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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-08
  • New version: 3.30.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Design Island:3D Home Makeover


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Design Island:3D Home Makeover is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by KingsGroup International AG. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - KingsGroup International AG, with the latest current version being 3.30.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 21253 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Design Island:3D Home Makeover App

How does it Work?

Island? Magic? Puzzles? Yeah, you bet! Design Island let you spend your getaway any way you like! Start with Iris, a magic design helper, on an island estate! Meet new friends along your journey, and offer them a helping hand! Turn the deserted island into a gorgeous paradise!

So much for the story! You might want to ask, how do I play the game? It’s pretty simple! Design rooms with stunning 3D graphics by playing puzzles, unlock NEW rooms, furniture and locations, and then brag to your friends and the Design Island community about your interior design skills! Make your luxury island home world famous!

Inherit a huge and beautiful mansion, design and decorate your home, and play puzzle games! Immerse yourself in house design with unique boosters - all in one matching game! Design Island is a FREE Puzzle game! Stay at home, renovate and design with this fun puzzle game! This is the best matching game! Just sit down, relax and enjoy this wonderful journey! This is the best matching game! Create a manor cafe, a home escape, and a garden escape, and play with pet animals!





Join Iris to renovate your villa and give it a spectacular 3D home design makeover. Revive the old house and fill it with beautiful furniture - you're the designer!


Match pieces to create unique, powerful boosters in this fun match-3 puzzle game.


A farmhouse kitchen, a tropical garden, even a cat cafe... Design Island has countless 3D locations for you to make your own!


Thousands of match-3 levels to enjoy. If you like challenges, this is the perfect game for you.


Join a team to share the Design Island fun with your friends!


The island is full of colorful characters, all very excited to meet you! Discover their hidden stories and reveal hidden objects as you help the islanders.


Thousands of levels that range from super easy to ghoulishly hard. No matter what your level is, there’s alway a right place for you.


The island isn't the only place that needs your interior design skills. Where will those skills take you? You'll find out!


Design Island is FREE to play and available online or offline. Play this exciting match-3 game anywhere!

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5/5 This game is spectacular on so many levels. It helps you become anything you want: interior designer? Fixer Upper? Realtor? Or someone who loves games. It helps to get caught up in a world where you can forget your reality for a while. Yes, it can be therapeutic. You meet interesting people online, as well.

5/5 It’s like a home decoration simulator game but with extra flavor. Love it!

5/5 I can play Design Island anywhere in my kasa!

5/5 I was playing this game when I was renovating my kitchen, it actually inspired me!

5/5 Truly a family friendly game. DI is one of the most popular games among my friends.

5/5 Forget about Gardenscapes or Homescapes, Design Island is the trend.

5/5 I can’t get enough of this game. Wish I had more time to play it.

5/5 Having a “blast” playing this game. I love it!!! Thank you!




Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions - we'd love to hear from you!

You can email us to or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help & Support. Stay turned and drop us a review! :)

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Top Reviews

  • By lilgivenchyprincess

    thought it would be corny...

    when i first started the game, i expected a cheap, knock-off version of the other more popular match 3 games. i wasn't a big fan of Iris at the start either, and the magic part of the game didn't seem to fit. after playing through several levels and spending a little bit of money, i've quite changed my mind about the whole thing. i think Iris is very cute and you have the option to chat with her (in exchange for lives too!) which i feel is quite charming and unique to this game. i like playing different scenes as opposed to seeing dusty rooms you've still yet to unlock after playing thousands of levels. the events are fun and every bonus i've unlocked so far has been far more generous than any other game i've played. i purchased a surprise offer for .99 that had great value as well. i am excited to keep playing!

  • By PJ-A


    Just started playing about 2 hrs ago and am truly impressed ;). Of course, seems all of these kinds of game start off fun then devolve to slamming you with long ads that simply either go on and on or start up after every puzzle. This game is unique in it’s superior graphics. They’re unusual in a fun, colorful and playful way. They’ve also introduced new elements into the puzzle part that are fun and interesting. What so many game-makers don’t realize, is that if they would simply continue the fun, friendly and ad-free after a customer makes a purchase, I for one would continue to play and pay every couple of days, at least. Whaat happens with 90% of the time, at least with others I played, is... when the constant ads start or the game-play becomes unbeatable without constant dings for more money, I simply delete them and find another... Hope this one is different 💖

  • By chubby Gray

    Can’t update

    I love this game. But I have been playing the same thing for about 4 weeks. It won’t update to next room. I am at the vista lounge. I finished that weeks ago. It did update to the music thing where you can buy busters. But nothing to decorate. Please tell me how to update it if I am suppose to do it myself. I don’t do social media of any kind. So I can’t see Facebook updates. Thanks Angie the cherry blossom theme started on Sept 23 but I don’t have it. I really need to know how to update this game. I have been waiting 2 months for a new room and still have not gotten one

  • By genbaby1

    Levels aren’t impossible hard! ☻

    I love how easy yet still challenging this Match 3 game/ Renovation game is! I’m a huge fan of Match 3 games & i’ve probably downloaded almost every game like that but this one is currently my fave. Other levels from other games typically get super hard & impossible to beat making you spend money to pass but this one doesn’t & it makes me so happy! ☺️ The graphics are great & of course getting to choose the way you can design is always fun. Please come out w more similar games like this 💕💕

  • By balloon dreams

    everytime i leave app it restarts

    i love this app so much! and i will still give it 5 stars regardless it is my favorite stress reliever game. but tonight i just got the new 3160 app update and everytime i leave the app even for a minute to answer a text, snapchat, etc., it will refresh to the home page of the game and i lose the level i was playing.......before in previous version it gave an option of resuming the level you were on. if that is not available anymore that is okay but to only leave the app for a minute and come back to a refreshed page everytime is frustrating. before you could leave for a good amount of time maybe 10 minutes or so and it would still be on the level you were playing. hoping it could be a bug and may be fixed soon ? thanks !

  • By LuluinGA

    Update. Aug 29. Sound works

    I discovered that I had to let the game go farther in the game then the sound kicked in. It’s a very cute game and so far I like it but I just started it. Will write more after I have a chance to play it more but so far so good. ———- Looks like a cute game but I have absolutely no sound. Yes my volume is up. Yes I tried another game on the same iPad. Actually two games that I have and they both play sound. Has anyone else had a problem with no sound?

  • By Catsup Cactus

    Power Ups

    I like this game but with the power up drop down function in the levels where the bombs, rockets and line blaster things are supposed to come down, it doesn’t give any as often as I think it should. There have been some levels where the cookies drop down every turn but I’ve just failed this level where the rocket hasn’t dropped down even once and I don’t think that’s fair. I thought those were supposed to help you in the level. I can’t afford to buy a bunch of boosters and so a lot of the time, I abandoned games like this because of this exact issue. I don’t mind having the drop down with cookies I just would like it to be more balanced.

  • By kitticatn

    Just started playing

    I just started playing this game and it moves forward well so far, with explanations of how to use each game piece and rewards of adding furniture at each game win. I like adding items after each game win instead of having to win several games to add something. I don’t have a strong feeling about the game yet but was asked to rate and write a review already, so here it is. It will probably get harder as I play longer, which I won’t like, but it’s too soon to know yet. I’m enjoying playing. I’m giving it a 4 instead of a 5 because it’s too early to love the game.

  • By Jamie Lee Bree

    Great. Until it stopped working

    This was my favorite puzzle match & design game. I’ve played most of them. I spent a little money on this one, but I was willing to. I enjoyed the missile races and came in first place a few times. But, around my approach to level 1,000, I began having crash issues. It also kept popping up a prompt for me to connect with Facebook once I deactivated my Facebook account. I thought perhaps with the most recent update the crashing issue would resolve, but it did not. And customer service was responsive but not helpful. So I finally deleted it. Too bad.

  • By Sharon_is_super

    I wanted to love this game

    This game started out pretty great for a match game. The graphics are good and the scenes are pretty. Their biggest downfall is whoever chose the color pallets. The pallet is the same in EVERY SINGLE SCENE. You get to choose between yellow, orangey-red, or a warm grass green. The result of this, is that every scene you design looks.. the exact same. No matter what. There are NO cool color tones to choose from, just the same ones over and over and over. You can’t choose between, like, a cool, crisp scene, a warm cozy scene, or a green, earthy scene. No matter what color combo you choose, it’s this extremely warm-toned yellow tinged scene. I’m not playing anymore because it’s getting frustrating.

  • By litehousesfan

    Time to say goodbye for now....maybe forever

    There was a time when I really enjoyed this game. Enjoyed it so much I spent quite a bit of money on it (and I don’t usually do that unless I really....REALLY like the game). I understand that the levels have to get more challenging the higher up you go....I get it. My issue is when it starts to take 2 weeks or more to get through a level (and that’s with spending money on the game), it is no longer fun. I gave up trying to do the special events a while back. Sad to say I can’t even get in on things like the treasure chest, the missle race, the duck helps, etc. so I’m walking away for the time being because I get so very frustrated when I play this game. I play these types of games to relax and relieve stress. This game is now adding to the stress instead. I hate this because I really do like the game. I know I’ll get some robotic response to this because I see typically same response over and over. I may come back and try again or I may just leave all together. We shall see.

  • By Annie Oh

    Cheating and Gouging

    I have put up with the frequent crashes that also take one of your lives, even though you may have been beating the level at the time. And yes, when you return to that level the winning move has mysteriously disappeared. So you lose the level, and another life of course. But now you cannot “save” lives as before. I have been stockpiling my “5 life” wins on spins or gifts for when I needed them, for a total of about 30 lives. So I just went to use these lives and all but 5 are gone. Yes, they have been deleted due to a new policy which doesn’t allow you to accrue more than 5 lives, or maybe 10 under certain circumstances. I obviously didn’t qualify for the 10 life “bank”. Don’t you think it would have been sporting to let us keep our saved lives and use them, and to notify people about the policy change as well? I had to find out about this by searching out this info (listed as: Where did my lives go? or something similar). I have foolishly spent real money playing this game but I see it was wasted. Don’t trust this company and don’t spend any money on their products.

  • By deenahsquare

    Gotten to be worse! Not worth the trouble at higher levels

    This was my favorite game! No longer. I’m about to delete this. They used to have levels that were difficult but not impossible. They had lots of power ups and coins and lives. Then, I don’t know what happened to the developers! They didn’t like us enjoying this game I guess. I’m on level 940 something.. and I have to play each level at least 30 times before I can somehow manage to scrape through the levels, even when they are green levels! I have to use all my power ups multiple times. It’s been so frustrating. They make special events and I used to complete them all. Now I haven’t completed the last three events because in 7-10 days I can barely cross 1 level. So it’s been really frustrating and I feel sad. Why did you have to destroy such a good game? I don’t consider this worth a headache. Look for other games.

  • By Helen Trask

    Don’t throw away your time or money

    Great fun crashes. You contact support and they act like they’ve never heard of this issue even though you can read through the comments and it’s obvious that this is a real problem. The chat people talk down to you. They ask you to share screen shots of the problem even though you tell them repeatedly that you can’t because the game blows up, shuts down, and automatically closes the app. The support staff is clearly trained to chat you in circles, frustrate you, and hope you delete the app so that they don’t have to address the issue. I image them “high-fiving” each other every time a player gives up and deletes the app. So as I told my customer service “support” person, “You win. I’m done. Keep my money.” But you all need to be aware. The higher you get in the game, the more the game blows up. Don’t waste your time or money.

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