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  • Last Updated: 2020-01-22
  • New version: 1.0.36
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Battle of Arrow : Survival PvP


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Battle of Arrow : Survival PvP is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Four Thirty Three. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Four Thirty Three, with the latest current version being 1.0.36 which was officially released on 2020-01-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 201 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Shoot the arrow and stay alive in this real-time PvP game!

Grab the reins then mount up your horse with a bow,

Enter the arena to duel against global gamers in this real-time PvP action game!

Battle of Arrow offers real-time PvP combat against global gamers armed with a variety of bows, set armors, and mounts.

It is truly free-to-play, and there are various game modes including the Arena mode, and the Campaign mode, and the Raid mode.

The gyroscope control delivering an immersive thrill is built that players have to focus on aiming with tilting their device.

So do not be out to lunch no matter what you take the lead, you will be fallen from your mount by the final arrow released from your opponent!


▶ Offer real-time PvP combat dueling against players worldwide.

▶ Experience the dynamic thrill of horseback archery PvP duels.

▶ Create a truly immersive experience with gyroscope control.

▶ Customize your combat style with various type of weapons, set armors, and skills.

▶ Team up with your friends to defeat massively powerful raid bosses.

▶ A friendly match that you can duel your friend full of fun at any time.

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Top Reviews

  • By E P IV

    Another success by 4:33

    I recently started playing this game, and from the moment I started I was hooked. It not only offers a fun engaging arena style pvp mode, but also a fun PvE campaign with great rewards. It’s a great game that you can pick up and play for 5-10 minutes and feel like you got the value for your time. It doesn’t force you to be on it for hours. It really is a mobile game you can play whenever you feel like it, without having to worry about checking on it every couple of hours. I can’t wait to see more games by 4:33 especially The Tale of Five Kingdoms.

  • By BulberBrady

    Great game, would recommend.

    This game is great. Although I haven’t played a lot of it yet, I will definitely play more. The combat is fun and effective for what it is trying to be. The game also doesn’t give any OP gear early on like most mobile games do. I do have one problem though. The screen isn’t made to accommodate the IPhone XR. The very left side of the screen cuts off in the middle. But that doesn’t really affect the actual gameplay. Overall, this game is really fun.

  • By JayveeTwizzlers

    Love the game but 1 problem

    Ok when I am playing the game the game is so freaking cool like perfect but I am having one issue is if I leave and come back a few hours later I have to load all the files back again and it happened to me like 3 times but I still love the game but I have to wait some time for it to load all the way but the game is still perfect except for that one flaw but all I want you to do is keep up the good work

  • By Elitexv

    Review on battle of arrow

    This game is sick I have been playing iOS games for like long time and I never when past a very creative amazing mind blowing game like this so addictive thank you for everything u have done and we all players of this game appreciate all the hard work you put in this game keep it up battle of arrow If you can increase raid time that will be awesome Thank you


    Fun Extremely Engaging

    I Just downloaded this I played there other games I would like to say it extremely fun the only thing is that I wish you could change the color of the character but other then that fun wish other game was like this hopefully you guys make a console game cause I believe you guy would hit the scene greatly.

  • By Dyzastur

    A great game but...

    I’m really enjoying the game. The graphics are nice and the gameplay is fantastic however, I’ve been getting a poor connection lately. It’s cause me to drop ranked matches on several occasions. I’ve checked my network and there are no issues.

  • By •KRY•

    Best game yeah!

    What happen? I did reinstall and try turn off and on my phone my internet is fast when i try to open it always says try again and it says my net is slow?? Pls fox the bug thanks Ps. Thanks for the update and now its working great ❤️

  • By Tukman_12

    Holy crap!

    Wow this is an excellent pvp/pve game. I was not expecting this level of play when I first downloaded it. Best part is, it really isn’t pay to win. I’ve won battles with crap gear it’s all about skill. Then the raid bosses are exhilarating on top of that, well done.

  • By Jishwawa


    I have not played a game that makes my heartbeat so hard, the game mechanics is super refreshing. I never played a game with a concept like this before. It’s the most fun I had in a while.

  • By DaddyLD135

    Great game but crash too much

    The game is amazing and endless fun grinding to get the best gear and stats but my game crashes every 2-3 battles which causes me to lose win streaks overall amazing game but some fixes need to be made to the stability

  • By Mmacmahon

    Great game hindered by poor connectivity

    Gameplay and design are great, shooting arrows on horseback is an engaging challenge, with the added variety of weapon and ammo variety. There’s a fair bit of strategic challenge with skill trees, which you can experiment with freely. Art is gorgeous and character/steed appearances will change with armor types and upgrades—badass looking equipment across the board! BUT, this game suffers from incredibly poor connection issues. Even on great wifi it frequently hangs and restarts, although battle gets smoother. I eventually deleted the game after losing patience with this, which varied with your connection strength but never went away. Until those performance issues are ironed out, it will remain a gorgeous game, just not worth the hangtime.

  • By Bjones'n

    A really solid game! However...

    Very well done, enjoying every minute of gameplay. Great art, music/effects, tons of replay value, overall solid game UX, and it’s a blast to play. Furthermore, it’s not a PTW game, and the player battle balance is spot on. Really hard to put a game like this down. Though, I would love to see a Target Contest mode of some kind. You know, find and hit the bullseyes as you take a lap around an arena. Only complaints are all the bugs, and the game not being designed to fit the iPhone X screen, so minus 2 stars. Frustrating Issues: 1. I’m constantly disconnected during gameplay even with strong WiFi signals. 2. I’ve composed material only to not have it compose and thenI loose the material and gold (this happens often). 3. My 31 win streak just now randomly reset with 43hrs still left in the Arena Competition (I’ve had this happen before). 4. And that darn red notification dot constantly appears when there is nothing new to see, and on the Event Button it appears every time you exit the main menu even if you’ve already visited/collected everything.

  • By youngsavage.iii

    Many thoughts

    Ok so seeing the developer response to the highly rated and accurate comment makes me upset now. There haven’t been any significant updates at all. There’s a new survival mode that doesn’t even work. It last 15 mins but I’ve waited the whole 15 mins and not even been put in a lobby. The connection and WiFi issues still remain the same. Also there should be boss events depending on ranking gets you better gear. As of now no chest is worth it until you get to arena 5. SORRY BUT IM NOT SPENDING THAT MUCH MONEY SMH. also boss battles now are worthless because no matter what I always get matched up with level 40+. Forget not getting rewards it’s not fun at all when 3 level 60s shoot 3 times and bam game over. The only thing good about this still is the moving and shooting concept. That’s all.

  • By MynameisVallug

    Needs update

    The game has a lot of potential to be super fun, but it’s biggest set back is the way in which it registers tilt. During campaign battles when a monster is 15 degrees to the left of you, you need to tilt your phone almost completely to the left (or right if it’s inverses) to center in on it. So when the monster if 45 degrees to the left, it’s physically impossible to turn your phone anymore. Once this problem is fixed, the game would be fantastic

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