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BitLife - Life Simulator


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BitLife - Life Simulator is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Candywriter, LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Candywriter, LLC, with the latest current version being 1.48.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1278336 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

How will you live your BitLife?

Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way.

Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse.

It's all up to you...

Top Reviews

  • By ok whatever you say


    i totally love playing bitlife but there are some things that could make the game better. for example i feel like grandparents should be more involved, like grandparents should have custody, or being able to spend time with your grandparent. Also cousins should be involved and aunts/uncles. It would also be awesome if you could change your characters clothing, just like how you can give them a hat. Also i feel like cars and house should be more involved. Like i know it’s a lot but maybe you can design your room or get an actual view of the inside of the house. car wise i think it would be cool if you could go on a road trip or take a drive. also maybe more scenarios with your friends like, “your significant other cheated on you with your friend” and then you could get the option to beat them😭 or you could have a sleepover and plan out what to do, like ask your friend to come over and you get the options on doing something like watching a movie, pranking someone etc. Also it would be really cool if you could date a celebrity. or it would be super cool if there was a corona update and in your lifetime there’s a pandemic and you’re in lockdown and you can’t go on vacation and there’s online school etc. that would be cool. oh last thing there should be more background on the orphanage thing like getting sent to a foster home, getting adopted, spending time with other people in the orphanage, or communicating with workers. i totally love playing this game tho❤️

  • By Rames James

    What I think the game needs

    For the game I suggest that we get to be able to play sports professionally and also I like what u did with instagram so I think we should expand that idea and create a Snapchat a Facebook stuff like that and there should also be a setting for when u click the add button instead of a year going by it could be like a day or a week a month even several months and when u click month or day u should get to decide the number of days weeks months or years that have passed plus I also think that there should be a phone so we can text our classmates about the homework or hit up our friends to hang out and even text our crushes to ask them out and also I think that their should be more jobs and instead of having them all in one place we should have them into different fields like sports,medical,political, scientific, or even mechanical I also think that there should be places that u should be able to hang out with your friends and go on dates with your crushes I also think that u should be able to get ur ears pierced and instead of only being able to see the head of the character u should be able to see the whole body and u should also be able to buy clothes for ur self and once u buy them u can customize them on your character and there should be a little tab where u can see ur character and customize him/her But over all this game is very fun and I can’t wait to see the updates that u guys have In store for us😁

  • By xd Dexstar

    Great Game, needs more

    Don’t think this game is a bad game because i don’t think it has enough, there are probably about 2000 different things that could happen to you in this game, and its very addicting and immersive since you can get sucked into hours of playing it out of boredom... the frequent updates are very pleasing and I appreciate the time the developers spent putting into this game and making it realistic. However, the only problem I've is ever experienced, is that it gets repetitive at times, I think there should be more options in college and ways to get into college, and there should be more job selections like a social media star, a rock/pop star(i just want to be famous), a professional athlete(hopefully specified, if applied), and also whenever i study arts in college, i never see any acting jobs every year, so the jobs should drastically change each year you progress. Ive bought the $2 bitizenship in the game and its very helpful when youre impatient like me. Also, i think there should be an addition of making best friends and running with that idea until you are older and you can do things with them until death. Also going back to University after attending once should be applicable, and refreshing the choices for the second time around. And for emigration, the countries should refresh every 5 years. I hope I receive a reply from Bitlife and their superior customer service. Ive heard great things about this game and i hope it only gets better.

  • By Hyndog

    I have some ideas

    Let’s start off with how much I love this game! There is something I found though. I continued with my previous person’s triplet son and when I looked at the other sons from their view it said twin brother for both of them even though they are triplets! Also when you do have triplets or twins I think they can be of different genders. Like two girls and a boy instead of three girls. Also at the In-Vitro place you should have an option for how many eggs you implant so you can hope for having twins or triplets more. Also even if the grandparents are still alive it does not show them as a relationship for the grandchildren. Also it does not show their cousins or aunts or uncles. I think in the family tab you should have a separate arrow going to extended family. My biggest hope for this game is an update to the adoption side of the game. I love how you can be adopted but that is always at birth. I think if both parents die you should have to go to the orphanage or have one of your extended family members take care of you. If you were taken in by family you could add in the run away feature. Plus if you start a life as an orphan I think that you should be able to communicate with other orphans there and attend interviews to get adopted. Or even you could have a chance of not getting adopted and that would be interesting too. Please take into consideration all these things because I hope to see them in future updates! Keep being great👍🏼

  • By soccergirlcollege

    Love this game but it needs more updates.

    First off I love this game and it’s so addicting to play. I would have to say I love all the updates but there needs to be more. There needs to be child abductions as scary as it is but it happens but with that needs to be ways to keep kids safe. There needs to be an option where there can be custody battles in divorces and if the child’s old enough they can pick with who they want to live with. There needs to be an option we’re kids can get taken by the state but also given back, or where parents can give their children up to a family member or friend or take a family members child if taken or an accident happens to them. There needs to be online dating and possibilities to run into famous people. There needs to be where people can stay in contact with family or grow old and the parent not have to die to move on to the next generation. That way parents can take their children to see grandchildren, aunts, uncles and cousins. There needs to be holidays and birthdays. There needs to be more abilities to have affairs with co workers, bosses or teachers. Why not be able to choose who to play if a women and man split up. Real life stuff that happens easier drug addictions and prostitution, because unfortunately that stuff happens and maybe someone can see how bad it is from playing the game and choose not to go down that path in real life. Once again I love the game and can’t wait and want to see more as soon as possible.

  • By luna is my gf

    BitLife suggestions

    I love the app already but there’s always room for improvement! I would like to offer a few suggestions. It would be really cool if there was a family tree feature available so that you could neatly see which of your siblings have which kids and which of your baby mamas birthed which kids. It would be great to see how all of your family is related. Another feature is I would like to have more opportunities open for members of your family. For example, your sister can come out as gay, but she can’t come out as transgender and have a sex change surgery. It would be great to have more options expanded for family members to make family life a little more interesting. It would be cool if family had the same opportunities your bitizen had to improve upon their own life. It would also be cool if the family line extended even further with the addition of great-grandchildren and great nieces and nephews. That is the way life naturally works. It doesn’t make sense to have a baby at 20, become a grandmother at 40, and then live until you’re 120 and not have any great grandkids. I think the family should keep extending infinitely as long as you are alive. You should also be able to pick playing immediately after you die as the youngest in your family (grandkids) rather than one of your kids, who are like 70 years old themselves and don’t have much life left to live. Thanks if you have read this and have taken these suggestions down !

  • By @jakeyounglol on TikTok

    great! also a few suggestions.

    ok this is a bit long but i would appreciate if you read this and took it into consideration. can you make more crimes and frequenter updates? and also for you to run away from your parents and abusive parents/spouses/stepparents and an orphanage? also there should be an option for bitizens to automatically turn dark mode on/off with the system. and also you should have the death penalty vary by state because in BitLife you can get sentenced to death in cities in states that have abolished capital punishment. and there should be a luck variable in god mode and also you should be able to edit your parents fertility in god mode and set them up on dates and nag your kids to get a job/education/spouse/have kids. and also there should be a 0.001% chance you or your relationships could be the victim of a crime. also there should be a chance your relationships can be transgender or go to prison and you should be able to send them mail, send them care packages, etc if they go to prison. also add back the ability to assault people who are coming out of the closet. also you should be able to attack people with weapons. and if a murder backfires you should be able to reopen the app and it never happens. and god mode people should be able to have infinite time machine uses. also you should be able to put non letter characters as names and specify the case and more spaces. if you read this thank you so much. i love this game.

  • By ellalbieb

    Here are some ideas !

    I think this game is really good but I think it would be really cool if you could customize your character before they are born, for example you can choose certain diseases to be born with, or you can choose your ethnicity, orientation and more! You could also choose how smart you are, how good your looks are, health, etc. you are born with. Another ideas is choosing what time period you are born in, it could give variety to the game and the characters could have features from that time period for example if you have a character from the fifties you could have a fifties hairstyle. Also it could cause scandal if you do something out of the norm of the time period “unconservative” just for example u wear a bikini to the beach and people find out, your parents could get upset at you. Or you could see something and decide wether to gossip or mind your own business. If you gossip the person could find out and then they start a rumor/fight/ unfriend you in return! You could also have bit stories where you play as certain famous people or celebrities for example you could play as Beyoncé or George Washington and it could be fun and educational! Also it would be cool if you could go to private schools if you are super smart, skip grades, go to college as a kid etc. you can also add music lessons to mind and body so that we could have child prodigies!! Anyways this game is super good, these are just some ideas of mine that would be fun to see!

  • By Kite at Mat

    I’m Impressed

    The game has come a long way, and I’d have to say that with each update the game just keeps getting better and better! We can tell how much effort you put into making the app as amazing as possible, and I’ll tell you right now, we absolutely appreciate. I’m glad to leave a positive review and to anyone who see this, I would absolutely recommend this as a fun game, and it doesn’t hurt that you can play it without internet. I appreciate that like life, everything you do affects you, and you have the ability to drastically change statistics! Ideas: This isn’t part of the review itself so feel feel free to stop reading, but I have an idea that could progress throughout the game. I think it would be interesting that from a young age you could join organized/competitive sports (football, American football, swimming, etc.) and with that can come injuries, like concussions and sprains or twists. I think you could make it so that it branches into, if you get good enough at the sport, it could be a possible way to get a free way into colleges, giving more ways to help you bitizen succeed. This final part is ambitious but maybe you can add in professional sports careers, and maybe even a BitLife styled Olympics (or just things like triathlons and marathons) which could include a new badge like, sports fan, and a new achievement, like win a game in blank, or get gold in the bitlympics! Ok I’m sorry this was long, but that would be something interesting to see I think.

  • By Nina212333

    Great game could use more additions!

    I love this game but there are a few changes i would like to see i think that when you file restraining order that after the 3 years if they come back that you should be able to sue them (lawsuit). I also think the hospital should have a bigger purpose (overnight stays, bills, questions about visit), choices on which hospital you choose and the rating of each hospital. Also when you get an heirloom, if you search for it while you were in a previous life that passed away you don’t get it when you start a new life so i think that when you search for an heirloom it should be passed down to the new person. Additionally when enlisting in the military and when you get sent off to war or whatever the game with the bomb is way to over complicated and in most scenarios ends badly. I think shopping should be added like cars and maybe scratch off tickets so you can physically scratch them (more exciting aspect) another job could be esports (present day career) you could be a famous esports player! i think when you have a kid that they should be more involved with you and additionally when you are married there needs to be more conversations from the husband/wife to you the player. Overall i have been playing this game for awhile and when you are a bored college student that wants the time to pass this game keeps me very very entertained! So thank you for keeping me entertained with all of the updates!

  • By LoganVHistory

    Great but here are some suggestions

    I just want to say I really love this game and I think there are things that can make it better. There should be grandparents, uncles, ants, great grandparents, great grandchildren. When you are famous you should be able to do more things like sign autographs, speeches, Instagram or facebooks posts, and movies. You should be able to become an actor our actress and star in movies and become famous that way, I know that you want to make money but becoming president or prime minister should be free or have special events when you can become president during a certain time, going to the hospital in the doctors section should actually be useful for something. Adding to the pro sports you should have tennis and golf and have the olympics. You should be able to choose what college or university you want to go to instead of only just picking a major(like Harvard, duke, ucf). There should be natural disasters and pandemics in the game. There should be an astronaut job and you can able to go in space and have a space crew. You should become the boss of your job and manage your employees around, give raises, lower costs, even fire people. Also you should be able to start your own business and get investors to invest and build your empire and have competition and possibly go bankrupt. There should also be an employee of the month reward if you do a great job. These are some suggestion but thankyou for making a great game.

  • By Bradford86836754


    I have to say first, that as a 15 year old, I absolutely love this game. I play it almost every night before I go to sleep, and I’ve already recommended Bitlife to dozens of my friends. I love all of the scenarios and the implementation of challenges and achievements, and all the wonderful different ways you can live your life in the game. There is only one thing left that I’d love to see added into the production of the game. Sports. After you leave college, there is no other way that you can continue any sport until you start your next life. And I feel that you wouldn’t have to make any brand deals with national sports teams either, considering that names and such can be made randomized as well, you(the developer) could create an arsenal of random names for the sport team of the certain city that you’re in. What would be cool is if you could be able to tryout for professional sports teams, where maybe your athleticism has to be even higher than it can be when in school, and perhaps make one of the requirements for a professional team be having to be a captain of a highschool or college team. Like take that your character is living in Miami, and you wanted to play professional football, maybe the professional team name could be something other than the Dolphins. I feel like this review has been quite repetitive and I apologize for that except I feel like if this was implimented into the game, then it would be whole.

  • By yrhshhhshd

    I like the new update, I just want a few more features.

    Ok it is a awesome game don't get me wrong and I know you just updated but when I go to the salon and I color my hair, it doesn't change my bitlife character. I think if you go to the salon you should be able to pick your hair color and pick what style, and then your bitlife character should change, I think it would be more fun. I love the idea of the school thing, but there needs to be more cause whenever I finish school I just start a new character because you can't really do anything at your job or university, but work harder and study more. so I think you should make university and your job more fun too. You should also add more mini games like when you're doing a sport in school or an after school activity. can you please get rid of the feature where you have to send a message to yourself when you do social media, Whenever I do social media, I have to text myself a bunch of stuff so I don't want that feature anymore, cause I just have a bunch of bitlife text messages to myself. And there should be more stuff to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend like go to the club or ask them to give money to people instead of wasting all your money have them waste their money. I'm not saying you have to do this now just maybe for the future, if not, I'm not gonna be mad, because I love this game it's ok if you don't add my features just maybe, something to look into in the future.

  • By Toca Lover Olivia

    Game suggestion

    I think that there should be an option where you can start your own business. You can select the business type and name it however you’d like and when you have enough money to start it you should be able to select advertising (I.e. say I just start my business and I only have $300, I can select magazine advertising instead of television because it’s within my budget). If you fail to run your business well and you aren’t making much, you can either shut your business down or you will get shut down. Also, another job suggestion, it’s would be great if you were able to have a small job like barista or something like that while in college, just to get some type of small income. Because it’s hard to get your parents to give you enough money to get by at that stage, especially when you’re family is poor and you get $2 when you ask. All I’m saying is we should be able to have a side job while in college, you could even limit us to small jobs with low income to make it realistic and then change it when we get out of college like, part-time jobs only. Also, I think that you should add more crimes to the game, like rob the bank or even have a crime skill meter, you start out stealing things, then robbing stores, then eventually working your way up to robbing banks and crazy heists and stuff like that. I hope to see this implemented in the future! Love this game btw, I got all my friends playing it.

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