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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-16
  • New version: 6.9.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Tap Color - Paint by Number


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Tap Color - Paint by Number is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Talefun. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Talefun, with the latest current version being 6.9.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 15049 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Tap Color - Paint by Number App

How does it Work?

Tap Color – Coloring Game is one of the BEST relaxing games for you to release stresses on your mobile devices. You can leisurely draw your own modern masterpieces based on numbers. So it can help you release stress and feel relaxed by number coloring.

A coloring book is a secret weapon of anti-stress. According to some research, coloring may increase creativity in painting for educational purposes and also can be beneficial to people's mental health.


- Simple & Easy to Paint Your Artworks

Do not know about art painting? Don’t worry, all you need do is to tap the numbers and follow the clues, then tap the relevant cells to fill the color. It is much easier than drawing pixel art.

- Well Designed Anti-Stress Paintings

All the paintings are designed carefully, they will provide you with an excellent way to feel calm and enjoy hours of fun and relaxation.

- Various Images in Different Categories

There are a variety of coloring pages in different categories, you can color Flowers, Landscapes, Unicorn, and Mandala etc. More types are on the go.

- Coloring Masterpieces Anytime & Anywhere

Try to start this coloring game for relaxation and creation anytime or anywhere, you can color and revise your coloring pages Anytime & Anywhere.

- Editors’ Selected Images for Your Coloring

There will be some images selected by editors for you to color. Those editors’ choices will offer you a better coloring experience besides the regular ones.

- Share Your Creations on Social Networks

You can quickly send your artworks to your friends or post them on the social network like Facebook.


- Choose different numbers to locate the unfinished coloring cells.

- Use 2 fingers to zoom-in or zoom-out through the coloring image.

- Use 1 finger to drag the coloring image from one place to another.

- “Hints” help you auto-locate the coloring cells which you cannot find.

- Your artwork’s progress will be auto-saved when you leave or close it.



Want to release your stress?

Want to start an amazing color by number game journey on your mobile devices?

Don’t hesitate to download it and enjoy color therapy to steady your emotion and improve your concentration NOW!



By subscribing, ​you get unlimited access to all coloring books, remove-ads and ultimate hints in the app.

- You can subscribe to a monthly plan (starting at $12.99, billed once a month) or a weekly plan (starting at $4.99, billed once a week). Availability and pricing of subscription plans may vary.

- The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account when you confirm the purchase.

- The subscription automatically renews for the same price and duration period as the original one weekly/monthly/annually plan unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

- Any unused portion of the trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

Terms of Service: https://ww2.talefun.com/terms

Privacy Policy: https://ww2.talefun.com/privacy

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Top Reviews

  • By lily like lollpops

    Great game!

    I love this game it’s great and highly recommended for people who like painting and effects! Mostly none of them are adds. And the glitter special effect pictures don’t bother me!i love this game and I only downloaded it today it’s great and has very detailed pictures and lovely drawings ! You might go bananas when you download it and play (like me) it’s a super fun experience and has endless fun! I would download this game every day if I could and play it every day too! It’s the best coloring game that I’ve ever played! and improvements will come and they will make it better still I love it but here’s some ideas: can u make a picture of a lady walking a dog can she be kinda like a Barbie doll? And can u make a cute kitten picture with kittens laying on top of each other😍 download it now! It’s a very good game with coloring special pictures and animated ones too! Bye!

  • By 8683mamrita

    Special mixed colors

    The spaces fill in on the “special” pages with a totally different color. I’ve been trying to think of a way to explain my disappointment. Lately I’ve gone into the pictures I originally loved. I feel I have more of a creative process. I’m choosing colors and amount of spaces represented by THAT color. I’m satisfied to chose a number 1 and have all places on the page become that color. I can also choose 50 for example and expect 2 or 3 spots to be the same. I’ve noticed on the sparkling pictures that sometimes I can not even find the spot I missed! In many cases the grey guide is the exact shade of grey on the page. I repeatedly try to fill in that spot. Maybe I signed up for a bonus or something. It’s frustrating me now. I want to really relax and enjoy the “original “ version.

  • By WhateverNameIsntTaken22


    I love this app, BEST one by far!! but your library is small and I needed to find another coloring app because you don't have many pictures and I’ve been through them all. I still love this app the best, but one suggestion I would give is that when the number/color is done, remove that circle instead of just putting a check mark. the other app I use does this and I have come to love that feature, because it makes it easier to switch back and fourth through the numbers/colors. other than that, love this app!! PLEASE UPLOAD HUNDREDS OF NEW PICTURES ASAP!! it's been months since they've said they're going to upgrade more pictures and yet nothing. I have everything colored. this app is the best there is but there is not a lot of pictures to do. the app needs to add hundreds more pictures

  • By Choicesgal

    Love it!!

    I only wrote a review for an app once. This Is my 2nd time, I downloaded several other coloring apps and all of them wanted me to pay to color. This app is amazing! With good connection it’s really fast. And if your having trouble they offer you two clues for a advertisement every few seconds! Sure it gives you a advertisement when you open up here and there but overall it’s a really great app! Highly recommend this app *edit* I still love this game. I do have a suggestion for the developers. I have three other coloring app and when I’m done with a color they either move that color to end and colors I still have first or remove it so you don’t have to keep swiping back and forth looking for colors. I suggest having this in the next update.

  • By Calliee777


    I rate this 5 stars,I really really like the animated ones and the special ones I can sit here for hours and color, but would you do me a favor please, put more animated ones up those are my favorite so ty 🙂 The only problem that I see with this app is the hints let’s say we have different colors but you can’t find so you hit the hit button get that one done and then you have to watch another ad to get the other one I think there should be able to have more hints with your ads and I’ll give it a five star that’s the only issue I have. But I do wish that you would give more animated ones and the textured ones with all the colors that I want to see more of that please thank you especially the animation

  • By HJLgma

    What happened to the daily?

    I love this coloring app but since the last update 2 days ago, the daily picture will not open , so it is still showing the picture from August 13th which I already finished, everything else is working beautifully but not the daily which is why I could not give it 5 stars. This is the first time I’ve had trouble with your app and it is very frustrating. I’m very happy to see the glitch was fixed 2 days later which is why I’m upgrading the rating to 5 stars! I love the daily’s and the special pictures and look forward to seeing them everyday! My only wish would be to have a couple more special ones everyday! Thank you for fixing the issue, love your app!

  • By Mema Jane

    Tap Color

    I love this app. It is very relaxing and it calms me during difficult times. Lately my screen has been freezing and when I close it and reopen all my work is gone. This is frustrating and no longer relaxing. I really enjoy this app so I hope something can be done about this problem. I would have given 5 stars but because of this glitch I am generously giving 3. I’ve deleted Tap Color and then opened it and the same problem occurred. I waited a few days and then repeated this procedure and so far it has been fine and I am back to using this relaxing color app. So whatever happened to fix this thank you! So now I am changing it to 5 stars which it always was before the problem.

  • By 9802 Momma

    I give this app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ !!!!

    I have completed every single “painting” within this app. I loved every one of them. You get 10 Stars - minimum!!!!!! After that goal was completed, I started trying other “paint by number” apps. And I tried every single one out there - and shortly after trying them - I deleted every single one of them - NONE came close to Tap Color. I found Tap Color to be very challenging, yet rewarding as well. It has awesome drawings, with some, on occasion, being a tad easier than others - which is nice to relax a little and not have to watch for the tiniest of tiny specks for a color!! And colors - OMGosh, they are vibrant!! From time to time, I used many of my completed “paintings” as my background on my FB page!! But now what am I gonna do????? Again, I looked at all the other options out there - nope, not interested. What am I gonna do???????????? Then it hit me - I deleted the Tap Color App and turned around and re-installed it!!!!!!!!!! And......TAAAHHH DAAAAHHHHHH - I’m enjoying them as much as the first go-around!! Thanks again for sharing your creative gift!!

  • By Niger bunny

    I love this game! But...

    This is definitely the best coloring game I have found. Love playing it. Love the pictures and the outcomes. My only issue with it is that there needs to be an internet connection to play which can be a pain. Also, this is a problem for all the coloring apps I have and that I have found, there are no drawings of boys! I’ve been looking everywhere for an app where you can color images of guys but it is only girls. It is a major put down for me because why must there just be girls there. Would really appreciate if this game would have some guys to color. Thank you! And I would definitely recommend this app! Would be five stars in my book but sadly the lack of preferred coloring pages pushed it down to a four star one. Would have put it at four and a half but oh well. Thanks!

  • By CamiCJ04

    New version.

    I downloaded the app a while ago and even paid for the ads to be removed because I liked it so much ❤️ I would paint pretty much all day everyday. The only complaint I have is the new version of the app, the sparkling pictures to be precise. They are cool and all but I prefer the original version better. While you guys still upload the regular pictures, now there are more and more the sparkling one. I did a couple and I did not like them. The color it tells you to fill in is not even the same one that appears on the picture after you tap on the number. And after all the big spaces have been filled, it’s pretty hard to locate the smaller one. This is the only reason I gave it a 3 star. That update truly brought the rating down for me. I still use the app and do the pictures all the way at the end but not happy with the new pictures.

  • By NylaMyssa


    I’ve been using this app for almost two years now. Love the variety of pics and it does help me to relax. Now for the hate part. Last year n this year I’ve bought a years worth of the premium package…no adds, access to all pics. I don’t think I’m going to renew my subscription next year, which does make me sad, because frequently I get a notification that my subscription has expired and the adds come back. This has already happened to me six times within the last month or so 🤬. My yearly subscription doesn’t expire till April 2022. I always have to send an email to the support team with a screenshot of proof that I purchased a yearly premium subscription this April 2021 n also have to go into settings n click restore purchase. I should not have to do those things as often as I do. It’s ridiculous. I’ve paid $50 for a no hassle experience. If it happens again before my subscription expires next year then I’m done. I won’t wait till it expires. I will just delete the app for good even though it will make me a bit sad. This is something that should have been fixed for good a long time ago.

  • By Brii!

    Insane amount of adds!

    I never in my life have had to deal with so soo many adds. I love the game and the pictures are beautiful and very detailed they are amazing, however.. this game has the most adds poping up everywhere than in any game I’ve ever played. I am not about to pay for this game because it’s not something I want to spend money on. If you pay for it then you should be all set. But if you are someone like me who don’t pay for games this is my view on the game. I understand people have adds so it will get you to buy it but there is an add when you click on a picture and then there is another one when you are done and it won’t allow you to color unless you watch the add. This is the main one that is ridiculous.. if your phone screen goes off even for a second and you open it up... you have to watch ANOTHER ADD!! It is to the point where I am just so frustrated with it that I don’t even want to play It! But if you pay for it you are set!😂

  • By JoettaC

    going downhill...FAST!

    this was my very first coloring app i downloaded when i got started coloring. i loved it. I had every picture colored at one point and even bought the “no ads” at 4.99$. I was great. Well here’s were it started going downhill.. 1) I got a new phone a few months ago and unfortunately it didn’t save my colored pictures. which whatever (not y’alls fault), I’ll just start over. BUT here’s the thing that annoyed me the most.. When i downloaded the app again it’s like it had the app at a “basic” feature. there were absolutely NO special or animated pictures. I was quite annoyed because they never showed back up either. A bunch of cool pictures that i’ll probably never see again. 2) I paid 4.99$ to have NO ads!!! there should be ZERO ads when you have to pay to “remove” ads. it’s like with each update there’s more ads or something that makes this app more annoying. Have to watch an ad for a paint bucket, or backing out of a picture. Now you have to earn coins to color those books, but wait.. you only get like 5 coins for coloring other pictures unless you want to watch yet ANOTHER annoying ad to double your coins! After this last update, it’s been popping up an ad if I back out of a picture or if I unlock my phone after it locks. What I’m trying to say is STOP making this app have so many ads! I’m sure I’m not the only person who agrees with me on paying for something to remove ads that there shouldn’t be any once you do! FIX IT!

  • By IndigoStreak

    I’m done.

    I have been using your app for a long time. I’ve been coloring your daily pictures for over a year. I also do pictures I think are pretty, starting ones I don’t have time to finish, but get them saved in ‘My Paintings’ for when I have a lot of time to spend. I had been enjoying the little surprise pictures that show up when I click a large area and it uncovers various things like stars, sparkles, and other small things and color patterns. Lately, however, I’ve noticed a leaning toward the morbid or gross in some of the pictures. I usually ignore those pictures. Tonight I was very grossed out and slightly angry when I began coloring a sky picture with some birds flying in it. As I colored the sky around the centered, largest bird it uncovered the hidden surprise of a large rabbit being carried off to be eaten. It was crying a large trail of tears. The rabbit didn’t even stylisticly match the eagle. It just looked like someone thought it would be funny to stick it in -hidden- to be discovered by the unsuspecting. I did not find it funny. I introduced my young Granddaughter to these ‘coloring apps’. I will not take the chance she’ll run into a picture like this. I know a lot of people will find this funny. More power to them. Enjoy the app. I’m done. I’m moving this app to my ‘do not use’ folder. Too bad. This was actually a fun app. Bye.

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