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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-28
  • New version: 1.0.161
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Classic Casino Slots Games


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Classic Casino Slots Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Slots Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Slots Limited, with the latest current version being 1.0.161 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 218890 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Classic Casino Slots Games App

How does it Work?

Get ready for thrills of authentic classic slots right from the casino floors in downtown Las Vegas!

Spin the reels now with up to 100,000 free coins and get more bonuses every day

100+ awesome free slot machines with, mega Jackpots, non-stop Bonuses, unique Features, special seasonal Events, and much more Surprises are Right here waiting for you

Enjoy breathtaking selection of our slot games such as: Priceless Diamonds, Flaming 777s, Priceless Heart, Super Diamond jackpot, Buffalo Wild, Mega Wheel Super Fruits and many more!

And we are always bringing new free slots and new features to the floor. Stay tuned for the latest slots fresh from Vegas!


-Free daily spin & free bonuses every hour means you always have coins to WIN BIG in Classic Slots

-Huge variety of amazing scatter games, feel the thrill of a LAS VEGAS CASINO SLOTS wherever you are

-Stunning casino slot machines graphics! Experience state-of-the art slot games design, graphics and sound

-Win big with friends - Connect with Facebook and send your friends FREE COINS every day for more slots excitement!

-Easy to play with multiple slots features - Individual reel stop, Auto spin and classic slot lever

-Win jackpots in your favorite slot games with names on the leaderboards

-Challenges and events for free chips and more free spins only in this casino slot games.

-Airplane mode. No internet connection? No problem! KEEP ON PLAYING YOUR SLOTS

-Get a Big Win on our VIP Wheel Jackpot! High Rollers only

Time to step into our casino and try your luck with the good old Vegas 777 slots! Download it for free and win big! Connect to Facebook to show your friends who’s the Vegas slots Boss and claim extra 10,000 free coins!

Like our games? Leave us a 5-star review. Your feedback is appreciated.

System requirements:

- Minimum

iPhone 4S and iPod 2 with iOS 8.0

- Recommended

iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and later devices with an iOS version of 9.0 or later


- Classic Slots™ is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only.

- Classic Slots™ does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

- Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling".

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Top Reviews

  • By teri$

    Was fun while it lasted

    When I first downloaded app I loved playing it. Great sounds, lots of bonuses. Now game has been stuck at level 178 for months with daily playing and nothing they can do to fix it but bet higher they say. Did that and just lost my money faster and still stuck at level 178, go figure..I deleted app and reloaded and still stuck at level 178. Spent my own money to purchase coins and when you do that bonuses and winnings are now very minimal and before you know it within a few minutes coins are gone again just so if you want to keep playing have to buy more coins. I’m done doing that! It’s a rip off! Was a great app to start with but no fun anymore. Once out of coins I’ll delete it once and for all.

  • By Aspingray

    So torn

    This game is hands down the best slots game when it comes to selection. But the coins you get is absolutely ridiculous. 600 coins and hour when the minimum spin is 100 is beyond ridiculous. You don’t get any coins for stamp spins I mean nothing. What is the point of playing a game where you cannot win anything. This game started off great and is still my favorite slot machine game to play. But something has got to be done about the coins. Even putting some ads in there in order to get coins higher would be better. Maybe the developers should actually read their reviews and this game would improve so much overall. It’s appears as if we’re all in the same boat.

  • By Purple fan 65

    Game is rigged

    Multi option games in this app that can be fun and exciting but when you lose too much, they keep tempting you to buy coins (amounts depend on your level, example at low end $2.99 for greater than 1 million coin) and when I did I just kept losing. Even betting low amounts to make my fun last gets you in the end. There are bonuses and ongoing contest games to up your account but in the end you can just lose it all just to be tempted to buy more coin. The developer has really made the odds against you, can’t even win for a decent amount of time. Don’t bother.

  • By Gatorgal1976

    Great variety of games!

    I love all the different games! However you can only collect $600 every hour which usually equals to one spin. It’s hard to play very long. Watching videos for free coins is okay but you only get a few hundred credits and limited times to get the free credits. When I first added this app the payouts were pretty steady but over time they became few and far between. I just wish I could play longer but I constantly run out of credits before I win anything. Because of it, I’m missing out right now on the bonus games associated with Halloween!

  • By 1988luvpink

    Got screwed!

    This game USED to be good. The maximum bet was 10 million for the longest time. They upped the max bet to 100 million, then cut the payouts drastically. Just one example: The Rainbow Jackpot Game used to always start out at $8+ billion. NOW the crooks start it at only $4+ billion, and you have to bet $100 million instead of what USED to be only $10 million. They’re screwing people big time. At one time I had over 500 billion coins. I’m now down to about 5 billion. Why? Because they’re ripping people off BIG TIME. Stay away from this con game! Crooks!

  • By Dqueen772

    Fun and addictive

    I enjoy this slot game better than any others... too many others are incredibly unrealistic odds where u win practically every time u spin. The graphics are great and they are constantly updating and adding new slot machines which makes it more interesting. It is somewhat more difficult than other slot games online, but truly I think that the challenge makes it more fun. If you have ever been to a real casino, you know that you can’t win every spin or every other one... it’s 10x more fun though to be able to play slots for hours and not be losing a lot of money. I mean I would never gamble $10,000 a spin in real life, but in a game it’s fun. The only thing I would suggest to the developers is to make the odds of winning a little bit better.

  • By matt Hart 64

    Best games, lowest win amount

    I like the machines and some nights it’s on some nights it’s off-just like Vegas. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this app...Bottom line you have to spend money to play it. The Free coins get you nowhere, Even the daily bonuses get you nowhere. On the bonus wheel I’ve never won more than 1,500 coins-its the same every time, which generally is only three spins.. Also, when your coins get low you might as well throw in the towel. I lit up all three aftershock balloons and in nine spins, I did not win a single coin..that being said, there are days where many of the machines, hit multiple times, you just have to play them all to find them, and It is a blast when that happens. Out of all the classic outside playing I like this one the best as far as machines go. When it comes to coins, compared to others, this app eats them up too fast which cuts into the fun greatly...

  • By buttons80


    I like the graphics of this game but it dint give me the reason to keep it or even spend money on it which is a good thing for me. It felt like the game just really wants you to just spend, it didn’t even give me the chance to be excited like other games do will give u lots of coins to play for a week then u’ll have to spend some money. This didn’t even give me a chance to do that. Lost on first day of playing and never gave me a chance to win and they don’t even give you enough free coins even watch add to get free coins and if u spend $2.99 for 300,00 coins. Some will give you $1.99 for 220,000,000 coins. So ima have to delete this game sorry.

  • By sportsmom#1

    Impossible to win

    Originally a 3 star but after reading the developers responses I changed to a 2 star. They obviously aren’t paying attention to their auto responses because on some 1 stars they are saying glad to hear you are enjoying our game. REALLY!!! I gave this game a 2 star because I love their games but hate everything else. The problem is this is the only game I have ever played that if you win any jackpot you will immediately lose it all. More than once I won 200k or more and played $200 or $500 a spin and never won a single hit again until all funds were depleted. It’s about impossible to hit anything in the first place but when you do that’s it, you won’t keep it. When I contacted customer service about it their response was “sorry, that’s gambling”. Well not my type of gambling. I’m not going to pay real money to try to win fake money. Sorry I’ll go to a real casino down the road for that.

  • By Voyageur du Monde

    Beautiful play, poor payoff

    I’ve tried quite a few slot games, but I must say that this app has one of the most seamless game playing experiences accompanied by beautiful graphics throughout. Not heavy in the ad department either, which may be the reason I ultimately do not recommend this app. It is VERY difficult to amass any amount of cash to be entertained for long, no matter how heavy or light a better you are. I’m always out of coins, and would buy some if I got a better deal, but they are way too expensive for what you get! That’s no fun, and being out of coins so often isn’t fun, so even though it’s nice to look at, I’d play other slot apps. Note to developers: I’ve paid a modest amount for coins in other apps, but we’re talking about virtual money and you’re charging an arm and a leg for it as if it were real. Throw some ads in there and bring down the price/give players more coins for their real cash!

  • By DeronJames

    Waste of time

    I understand they want to make money. But it’s not even fun. You collect coins for a while and then spin, and maybe once you’ll win a fair payoff, after that you’re toast. They don’t even make it fun. I’ve played for about a year. I’ve collected coins for a long period of time to actually have play time, and to this I say—I wasted my time. Never did I win anything that encouraged me to want to buy coins to play more. If the developers actually let you win once in a while, you’d be more apt to buy a coin package here and there. Having a chance to will make me more likely to buy a coin package. But I’ve learned, you’ll lose it all. And fast. And then you build up your coins and lose it fast again. This isn’t even remotely fun because YOU WILL LOSE! every time, no exceptions. I’d pay for coins if I could actually have more time to play. Fair app but absolute dunderheads bechind the scenes thinking we will pay and pay just to lose, and you will lose. Sorry CLASSICS SLOT greedy morons, you will not get people to buy coin packages when they realize you NEVER WIN ON THIS APP, EVER! and I’m a fair reviewer, steer clear of this one, it’s all about draining your funds for a chance to never win.

  • By gracieapples

    November 2020 Update A Total Fail.

    Quick Review: If you’re looking for the kinds of old style 3 reel machines you could play at casinos pre-COVID-19, give Double Down Fort Knox a try - graphics are just as good and they pay-outs are much better. Longer Review: This is probably way too much emotion for a casino app, but man, did the developers screw it up with this latest update. They’ve taken away all opportunity to win any bonus points unless you spend money, and even if you do spend money you can’t win anything. Instead of winning $100,000 for spinning a certain number of times/minutes, you now win $300, which is equivalent to 3 spins at best. You’re pulling the machines that will actually accept $100 bets and replacing them with machines that require a $20,000 minimum bet. I understand that the ultimate goal of developing apps is to make money - and I’m more than happy to support that goal (and have, for years with this app) - but I don’t see any point in supporting something that has sucked every iota of fun out of its game, especially not when there are so many other choices out there. I hate to say it, but don’t waste your time or money with this one.

  • By nwlady

    Play Double Down Fort Knox

    Another reviewer had recommended playing double down Fort Knox. I agree it is a lot of fun and I played for almost 2 hours with the coins that I received as extra or bonus. This game it’s just a drain game! If you win a large amount that will be the last time you win until all of it is gone and you purchase some coins. Their comments/responses to the reviews left are so far off base - I am positive they don’t even read the review it’s a canned response. I am deleting this game and playing fort Knox! Another issue since the upgrade now it is almost impossible to collect the stamps you need for awards. This game isn’t worth it and is not fun anymore! UPDATE: Received this response - I pasted below. It’s obvious they do not read what the reviewer has written! Canned response! Dear Pamela, Slots Limited responded to your review of Classic Casino Slots Games Slots Limited "Thanks for sharing your gameplay experience with us. The outcome for all of our slots games is purely random and the chance for winning/losing is strictly chance-only. Your win streak may be just around the corner! Good luck, and happy spinning!"

  • By Me8791


    Let me start off by telling you that I’m a 40 year old RN and this isn’t a teen review. I played this game because I thought it was a fun way to spend some free time even spending $100+ on coins seeing as how I live in Las Vegas and it was far cheaper then actual slot machines. I played for months and felt it was money well spent.... UNTIL I log on one day and see the approx 110 MILLIONS coins I had built up to were GONE as was my level of 106! I wrote to the company who repeatedly told me I had bet all my chips when I know for a FACT I had not! The wrote email after email telling me I was making ridiculous bets even stating they would send a bet log and NEVER HAVE! This company also scams by upping the initial bet the more money you have in coins. Long story short?... DO NOT GIVE THEM A PENNY! THEY ARE CON ARTISTS! I NEVER ASKED FOR A REFUND ONLY TO HAVE THE COINS I BUILT UP AND DID NOT BET RETURNED AND THEY DON’T EVEN ANSWER ME ANYMORE! SCAMMERS!

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