. It’s really sad and dumb because the game is flawlessly fun otherwise. But having to quit or play matches you don’t care about over 75% of the time is a real issue. You see lots of opponents quitting matches too because they don’t want to play that stage either. The devs really need to let people pick the stage they want to duel in. Game is amazing otherwise.

  • By srosewhisk

    Love the game hate some players

    There are some people who are using cheating methods to win duels. They are choosing to hunt again after the time runs out and staying on that screen in an attempt to annoy the opponent into giving up. Once the time runs out the match should end it should not be possible to hunt again and keep the match going, the duel should end no matter what screen theyre on and the winner wins fair and square. If players do it too many times they should get a ban or be kicked at the very least.

  • By WTFhdjs

    Very fun, if you love wasting money on games

    I never write reviews but I felt this to be necessary, since I’d love to see some changes. This game was fun for a short while. At first, you’re soaring through the ranks and collecting plenty of lure cards, power-ups, gold, etc. Then you begin to level off and lose interest once the power-ups become scarce. And sorry, I’m not about waste money on these things; they wouldn’t last a day. If you don’t have Sonar, you are wasting every other power-up you use. And if you don’t use every power-up each hunt, you will most likely lose. The creators know this because sonars are the hardest to acquire; they cost more in gold and you receive less. Also, you rarely earn them through events and challenges. Ten Square, to keep myself and others around, modify sonar price/qty to be equal to the others, add power ups(preferably sonars) to lure packs and add a purchase option to trade silver for gold. These changes would definitely keep people around much longer!

  • By Real1OneShot

    This Game Could Be Awesome

    The concept of this game is hunting different animals in different location with an emphasis on competition. Initial execution was smooth with few glitches. However, as more animals, locations, and weapons expanded, the number of programming errors increased and the opportunities to secure gold coin (needed to purchase power-ups) decreased. In fact, the programmers took away almost all opportunities, except in app purchases (real money). With the recent addition of a variety of weapons, the app became extreme unstable, requiring multiple restarts and reloads within a short time period making play very frustrating. On top of that they use an AI customer support system (i.e. Annoyingly Incompetent). They are slow to fix problems and stingy on making good on player losses. Worse, they give the same communication every time a complaint is entered…we are aware of the problem and our programmers are working on it. Skip this app. There must be others better.

  • By FA QUE 12340987532

    Waste of time

    There is no way to stay competitive. In order to do well, you need lure cards. To get lure cards you compete in events. To get good lure cards you must place in top 5 of events. The game puts you against players who are 20-60 levels higher than you are which means it is impossible for you to place in events. So, you don’t get any good lure cards, and in turn continue to lose. You waste all of your resources to try and compete, to continuously fall short every event. Their “help” feature is bots, which provides no assistance for any issues, nor do they provide any feedback if you submit any suggestions.

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