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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-09
  • New version: 3.0.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Boxing Star


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Boxing Star is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Four Thirty Three. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Four Thirty Three, with the latest current version being 3.0.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 83804 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Boxing Star's Boss Mode Update! World's No. 1 Villain! Challenge El Cucuy!

Time your taps perfectly! Fight against the dynamic Boss with all-new cut scenes (QTE system)!

Let's have fun with the many events in store for the 3rd Anniversary Update!

Ever wonder what it really meant when someone told you that if you really wanted something you need to blood, sweat, and tears? Experience the journey to become the next Boxing Star! Rise from the streets and punch your way up to become the most epic Boxing Star!

◈ Story Mode ◈

Meet and befriend all the wacky and wild characters of the boxing world! Make your way up from the local street fights and aim for those pay-per-view fights!

◈ Test your Skills ◈

Master the art of boxing and use your arsenal of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts!

◈ Train and Customize ◈

Train and customize your boxer! Develop your boxer to match your fighting style. Customize your boxer with special skills like the trademark MEGAPUNCH only in Boxing Star!

◈ Fight! ◈

Fight with other players in League Mode and show people how it's done! Punch your way to the top!

◈ Join a Fight Club ◈

Clan fights are for wussies! In Boxing Star, we have Fight Clubs! Gather your friends and show everyone who is the best and the baddest!

◈ Missions and Events ◈

Clear daily, weekly, Fight Club, and league missions to claim awesome rewards! Don't miss out on any of the special events and make sure you also claim these rewards!

PLEASE NOTE! Boxing Star is completely free to download and play but some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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Top Reviews

  • By 51eloy31

    Love this game!!

    I really love how you guys brought back the ol Punch Hero back. Way back when it was from gamevil. The feel is the same and it plays well. I enjoy the fact that there’s more features. Stances and a wide variety of move sets. And you can customize it anyway you like. I like the whole stamina thing where you won’t be able to spam hooks or jabs or else your fighter will get tired. I also love the different fighters you can choose from. Overall everything about it is a major upgrade and I hope you guys add more skills and and gloves. Now there is one little issue.... I’ve noticed that the time it takes to acquire 3 skill points goes all the way up to about 8 hours. I think many players would have this problem. I would suggest maybe cut it down to 4 or 5 hours? I find myself getting a little impatient at times just waiting on skill points. Please fix and this game will be my number 1!!! Anyway thanks guys for reading! Looking forward to more updates and whatnot :) PS my boxer name is Poetato :) and I’m from the guild Anéndotos. Means unyielding:). See you in the ring!!!

  • By Zachary0709

    The glitches

    A few months ago a glitch happened that after the loading screen it glitches you out. There is another glitch that happened a few months ago before the other glitch. That glitch is that when you get in a match it glitches you out. Another thing is that there is another glitch. That glitch is that it glitches you out when you get to the loading screen. You might think that why you need to fix all of the glitches but just one glitch like the glitch were it glitches you out at the loading screen so that I can get to play. For a example say like you fix the loading screen but after the loading screen it could still glitch you out and if you fix that glitch then the glitch that glitches you out when you get in a match sometimes it glitches you out could still happen. Hope you read this please fix this. The reason I give you five stars because I really like the game. I would love 🥰 if would fix the glitches.

  • By Glitchesruingames

    Fun... but very GLITCHY!

    It is free and if you are smart than you remain competitive without spending money. However often times the game will CRASH when you either start a match, or down an opponent. Both cases will result in you immediately LOSING the match and any potential rewards. You can literally knock your opponent down with 100% certainty that he will not rise again, but the game will crash and hand you a defeat as soon as he hits the mat. Very unfair, and there is no system in place that differentiates the game has crashed... over the past few updates this issue has been ignored, and actually has gotten worse. It doesn’t matter how strong your internet connection is, the game will crash itself... even if you set it to the lowest graphics and close all background apps it will STILL HAPPEN. Even if you clear space on your phone so that you have sufficient memory it will still happen. It is a glitch in the game, no matter what support tells you, it is most likely NOT your fault. if you inquire to support they will suggest you try what I mentioned above. I am confident they will fix it eventually, as they have eliminated several bugs in the past. It is fun when it works, and there are a few very affordable introductory and monthly deals that will really help you enjoy the game more. Good game but with a very unfair and frustrating glitch.

  • By Chattomari

    Great game, but small X factors do make the difference

    Let me start by saying that I absolutely love this game. First of all, there’s a story mode that isn’t short! And if you know what I’m talking about, then you’ll definitely find this game enjoyable. The biggest problem that I have is games that offer a “Story Mode” is that I can finish it within the hour or two that I downloaded the game. B O R I N G. Second, the game takes a bit of knowledge & skill. The fact that there are different fighters & classes to mix and match definitely makes you want to learn more. Makes you want to figure out the best possible meta class. Third, there’s online play! I’m sure there are others who love the feeling of dominating people online! Okay, let’s talk about the cons real quick. The customization is cool, but also limited. I noticed you can’t even wear one of the three gloves you can equip. You only wear the Mega Gloves(if you have some equipped.) Another review said that the training points & money you earn is very little, SUPER AGREEABLE. As you get higher in ranks & in lvl is becomes super difficult to obtain skill points and any kinds of upgrades. Everyone loves an app we can spend time on, but no one wants the feeling of grinder pc like game on an app. This game is soooo much potential if the developers put some time & thoughts of the audience into this game (:

  • By Alan Cram

    Constructive Criticism

    I really love this game and I’ve only had it for a week, I have spent money on the game because I really do like it and plan to have it for a long time. What stopped me from giving it a five star is the the skill points and the coins. I find it really hard to earn and I’m always running low on coins and it’s hard to do anything so I have to wait 3 hours to 8 hours to even a day for any crate to open in order to get the money to just upgrade one glove, and I don’t even have enough for my skill points. The thing that I hate the most is the skill points and how many you earn. As you go higher in the game, the skill point training gets more expensive and the time takes waaaaaay longer, but the amount of skill points you earn stays the same (3). I find this really annoying and I think we should earn more than just three points due to the increase in time and money it cost to train for them. I really love the competition in this game, I was thinking what if you could actually make coins from league battles since you have to spend money to even fight a league battle. I think you should make money off of league battles, even for as little as just 5 coins. I’m looking forward to an update or fix for those major issues.

  • By Hfufuuggh

    Fun but takes FOREVER!

    This is a fun game, however it takes forever to get stuff and box. I mean if u are not playing and someone challenges u and u lose u lose a bunch of stars! And the training sessions are long and u can’t do them all the time u have to rank up which I get but that takes forever, and the points u get never increase it’s always 3, that’s crap! And the gym reset is forever for only 30 tickets u can get more w $$$$. And why is their no 3 knockdown for the computer but we get knocked down game over! And why does the girls we hire never give us anything? It says 50% chance and I have never once! It’s fun all in all just be prepared to take forever to get stuff unless u want to spend a lot of $$$$. And maybe try online fighting for stars against other live people. Also why do I lose so many stars when u can’t fight, if u miss a day u could drop like 3 leagues, and the rotation gifts are to long to get new ones, maybe like change every 8 hrs not 24. And the computer gets like mega punch so fast or even when they did not have the hyper done they do them. It’s fun but so frustrating some times with this game play.

  • By Levi Albert

    A lot of potential, but also some flaws.

    I really enjoy this game, it’s a good time spender, but, I can’t rate this game five stars because I’m not fully satisfied. First of all, you are extremely limited to moves. As a martial artist myself, I know that there is a lot more to a fight than punching, which is all you can do. Also, there are WAY TOO MANY glitches. For example, I basically live in a WiFi hotspot, but for some reason, the game constantly says that the network is not strong enough. And that can get extremely irritating when you are in the middle of a fight and a notification pops up about that while you are fighting, restricting you from pressing the buttons. Another one is when I’m in a fight during the transition between rounds and I decide to heal my health and the round starts, keep in mind it has not yet allowed me to heal, I get knocked down and then somehow, after I get knocked down, my character uses the health boost and K.O. Appears on the screen after my guy gets up. So the final scene is my guy up and ready to fight, and my enemy celebrating his “victory”. Please fix these bugs and let this game be one of the great ones.

  • By waddles&naddles

    I love this game but it could use a few tweaks...

    Let me start by just saying I downloaded this game because my boyfriend absolutely loves games and I found it interesting so it’s something we could do together. Now that that’s outta the way as much as we both love this game there are a few things in our opinion that could be changed for example the training session it would be cool if during the training session you actually trained like fighting against the trainer and get tips from the game to which at the end of your training session then you receive the points to upgrade what you want. Also there should be some way more often to earn coins and gold they are very rare and I understand that you need to make money but maybe tournament prize could be like 50 pieces of gold since there are not many tournaments. There should also be a new training gym to accompany the original one where you go to train to upgrade your physical stamina speed strength since you cannot already do that and again we should be able to physically train at this gym. We also believe there should be more moves we love the idea of swiping but if possible it would be nice to have some more moves. Another feature we would love would be if you fight your friends if they are online in the social area. Thank you for considering our ideas

  • By AVquestion

    Game is great except two things...

    Game is really well put together! I commend the creators. It’s very fun to play except for First: In my opinion this would be a much better game if there was a way to eliminate the “mega or super punches”. It’s really cool that you can develop your character with certain strengths...kinda like real boxing where part of the fight/strategy is learning your opponent and avoiding their strengths and attacking with yours. But sadly this part of the game is eliminated with the super or mega unrealistic attack. I’d suggest either eliminate it next update or make it so you can change the settings in the fights to turn that off. Second thing: all the gear and upgrades are nice but it’s not real user friendly in regards to understanding it. I like all the options on how to build/develop your fighter but having “sponsors, sponsor lists with their own parts, gear etc... and regular parts, gear, gold, coins, wheels, packages of stuff, the complex list of fighter attributes, gloves, outfits, styles, super powers, etc... etc... is a bit complex and hard to understand. I would suggest that this be simplified and condensed in the next update. So in my opinion a good game deserving of a solid 3 stars. Fix the two issues/dislikes and I’d give it 5 stars for sure.

  • By 停留在佛罗里达的三轮司机

    nice design&graphic.

    This game is pretty good when you play the first week, but after that you’ll find some point that you can’t keep playing. This game don’t even have a pvp system, you’re playing with other player’s characters , so that’s an actual AI, if you don’t charge money into the game , you’ll grow so slowly, and you’ll find the other players who have same rank points with you are twice stronger than you. of course if you catch skill of this game, you still can win, but after you get offline, you’ll lose points how much you earned, cuz even you’re a skillful guy, your character still weaker than others. Then you might say, so why don’t you begin from the very beginning? Cuz the equipments which you get are associated with your rank points, higher points get better stuff . You probably don’t believe me and think this just a noob and poor guy, then you can try it, around three days, you’ll find the problemS . This isn’t a sport game, cuz you can get equipment which is literally doing the officially cheating by charging. And also the story mode , that’s the hardest part in this game, you’ll stuck by boss who is very powerful, like the purple Sam and Korean mask guy, if your character not strong enough, even though you touch avoid, you still need to be hit. If you speed (data in the game)not fast enough, AI can avoid your every punch.

  • By Goosenberry


    This game received a very generous 1 star from me only because the game has so much potential to be great..... only it isn’t. I’ve never played a game that forces you to have to spend real money as much as boxing star. The developers claim they match fighters in the league by the amount of stars you earn but that cannot be true. They match you with players with such a higher rating so that you have to go to the shop and spend money! After spending to much time and money going through AI fighters that are 2 to 3 times higher rated that my fighter. I come across fighters that have no skills, no gloves, and not a very high rating that somehow have the same stars as me and when I try to fight them the game crashes and restarts. And if by some miracle I am able to fight the players that are equal to me the game glitches and the fighters are really twice my rating. So basically you spend coins and time to find fighter just to constantly lose to. And if that isn’t bad enough I spend real money to upgrade my fighter and it was a waste because for every 10k my rating goes up, the AI fighters ratings go up 50k. It is very frustrating. So after spending all day fighting and trying to build up my stars I go to sleep and do nothing but lose! I always lose offline fights. Even if the fighter is rated way lower than me. So if you want to save your time, your money, and your sanity I would suggest finding another game to play

  • By Gdhhdjsbs

    Free-mium bull

    forget this game. I gave it 5 stars initially cause I was having the time of my life playing a boxing game (It's my favorite sport) and ya know the word "boxing" being in the name I figured I'd get a pretty true experience. NOPE! once you hit the point where you gotta spend money to progress at a HEALTHY pace your not having to spend a few hear or there. it's A LOT to make it further and then you're met almost instantly with another freaking road block of difficulty being raised. Add that to all the blatant ILLEGAL moves like elbow throws in a BOXING game that isn't resulting in a DQ or these stupid spin moves where they spin onw way and the the other hitting you from a side at such LIGHTNING speed its impossible to dodge, or when you dodge a mega punch they still are able evade and hit you with a uppercut so power (despite it not being a mega punch) that it takes out over HALF your health bar. And none of this factors in the story mode NPC bull that ramps up outta no where all with the sams issues as the league if not worse, given impossible speed. these stupid "jab" builds people do that involve punches that are not remotely allowed in boxing matches AT ALL! I've done boxing amd I'm here to tell you from experience that if a fighter comes in thinking that he can just flail jabs at the opponent and win... he is going to get beat down in that ring, savagely beaten at that. jab builds are broken when they should be the weakest thing ever in a BOXING game.

  • By Tk030201

    Big buildup for a huge continual letdown

    As others have said I want to love this game. The first time I played it I couldn’t put down for hours. I bought several beginner loot boxes with real money not knowing that was the only way to progress past lvl 30 ish. When you get to around rank 1400 you’ll be doing great then you’ll hit higher lvl players who just dismantle you. Then after you log off and log back on you see your league standing has dropped like 100 points. Energy drinks and health bars cost a fortune but it’s the only way to be competitive in this game. When your winning the cpu will negate that by constantly “refueling” leaving you to do the same or lose. Then after you actually win a few and get the league reward your package slots are full meaning you either use gold to make room for another pkg or wait half a day only to get a bunch of common items. This game is def all about taking your money. Had 4K gold less than a week ago and now down to 900. And I’m still losing. It’s easy to pull in new players because at its base the game is extremely fun. It’s about two days in you start to feel them pulling at your wallet. I recommend you only seriously play this game if you have extremely deep pockets. Me, the common person can’t afford to stay competitive, thus interest in the game is fading quickly. Devs please fix something. You have a great game. Don’t let greed ruin it.

  • By xninja107x

    UNFAIR, Pay or play to win

    I never have wrote a review before. But for everyone who’s reading this (including developers) don’t waste time on this game. Now Ik your wondering... “how can it be that bad.” Well for starter the story is unfair fighting. Literally when your in the middle of the story it becomes 10X harder since the boss’s health bar is like 100x more than your’s. Also before you get to the boss everyone else is easy. Like I’ll be playing and I hit the boss for 1420 and he or she will hit me for 5000 or more😭. I think that they should buff down the damage. Cause the rest of the story is literally pay to win or rage to the point of breaking something. There is no other choice. “Oh well your just a hater.” Or “oh you just are trash.” 🤬🤬🤬NO LITERALLY THE GAME IS PAY TO WIN WITH HALF OF THE DANG STORY! (Cough) sorry. I just think that they should have a different story for people that are play to win. (The online system) ok so the online system is nothing to me but if you lag it’s because of the other player. (Luckily I haven’t had that problem) One last thing... the packages take FOREVER to get to you when your actually in the middle of the league/story. (Online league, check) all i want is for the developer to understand that they can’t please everyone with a balanced play or pay to win game. Good day to you all.

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