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Golden Casino - Vegas Slots


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Golden Casino - Vegas Slots is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Slots Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Slots Limited, with the latest current version being 1.0.111 which was officially released on 2021-07-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 105529 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Golden Casino - Vegas Slots App

How does it Work?

Play Golden Casino for a FREE chance at Big Payouts, tons of Free Spins, and Gigantic jackpots just like in a real Vegas casino!

Join now and to get 400,000s of free coins right away! Get more on top of that with Daily Bonuses, Tournaments, Friend Bonuses and more!

Play the best slots straight from Vega Casinos all for FREE! The graphics are so good you’ll think you’re in a real casino! Pick from our huge selection of slot games, with new ones added all the time!

Install Golden Casino now to get:

- Dozens of FREE slot machines & multiple FREE coin bonuses every day!

- Big Welcome Bonus and Free Hammers to break open your always growing Piggy Bank!

- Access to the classic Vegas casino games you know and love, with Dragons, Cherries, Piggy and many more

- Play with friends for extra bonuses and compete in huge tournaments with amazing prizes!

- Join the VIP Club for even bigger bonuses every day!

- Play on the go, with or without internet!


"Golden Casino" is intended for an adult audience for entertainment purposes only. Success at social casino gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling.

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Top Reviews

  • By Redd Bear


    Well this is the first and only game that I played so far and it was going really well up to the point of being asked for a rating. I gave a 5 star and then I was asked to do it in the APP store. I chose to do it later and that’s when everything went downhill. All the monies I had went down the drain in just seconds. Wow, it started out so good too, I’m gonna move on to another game such as Creepy Slots™, now that’s a game that I just can’t get enough of. This review could’ve been a whole lot better, butt................sorry

  • By no damm nickname

    Stealing my money, no bonus w/ 17mil

    I like the games but when you charge $10 for 17 million points to continue to play but when you can’t even get a single bonus to recover the loses, it really shows how it’s not “free slots “ if you’re having to keep paying. It’s a shame because I like the games but not for almost $30. Went to an arcade for that and actually made a few bucks. Not happy with their games to get people to real money for fake $

  • By Bease 6


    This is a fun app to play, you get a lot of chances to get free coins and you can play for quite awhile before running out. I have had to not play other than just to get the free tokens in order to have enough to play long enough to try and hit a few winning spins then your off and playing again, it’s awesome to be able to get the free tokens so you can play again.

  • By Crystle2222


    This has been a blast! It has allowed me to actually win several times and finally get out of a hole I was in with this website. I had tried several different games on the website but continued losing to the point I was going to just delete the app. Thank you for bringing some fun into my life with this super fun Christmas game.

  • By dedmike

    Slow start

    I did not win much or get ahead enough to rollover my winnings much and i did hit a few good sized wins. My persistence paid off i had a few lucky streaks that no other slot app has came close to matching. Also the slots just seem shinier in this casino.

  • By Eric_S_HK

    Real review

    Yes like others have said you seem to win a lot at first then it disappears. But the key is DONT up your bet. If you stick with 20-50k you’ll be ok. There are lots of free coins if you log in daily. Also some games definitely pay off better than others. Try all the games and find those. Then stick with those. Of course they want you to buy coins. They need to pay the bills. But I find it’s more or less reasonable.

  • By Bradyjaina

    Latest update has game messed up!

    I updated the app and now the game is not working right! All of the small slots are purple and say loading but when I click on them I can play them. It is also missing the the puzzle event and the even that you earn swords. Everything was fine until I downloaded the update! Please fix this ASAP!!

  • By playful puddy-tat

    Happy Halloween

    This is my ultimate favorite. Have played a few of the other ones and there not as much fun. The coins you get initially are not enough...being on SS my resources are limited. Do have to agree with a review from a lady that the cost to buy coins is steep...when you buy what you can afford there really is not enough coins to play with. Since you don’t get that many coins you cannot play long before the coin-sucking games take you coins. Also, the other games do not give you many wins. Have to be totally honest with you...that’s the way I am. Thank you for giving me the chance to give you my opinion. Donna Black-Gleffe

  • By adwaup

    One of the better ones

    While it did last the longest so far of all the casino games as always there comes a point when the winning becomes always less than the losing . Out of about 200 spins I won more than my bet 5 times in that time so I just decided to let it spin my coins to death and it didn’t take long . The only reason it gets 2 stars is because it lasted for 5 days before it decided it was time to clean me out , ohh well time to delete it and never look back .

  • By Shocker628

    Do not play this game

    This game baits you into buying chips... it will let you win some chips at a low amount but then when you raise the stakes it rapes you for your entire bank roll.. it also steals your chips I you leave the game running.. fell asleep without closing the game out.. woke up to a dead battery and 15 million in chips missing...told customer service about it and got nowhere with them. They just said I used them.. it’s also cheap on the bonus game payouts as you will always get the lowest amount awarded for the spin...the most recent was I purchased $10 in wheel spins got about $34 million in chips went up to about $50 million in chips spinning at 100k.. then I upped the bet to 500k and won 30k-60k here and there but not one huge win or bonus game activated.. spun it about 150 times with no win and it sucked up my bankroll.. just avoid downloading this game as it is so rigged to make you lose unless you like playing with the 10k they give you for free everyday but that’s only 5 spins a day if you don’t win which you won’t....STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME.

  • By MountainMan51

    One of the worst out there

    Unless you are planning on spending a lot of your own real cash, don’t bother downloading this app, as many others have stated it’s your basic casino app that uses the bait and switch scam to lure you in. You will win a lot at first, then once you are hooked the payouts are few and far between and bonus rounds become nonexistent. It’s very common to go 20-25 spins without a win. Winning percentages are much lower than that of a regular casino. Don’t fall for the five star ratings on here, most of them are more than likely put up here by developers or people with vested interest in it. If you’re going to spend real money you’re better off using a real online casino where you can actually win real money for spending real money. There’s only one option here if you get this app, delete delete delete.

  • By BabyBlueTarh33l

    Just Like Everyone Else Said

    The other reviews, while mostly having 5 stars, give 5 stars before they finally go & review the game, after the game asks for you to give them 5 stars instead of being honest, & just by reading the actual reviews you get a sense of just what you’re about to encounter & they were all spot on. Lost everything in no time, even while betting nothing, & anything you do win or get in the way of free coins from ads, the game immediately takes back. I’ve tried telling companies forever, just put out a game that players can win & enjoy themselves on & you won’t have to pop up ad players to death & will sell tons of coins but they’re all smarter than anyone else. Another deleted game that was out for money only!

  • By DesGracieBray


    STINGY STINGY STINGY STINGY STINGY Mr developer do you get it your slots are STINGY not worth it!!!! You know how other slots has it were you win big at first an then you slowly start to lose everything???? This slot you NEVER WIN ANYTHING I was betting $2, or $4, G the lowest I could and IF I won anything 😂🤣😂 it was pennies not even worth the time STINGY! On one slot I did win a free spin ikr 😂 BUT I didn’t even make what I was betting guess what pops up as soon as I run out of coins??? Ads to buy coins from them now could someone plz explain to the developer that IF they want to make TONS of $$$$$$ they should lighten up on the winnings... soooooo STINGY!!!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄 The high rating is a JOKE I’m sure it’s the developers family an friends that has NEVER played this horrible waste of time stingy slot or maybe the developer does it who knows and who cares not me! And y’all do NOT need to reply bc I will NOT be returning to read the same thing you put on everyone else’s that complains about your stinginess, save it an work on making your slots worth playing! DELETING!!!

  • By Pittpen87


    Enjoyed this game to begin with. Most of the slots are challenging and I had no problem spending money for extra coins, until I hit ‘special’ levels and the game began to freeze. There’s no way to back out of the game and no way to get your bonus spins. It happened three times in one day, and I reported it each time. The first two times the support team was helpful, but as soon as I reported the third, which of course was my largest bet level, they denied it. I have retained the screen shots of my frozen screen, and will not be spending my money in this app ever again.

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