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Dino War: Rise of Beasts


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Dino War: Rise of Beasts is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by KingsGroup International AG. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - KingsGroup International AG, with the latest current version being 2.1.1 which was officially released on 2019-03-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 642 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Dino War: Rise of Beasts App

How does it Work?

Introducing a new era in MMO strategy gaming; the war of the future is upon us.

The beasts were supposed to mark a new stage of global evolution. But they were turned against us. Civilization as we knew it collapsed. Borders disappeared, governments dissolved and the walls went up. Now every woman, man and child must fight to survive. It is an age of war; Dino War.

Dr. Claw’s beast-fusion tech has evolved a stronger breed of predator, the terrifying soldiers of the New Dawn. Fight back with jurassic giants such as Havoc, the armor-plated T-Rex, or the guerrilla gorilla, Knuckles. Raise your fist and be counted in humankind’s last stand. Join Lieutenant Stryker and the Resistance in the fight for humanity now!


Beasts - Mighty engineered beasts! Control your behemoths with SMART plugins salvaged from the wreckage of GeneSys Incorporated.

War - Crank up your stats, pump out your troops and watch your dinosaurs stomp their way to empire glory.

Alliances - Forge friendships in the Wilds, hatch plans and ally your forces to pulverize your enemies.

Trade - Achieve serious growth by producing materials and trading them with other Commanders.

Survival - Collect items and resources to fortify your Base and legacy. But watch out for your neighbors, they too will do whatever it takes to survive.

Global Threat - The New Dawn grows in power every day. Battle the mutant hunters and foil the sinister plot Dr. Claw is hatching.

Art - Groundbreaking 3D animation and artwork new to the mobile strategy genre.

Story - Immersive new game world of epic proportions, with vivid characters and subplots to explore.

Social - Chat with thousands of like-minded players across the world using the real-time translation tool.

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Top Reviews

  • By bowlingbabe65

    Initially I loved the game.....

    The game is great. I have been playing it for a couple of years now. However, since the new IOS update for the iPad, I have not been able to make in game purchases such as the Mammoth Deal and all other purchases. It was suggested to delete and then re-upload the app. That did not work. I now cannot re-upload the game. It say to open the app but the app is no longer on my iPad even though I keep trying to re-upload. I tried to contact customer service without success. Will someone please help me as I truly enjoy the game and wish to continue playing it. My account name is Angel wings, Zone 17 and my base level is at 29. I had approximately 1800 diamonds in my account. If further information is required, I hope to be able to provide it. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • By Fasalcrest

    Some flaws but still great.

    I will start on the sunny side, fun mechanics, more intuitive than game of war. Great progression, doesn’t make you pay to speed up construction and time for upgrades doesn’t scale faster than player investment. Not even close to pay2win and feels like gems are just another resource with the ability to invest them and make more gems constantly. On the downside there is a large base of high level players who take advantage of any event that allows them to target super low levels, at times you can expect to be attacked 3-4 times. It feels like crap to get destroyed so much but it happens less and less. The updates are all great and make the app run smoothly so there is no long term troubles. All in all a good game and I intend to play for a while.

  • By Sharkattack497


    Now i know it might be a little late to write this since I’ve had it since I’ve the 26 but i still thought i would i have been waiting for this game ever since i saw it for pre order and it was worth the wait because it’s probably the best strategy game i have EVER played but there is one thing I think would be cool when you attack peoples bases maybe make it where you see your beast and soilders attack the actual base and not army vs army i just thought this would be cool and it would be nice but it doesn’t have to be added anywas its a great game

  • By Mr.Sapphire

    It’s similar, but different

    It has the same style as most games nowadays, but it has different features and a better graphic choice. It’s fun and unlike most games like it, so far, I haven’t felt the need to buy anything. Of course there are things needed to be fixed like any other new game, but they are normally fixed in a few days. Over all it’s better than the others like the final fantasy games.(which really over advertise)

  • By KStar092313

    Addicting but need updates

    Loves this game, it’s addicting but it needs a new update. Also we could use a working discord channel. And needs to be a little bit better. I see you guys don’t have a customer service in settings so definitely need to put that. I would like to help you guys if you need help with customer service. Other then that it’s a good game.

  • By LoyalFanLostInDespair

    Good game headed south

    Started out amazing day 1 been playing ever since. But after latest update in November of 2018 a lot has changed but still enjoy it. Unfortunately if you are new however the game is against you because the items changed and removed from the game are still able to be requested for help from your alliance and new items you cannot request leaving new players at a big disadvantage as they take a long time to grind and paying is very costly. It also seems the developers are missing in action as we receive bot responses for everything you report with little or no change or fixing happening as the last update seems to be the final one. It has been 4 months without any bug fixes or fixes to things messed up in the update itself. I really do enjoy game dynamics and hope the developers make a comeback before the zones all collapse and playing any longer becomes a failed effort. PLEASE HELP YOUR LOYAL FANS AND CUSTOMERS WE LOVED THIS GAME BUT WILL HAVE TO MOVE ALONG IF YOU DO NOT MAKE A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER SOON THE FEW LOYAL ONES LEFT WILL BE GONE FOR GOOD AND THE GAME WILL FAIL WHICH WOULD BE A SHAME AND LEAVE A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON THE REST OF YOUR GAMES

  • By whocareaboutanickname

    Great game but horrible customer service

    Here I am trying to PURCHASE, yes PURCHASE a $99 “Limited Time Package Deal”. But I’m having an issue with the payment. Yes I have money to spend. I then followed what was instructed and called Apple Support. For them to say there is nothing wrong on my end and that if I wanted to continue with the purchase I would have to contact the Web Developer. Again as instructed, I’ve emailed them multiple times, reached out on Facebook, Slid through their DM’s and got nothing back. It’s bothersome because they have someone that’s willing to spend their own money but are doing nothing about it to fix this issue. I get it. Your going to read my review you’ll then acknowledge it, bypass the concern only to leave me hanging around waiting for you to fix it. Eventually I’ll loose interest and delete the app. See the problem ?

  • By TurkeyBrooke

    Game amazing; customer service is not

    The game itself is amazing. I’ve played all the games similar and none even compare. However, the customer service is complete crap. They take too long to get back to you, and most of the time do not even resolve any issue you’re having. The zone I’m in is a death trap, but they aren’t merging the zones to fix that issue. I made an in-app purchase and never received it, but customer support essentially told me I was lying about it and then sent me a survey — effectively ending that ticket with them. They’re pushing for pay-to-play, so it’s hard to get far if you aren’t willing to drop some money.

  • By SoloFanatic

    Actually like it...and then....everything reset

    So as many say, this is just a desk in of many games like Age of War or whatever it is. And while I hated each of those games, I actually liked this one for some reason. All was going good....and then disaster. I upgraded my research station to level 9, logged back in, and ALL of my researched skills are back to where they were when I first started. Too me WEEKS to get them all where they were, and now I have to start it all over again! Thanks a lot...shouldn’t have to start from scratch again, but thanks to this, I have to. And I bet this wont even rate a response from the developers either.

  • By alex-O-mills

    Unfair game play

    I never write reviews for apps, but I have a lot to say about this one. I have been playing this game for about 8 months, and have enjoyed the play. However in the last several updates, the developers have changed the rules and created unfair advantages for new players. There have been glitches that have allowed players to obtain boosts for a fraction of the normal price. The devs just fix the glitch without removing the unfairly obtained items, or adequately compensating older players who paid more to keep parity. The recent update substantially decreased times and rss requirements to upgrade bases and facilities (for example 180 days down to 20), enabling newer players to get to the same place as older ones for a faction of the time, effort, and/or expense. When you reach out to support they say too bad, it’s the way it is. This firm should be investigated and held to account for their unfair gaming practices. If you want to constantly be screwed, then okay Dino Wars

  • By internal clock

    Racism is rampant

    This seems to be the pattern for all kings group holdings games. Tons of extreme racists. The good news is that you can simply report the chat, sit back, and wait for the Dev team to do something about such disgusting, abhorrent behavior. The bad news - you’re gonna be waiting for a while. The dev team will NEVER do anything about it. I guess they support it. Maybe they simply don’t care. Don’t know. What I do know is it’s disgusting. And it’s common. And it’s a severe TOS violation. And they don’t care to ever solve the problem. SO - If you love being surrounded by these people, this is a great game for you. UPDATE. they’ve still done NOTHING. Full blown repeated racist pigs on this game. Clear TOS violations. One player dropping n word daily. Has put out offers to kill me. Has put bitcoin bounty to get my address. Guess what? SUPPORT HAS DONE NOTHING. OVER A YEAR OF THIS, and they’ve done NOTHING. The only logic is that the developers support this. Pigs

  • By Leeny32

    Feels like the game is dying

    So I’ve been playing since May. All of a sudden everything stopped. No updates no diamond events and the game is glitchy. It makes me sad. I loved the game but if your spending your wasting your money. It’s like the devs said meh let it go. They have put more energy into GOG, KOA, and zDay. The longer they wait the more people they lose and they don’t seem to care. The game has the potential to be great if they would merge zones and then advertise and not be so stingy with updates. Last update we got level 40 head quarters but research only goes to level 30... not sure how that will work... makes me want to delete the game and I know when the game people read this they will send a generic response that says nothing about concerns and they will dance around the objects at hand :-(

  • By Bunjigai

    Don’t waste your time

    Just a terrible terrible reskin of game of war with a bunch of bugs, many less features, and the optimization of the game is completely off. Resources are extremely difficult to acquire and your armies give you almost no power, most of the power you get is from upgrading buildings which of course take way too many resources just to get to stronghold 10. At least you can play game of war without putting any or much money into it, not that i recommend that game either it’s old and lame, with this game however you’re always stuck and waiting for resources. Most of the 5 star reviews for this game are fake reviews so don’t be fooled, just read a few for yourself and you can tell it’s not actual players writing them.

  • By II Rose II

    New Update Is Unfair

    For everyone including myself that has spent tons of money on this once amazing game, ever since the update came out its as if they scammed us. The upgrades cost SO MUCH less than before and we can’t even get a refund for the countless amount of money that we’ve spent? That’s ridiculous in my opinion as well as many others. It’s insanely easier to level up than it was before and that’s unfair to those of us that have spent money on here to move up. #weneedcompensation. The developers have made so many people angry to the point where they quit which says a lot since these are veteran players we’re talking about.

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