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PokerStars Poker Real Money


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PokerStars Poker Real Money is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Stars Mobile Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Stars Mobile Limited, with the latest current version being 3.43.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 15185 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the PokerStars Poker Real Money App

How does it Work?

Play poker with thousands of players – only with the PokerStars Mobile app! Jump into exciting online poker games starting now, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha and more!


Joining the action is easy. Download the app, create your account and make a deposit to start playing real money poker games. There are hundreds of games to choose from, in traditional and unique formats. Take your seat at the tables and start playing poker with real people now.

New to poker? Read more about how to play poker on our site or visit our Poker School for free lessons, advice, and the chance to win free tickets for must-play tournaments:

Need help with your account? Whatever the issue, our Support team are on-hand to bring you the best experience possible.


- Play online poker games with the world’s largest community of real poker players. Join the biggest and best online poker games – including Texas Hold'em tournaments - and enjoy promotions you won’t find anywhere else!

- From Texas Hold'em to Omaha, PokerStars offers the widest selection of games anywhere online.

- Experience unique poker formats

• Unforgettable Tournaments: Play the largest number of multiplayer tournaments anywhere online and battle for huge guaranteed prize pools

• Sit & Go's On-Demand: Looking for a quick tournament? In Sit & Go's, the action starts as soon as enough players have registered

• Knockout Prizes: Experience more winning moments with Knockout Poker and get rewarded for every player you eliminate!


- PokerStars Mobile offers poker, casino games and sports betting all in the same app. Add to the action by placing a bet or trying the latest Slots while you play poker.

- Bet on over 30 different sports and enjoy great odds on leagues from around the world.

- Choose from hundreds of casino games, including:

• Classic and themed Slot games

• Exclusive Slots with unique Jackpots

• Variety of Blackjack games!

Never miss out on our great promotions. Make sure you accept push notifications when you download our mobile poker app.

This is a real money gambling app. You must be at least 21 years old, and of the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction, to create a Stars Account. Please gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford. For gambling addiction help and advice visit our page about Responsible Gaming.

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Top Reviews

  • By slotloverboy

    Fast customer support to fix my issues

    I had an error of a hanging login, that their support team was able to identify and fix within 24 hours of my email request, which was made during the weekend. Games seem fair, poker is great. I’m hoping in the future they can add hyper cash games where when you fold you get put onto another table until you play a hand, but for now they have a wide selection! A+ poker app! Slot games are fun too.

  • By Kyle woohoo ya woohoo


    Fun, easy platform, and I enjoyed it in the beginning, but it seems like the reviews about beginners luck are true. Since then nothing but bad beats left and right. Like crazy bad beats. All the time. On top of that I’ll earn chests, but when I click “open” my screen freezes and I have to close out the app, only to find no chest when I reopen it. However, the kicker for me is that I was never given the deposit bonus that was advertised (the reason I downloaded the app). It advertised $30 in free play with a deposit of $20 or greater. Never got it. I even contacted customer service about it and was told they “don’t usually do this type of thing”, but that they would credit me with the bonus anyway. Still never got it. At this point I do not trust this app in the slightest.

  • By Be careful with this platform!

    Very Sketchy App

    I’m up money so I’m not just writing this because I’m down & I also use a lot of different poker sites/services. But this app is very sketchy and I’m not sure how they get away with is. The algorithms favor people who play like idiots and they know will keep dumping money into the site. I’ve never seen such terrible bad beats & awarding of stupidity across all poker platforms I’ve ever used. I won 2.5k in a tournament and the next day I was sitting on a big stack in the same tourney and got pocket A’s and flopped a set and called an all-in against someone with gut shot straight draw and they hit a runner runner flush. That happened three times in the same tournament one of the times giving the person a runner runner full house to beat my flopped flush. I know that’s part of the game, and usually don’t complain, but the stuff against me I’ve seen after winning a large pot is very suspect and someone needs to look into it. Just be aware when you’re playing on this app and know that the algorithms they use are set up to keep you depositing money so they can make a buck. You’re much better off using a different poker platform. Just trying to save you the frustration and money. They also take a much bigger percentage than any other platform. Just be aware please.

  • By theadict34

    Don’t dare win money!

    I’ve played poker and casino with stars for years. I’ve done ok with poker and naturally lose a lot in the casino. You’re supposed to lose that’s fine. Well recently I won over $20k in slots and both my fiancé and I won a handful of poker games. Then she won $5k in the casino. We’re VERY careful not to play poker at the same time because we live together and we know what trouble that can be. Thankfully we cashed out all but $1,000 before the locked both of our accounts with no explanation. They said it will take a few minutes in the app but then I emailed them and they said several days. Today is a week with no response. No access to MY money no explanation why. I JUST emailed again and they sent the same reply except this time the put “several days “ in all caps. Still we’ve done nothing wrong and haven’t told what they think we did. We’re just locked out. When I was losing everything was fine. Now I’m ahead and they’re sour grapes. So go ahead and play because you probably won’t win but if you do cash out fast! I’m glad I did because they locked the account up 12 hours after the win.

  • By I've run out of patience

    Restricted account

    I recently joined PokerStars and went through the information process to proceed to play. At first I lost I then withdrew more money from my account and continued playing I then received a message saying my account was randomly selected for investigation purposes and they had to verify my info. I live chatted with an agent who could not help fix this matter because he said it had to be fix by security. I emailed the security department and they requested more info to verify who I am such as photo I.d, copy of utility bills and bank information. I was a little skeptical about it but proceeded with what they asked for. The security department doesn’t respond confirming that they are handling the issue. They do not have a phone number to call in case of such matters. It’s been a few days now and I haven’t heard anything from them but I have been emailing them at least 3x’s a day asking for them to remove the restriction so I can withdraw my funds and cancel. They really should not try to take people money like this hoping people stop trying to retrieve their funds and give up. Not me I want every cent that’s mine

  • By Grover006

    Don’t waste you time or money

    After looking at a lot of casino apps for PA, I decided to give Poker Stars a try because they were offering to match your deposit you to $500. I deposited $250. I guess the fine print said you don’t really get the match until you play a lot more, not even sure how it worked, but it had a progress bar that barely moved while I was playing. They gave me about a month to fill the progress bar to actually be able to get the $250. Also I could not even withdrawal my initial $250 until I filled the progress bar or forfeited the $250 match. Initially I had beginners luck as within a few days I went from $500 to a little over $1000. Still could not withdraw any of that unless I forfeited the $250 match. I continued to play loosing and winning until today. I had $850 and within about 3 hours I am down to $1.80. You read that right, $1.80. So in about 5 days since my $250 deposit and their $250 match, I went up to over $1000 to down to $1.80. Very disappointed. Cant wait till I can go to an actual casino again. I have never in my life lost $850 in 3 hours in a real casino.

  • By CDPascoe

    Cheated out of my money

    I down loaded this game about a month ago with some hesitation due to this being a computer generated poker site for real money. But, I figured I would give it a shot. First couple of weeks went well. I doubled my deposit, lost a couple, but all and all no issues. Suddenly after week two, I couldn’t win a hand to save my life. Didn’t matter what I had, couldn’t win. Then, I’m in a tournament staying about average in chips and I get dealt, A diamonds, 3 clubs. I fold, flip comes down with an Ace of diamonds. Yes it appears there is two aces’ of diamonds in this deck. I wrote to the poker stars admins through the app as well as uploaded screen shots of the hand twice and have not received any feedback at all. This was about 1-2 weeks ago now. In short this is rigged. Stick with play money for now or go to the actual casino. These people don’t care and only want your money. And will cheat to get apparently.

  • By Jrw387

    Consider this a warning.

    Absolutely unbelievable bad beats and suspicious activity. There should be a class action law suit filed against Pokerstars because it is flat out theft. Recently deleted the game because of it. And I know what you’re thinking, “It’s an authenticated RNG and sure you’ll get bad beats due to the increased hands being played due to variance but you will win in the end if you’re a solid poker poker with some decent knowledge of the game.” WRONG. One of my theories is that PokerStars makes the game appealing for new (bad) players who are just looking to gamble and will end up in the “casino” losing their shirt. I believe this because when I was brand new to the site I couldn’t lose even if I wanted too. However, after my first withdrawal the bad beats and suspicious activity started almost immediately. I can’t imagine this can continue for much longer without it poking the wrong bear.

  • By pep9111283

    Do not play on here. You will get a 1099 which is different than a w2

    If you think you can write off your gambling winnings, you are wrong and right. This site will give you a w2 to write off you gambling losses, but if you turn any of your pints to cash rebates, the will send you a 1099, which you can’t write off! Also, they don’t tell you that you can cash out your cash rebates, they give you impression you can only play them like a “free play” credit. I ened up with a 7k 1099 that I couldn’t write off. BUT that is not the only problem, their customer service is rude and their escalation teams take days to respond and there is no customer service number. I always complained about this even before they sent the 1099. Terrible customer service, free play is terrible and getting surprise 1099s are not fun. Save your money and go to a real casino.

  • By meatballs are gross

    Action flops (esp PLO which is now pLOL) for max rake

    (I, too, am up on PS, like some other reviewer mentioned and am writing this as a player who cashes out, not frequently deposits.) There is no such thing as a pokerstars randomly-generated board. Boards are set up for max action so PS makes max rake. The PLO on there is laughable. You will be dealt a pocket pair nearly every hand - a statistical anomaly - and so will many of your opponents - a statistical anomaly- with several hitting sets EACH hand - a statistical anomaly. It’s comical. Their rewards chests are weak/bad and when you get to the black level, you need 71,640 points to even get one ... which is insane. Good luck grinding that out. That doesn’t reward the people they make their money off of ... it rewards the site only. They leave a bad taste in your mouth with their boards and their rewards. I’m happy that two other sites will be available to play on.

  • By dan7362zie

    Something seems shady

    I played pokerstars prior to the government shutting them down For cash games and never saw the amount of system issues I have seen now. You can’t even make a deposit without continuous error polio’s occurring. They try a little too hard to get you to input your bank information which is a little concerning. I just tried for the last time to work with their system and tried contacting the customer support through chat and email and both have error pop ups occur asking me to refresh and try again. This has happened multiple times on multiple days. I would not trust this app or site with anything. Beware they try to get you personal information and then they tell you they couldn’t verify. I’m am warning my bank now. This is a scam app. My best friend is an attorney and is notifying the state about this.

  • By uninstall this app...

    5 aces in black jack?

    Not gonna lie but this is actually the first complaint I ever wrote on anything my entire life. Just by reading other players reviews it seems like everyone is having the same problem with this app stealing everyone’s money. I was playing black jack and I had an ace and a 6 which equals 7 or 17. The guy next to me had black jack with a ace, as soon as it was the dealers turn he had 3 aces come up. Also, every time it shows the dealers 1st card (which is always 10,J,Q,K, or A) he always had another to equal 20 or 21. It’s impossible...I messaged support complaining that this game is dumb and is just taking players money and the only thing the dude said was “do you wish to deactivate your account?” Bruh... never said anything about deleting my account, just want this app to stop robbing us fellow players.

  • By Badbeats2the MAX


    please do not download this app. This site is so rigged it’s not even funny... I have had the worst beats possible. I’m talking AQ over AJ and they hit the J on the river. I’m talking about you flopping the nut straight and the board going runner runner flush. It’s ridiculous. Don’t even get me started about you having KK or AA and somehow your opponent gets it in terrible I’m talking JQ on a 733 flop and then going JJ to win. I’ve won a lot and lost a lot I’m 100% done with it and the 1v1 sit and go it’s litterly like PokerStars hires people they can just let win and beat the public so they can somehow add more revenue. If you wanna throw away your money then sure get this app if u want to play poker honestly go to your local casino because this is terrible and the worst beats you should see maybe twice a month u will see twice a day.

  • By cmacatttck

    Bad beat galore

    After playing for a month I have never experienced such bad beats in my life. Before COVID-19, I’ve played a lot of live poker in my life. Yes I understand unlucky situations happen from time to time. But everyday? Almost every other day getting beat with hands where I am a 90 or 95 percent favor to win. Making me feel like the site favors donk betting with nothing until you hit the river over made hands that get cracked. If you are looking for realistic poker play. It’s not here. It seems to be true when the first week you play you run like a god. But then the unreal bad beats start happening after a week and lose everything. Then have to deposit more so you can get bad beaten again so pokerstars can take the big rake from your big pot you just lost.

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