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Bubble Cash


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Bubble Cash is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Papaya Gaming. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Papaya Gaming, with the latest current version being 3.1.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 32524 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Bubble Cash App

How does it Work?

Bubble Cash™ - Win Real Money is the top classic bubble shooter game for your iPhone and iPad, with real-money cash prizes!

Are you a Bubble Shooter fan? If so it’s time to test your skills!

In this fun bubble game, you will compete against multi-players on who will be the fastest to pop & blast all the bubbles and clear the board. We have carefully designed a cool Bubble Shooter modern look, that mixes perfectly into the wonderful old & retro classic bubble shooter feel that everyone loves. If you have a competitive spirit and you love to solve puzzles - you're going to love Bubble Cash™!

The game is based on skilled tournaments among multi-players, where all of the users receive the same layout, and the players who finish in the top-3 ranking wins.

Aim, match and pop all the balls in this competitive, yet relaxing color-matching game.

How To Play

- Match 3 Bubbles from the same color to pop & blast them away and clear the board.

- Tap on the screen to drag & aim the laser-aim and lift your finger to release the ball - simple as that!


- Real-money tournaments

- No Ads

- Secure deposit using PayPal & Apple Pay

- Cash-out securely using PayPal

- Collect awesome daily bonuses

- Classic Bubble Shooter game

- When you finish color, it won't appear again.

- Multiplayer tournaments with trophies and real cash prizes

- Addictive gameplay you’ll want to play for hours!

- Leaderboard & challenging achievements

- Play for free as long as you want without any disturbing ads

- Play anytime and anywhere, an internet connection is required.

So get ready, clear the board quickly before others do and win Real-Money Prizes!

Bubble Cash™ is FREE to download and play! However, cash tournaments are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, IA, LA, MD, SC.

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach us at support@papayagaming.com

Download and play the best and most exciting Bubble Cash™ game on iOS NOW!

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Top Reviews

  • By Mzmaribelle

    Finally a game that is not a scam!!!

    I’ve downloaded so many games that tell you that you can win money playing and none I mean none are legit, and fast to earn I downloaded this game a few days ago and I’m a stay at home mom that’s why I’m trying to gain cash somehow lol what better way than to play games so like I was saying I downloaded it a few days ago and realized you can win money either by depositing money and win money faster or win money after you reach 90gems and try your luck in a tournament now you won’t win $10 in your first games unless you deposit but anyways so I just won $12 yesterday Sunday and today Monday it was already in my paypal account ofcourse you don’t have to withdraw it right away like I did but I wanted to see it it really payed you and I must say this I my favorite game now I’m not sure if solitaire cash is from the same developer but it’s rules are the same so it probably is so from now and on I’m only playing those two games :) thank you so much bubble cash :) and no I’m not an employee or nothing of the sort!



    IM ABSOLUTELY AMAZED BY THIS GAME!!! At first I was hesitant to try it but I’m glad and beyond blessed for this app! I’m a 21 year old stay home mom of a 9 month old baby girl and if your a stay home mommy like and your tired of not having that extra income just because even though you have a husband that’s doing nothing but working hard just to support his family and u want to start making a little side cash just to help your lover and buy yourself a little something THIS IS THE GAME FOR U!!!!! T R U S T M E!!! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!! like IVE TRIED MANY GAMES AND MANY SURVEY MONEY APPS and you earn a little here and there but still it’s like your doing it for nothing but once I saw this app I tired it the first week I’ve downloaded this game I got to withdraw my $30 bucks that I’ve won! U must try!!! IM OBSESSED THANK U FOR GIVING ME THAT EXTRA INCOME FOR MY FAMILY! THANK U

  • By Dara DiGiovanni

    This is an excellent way to make money :D

    Hi I downloaded this game a few days ago b/c I love bubble pop games and playing games for money and this game is amazing it’s very easy to play and they paid me all my winnings in 3 days all $159 of it and the customer service is amazing too they answered me right away. I highly recommend this app to get extra cash my one suggestion though is to have free roll game as well like in solitaire where you can use your gems to win bonus dollars so you can play the game when you have $0 plus it’ll make the gems useful other than that this is perfect and I can’t wait to play more games and make $$$$$$$ :D I want you guys to make a Match 3 candy crush game for Money as well I would really play it everyday along with a blackjack game for money as well please consider it please :) <3

  • By magic-mystik

    How It Works

    It’s a lot like gambling. You put money down to enter a game. The 1st and 2nd place get a price greater than the amount they put in. 3rd place also gets a small prize but not to the same amount they put in. Most of the games only have 5 players. Higher odds of winning something that way. To make money you have to add your own money into the game FIRST. You can’t exchange diamonds for cash, from what I have seen. (I have heard a rumor about 90 diamonds being exchanged.) Even if you don’t gamble with real money it’s a fun challenging game. TIPS: 1. Practice practice practice. Before you enter real money into the game practice games that just take diamonds. (Take your time practicing because the more you play, the more you will realize your real capability to win or lose. They give you a lot of hope your good, probably just beginners luck.) 2. The goal is to knock off as many balls as you can. You can match balls in a row or knock them off. This means that you make a match with the balls that are above. This is the way to make the most amount of points. 3. You get points for finishing the game early and a time bonus (the amount of time you had left). You can not pause or stop the game unfortunately.

  • By vanushca

    A game you can actually win a couple of dollars

    This game is quite addictive, especially when you are earning real money. Note: Don't expect to receive a lot of money fast. You have to be realistic; there is no such thing as quick money, but the possibility of making a couple of dollars with this game seems pretty real. I'm barely new to this game, and I won $3. You can cash it out or use it to play for a bigger reward. I used it to play and won 3rd place, in which the award was $1.50. I believe it was$6.50 for the first place. They have more games with higher rewards, but the higher the reward, the higher the entry fee. Similar to the lottery, you win some you lose some.

  • By Ms. Layde

    Addicting and a rip off at the same time

    I absolutely love this game and since playing I haven’t been able to stop. But when it comes to the cash games I feel like I’m being ripped off. The game allows you to win a little cash in hopes that you’ll deposit more cash. And I know you can’t win every round. However, this game is set some times for you to lose. Especially once you get to the top and you think you’re about to clear all the bubbles here comes two more rows of bubbles and you don’t necessarily get the color bubble you need to clear the board. Also another thing I noticed is when you get a high score there are avatars which could be computer generated players who conveniently have a higher score than you do. I think if the game is going to take our money then the rewards should be more than $0.20. Is anyone experiencing a lot of notifications while the playing game? It seems like I’m getting too many notifications while playing the game 🤔

  • By Ohtes

    Fun but....

    You can’t tell me the game doesn’t get exponentially more difficult with the higher levels. I used to win more than 50% of the games and now that I’m above a level 20 winning seems to be a rarity. I constantly get multiple balls in a row which have no place on the board (or none that I actually need for more than 5 turns in a row which causes multiple extra lines at the top) and I finish in 4th or 5th with the next highest score being 5-10,000 better than mine which doesn’t even make sense how to score that high. (ex. The first place player scored 26,500 and my CAREER HIGH is around 22,000) Maybe putting money in gives you more multipliers?? Whatever it is it’s frustrating to constantly come in 4th even when you feel like you played well. It makes me never want to put real money into the game because I know I will just get hosed by the “random generator” and lose all of it. It’s difficult to get more gems when playing in the higher level sections too. This game is a lot of fun as a mind number but there’s no way I’d ever put money into it. Don’t even get me started about the never ending pop ups you must close when you first open the app either... there’s got to be a more efficient way to advertise the tournaments than bombarding the player within seconds of opening the app.

  • By BenevolentRose

    Don’t play for money

    The amp draws you in, promising that you would be able to make money. What you don’t know going in however, is that they have credits that they will mix into the money that you cannot withdraw. When you play a game, it takes more from the withdrawal balance than it does the credits and you end up losing money because it ends up becoming money that you cannot withdraw. If you are a consistently good player, you will find yourself inexplicably less lower on the rating where you would actually win money. I am convinced that the ranking is rigged so that you make just enough money to want to keep playing, but not enough money to actually get any bonus as you play. And then when you want to withdraw your money, there is a one dollar fee. All of that being said, the game itself is fun. When you play using the diamond credits and you don’t spend any money, it’s a fun, mindnumbing way to pass the time. I just don’t like how they draw in customers by using a sleazy marketing strategy as to promise that you will make money when you do not. I do like how you can choose to watch more ads and you get diamonds in return, instead of getting a barrage of ads every single time you play a game. For that reason alone, it gets two stars instead of one. If it didn’t brand itself as being a way to make quick money rather than just being a fun, time-consuming game, it would’ve had four stars. But I don’t like the dishonesty.

  • By Hill1970witchwoman

    Unfairly matched

    So I’m glad I waited to rate this app. Let me begin by saying that it is fun to play. The problem occurs that when you begin playing you do well but when you begin to win real money and then withdraw it the problem begins. I won about $20 and withdrew it but wanted to continue playing to try and win more. The moment I withdrew the money I haven’t been able to barely win a single match, not even to earn gems. They only give you 3 gems a day and it takes 2 to play. All of a sudden the people I am matched with are playing 10x better than me. I’m sure this is their way of trying to get you to deposit money but why would I do that now that I’m losing all the time. I get excited when I make just over 10,000 points only to find that everyone else is getting 15,000 or higher. They say the matching is fair but there is no way I am that good a player. I was ready to give this 5 stars but held off. I glad I did. I refuse to deposit money until I’m more fairly matched and there is a possibility I could win.

  • By Dominick0390


    Come on when someone scores over 4000 there is something rigged or there is cheating going on! You guys need to do better on policing your games!!!! It’s unfair , and not to mention it is scamming people . This is going to be reported!!! If you don’t do something better !Don’t fall for the game! It’s funny how all the negative reviews are all pretty much the same complaints! That tells you the game is fixed. Funny how you win and after couple games you start to lose! You all of sudden can’t get bubbles to go through a hole , you notice that players score always end up more than yours even if you score high. Pay you win for bit, then you lose until you pay! Also it has to be fixed when you beat the game in just thirty seconds and s ore high but wait another player just beats you by little ! Fixed! There are only so many strategies and when mathematically you know it’s impossible to score so high but wait someone does score mathematically impossible high!!! If it isn’t fixed then the company should do better research and security! People are going to start making complaints to there banks and ask for the money back do to fraud! Fix your issues! Ps don’t bother sending your so called response . It won’t matter till you actually do something

  • By joeytool

    rigged games / scam

    Let’s take it from the top. When first adding money to my account I added $5 and my account got locked and I still saw the money leave my PayPal. I emailed support, to which I got no response. After being scammed, I re downloaded it and added more money, this time it worked. After clicking the x on 30 pop ups telling me to put money in I finally got to play. And after playing I noticed that when I got a score of 20,000 somehow there was another player that got 27,000 and another one that got 25,000 making it so I do not win. And it is the same on the opposite, I would play it like a bonehead on purpose but when finished, I noticed that other people got low scores as well but they still got higher than me so I would not win. And don’t even get me started on bonus cash, you will spend all of your withdrawal able before you spend your bonus cash. I was trying to ditch the bonus cash before I cashed out, because it gets forfeited upon withdrawal, so I played a $5 game, only to find out that I spent $5 of my own money, not the bonus cash. It is all WHACK. But I will get a response in a couple days saying “we apologize about your experience” and then give me a support email that doesn’t reply. Just don’t do it.

  • By John Grisham IV

    Scam: “Skill-Based Cash Tournaments” are Rigged

    I have been playing this app for about a month now and I do not recommend spending your hard earned $$$. The game is as addicting as any typical gambling or betting/wagering. Every game is rigged from the beginning, and set just like a lottery. It is obvious when the computer has allowed you to win a game here and there and THEN after each easy game you can tell that they are throttling you, and putting you up against fake users with generic names that look completely made up. One game you will score 26,000 and everyone else will score low numbers like 7,000 and it will flip flop. Then the next few games they either delay the tournament results (“searching for opponents”) so that you deposit more $$$ while waiting for your winnings. Meanwhile, you have started playing new games that you will loose and you completely forget about the other $200 you just spent on tournaments that are still active. Yet, they are able to match up players to the most recent games. It blows my mind every time and I have lost so much money. INSTEAD OF PLAYING THIS GAME FLUSH A COUPLE $100 BILLS DOWN THE TOILET THEN TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR. And ask yourself, “am I dumb enough to give these cons my money?”

  • By Womill

    Rigged, and I implore you to read this

    Im a avid gamer if you will, I have put thousands of hours intro triple A studio games such as half life and the COD franchise, thats just to let me a little credibility, now this game in and of itself is rigged. First two games I play I do awesome, every game after that!? Rigger,blatantly. Taking lower ranked areas of the game on is pointless, every time i score big, a opponent will next to always outplay me, wether my score be 1,500 or 15,000, it doesn't seem designed to be fair and balanced, and I noticed the devs regards to these types of reviews, they try and shut you up and reduce your credibility with whistle blower statements and bland arguments, like a big corporation today if you will. Heres a little statistic, on average the “people” will score higher than you 90% of the time, around 80% of the time you earn nothing, , only 20% of your matches will be wins, since “everyone is served the same hand” how come the scores vary so little? They should statistically be dramatically from brain death to elite player, as every game in the planet is. It just smoke and mirrors, no such thing as free money. I will get some automated or personal response from the devs within a few days shooting me down though



    This game is stupid. I got into it for a bit and won some money which was good. But there comes a point where almost every single game you’re playing and it will give you every color ball EXCEPT the ones you need. I will literally have a whole line of blues that i need to pop in order to get to the rest and it will give me everything BUT blues over and over again until theres almost no time left for you to be able to clear the board. Oh and if somehow i was fast and still managed to almost clear the board with 20 seconds left, it will do it again. It will give you the colors you don’t need until time runs out. So of course you didn’t clear the board so you have a very low score and finish last place. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, but when i saw this same thing happening with almost every game, i gave up. I cashed out my “available withdrawal” balance. HOPEFULLY i actually get it. And im done playing that is all too frustrating. You do win, when you deposit money. If you haven’t deposited any money in a day or so, you start losing and this starts happening. I’ve been playing every day, and confirmed this happens every time. So stupid.

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