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Solitaire Cash


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Solitaire Cash is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Papaya Gaming. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Papaya Gaming, with the latest current version being 3.1.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 81168 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Solitaire Cash App

How does it Work?

Solitaire Cash™ is where a true classic and real cash prizes meet. Jump into a world of brain-teasing fun, and leave with your heart filled with nostalgia and pockets filled with rewards.

After downloading the game for FREE, you can start playing regular or cash tournaments and win real money.

We've carefully designed the game to have a smooth and modern feel to it and threw in some classic, Klondike Solitaire game elements we all love.

If you like Spider/Freecell/Patience/Pyramid/Blackout/Big Run or 21 Blitz Solitaire – you'll LOVE Solitaire Cash™!

You'll be matched with other players within the same skill level, and you all will get the same deck – so the game is totally fair and skill-based.

Those who finish among the top 3 – WIN!

How to Play:

- Drag cards in the tableau (seven piles that make up the main table) to build sequences in descending order and alternating color.

- If you uncover an ace, place it first in one of the foundation piles (four piles at the top of the board).

- Start building sequences of the same suit in each foundation pile, chronologically, from ace to king.

- If you can no longer move any of the face-up cards, you can always tap the stockpile to see if it has any good cards for you to play.

- Keep moving cards from the tableau to the foundation piles, and stacking them up until you reach the highest possible card in each pile.

- Got no more cards to play? Submit your score and enjoy a bonus for finishing early.

- The faster you clear the board, or get as close to it as possible – the higher your ranking will be on the Leaderboard, and the bigger the prize!

Enjoy Some of These Thrilling Features:

- Win real money tournaments

- Secure deposit using PayPal & Apple Pay

- Cash-out securely using PayPal

- Play with no distracting ads

- Enjoy awesome daily gifts & bonuses

- Undo moves

- Take part in multiplayer tournaments with trophies & big prizes

- Enjoy nice & smooth gameplay that'll keep you coming for more

- Enjoy special challenges & surprises

- And many more!

Solitaire Cash™ is FREE to download and play. Note that Cash tournaments are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, IN, IA, LA, ME, MD, SC, MT & SD.

So, get ready to…


Download NOW to let the fun begin!

Need any help? Feel free to contact our Support Team at


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    Un authorized charges

    My credit card was CHARGED a total of $10.00 which I didn't authorize! Be careful playing this game! Emailed for a credit, They had better refund those charges!

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    Top Reviews

    • By Robert50321

      Honestly pretty happy about this app

      So at first i was a little skeptical about this app, I’ve tried so many different reward apps and usually they make it very difficult or even impossible to make money or withdraw but I’ve been playing this game for about a month now and i won my first money game for $2.80 and i was pretty happy with it since I’ve been playing for free and just collecting bonus cash to play paid games. I was a little sad when i went to withdraw that the minimum withdraw was $5. So i then proceeded to play more paid games and won another game for $5.80. So then i went to withdraw and everything actually went very smooth. I actually even got an email from them saying we got your request and said it would take up to 14 days to process, which i thought was kind of ridiculous but then they actually payed me the very next day. So overall very happy with this app, only thing I’m not too happy about is how i can’t withdraw change such as if i have $7.80 that it says i can withdraw but when i withdraw, the top amount i can withdraw is $7. I think it would be more fair to the players to withdraw the full amount they earned including the change. Thanks

    • By catcruz1991

      Fun & an Opportunity to Win Money

      I downloaded this version of solitaire because I play solitaire every day anyways. Figured if I win money then that’s cool, if not then oh well, solitaire is solitaire 🤷🏼‍♀️ You can play Gem games and when you get 120 gems you can enter into a cash game, so there’s really no need to deposit your own money. I do think the biggest thing that people need to understand is that some serious people play the cash games - I used to have a different solitaire app where players could chat and they would talk about finishing games in literally seconds, they were crazy good at it. So definitely keep in mind that you won’t win every cash game, there are too many really good players, but if you keep practicing the gem games you can definitely get better and win cash games. I won $11 and decided to withdraw funds to see how that worked. They take a $1 processing fee (which is normal) and said it could take 14 days to be deposited into my PayPal account. I did this on Sunday, the $10 was on my PayPal account by Tuesday. It’s definitely legit, you just need to understand you’re going up against real, good players when you play cash games and you need to be pretty good as well to win.

    • By SummerColton

      Best app

      I played solitaire on my phone before, but I didn’t earn money. I’ve been low on money recently and just wanted to see how quickly I could make some cash off of this app. After reading reviews I decided to give it a try. I got a friend to download the game to get the free dollar for referring friends. Within ten minutes I had made ten dollars. I should have cashed out then but I bet and had some not so good runs because I got to cocky. Overall this is a great game and the money is real. I’ve cashed out already and even got my fiancé addicted to it!! And for those that can’t refer friends or afford to put more money in (like me) they have an option where you play for gems and after you reach 120 you can enter a cash pool of $7. There are always opportunities to earn cash value but even working for gems to earn cash is fun. I recommend this game! And another great bonus is that they don’t ask for your PayPal or card information to start. I had to find where to put in my information to cash out so you don’t have to worry about paying anything unless you decide you want to!

    • By mermaidgan

      Best solitaire game for cash

      I’ve tried a few games that let you win money for playing, this is by far the best one out there. Very easy layout, plenty of opportunities to get free bonus cash, and a single dollar of bonus cash on here can get you on your way to a big win. Recently, I was out of state, and I won some bonus cash from a challenge, but I didn’t know the state i was visiting, doesn’t allow cash games. I reached out to customer service explaining my situation and in a very quick amount of time they added the bonus cash to my account so that when I got home I could use it! That’s amazing to me, if I wasn’t already addicted to playing this game, they just made me make sure to never delete this app and use it always. If you enjoy solitaire, and want to test your skills and compete to earn REAL money, this is definitely the app to do it.

    • By elemenop42

      The best solitaire “cash” game out there

      It’s definitely more fun than any of the other solitaire games I’ve tried out there mainly because they don’t make you sit through a bunch of adds, and also because it seems like they give you a lot more solvable hands. You will get moved up and down in skill level based on whether you are ahead or not, but you can potentially win money, you just need to know when to cash out. It’s definitely fun to play when it’s competitive, but there are times when you get moved up to the highest levels where it just feels like some of the players cannot be human. But I guess some people are just that good. I swear I need a faster phone or something because there are times where I literally solve it as fast as my phone will allow and there are still multiple people finishing with WAY more points than me. I wish they laid the scoring out for you better, it tells you how the time affects your score, but not what determines your score before the time is factored in. Because it seems like finishing the hand gets you up to 6000pts, but not always. But I have no idea what determines that. Anyways, this is definitely the best solitaire “cash” game out there in terms of how fun it is to play. It’s just laid out much better than most games.

    • By nathanchase4201

      Ungodly Amounts Of Adds

      Guys, I’m giving you four stars without having ever cashed out or ever making a penny. The players you go up against on the cheapest real cash games are on another level but I’m assuming there’s nothing fishy there hopefully. I’m giving you the benifit of the doubt with your payouts. That being said, I enjoy the app, it’s fun, a little to hard when playing for real world cash so I’d like to recommend a more relevant ranking or skill based match ups but my main reason for commenting is the start up adds. Its great that you promoting yourself and doing your thing but it’s so much more then it needs to be. I literally dread it every time I open up the app cause all of the self promoting deals fishing for cash buy ins and whatever deals your pushing. Again I understand it’s business but you gotta do something. Make them optional to see or something cause me personally will never make a deposit as long as I can’t hit 10,000 points in a game and it’s just an aggravation for me. Thanks in advance for whatever you can do to improve my gameplay. Like I never commit or ranks apps. It takes a lot to get me to close a game, open the App Store find your app just to fuss so it’s bads and I know I’m not alone on this. It’s just near hounding people at a certain point.

    • By PChackr

      Overall good, but has 2 crippling issues

      Overall, this could be a fun game. However, I will warn you that there is no pausing the time in this game (until the developer rectifies this). Someone tries to get your attention or you press a notification in iOS or you hit the power button by mistake? The timer keeps going and there is a high chance your game is doomed at that point. The developer seems to be taking its sweet time in getting back to me about a score bug I found that has ruined my score on most games I have played. If the developer could fix all that (and also isolate all the elite players into their own category for games), I would be much happier with this game. Update (7-2-21): Even with 2 updates, you still have not fixed the scoring mechanism I reported to you both in a support ticket and in the review above. Further, it seems your promise to get back to me within 3 business days for a support query is a sham (except for withdrawal queries..those seem to be the only ones you are consistent on). Also, the game skews things by offering “experience” towards a level up when a deposit is made. Experience towards level up should only be gained with (paid) gameplay. If you want. Past level 300, it becomes nearly impossible to win anymore.

    • By A Merry Berry

      Fun game, pop ups almost ruin it

      The game is solitaire, hard to mess solitaire up it’s pretty fun. And you can theoretically win money without spending any (though it’s really hard to do that haha). The only problem is the dozens of pop ups you get every. Time. You open the game, advertising the gambling options and offers to deposit money. And I get it, this is how the game gets profits, they want you to add money. A pop up for it every once in a while is totally fair. But it’s so many back to back that it really doesn’t feel like they’re separate offers rather than a barrage of “GIVE US MONEY NOW!!”. The worst part is that the gambling portion isn’t available in every state. And there’s no acknowledgement by the app if you can’t partake until you try to deposit. So sometimes even if I’m willing to give into one of these spammy ads, I get to the payment page and it says I can’t continue. But I’m still stuck being harassed by the pop ups about something I can’t do. If I didn’t live in a state where the depositing is allowed I probably would have deleted the app by now. With the option available it’s tolerable. Once you get rid of the initial bombard of them it’s just a fun game of gambling solitaire that I enjoy.

    • By Ariellac1459

      Good if you don’t care about winning $

      I would consider myself above average at solitaire. I finish most games between 1-2 minutes and score highly. For the first few weeks I would spend about an hour or 2 and rack up the 120 gems to play in the free roll, usually score somewhere between 2nd and 7th and if I won any “cash” I would play the $ rounds and usually lose those. Sometimes I won a couple, but then I would lose. I still found it very fun and since I win 1st and 2nd in almost every gem game, I was able to earn enough to play free roll a lot. However, I have never made a deposit in this game and unfortunately it seems that after a month or so it became IMPOSSIBLE to win a free roll tournament. I have videos in my phone showing 1st place gem tourneys 7-10 games in a row, a very high win rate and then you just see 9th, 8th, 7th in free roll tourneys again and again. If it’s fair skill based matchups, you would expect that from time to time I could still pull a top 3 finish when I win almost all the gem rounds. It has become impossible. I will have over 10k points and get 9th in a free roll tourney twice in 1 day. Absurd. I just got a losing score for the last time and I’m uninstalling. Side note- they don’t tell you this, but your sign up link only pays if the player who joins makes a deposit. It’s false advertising to state you get a dollar for every sign up if it doesn’t state they must make a purchase.

    • By Cybereyes

      Matchmaking rigged

      Cash players beware, this isn’t just random matchmaking and I’m not even sure if the decks aren’t shuffled to make certain games harder. You can play for free with diamonds. If you get 120 diamonds you can play a free roll cash game for a chance to win 4 of their fake dollars which can be used to play for real cash. 0-100 diamonds you will be winning left and right against supposedly real players. Once you hit that 100 threshold though it will take you 6-7 hours to get the last 20. Deposit some real money to play with and it’s like pulling your own teeth to solve a game, at least for you anyway. Supposedly everyone has the same deck and same shuffle but it doesn’t feel that way. If you manage to get lucky and solve quickly with a high score then you might be waiting hours to get enough people to join the match and finish the tournament so you can cash out. Odd considering I can play any other tournament and be losing and have it finish almost immediately. It’s like they lessen the odds of someone playing in your tournament to keep you waiting for it to end in hopes that you will keep playing other tournaments and just lose all the money you were about to win. Just be careful because I don’t think it’s legit.

    • By Vthayer

      Undercover con

      The game doesn’t use your bonus cash first. It uses you actual money that you won from the game until it runs out. Then it will use the bonus. I’ve “won” over $150 in the game. But only got $15. Although the account said $47 in the account. That was after my account went from $71 to $51. So they took $20 from me for some unknown reason. Unknown what reason. And all the bonus money that I’ve acquired was never used on the games. I deposit $15 get $5 of bonus. It uses the $15 when I play cash games. Leaves the $5 in the account. So I start off in my account with the $15 I put in +the $5 bonus. I play a game for $5 and I win a game (let’s say $29 Cz that’s the most I’ve one from a single game) and now account is at $44 But it didn’t use the $5 from the bonus cash. It took from actual money so if I tried to withdraw my winnings I wouldn’t be withdrawing $29. I’d only get $24. Well minus the fees so I’d get like $23. And I would lose the bonus money because you forfeit it once you cash out. But you can’t use the bonus cash until all the other money is gone. Idk what happens to the money I deposit. Not sure if it’s used or if it’s also added to what I “forfeit”. I’m still working on the numbers.

    • By Hdhfhchwf

      Scam through and through

      I started like most players by only using their given gems to free play solitaire, without putting any of my own money in. I won a lot and went from the starting 16 gems or so go over 200 very quickly. I understand you can’t win any game and there’s surely some algorithm to keep you from winning too much (like the unspoken ones at casinos), so I would play a few gem games and lose until I was ready to bet real money. I put $15 in initially and won some games, but didn’t have any issues yet. After reading other reviews, I can say with 100% certainty that this app is rigged and that you are playing computers who will surely outplay you when real money is on the line. I have no issues winning when I gamble for diamonds (their free play option), always taking first no matter how big the ante, but every single time I play for money, the cards all start out as the same color, leaving many of their underneath parts unable to be uncovered. I really wanted to give this app the benefit of the doubt and keep trying to win my money back, but I have no doubt in my mind that this company and this app developer makes it impossible to win whenever money is involved. It is a scam through and through, and as a poor college student I am severely embarrassed that I fell for the trap and trickery of this company. DO NOT DEPOSIT YOUR OWN MONEY. YOU WILL NOT WIN.

    • By Sleeperslave


      Ill run some numbers and let you make your decision. These people take at least 25% our money and they could easily choose not to. In a 5 dollar game with 8 people they pocket 10 out of the 40 dollars. Might not sound so bad but here’s the payouts. 1st place: $15. Second place 9.10 Third place. $5.90. Why not just 15, 10 and 5? Still. This is pretty fishy. First place gets to triple their money n second place doesn’t even get to double it? Alot of times you barely lose or win. These games are usually very close. There are other ways they could split the money, they just choose not to. First of all first place should only get 10 dollars. This is solitaire. Doubling your money on a solitaire game is still pretty crazy, agree? Second place gets $9. Third place gets $8. Fourth place gets $7. I’m sure people would enjoy this game A LOT more if they payouts were like this. One more person gets to enjoy everygame n you don’t ever feel like you lost out just because you didn’t get first place by a couple points. You still pocket 6 dollars a game. More people might play if payouts were better. More people means more money right? I for one will never put a dime into this game if this doesn’t change. It’s crazy to me that people don’t think about what they are doing. If I’m not mistaken you already profit about a million dollars. How much is enough?

    • By honesty19149

      Unfair gaming practices

      Good morning to all, the game at first appears to be on the up and up. After playing for a while I started noticing so inconsistencies in the playing field so to speak so I started videoing my playing and found something extremely troubling. I’m suppose to be playing against other people but I realized I’m playing against a computer. Which makes it impossible to win consistently. Writing a poor review does nothing. I have emailed, written, and called the gaming commission at both the state and federal level. So I received a response from the people at solitaire cash. They used words like opponents or others but never said people or human beings because using that verbiage would incriminate them. So if anyone thinks they can make real money playing against other human beings on this game you are unfortunately mistaken. I suggest before you deposit any money send them an email and ask them to specify if your playing solely against other human beings or are computer or any other artificial intelligence used. It’s not enough that they take a percentage of each game played. No they need it all because obviously when the there computer wins then they win. That is the legal loop hole that they use by saying they put with equal skill level. I’m not a fan of being Jedi mind tricked.

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