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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-24
  • New version: 1.3.7
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Word Swipe Puzzle


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Word Swipe Puzzle is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Talefun. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Talefun, with the latest current version being 1.3.7 which was officially released on 2021-06-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5198 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Word Swipe Puzzle App

How does it Work?

Do you like to play word games? Are you good at finding words?

Word Swipe is a CREATIVE & BRAND NEW word search game with beautiful scenery landscapes for FREE! It provides you with an easy and simple way to exercise your brain by tapping and swiping on your mobiles' screens.


• Search and swipe letters to find hidden words

• Letter blocks crush after correct words being swiped out

• New hidden words will be formed after letters' collapse


• A new kind of word finder game to tease your brain

• There is a phrase/word as the clue for every puzzle

• Try to find hidden words as many as possible


• Clear graphics and animations for each tap or swipe

• You can easily use "Search", "Hint" or "Shuffle" for help

• Change themes to get amazing landscapes as background


• It starts easy and becomes challenging fast

• Find out more "Bonus Words" as possible as you can

• More challenges are on the go


- Search words on the letter block square according to the clue(s)

- Swipe letters horizontally or vertically to find and collect words

- Tap the "Search", "Hint" or "Shuffle" buttons when you get stuck

- Unlock beautiful themes by getting enough coins

- Find the "Bonus Words" which are not presented in the answers



Want to enjoy brain training with others? Or do you want to be a real word search master someday?

Don't hesitate to download it! And start the most addictive word search game for FREE now!

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Top Reviews

  • By bbblllaaahhhhhhhhh


    This game is the BEST!!! Omg it is soooooooooooooooooo fun and gives a good challenge and when it does I hand my phone to my mom ( who is a whizz at word games) to solve one and she solves the whole problem, which is really annoying. This game is really cool. When I was reading the reviews a person said, “ I love that you can do the Bible verse version.” And I can’t wait to try it!! P. S. the only thing I don’t like is that when you advance to the next level instead of like a, “ NEXT” button it says watch an ad which makes you press it instead of, “ No thanks!” Overall if you read this deciding if you want to get the game, you TOTALY should. And trust me you will love it!! 👍😜

  • By Diamondhorse816


    Absolutely love this game! It helps me relax after a long stressful day and keeps my mind occupied. I love how easy it is to get rewards and how the ads are very short and not as bothersome as other apps I have played. I just learned about the Bible Verses pack and I was so excited! I immediately bought it and played it! I love how my mind is being exercised while being filled with Bible verses! This game is amazing and I highly recommend it! The developers have done an amazing job and I can’t wait to see the new things in the future!

  • By Najmah82

    No stress!

    I finally found the game for me. No timers! Nothing to stress about. It’s very calming and that’s what I wanted in a game. Points were easy to build up and there when I needed to shuffle. I haven’t figured out yet what the keys are for but I have about 500 of them. I can’t find anything that tells me what they are for. I hope this game goes on for a very long time because I really enjoy it. It just seemed wrong that my solitaire game was stressing me. I’m happy with this game. Thank you! 👍

  • By J Parm

    My favorite game.

    It’s simple and relaxing, yet challenging enough to not be super boring. The best part, and the main reason I’m taking the time to review, is that they don’t FORCE you to watch ads. You watch ads ONLY if you want extra coins / prizes etc... I’ve deleted numerous games because it’s just constant ad-watching. With this game, I watch ads when I have the time and patience, otherwise I just play right through. Love this ad approach, thanks guys!

  • By nunyabizniz1

    What a nice surprise!

    I was enjoying the regular part of the game then I saw the Bible verse side and I’m in awe! It’s simple, fun, and sometimes challenging! I really like this game. I don’t usually review apps but this one is totally worth it. The game play and overall user interface is easy to navigate. Thanks for creating a wonderful app! I agree with all the wonderful things the user review from ergraduate stated as well. Looking forward to new additions of this game and also loving it as it is now!

  • By Corina4bjp

    Love this game

    I usually hate word games no matter how much they promise to improve your memory and all that but i will be the first to tell you this game is awesome. It’s better than meditation. I play it all the time but especially at night. I almost wake up every night with my phone still in my hand because it has relaxed me enough that I fall asleep. Thank you so much to the developers of this game. Kudos to you. 💕Corina Parsons

  • By Zzzoie


    I LOVE this game...I especially love the Bible version of it...this game is relaxing & yet great at learning the versus...love that it isn’t too mind boggling but yet it’s so addictive that I haven’t been able to put it down...my daughter also loves this game that I also had to download it on my other iPad ....it also helps in be able to make it to other levels without being too hard to do....so thank you ...

  • By Cam00014

    Cool game but DAEBAK ~ !! (it means super awesome!) :D

    I usually tend to play the search word game book since I was young & it was really entertaining. I never play the word search game online (like this app) before. This is my first time playing this awesome game, hehehe! I really enjoyed playing this game app. I am glad that I picked the perfectly right one ~ Thank God 👏🏾😎✊🏾 !! Good work you guys who worked hard for developing this awesome app! 👍🏾

  • By PJsMama15

    I love this game but updates made it stop working

    I love this game. Play it constantly. It kept freezing so I closed it and opened it 5+ times so I checked if it needed an update. And it did so I updated it. It still froze so I uninstalled. I was at level 300 and something and I reinstalled it and have to start all the way from level 1. :/ I wish there was a way to connect it to your number or Facebook so that doesn’t happen again.

  • By Laura buck

    Does do what I saw in ad

    I downloaded this app because I saw it as an ad in another app. The ad showed the words moving and you had to find as many as you could before they scrolled up and off the screen. I am up to level 89 and have not seen that yet!! That was the reason I downloaded it. Also I don’t always get the bonuses when I claim them. A little disappointed. I read another review from February that said the same thing. I’m deleting too and I’ll find one that does what it says in the ads

  • By mommymummama

    Where is the Bible content??

    Send a screenshot of what? There’s nothing to show. I had emailed you directly asking that you send me a screenshot of where to find the Bible content - but no one responded. I’ve deleted the App. UPDATE: I must not know which page is the “Main Page” but no matter which page I try to slide none of them respond, as suggested in your response. When I went to the Themes page, to unlock a mode with 10 keys -also at your suggestion - there IS NO Bible THEME to unlock!! Unfortunately, your “help” has been anything but helpful. ORIGINAL: I downloaded this App specifically for the Bible content however I can’t find where to access it. I wrote to the developer and received only a vague response about using Keys to access it, but all I see are the same Themes. I wrote again, twice, asking for more details but haven’t heard back at all. Do I need a certain amount of Keys before I’ll see it? The instructions on this page say to use COINS to unlock themes... which is it? I don’t see anything about Bible-related content anywhere in the game. If the developer won’t help then I’ll delete the App altogether. Customer service is as important to me as a good product.

  • By SteelersGal4Ever

    Love it, but it keeps running out of puzzles...

    Now at ONE STAR... STILL NO UPDATE! Seriously... how long does it take to update this??? I have ZERO problems on any of my other apps... WTH?!? **Just dropped this rating to TWO STARS** as I still can’t play due to “no update”... just how long does it take?!? This is a great game, but it’s gotten on my last nerve as I have to continually wait for an update to be able to keep playing. How does it run out of games when all my OTHER word games never do?!? I keep wanting to just delete it and be done with it once and for all... but it’s such fun to play and guess the obscure and sometimes very weird answers that it offers up, as they often don’t make any sense compared to the title “clue”. This game is probably created overseas for the most part, as I love the British puzzles with boot for trunk and bonnet for hood, petrol for gas, and other things we obviously don’t use in the US... so many more re government, and other patterns of speech. Please fix this before I just hit the delete button... I almost gave it THREE stars because of the sheer frustration it gives me as it was no time at all that I zipped through the puzzles from the update. I cannot be the only one who is this proficient at word puzzles... so the number added must have been minimal. You must do BETTER THAN THAT!

  • By Piper71688

    False advertising

    Saw a scrolling word search ad for this game on another game I was playing and thought it looked entertaining. Downloaded and started playing it.. SURPRISE!! Not the game advertised. Read previous reviews dating as far back as December saying it wasn’t what was advertised. Devs responded to each one with the same canned response claiming they want to improve the ads and gameplay. Well, from what I see, the ads haven’t changed in two months. Deleting app as I’ve already got another game like this. And don’t need anymore. Put out ads showing accurate gameplay.. or add a scrolling WordSearch mode into the game to make the ad truthful. Otherwise, you’ll get more bad reviews.

  • By Sassytxgirl

    False advertising

    Yet again another app that shows false ads about the game play. Saw the short video on another app showing all these letters rolling up the screen and you needed to swipe and find a word fast before it disappeared.. click the link to down load the app and what do a see a game that is nothing like the short video but just the same old app where there are hundreds of others just like it. Why can’t you just put out adds that show exactly how the game would be played why resort to false advertising.. deleted app I won’t support games like that

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