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Fishing Clash


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Fishing Clash is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Ten Square Games S.A.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ten Square Games S.A., with the latest current version being 1.0.159 which was officially released on 2021-07-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 94928 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Fishing Clash App

How does it Work?

The most popular hobby now in your pocket! Join over 46 millions of anglers who already played Fishing Clash and start catching fish in one of the most realistic fishing games. High time to go fishing!

Get hooked on fishing

Enter the game, choose a fishery and cast a fishing rod. It’s that simple!

Catch hundreds of different fish species

From carps, basses, catfishes and salmons to real sea monsters like sharks and arapaimas!

Collect fishing gear

Buy new fishing rods, lures and other equipment to raise your chance to catch a big fish!

Visit diverse fisheries

Fishing Clash can take you to fishing spots all around the world! Loch Ness, Lake Biwa, rivers of Nile, Kenai, Yangtze and many more places await you!

Every day is an event day

Take opportunity to participate in various in-game events, solo or with your clan, and win unique prizes!

Compete with other anglers

Participate in duels, challenges, tournaments and championships to show them who’s the fishing boss!

Experience the Fishing Battle - a battle royale mode!

4 or 8 players compete with each other to catch the highest pointed fish on a given fishing arena. After each round someone has to be eliminated… so make sure you become the last angler standing and earn your hard-fought fishing loot!

Realistic 3D graphics

While waiting for your next big fish, enjoy breathtaking vistas of fishing spots from all around the world and realistically crafted fishing gear.

Embark on a fishing journey with Fishing Clash and immerse yourself into the world of anglers, fish, rods and lures. DOWNLOAD NOW and enjoy one of the most realistic experience in fishing games genre.

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Top Reviews

  • By Kylasma

    Individual Money Grab Fishing

    Fishing clash is a game that has a 5 star idea with a 2 star execution. The concept of the game is great. Based on a favorite past time of millions. It is set up in a clan style format where u can enjoy with friends. Just like real life fishing! This is where the money comes in. They sell in game up grades like everyone else. The problem is they are at unreasonable prices. For instance, $ 400 for one rod! Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice rod. Maybe not G Loomis quality. Then again it’s probably not fair to compare fake rods with real rods. Except in this case the real money price is comparable. Then the clan format. If u r a high level clan without real money upgrades u will find it almost impossible to contribute points to your clan. No points = No rewards. It does not matter if u had points during the event, only at the end. U can spend real time and not receive part of the prize. So why not call it what is “ Individual Money Grab Fishing”

  • By Skjejje2228


    I play this all the time and enjoy it, but please stop making so many changes just to make yourself money. Also, I have so many freezes and have to restart my devices in order to even get back on?!?! None of my other apps stop working or need a restart. Also, what the crap is the deal with the Legendary Trophies?? Hope they are able to be used to help upgrade lures or something. Otherwise, seems really silly to just erase earned trophies for no reason. Especially when that brings higher level guys down into my league to face in duels, causing me to lose duels I shouldn’t even be matched up in. And on that point, why are duels even matched up by trophy count? Shouldn’t it just be by overall level? I hate facing players that have sandbagged for a day for the purpose of dropping trophies in order to face lesser level players... at no punishment. Should be more of a penalty or deterrent to those that choose this “strategy”. This really matters at clan pack time where the need to win is intensified. Why benefit those who are cheating the system and players playing at their legitimate level? Seems to me that you all need to get your ideas and changes lined up a little better to benefit better, and more fair, play.

  • By Greyjuju

    Great But...Frustrating

    I like the game I play a lot over an hour throughout the day. The game play and graphics are top notch. The fish are patterned and colored correctly and animated nicely, but be ready to lose a lot, I wish there was a tier system in place, re: Dueling one that is not based on Trophies. It’s frustrating losing a lot, I just dueled another player who had 2500+ wins and 1400+ trophies vs. my 60 wins and same amount of trophies. I lost, this is no surprise, giving the fact that you get at least 2 hooks per win, that comes to minimum of 5000 hooks. Which in turn comes to 330+ Hook packs that gives you money, pearls and lures. Lures that upgrade you star rating and allows you to catch larger fish. A newer player stands little chance in such an encounter. People throw matches to keep their trophies numbers low to duel low “level” players for clan hooks during events. You could make it win/level based, each level is 50 wins. This would have a twofold effect. It would keep the playing field a little more even for newer players and make clan hooks more of a commodity instead of a easy way to get clan packs. Hope this keeps someone else from getting frustrated and quitting the game.

  • By MattS219

    Could be way better...

    I honestly love playing this game n spend a lot of time playing it. I’ve had it now for about a month and it does get really fun... but... as I’ve gotten a little further in the game it’s now getting frustrating due to being matched up with players wayyyyy above my level. You try hard to gather power ups and you guys set challenges for duels and other competitions and pair me up with people way beyond my level and it’s not even fair. You lose all your power ups that you either paid for or earned just trying to compete with these higher level players. It almost makes it seem like you have to pay money to be competitive n that’s making me more n more ready to delete the app... it really makes no sense to create all these challenges and not be able to compete and earn more power ups and packs to advance when your matched up with people you cannot compete against.. you lose all your stuff just trying to edge out duel wins and challenges. I like the game n it has a great concept but I’m about to stop playing since I can not afford to spend money daily just to even compete.. thanks.

  • By skow

    Dropping stars as fast as game stability

    Been playing for a little bit. Game started out fun, decent to progress without spending lots of money... until recently. Something has happened in one of the updates lowering the ability to catch larger fish more often enabling you to compete in challenges and events. I understand pay to play and that pretty much all games are solely that or have components built in to make money. And that’s not unacceptable. I’ve bought things because I enjoyed playing but over the last few updates it has changed completely. Without increasing level to open the next fishery, I have increased my rods and lures but all of a sudden I struggle to compete with those at or near my same level. The pay to play has been reinforced massively. It’s becoming one of the games where the bigger purchases will have to be made in order to compete in the challenges and events. Sad, they had a decent game going, even with some minor instability issues that have now turned in to you better have perfect WiFi or cell connection otherwise you’ll be “loading” frequently. Anywho, I would recommend to try but be prepared to drop some dollars if you want the full effect of the game and enjoy winning events to get minor gifts that you essentially paid for anyways.

  • By Shane115533

    Game was great for awhile UNTIL...

    I fell in love with this game and it has been great until very recently. There are a lot of bugs in the events and players are getting impossible scores. I’ve reached out to support with no response. I was cheated out of prizes by players having more points than is possible in the events. Also there seems to be an algorithm that when you upgrade lures and spend money you instantly start catching much better fish and when you stop you will catch nothing for hundreds of casts while wasting all power ups. This algorithm is present to make sure that players keep spending money and keep leveling up so they’ll unlock new fisheries and have to buy the license with pearls. Look, I’m fine with that algorithm being in place (just like the one that makes rod weight bonuses not random). However, you need to fix the events or compensate players that have lost rewards because of it. That is just plain unfair and those players were cheated. The first time event scores were wacky and you guys admitted your mistake (it happened two events ago when you guys were trying to implement something new). But a couple hours later you wrote that everything was fine even though scores weren’t corrected. Big mistake! Own up to your mistakes and respond to the players who are seeking clarity. It is beyond frustrating for you guys to not be transparent and own up to things because 99% of players won’t catch the errors and you guys can just keep collecting money.

  • By NobodyKnowsMyName987

    Great idea, poorly executed

    UPDATE - Duel matchups are ridiculous and not being addressed by developers. Rampant sandbagging by getting 2 heavier fish and then giving up. Just got matched up with a player who had over 9800 duel wins to my measly 167. He quits (sandbags) and I get only 1 hook. Something is very wrong with this game. As another reviewer stated, it’s a 5 star game in a 2 star wrapper. You will quickly see what I mean when you start playing. First, there is no real skill involved. The only skill is catching the fish and it will take you all of a couple times to master it. Then it’s boring. This is a strategy game. Don’t get me wrong, a strategy games can be fun too, but here is where the problem lies. The only way to compete is to spend real money. And a LOT of it. In game purchases are unreasonable. I do believe that if you like and play a game a lot, you should compensate the developers. They put a lot of time and money into the app and they should see some return on that investment. Problem is, it costs way too much and the game is rigged that way. Either you pay for legendary lures or you lose duels during events. Each legendary lure will cost you $20 in a pack. I’ve unlocked just 8 fishery’s so far and at a minimum to compete, I would’ve had to spend $160 and I’m only half way there. NOT worth it. Moving on to another game.

  • By Teppiewrn


    The game overall is a lot of fun but when I’m competing in a duel, a battle or something else where I am against some other player, the game crashes, restarts (this usually takes a couple of minutes) and by the time I get back in the duel has only a fe2 seconds left and I’m left not catching anything thereby losing any trophy points I have. Another issue is the clans - NEED TO LOSE THESE. I joined one and donated a few lures and asked for a legendary for Lake Guntersville on several occasions and didn’t receive anything, need to say I left the clan. It’s all about spending money and not getting anything in return. I agree with several of the other reviewers, you need to 1) fix the bugs that causes the crashes, 2) make the game a little more fair - especially for the players that have full time jobs and 3) cut down the prices of what players have to spend to get lures and power ups. UPDATE —— CLANS MAKE THIS GAME SOOOOO UNFAIR. You can’t win anything because of the clans. I was in 1st place with 15 hours left in the current championship, with a little under 2 hours left I had dropped to 3rd place ALL BECAUSE THE HACKER CLANS stepped in and knocked me out of first place. DEVELOPERS please LOSE THE CLANS to make this game fair for everybody. Also crashes seem to be getting worse,

  • By Doc Tyree

    Far too much sandbagging so you have to compete against players that are twice your size.

    Game starts out great at low levels but as you gain levels they slow down the play and the catch chance, matching you against far larger players and slowing down your ability to compete and the speed at which you catch fish. Don’t spend any money on the game because as soon as you do they will start limiting your ability even further when you don’t purchase anything for a while. The game is not bad as far as quality of of scenery and playing outright without dueling but much harder to advance this way. game is not worth the time it took me to reach upper levels because even though you have bigger lures and all the buffs In The world even the lowest man on the pole can defeat you if you don’t purchase in game packs every so often and they slow down your catch rate and speed of recovery. Playing other players that constantly sandbag to drop cups so they can duel other players of lower levels gets tiresome and takes from the game more then anything else. Competing is one thing but when you have to compete against people you have no chance of beating over and over because they have sand bagged sort of takes from a persons want to play the game.

  • By tigersfunnyface2

    Deleting if not fixed soon

    The game is clean and starts out fun. I didn’t mind spending a few bucks here and there until I started to realize how the game actually works (there is no tutorial). I HATE that I can’t pick where I want to duel and even worse that I am matched with people that I can’t even comparably come close to winning against!! I have spent money to level up lures to be able to win in duels for Florida Coast but consistently get paired with Mediterranean Sea and no lures. I have lost over 50 pearls in re drawing for competition and the wheel or entire game freezes and I have to restart game but no new draw yet pearls are still gone. The limited coin earning cap is ridiculous as well. I have sent emails to support and have not received ANY responses nor refunded any pearls. Between the constant freezing, unable to earn enough coins to level lures to give a fighting chance of winning, and not being able to choose where I want to duel, and NO SUPPORT, has pushed me to the point of wanting to delete game and not recommend. If things don’t change very soon that’s what will happen as well as spreading the word not to bother with the game. Very sad as the game has the bones to be great. If ALL of this is fixed and changed then I will update review and stars

  • By Warwick333

    Its just a slot machine disguised as a fishing game

    Its free like they tell if if you are happy just pushing buttons and never really winning anything. There is literally zero skilled involved in this game. Just upgrading and button pushing. You can set up autoclicker on your phone and walk away. I played quite a bit and did enjoy it. I also spent my fair share of money. You need to spend in the hundreds if you want to place in any events especially as you move up the ranks. You will be constantly frustrated by losing to people you shouldnt lose to. The fishing algorithm they use, i feel has one purpose, to get you to spend money. It works. Follows all the gaming psychology to a T. You will soon find out that you cant catch bigger fish even after upgrading lures and gear. You will use thousands of powerups trying to no avail all to get you to buy more. To be fair game is fun and addicting and the graphics are good. I just cant spend anymore money on it which means I cant compete, which means whats the point. I tried quitting before and came back. Now im trying again. Like I said its a slot machine dressed up as a fishing game. You are at the mercy of the algorithm and you will soon find out how frustrating that can be.

  • By JCofNaz

    Crashes Constantly

    I absolutely loved this game. I loved the graphics! I liked the challenges and championships and the clan I’m in... I however CANNOT STAND the fact that it crashes ALL THE TIME!!!! I will go to enter duel and it will either reload the app or just freeze to the point that when I get back in the duel it is seconds away from ending without having a chance to fish and compete. It happens when clicking on different options through the game also. EXTREMELY frustrating to the point that I may just delete the game/app all total. I don’t normally do in game purchase but I’ve spent about $30 on this game so far. I hate to waste money and with all these crashes, that’s what I feel I have done. Also It is extremely unfair that the only way to compete or catch bigger fish is to have to spend exorbitant amounts of money. $20 to get one legendary fish for 1 fishery is robbery! In order to compete you’d have to do that several times in each fishery... that’s ridiculous!!!!! The only reason I still play it is because I spent money in this game and want to get my moneys worth. Each time I login to the game though I get more and more upset and more and more frustrated with the app. Not cool!!!!!!

  • By KJC912

    Technical problems out the wazoo

    This game has the potential to be amazing, but it’s being run into the ground. Duel matching is a joke - it frequently matches beginners against high level players, essentially making it impossible to win. It gets stuck on a loading screen during matching and you have to force close the app and reopen it, wasting precious time. Duels are needed to reach goals in certain locations, but you can’t choose your duel location and 99% of the time it sends you to the Florida Coast, which does not count towards those goals. The name of the fish is often mismatched with the picture of the wrong fish, taking away much of the satisfaction of a mythical or boss catch. Also, people have some seriously racist and disgusting usernames. A filter would easily solve that problem. If you’re wondering whether the game runners know about this - they do. They said as much on their Facebook page, yet don’t seem committed to actually fixing it. I’ve played games with technical issues before and I still play one of them after three years, because the customer service team was incredibly responsive and on their game. Fishing Clash does not have such a team behind it.

  • By Tiggerntiger

    Duels and CC Charges

    I am pretty livid right now. I have spent SO much money on this game because I do enjoy it. I obtained a new fishery but guess what! I cannot obtain the highest level of prizes and lures for my new fishery because you have locked in ALL duels for FL Coast because that’s where the challenges are being held right now. Had I BEEN ABLE to duel at my new fishery, I have no doubt that I would have obtain the highest level for prizes, I am only about 8000 points away. Now I would like to ask about cc charges. If I am wrong, I will accept responsibility, but feel at this point I have been double charged. There are several 99 cent charges for a single day on my cc from your company, but you do not even offer 99 cent deals more than once or twice per day for me. Please check my account. Like I said, if I am wrong, I will simply accept that I made some charges that I do not remember. I am writing them all down now so there will be no error going forward. In addition, according to how this is handled, I will be happy to change my rating. I had an issue once before and it was settled to my satisfaction.

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